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Nicki BluIs

She couldn't help but laugh. He was totally hitting on her. She checked her cell for the time and frowned. She might as well go with him. Not really safe to walk around a strange hick town at half past midnight...

She didn't have to walk very far to catch up to him and his ridiculously slow gait. "Very well," she said with a mocking sigh. I suppose I could humor you... just this once." Then she stopped. "Wait what about that girl? We can't leave her here alone..."

7/10/2009 #61
Chasing Skylines

Through the tangles of the shrubs, she could still make out his large shadow looming over the blue-lit sidewalk - and the shadow had paused.

Just as her breath caught, there was the click of a door being unlocked. The lamp outside the door sparked on. Casey's shadow stood stark in the yellow light.

"Are you okay, dear?" a woman whose hair was in curlers asked. "I was watching T.V and something - well, someone - hit the window."

Her survival instincts jolted and she exhaled. She crept up as quietly as she could, but a pit in her stomach said it was too late.

"Oh, Casey. I heard you were in town."

She'd forgotten how fast circulation was in a small town, after being in the city for so long.

"Casey?" came his beer-laden voice. Casey hoped he wasn't too drunk - not for her safety, but his. He'd always had a weak liver.

"Yeah. Yeah, it's her." She faced him, brushing off her jeans.

Maybe it was a trick of the light, or maybe it was something in the air, but it looked like his eyes were watering.

7/10/2009 #62

Nate shut the front door to his aunts house quietly and began to explore the little city at 12 at night, since he had nothing better to do on the first night in his new home.

(Sorry I am not really sure what to write right now cause I am new here, but don't worry I will figure it out!)

9/29/2009 #63
Chasing Skylines

-- Mod Intervention --

While I am not the Act Manager of Romance - DP, I and another mod, Bubbles, have agreed this relationship with the current Act must end.

"It's not me; it's you."

Act Closed.

-- End Mod Intervention --

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Nicki BluIs


Anything Goes


The first person to post will get to determine the setting. The plot will develop based on Player's actions.

Additional Rules

None. Just come on in and play.

11/9/2009 #65

Celest walked into the Recreational Center and sighed tugging at her baseball cap. The afternoon sun was just a bit too much for her so she'd jumped into the first building she'd come across.

It was labeled as a Rec Center but it appeared much more to her eyes. There was an arcade area, a basketball court, a general lounge area with a big screen TV and DVD player and... a bar?

Celest stepped closer, Oh a non-alcoholic bar don't want a bad influence on the kids. She cast her gaze around again, noticing she missed an art studio the first time.

For the middle of a Saturday afternoon it sure was empty. Deciding she really didn't mind Celest took a seat at the automated bar and ordered a Sprite with orange juice.

She took a sip when it came. Then, "who owns this place?" It seemed too nice, too modern to be publicly owned. Whatever, it was nice and free. Two pluses on her list.

11/20/2009 #66
Nicki BluIs

"I... can't... believe.. you.. flaked... out... on me... again..." Hazel dictated the text to herself as she punched it into her phone. "You better... be feeding... the homeless... or something. Call.. me.. later..."

She pressed 'send' and relaxed. Truth be told she was glad to have the afternoon to herself. Maybe she would stay here for awhile... shoot some pool maybe if she could find a partner... and the barista was kinda cute... y'know in the "this is my day job til my band makes it big" kinda way.

11/25/2009 #67

Nazaire sat down at the bar and looked around curiously at the automated bar system. He waved to the two young women sitting at the bar too. One was too busy texting and the other simply didn't notice him. He shrugged and ordered a beer. It had been years since he had some good alcohol. The bottle came shooting along toward him on an interesting sort of miniature trolley line. He popped it open on the edge of the counter and took a gulp. He quickly spewed it out over the bar, gagging at the horrible taste. The front of his shirt was now soaked in the liquid and both the young women were staring at him.

2/14/2010 #68

Celest blinked and looked around, realizing that she was no longer alone. She had looked up in time to catch the only guy at the bar choke on his drink. Torn between bursting out in laughter and rushing to his aid, she hopped to her feet. Discovering that he was simply disgusted with his drink and that his life wasn't in any danger she headed off in the direction of the restrooms, returning with two towels.

She dropped one onto the counter top and hesitantly held the other out to him, "are you alright?"

2/14/2010 #69

I was about to get up to find some towels when one of the young women appeared beside me with some. She set one over the puddle on the counter and held the other out to me.

"Are you alright?" she asked. I smile and nodded as I accepted the towel.

"Thank you. Just some bad beer."

2/14/2010 #70

Shaking her head slightly, Celest smiled at his response. "First rule of drinking - sip first," she told him, making it up on the spot.

2/14/2010 #71
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