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Act Manager: Denizen47

Current Act: anything goes


1. Absolutely no explicit sex scenes. Not only is it a violation of the FP ToS, it is also inconsiderate to those not interested in reading that sort of thing.

Likewise, keep the crude language to a minimum.

2. Keep fantastic means to a minimum. While some magic is permissible, the main theme of this Play is romance, not "Oh, lookit me! I'm so magical awesome and powerful, and everybody loves me!" We have a Fantasy DP for that. :P

3. On that same note, don't get too carried away with the technobabble and deep, existential ponderings. The Sci-Fi DP is more suited for such.

4. Each Act may have its own additional rules. These will be located in the first post of that Act. Follow them.

1/27/2009 . Edited by Chasing Skylines, 2/1/2009 #1


Anything Goes


The first person to post will get to determine the setting. The plot will develop based on Player's actions.

Additional Rules

None. Just come on in and play.

1/31/2009 . Edited 1/31/2009 #2

It was a sunny new morning in a small village town of Toru A little flower shop on the edge of the village. Near the enterance was open. On the inside was a 16-year old girl talking quietly to some flowers near the window of the store. The Shop was called 'Leaf's Greenery.'

Leaf giggled "Today will be another good day." she murmured to the flower. Which seemed to shake it's tiny leaves in agreement as Leaf picked up the pot and put it on the desk next to the cashier "I wonder if you'll get a new home today?" she asked with a smile then chuckled "Guess we will have to wait and see."

3/8/2009 . Edited 3/8/2009 #3
Nicki BluIs

Hazel was getting an early start. She had already seen the ceramics yesterday and "thrown pots." Today she had about 8 sights to see and, factoring in time for lunch, she was already 14 minutes behind schedule.

She titled her sunglasses up to read the sign better.

"'Leaf's Greenery.' That's good enough for me." She walked into the boutique and made her way to the front counter.

3/8/2009 #4

"Hello there. How may I help you today?" Leaf asked, standing up straight to look at Hazel fully since she had been leaning down slightly so she could get "eye" contact with the small blue flower.

"I am Leaf. What brings you here?" she asked softly. It was her first costumer of the day, and so early too. Better make sure she makes it costumer satisfactory, Leaf thought to herself.

((Remember: Grammar and spelling rules are important to abide by if you want your audience to understand your piece. If you need help you can go to the Editor's Hall.))

3/8/2009 . Edited by Nicki BluIs, 3/8/2009 #5
Nicki BluIs

"Leaf!" Hazel smiled. "I get it! Like leaves in a greenery! Oh and your hair's green too! How cute!"

3/8/2009 #6

Leaf smiled. Heat rising to her face as she giggled "T...thanks. So how can I help you today Miss?"

[Thanks xD I use the spell checker. grammar is my problem half ythe time xD]

3/8/2009 #7
Nicki BluIs

"I want flowers," Hazel said, referring to her check list. For the window box in my apartment. Something bright..."

Hazel looked around at the blues and pinks and purples. "Something yellow... or maybe orange?"

3/8/2009 #8

"Orange and yellows?. Let's see..." Leaf's eyes trailed around the boutique "I believe I have someone you'd like to meet. I will be back in a moment." Leaf then went back towards a door at the back of the shop and opened the door then stepped inside. Inside the door was a miniature green house of sorts. She walked towards one shelf and picked up a rectangular box.. The box held yelow tulips. Leaf then walked back out to Hazel.

"Here is Yuki. She is a young tulpi who has many brother and sisters as you can tell." Leaf giggled "She and her family have wanted a home for quite some time."

[She is so weird xD]

3/8/2009 #9
Nicki BluIs

Hazel opened her mouth to speak then stopped. Brothers and sisters? Really?

"Um, well you seem attached to Yuki so maybe you can bring me something else. Preferably a flower without a name. Or family." Hazel smiled but kicked herself for only looking up one flowershop. "Should always have a plan B," she muttered to herself.

3/9/2009 #10

"Everyone here has a name. Everyone here deserves a name. Are you saying that you don't like giving your plants the respect they deserve?" Leaf asked softly. A wrenching feeling in her chest as she looked at Hazel. A hurt expression on her face.

3/9/2009 #11
Nicki BluIs

Clearly the girl had a few screws loose.

"Sure. I love to give plants respect. I water them and put them near the sun and prune them when necessary. But I don't have time to talk ot somthing that won't talk back."

3/9/2009 #12

"They do talk back though. You just do not take the time to understand them. True you give them the nessecities but you need to love your plants." Leaf smiled weakly "I apolgize. When people go about plants like that. It gets me abit....edgey."

3/10/2009 #13
Nicki BluIs

Hazel sighed and checked her watch. Twenty-six minutes behind.

"You know what Leaf, I have to go. So, um, how about you gather up some flowers you think are nice and I'll stop by agian later?" With a quick wave, Hazel walked out and made her way along the path. She had no intention of coming back. She glanced at her checklist even though she had it memorised.

Comfortable heels. Those shouldn't be to hard to find...

((Writing Hazel out since I'm going to be gone for a while.))

3/11/2009 #14
Mrs. Tina Marina Strikes Back

Mike arrived at the shop, letting Hazel through the door before entering, a atypically gentlemanly gesture.

Noticing Leaf, he approached her, awkwardly waving. "Hey," he said. "I kinda know... a, a friend of mine, and she's really into plants..." he trailed off, scratching his head. "You know what I should get her?"

3/11/2009 #15

"I believe that if you wish tobgo a traditional way. I would recommend a rose. 'A rose for a rose' is what I say" Leaf giggled, smiling happily at Mike. Thinking that he ment for his girlfriend.

3/11/2009 #16
Mrs. Tina Marina Strikes Back

Mike grinned. "Cool. A rose by any other name..." He ran his hand through his hair, noting he should probably get a trim. "You read Romeo and Juliet, by any chance?"

3/11/2009 #17

"Yes. I have actaully. Why by yonder window breaks ?" Leaf giggled "It's so romantic." She said with a smile "I'm Leaf. what's your name?"

3/11/2009 #18
Mrs. Tina Marina Strikes Back

"Mike," he said, grinning, "But you can call me "Rose," if you like." He pulled one from a display, putting it over his ear and making an overexcited face.

3/12/2009 #19

Leadf smiled warm-heartedly "It's apleasure to meet you Mike Rose." she chucked softl as she watched his overexcited expression.

3/12/2009 #20
Mrs. Tina Marina Strikes Back

Mike pulled the rose from behind his ear. "Maybe you've met her," he suggested. "I don't know how you garden types operate -- you guys go to conventions or something?" He again smiled, a hint of childish mischief in his eyes. "Her name's Nora Gordon."

3/13/2009 #21

Briskly and staunch, walked most people. But not him. He was special, a genius, but no one could comprehend that. He walked with his back arched over and his head drooped down, a terrible posture for a 16 year old. He couldn't get that girl he met at the parks face out of his mind. He felt terrible for the way he froze up and left, so he decided an apology was in order. With this in mind, he stumbled upon a garden shop, Leaf's Greenery. With a short hesitation, he walked into the garden shop, gladly interrupting two people in conversation.

"Do you have any Japanese Peace Lillys?" He asked, straining to put on a fake smile.

3/30/2009 #22
Nicki BluIs

Comfortable heels were very hard to find. Hazel was making her way back from the town and its many shops toward the inn where she was staying. On a whim (for, in an exasperated huff, sheabandoned the list) she went back to the flower shop. Maybe the wacky girl had picked out something nice.

"Hello again," she said. The shop was busier than it was this morning so Hazel lost herself among the budding plants.

3/30/2009 #23
Pirate Bones

Green... And funny smelling. That was how Jethro defined the greenery across the shop he was in. It was cheerful and full of love - which was exactly why he hated it. The peacefulness was why he was drawn to it. He wanted to go there, but he didn't like people. If he could go there it would be very helpful since he hasn't been feeling mentally well. He has been thinking too much. He needs a break.

"All those cheerful people..." He muttered in a rather bitter fashion. He burries his head on his arms, hoping that he would become invisible from the world.

4/15/2009 #24
Nicki BluIs

"Hey, there!" Hazel ran up to a boy. He had his head hidden in his arms and he looked one with the plants so Hazel naturally assumed he worked there. "Hi," she said touhing his shoulder. "I've decided on calalillies but I can reach those up top, so if you could get them down for me that'd be great."

Hazel's smile slid off her face when he didn't reach for the nearest ladder. "I meant now. I'm in a bit of a hurry."

4/15/2009 #25
Pirate Bones

Jethro pulls his head up quicker than lightning when he feels someone touch him. He didn't like people, nor did he like people touching him. Those big brown eyes are following his every move... So now he can't move. A moment of silence faces the two, and the wind blows both their black hairs lightly.

"Erm..." He said in a squeaky, shaky voice. "I ah..." He continues, trying to make his voice louder. He backs away from her awkwardly - as if he was scared... And if anything, he was scared. He knew going for a walk on a sunny day like this means associating with people. Big mistake, he thought.

"I don't know who callalily is." He answered stupidly, failing to tell that what the peurtorican girl was talking about was a plant.

((I apologize if I didn't make it seem Hazelish. It might not be her and I don't know if I spelt puertorican correctly. Also, I need help. I posted in the introduction that the story he is in is "When nuts meet fruitcake", but I am changing it to "Aloof". I didn't want to double post so I posted it here. Sorry for the trouble.))

4/15/2009 #26
Nicki BluIs

((When you have questions you can go to the Interviews thread. You edit your post in Intro by clicking "Mod" then "Edit". And it' no trouble at all :P ))

Hazel cannot help but laugh. "Okay so I guess you don't work here." She adjusts the straps of her tote bag and notices the boy's shaking. "Um, are you alright there?" She tries to smile reassuringly.

4/15/2009 #27
Pirate Bones

Jethro was easily offended by the girl's laughing. So he didn't know everything about plants, big deal. He couldn't help his head, it was filling itself with negative thoughts about the girl in front of him. Are you alright she asked. But does she seriously care? Would she call an ambulance if he started seizing at this very floor? Probably not, he thought.

An adorable pout filled his young face. It wasn't fair that she would treat him this way, that she would make him feel uneasy. It was okay for Jethro though, he was trash after all.

"Yes. I'm okay" He said and with a hint of sadness. That would surely convince the girl that he was okay. Flowers would now remind him of this girl's laughter. The flowers which he looked at as a sign of serenity and beauty was now stained with the girl's cruel laughter. He didn't think that flowers could hurt so much.

((Thanks. I'll try doing that. Yeah, sorry about this character of mine. I'm experimenting on a character who is schizoid and has major depressive disorder. I hope he is giving off that aura))

4/15/2009 #28
Nicki BluIs

"Are sure?" Hazel aked quietly. Babysitting little boys was NOT on her to do list. But the boy looked so sad. "You could tell me about it if you want... or we could get some fresh air and take a walk or something... it is kinda suffocating in here..."

4/15/2009 #29
Pirate Bones

Suffocating in a greenery? That's new. But there were a lot of people... And he was starting to hate the place more and more. The girl in front of him is busy though, he is sure she is. She wanted those callalilies now if he recalls correctly. Maybe, just maybe, the girl was concerned about him after all. She was willing enough to waste time on a worthless boy like him, that's something new for Jethro, since people older than him seem to think he's only seeking attention.

Jethro childishly nodded. He needed to think anyway... the girl's voice was certainly amusing, and her facial expressions too. But on the back of Jethro's mind, someone was telling him that this was his therapist in disguise, trying to seduce him to change and to be with people.

Oh no, now he's paranoid.

The two walk towards anywhere, Jethro strolling along behind the girl awkwardly, careful that he isn't too near the girl. That would be a mess.

4/15/2009 #30
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