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Having trouble writing a character? Can't quite pin down their personality? Then this is the place for you! Come here and play your character as we put them through their paces. We'll help you find what makes them tick - and have fun while we're at it.
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Post a general overview of your character here for the Fantasy DP.

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Physical Appearance:

Basic Personality:

Brief Backstory:

1/28/2009 . Edited by Chasing Skylines, 3/11/2009 #1

Name: Thirilight Ardyer

Story Title: The Death of the Dark Lord Thirilight

Brief Summary: Meet Thirilight, Dark Lord and current recipient of a sword through the liver. And to think this is just the start of things...

Physical Appearance: 5'11" with caramel brown hair (middling length and slightly wavy) and grey eyes; often dresses in darker greens and browns

Basic Personality: He's more of an anti-villain than a villain, and, as such, is actually a pretty nice guy (once you get past the snark and probably polite insults). He'll still kill you, though, if you insist on standing in his way.

Brief Backstory:


Name: Wordy

Story Title: The Death of the Dark Lord Thirilight

Brief Summary: Meet Thirilight, Dark Lord and current recipient of a sword through the liver. And to think this is just the start of things...

Physical Appearance: A steel longsword with gold hilt and a red jewel set in the pommel.

Basic Personality: She's a snarky sword. Fear her.

Brief Backstory:

2/5/2009 . Edited 6/3/2009 #2
Chasing Skylines

Name: Pearle/Muffy

Story Title: Falling Walls

Brief Summary:

An orphaned, wandering girl with no strict purpose in life besides self-preservation. She is engaged and thrust into a tangled plot involving the invoking of memory, culture, and the survival of a country itself, but when the facts come crashing down and her identity revealed, can she really care enough to make the right choice?

Physical Appearance: Around her early teenage years. Long hair, gray eyes that can chain a gaze, a collected demeanor and gangly and short. Her clothing is generally in a bedraggled state. Of average height, tends to prefer walking in the shadows and away from other people. Face can be controlled to be expressive when needs must. Carries a thin golden pin that attaches to her dagger that she sticks in her hair.

Basic Personality: Calm unless highly perturbed, confronts danger rather than avoid it, manipulative with a certain cunning, quiet, extremely selfish, can be viewed as cruel and secretive, self-sufficient, mind over heart, independent, and knows nothing of her past.

Brief Backstory: Her life has been an erased canvas, for all she can remember.


Name: Kael

Story Title (with link if possible): Falling Walls

Brief Summary: A young tribesman blessed, or cursed in his mother's eyes, on the eve of his coming-of-age ceremony. When war comes to his land, were the gods right or is he destined to fail?

Physical Appearance: Brown hair, long and unkempt. Black eyes, high cheek bones, sharp nose at an odd angle due to past injury. Not tall compared to other humans outside of the tribe, or in it for that matter, may appear bulky to foreigners due to the amounts of fur and pelts he wears. On a hempen rope around his neck is a wolf fang, a memorabilia from his father.

Basic Personality: Pious, courageous, willing to help, loving of his parents, acts the hero, loyal, cares for others, and conflicted.

Brief Backstory: Events lead to his exile from the tribes, and ensconced into the invading army, he discovers something deep and ancient within himself.


Name: Lorelei

Story Title: "When Snow Falls."

Brief Summary: The last priestess of the only religion with the right prophecy.

Physical Appearance: Black hair, pale skin, all white clothes. A slender golden ring on her forefinger and a white sash tied tightly around her wrist on the same hand.

Basic Personality: Light-hearted, caring, idealistic and believes radical methods are the way to go about achieving goals.

Brief Backstory: Dead, but unfinished business grounds her in this world.


Name: Krist

Story Title: When Snow Falls.

Brief Summary: After Lorelei's death, he sets about carrying out her goals - or tried to.

Physical Appearance: White hair, multiple scars on face, red eyes and a generally ghostly appearance.

Basic Personality: Fearful of attachment, quiet, sensitive, bottles up emotions, sad demeanour.

Brief Backstory: Left emotionally and physically scarred after barely escaping sacrifice by his traitorous best friend.


Name: Vely

Story Title: Shattered Snowflakes

Brief Summary: Her story had been ending, until she was entangled once again in a crossroad of webs.

Physical Appearance: Astute green eyes, curly black hair, wears large cloaks and hoods.

Basic Personality: Nostalgic, hopeful but cynical. Not willing to give up.

Brief Backstory: Vely is from simple roots: a small town on the coast, a lively childhood, a crush that grew, and parents that lived. That is, until the world seduces her crush with ambition but she's too blind to see it. A rebellion movement overturned her mundane life and when it finally forced her to abandon her morals, she saw the truth. Embittered by the world, Vely decides to visit her last living relatives in the city of Castillon.

2/12/2009 . Edited 10/9/2009 #3
Mira Tsukiyoen

Name: Terek (aka that nameless barbarian. Shit, now I just spoiled the suspense -_-')

Story Title: Song for the Father

Brief Summary: Meet Terek. From afar, he might seem to be a typical barbarian (shirtless, muscular, tough, giant axe. You know?). He's unfamiliar to the outside world, but due to The Author's outline of doom, he'll have to come in contact with normal humans. (Notice how I didn't say why. Not because I'm unoriginal, but unfortunately I keep telling myself to reduce the spoilers. *Shame*)

Physical Appearance: Tall, for a normal person. To his own Clan, he might be short. His hair is black. The axe, rusted and stained of war, always keeps its place somewhere near his grasp. His face, if you look close enough, is riddled with scars and maltreated wounds, and eyes blue.

Basic Personality: Hes not bad, actually. Quite on the contrary, he's only there to help people. Some commoners might say he is 'dumb', but it is simply because he's not been in contact with the actual world. A bit frightened of people when they get too closed, he'd rather not answer anything a not-to-be-trusted person questioned.

Brief Backstory: -


((I'm not sure if I'm allowed to introduce two characters, but anyway... I'll do this anyway, for the sake of my story.))

Name: Verdish

Story Title: Song for the Father

Brief Summary: A raven of questionable intelligence. It speaks, acts, and reacts the same way as humans, but is insulted when reffered to. It can jump into time, and it is this raven that brought the tycoon Johnathan [Last Name hidden] from the modern world.

Physical Appearance: Small, black, raven with beady eyes.

2/25/2009 . Edited 3/11/2009 #4
Nicki BluIs

Name: Wanderella

Story Title (with link if possible): My Effin Masterpiece (title subject to change :P)

Brief Summary: Wanderella is the legitimate heir to the throne. Little does she know there is a usurper brewing trouble... and his followers are many. Dun dun duuuuunnnn!!!

2/26/2009 . Edited 2/26/2009 #5

I'm not too sure about this character - she's new, but what she is is an idea I've been musing on for a while...

Name: Mana

Story Title (with link if possible): ...again...a work in progress...as in currently in my head :p

Brief Summary: Mana is a pest. Enough said.

Physical Appearance: Has none that is concrete.

Basic Personality: A mixture of a childish naive, and malicious Machiavellian, Mana is stuck in the mother of all identity crises'. She (prefers being female - for now) can only establish personality traits and emotions that she has encountered in someone else first, so it's questionable as to what is essentially 'her' and what is merely mimicry.

Brief Backstory: Mana is a shapeshifter with a difference, as in she has no true form. She is a spell, or rather, the massive flux of energy that was summoned to cast it, that has taken on its own lifeforce. 'It' can look like anyone it wants to look like, providing she's seen it. The more she knows about what she is forming into, the better quality her mimicry will be. She is only just coming to terms with corporeality, and has had to spend many years studying anatomy and world science just to master it. Now finally able to be properly 'real' she's determined to find adventure, and make herself a true individual. However, her ability can go, and has gone several times, to her head. She can't resist knowledge that increases her repatoire of solid forms - if it's there, she has to take it, even if she knows it will cause upset to someone who has shown her kindness. She also has a habit of manipulating situations into her favour if anything begins to go wrong - however, as she is often pretty happy-go-lucky these occasions are rare.

I think the backstory and personality kind of got smooshed together there :S

3/1/2009 . Edited 3/1/2009 #6

Name: Mystic

Story Tittle: Light Of The Earth [In Progress in my computer....somewhere]

Brief Summary: Is a fairly odd creature, loves sweets.

Physical Appearence: Is about a foot tail dark red fox with white muzzle and rich yellow eyes. Wears a magenta coloured bauble-like necklace around her neck. She has white 'hair' going to her shoulderblades. She wears a white kimono with a red tie on the waist [Known also as a Obi] She also has a pair of small wings that are tinted light magenta as well.

Back Personalty: She loves sweets, mostly chocolate. And loves helping others.....by offering them chocolate. Though at certain moments in time she can be quite serious/scary. She is also rather childish. It is hard to believe that she's there half the time because she usally flys on to someone's head or sits on their shoulder.

Backstory: She isthe reincarnation of Light Gaia, who gained a anthro form. She does not remember her ppurpose and does not have the full extent of her power yet because she only has one tail. Though the previous incarnation of Light Gaia was a dog. For some reason she had come to be a fox. Though she knows nothing of Light Gaia or the past incarnation.

Here's a charactor I pulled from no where xD, basically she's the reincarnation of my avatar xD Well she's not from no-where. She's been in progress for a month.

3/3/2009 . Edited 3/3/2009 #7
The Blue Man Groupie

Name: Gwawrddydd, later known as Auberline

Story Title (with link if possible): When the Sun Touched the Earth

Brief Summary: A goddess of the dawn, Auberline is used to getting her way immediately, but as a human problems abound.

Physical Appearance: Tall and lithe, with auburn hair and golden eyes. Her skin isn't tan, but a healthy glow

Basic Personality: Cheery and bubbly, if she's getting her way. Has a small temper and a huge amount of pride

Brief Backstory: Auberline's jealous sister, the goddess of the Dusk, gets her trapped on earth through a devious plot, and Auberline is bent on returning back to her place as a deity. Naturally, her place as a goddess has spanned the length of time. To humans of her religion, she is a well loved deity, which is part of what makes her sister so jealous.

3/3/2009 . Edited 3/3/2009 #8

Name: Maluras Cinnis

Story Title: Para Bellum

Brief Summary: The main character of the story, he's sent on a quest which, to him, is pretty ridiculous when his city-state is facing invasion from a huge and powerful empire.

Physical Appearance: 5' 10" at 195lbs. He has closely cropped dark brown hair and soft blue eyes. Extremely fit and fairly handsome, very clean-cut.

Basic Personality: Upright and honest, at first he may seem strict and serious, he's a caring man and enjoys a good joke with close friends.

Brief Backstory: A captain of his city-state's army, aged 28 at the time of telling, he wishes to protect the city and its people any way he can.

3/9/2009 #9
Red Cambell

NAME: Yuu, Makoto (Yaddiel)


AGE: September 6th 1989 (19)

RACE: Decendent of the Ancient Egyptians (MALE)

HEIGHT: 6 ft. 2 in.

WEIGHT: 167lbs

APPEARANCE: Yadi has chestnut colored skin and emerald green eyes. When he uses his powers one turns gold and one turns dark purple. His hair is silver/grey with streaks of black, it reaches to the middlw of his back. He is middle muscular build with a huge scar across his chest. He wears brown cloth pants that are rather baggy. He wears a brown shirt that look skinda like a short robe with a black wife-beater type shirt underneath.

PERSONALITY: Yadi is very outspoken by nature. He loves to fish and read books. He would love to have friends, but all the other boys at the monestry keep their distance from him and that sometimes makes him hate poeple. He has never had a real intrest in woman. He gets angry real quick and lashes out when he is without thinking. He often stops and talks to himself outloud without regard to poeple that might be listening.

EXTRAS: Yadi is a prophecy child that has been hunted since he was born. His mother was killed right in front fo him when he was five. He has extraordinary powers that can either bring peace and love to mankind for ten thousand years or bring about the apocolypse. But he does not know it yet. He has a conscience that follows him around and manifests into a human being that only he can see. Yadi thinks his father was killed in the war, but really his father was the god Kairu, The Keeper of Time and Space.

3/10/2009 #10

Name: Lilikal

Story Title (with link if possible): EPICDS as of now. :)

Brief Summary: Lilikal's dream are simple: To be the best. But on her journey, she sees that there's more to the world than just her dreams and there are other people who have the same passion to make these clashing dreams come true.

Physical Appearance: Lilikal is a petite thirteen year old. She keeps her light brown hair cropped short enough to stay out of her way, but because she cuts it herself, it's clearly uneven at her shoulders. She has bright eyes that often feign innocence to hide mischief and her light skin is slightly tanned from near constant sun exposure on her self-made adventures.

Basic Personality: Lilikal looks out for herself because no one else will. She isn't unkind. In fact, she can be quite sweet, but she doesn't usually go out of her way to help unless there's a benefit for her. She's bold, adamant to declare her lack of fear for anything, and is quicker to action than to thinking.

Brief Backstory: Lilikal was left to an orphanage when she was two after a traumatic event that was repressed in her mind. The only remnant of what happened is her seemingly illogical claustrophobia, which she'll never admit to. She grew up in an orphanage only getting visits from her mother's closest friend. After receiving a magic staff and realizing she could use it, Lilikal made the decision to go out on her own and become the strongest magicar witch to ever live. It doesn't seem childish through a child's eyes.

3/10/2009 #11
Raine Skye

(Moved to Slice of Life)

3/23/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #12

umm, can you have animal characters? i only write novel stuff about animals. well, here goes. sorry if i can't.

Name: Kemuri

Story Title (with link if possible): Shadow Forest Book 1:Smokethorn

Brief Summary: A young male rat who seems cold and emotionless but is actually nice and willing to help others (in my rat story)

Physical Appearance: Small black rat, about two moons (months) old, with soft smoky black fur and a jet black face with black eyes that blend in with his head. His claws are wickedly sharp and point out in different directions.

Basic Personality: Brave and outgoing, and very tough. solitary for the most part, but as all rats are social, when he meets other rats in a pack he gets more warm.

Brief Backstory: orphaned at about a weeks age, and found by two old rats, Rock and Stone. after a tree with a hole in it that they were staying in caught fire, he lost Rock and Stone, and traveled through woods and across a moor for a month before finding a pack of rats in a forest they named Shadow Forest.

so, again, i don't exactly know how a rat would fit in with the rest of this, but i have neither wriiteen, started, or have any urge to write anything about humans, really.

4/3/2009 #13
C. L. Schofield

Name: Originally nameless, later becomes Vaughn deVugne, The Forgotten King (Pronounce it all French and cool-like)

Story Title (with link if possible): Lord and Lady (I don't know how to make it a link...)

Brief Summary: Suddenly finding himself in the "real world", this fantasy character has to come face to face with the very real Creator that made him and prove that he is nothing like her book describes him to be. How will he do it? By kidnapping her, of course! Nothing bad ever comes from kidnapping someone...

Physical Appearance: At a staggering six-foot-nine, this tall royal wears his straight black hair long down his back, his eyes a deep garnet with white-tipped lashes. His skin is pale, almost deathly so, with the faint outlines of veinwork at the corners of his eyes. He dresses as in dark leggings and shirts that are usually adorned with a bit of frill at the neck and/or cuffs and boots that come up to about mid-thigh. His ears change through the story, starting with a gentle point and gradually, as his character changes and grows out of the original outline, begome longer and more severely pointed, his face angular and regal, giving him an almost dangerously elfin appearance.

Basic Personality: If ever there was a bigger Narcissist, I never met him. He is possessive to the point of almost obsession, as well as being very obsessive with things. Almost always in a paranoid state of mind, very self-doubting on the inside.

Brief Backstory: He emerged into the real world in the back of a bookstore, a copy of his book next to him where it had been left open. After a breif bit of time trying to figure out what was going on, he spotted the book, purchased it, took it home and read it, front to back, only to discover that the book was about him, and its grim telling of how the events of his life were to play out did not give him any comfort. And now, determined to change the ending and prove to the writer (and to himself) that he wasn't like that, he is seeking to hunt down his Creator and show her, once and for all, that just because the book has ended, doesn't mean the characters don't have more to say.


Name: Cassandra Schofield

Story Title (with link if possible): Lord and Lady

Brief Summary: A writer's work is just never done, or so she found out when she found herself face to face with an alarming number of characters, who all seem to want a few words with the writer...

Physical Appearance: Standing at a paltry 5'10", she wears her brownish-red hair to about the middle of her back and lets it curl and wave as it wants to, dressing usually in snappy and amusing t-shirts with a variety of funny sayings on them, as well as jeans and sneakers, if she's not wearing some absurd costume out in public.

Basic Personality: Eccentric without the money, she is quirky and odd with something to say in almost every conversation. Whether or not it has anything to do with that topic may yet remain to be seen, however. Intelligent and witty, she seems to have a strange kind of logic with nearly everything, and if she doesn't yet, she will soon.

Brief Backstory: Writer writes story. Waits a few months. Plots writing a sequel. Is about to officially announce it during a big birthday bash, and suddenly, the lights cut out. The next thing she knows, she's waking up in a place that shouldn't exist, talking with people that shouldn't be there, and finds herself stuck in the middle of the very novel she had been avoiding writing, only to find that things were beginning to unravel before her very eyes, no matter how she struggled to keep them from changing...

(I have others, I'll post those if I need them...)

4/5/2009 . Edited 4/5/2009 #14

Name: Alan Jonsan

Story Title (with link if possible): The Fairy's Emblem

Brief Summary: How Much life threatening, world endangering, and possibly universe destroying book report cause? Just ask Alan, he's been there, and he don't plan on doing it again any time soon!

Physical Appearance: Alan is around six two and benches like 320 on average. Black eyes and light tan skin, eh wears what he feels like it. Come on, he's a teenager -_-

Basic Personality: Alan is self assured, overconfident, and slightly self absorbed on the surface. Dig deeper though, and you may surprised

Brief Backstory: When alan was young, he enjoyed watching the elements of nature, fire, water, earth, and air dancing around. As he grew older, he found out why, and was welcomed into a hidden group known of the Artisans. (X-men fans should think Dr. Stranges gang as referance) His godlike control over these elements has proved usefull against the many unseen threats of this world. Now that his training is complete, he's 25 years old and the soul protector of his hometown and state of New York from such threats, and he doesn't like his job. He's only aloud to tell one single outsider about his gift, and he has his eyes on a gal whom he suspects may be an Artisan too. His mentor is also suspected to dwell and work among the New Yorkers, and it's who even the mentor herself didn't expect. Now he's got a crappy book report due in a week, and thankfully his job description gives the books densins plenty of reason to ask for help. And of course he'll eventually need to send a certain godess of chaos packing back into the realm of fiction!

5/30/2009 #15

Name: Jayden Sorrel

Story Title (with link if possible): Time of Kings (Link will be posted when story begins)

Brief Summary: Jayden, the son of Count Anton Sorrel, and member of one of the major noble families in Asterland. He is thrown into the web of lies and deciet as the families of the once great nation clash in a bloodthirsty bid to gain the throne. Like Romeo, he falls in love with a woman in an opposing family... will they ever be together?

Physical Appearance: Blood red (the same colour as his mothers) hair of length that it curls just below his ears. He has cold, steel grey eyes, that fit right into his home on Gale Rock. He is six foot, and generally slim.

Basic Personality: Terribly headstrong and courageous, yet doesn't like speaking up, or attending royal functions.

7/6/2009 #16

Name: Sasame Kai

Story Title (with link if possible): http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2662762/1/

Brief Summary: A city plagued by a horrible fate, causes the residents to flee to the ocean’s edge and divide the city with a great wall. Years pass, the creatures beyond the gate grow restless, threatening the lives of the residents once more.

Physical Appearance: Long orange hair, brown eyes, soft pink lips.

Basic Personality:

Brief Backstory:

7/7/2009 . Edited 7/7/2009 #17


Story Title (with link if possible):Eden

Brief Summary:Sophia is trying to adapt to her new life in Eden, but plans are in motion that threaten Eden, Heaven and Hell

Physical Appearance:Twenty something, yellowy skin tone and green eyes

Basic Personality:

Brief Backstory:

9/15/2009 #18

Name: Cairan

Story Title (with link if possible): Unnamed

Brief Summary: You can call her a level 4 shape-shifter. She started out only being able to take the form of a Tiger, but later discovered she can temporarily take the shape of anything and anyone else. The only shape that she can stay in indefinitely is a Tiger. Sorry for being so unoriginal but I love Tigers.

Physical Appearance: Short, around 5 feet tall. Long dark black hair, shoulder length. 16 years old. Her eyes are ice-blue and large. Very skinny, yet muscular. She has a longer nose than most people. Her fingernails are quite long, acting as permanent claws, which draw a lot of attention to her. She has a long, wide scar along the bridge of her nose, traveling under her left eye.

Basic Personality: Smart, sarcastic and nice to only people she knows well.

Brief Backstory: Her parents abandoned her when she was five years old, when her abilities first started showing. She was always self-consious, and is never seen in public. No one knows now she got the scar, not even her.

10/18/2009 #19

Name: Arabella

Story Title (with link if possible): Death's Daughter

Brief Summary: Mae is a girl who is able to see ghosts. But when she dies, Death makes her a deal--to become one of Death's Daughters.

Physical Appearance: very beautiful, but her frown ruins the picture; she has long blonde hair in ringlets; icy blue eyes; freckles line her nose and cheek bones; she tends to hold her head up high, even though she is not the tallest of all people

Basic Personality: She is very distant from other people, and the main character, Mae, cannot understand why. She gets mad easily and is usually frowning at other people. She tends to be cold to others, but she also likes it when they do things on their own, without relying on others. Arabella is wise for the fact that she knows that there are things she will not understand, but that fact alone angers her.

Brief Backstory: Arabella is one of Death's Daughters. Those are people who are able to see ghosts and ghouls. When these people die, Death makes a deal with them: they can fight the ghouls, which are trying to destroy Death, and, piece by piece they get their soul back. Technically, they are not dead, but they are not alive either (it is possibly for them to be devoured by ghouls thought--not pretty).

Arabella died when she was sixteen-years-old; she and her sister Jeanne were murdered. She took up Death's offer so that she could find her and Jeanne's killer and avenge her sister’s death. Jeanne was killed first and Arabella had to watch before the killers took her life. This is the reason why she is so distant from others, nowadays. Arabella and Jeanne lived hundreds of years before the story takes place in the modern world.

11/21/2009 . Edited 11/21/2009 #20

Name: Lancaster, of the Nialas Clan

Story Title (with link if possible): Full Circle: Out of the West

Brief Summary: A kindhearted, somewhat naive hunter. Member of an elite squad of rangers who's only purpose is to move silently through the wilds and eliminate any and all threats to their people.

Physical Appearance: Sixteen years old. Tall, medium build. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. Usually wears a brown shirt and trousers with a forest-green cloak. Wolf's paw tattoo on his left cheek.

Basic Personality: Kind and trustworthy, with a strong sense of right and wrong, yet able to read into the gray area in between. He has always been slow to anger, though this is constantly being tested by his two closest friends.

Brief Backstory: He was orphaned at a young age when bandits raided his village, though he escaped along with most of the villagers. Having spend most of his childhood in the forest, it was only natural for the remaining members of his clan so send him to train with the Hunter's Guild. He completed his education with top honors and was inducted in the the Forestwalkers, the Guild's elite special forces unit.


Name: Moros, of the Intinn Clan

Story Title (with link if possible): (see above)

Brief Summary: Oldest (time-wise, not age-wise) friend of Lancaster. A cryomancer (ice mage) as cold as the magic he wields. He was put through grueling training to make him an efficient killing-machine by mixing his magic with both armed and unarmed combat.

Physical Appearance: Fifteen years old. Short, slender build. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. Usually wears a forest-green shirt and trousers with a matching cloak.

Basic Personality: No-nonsense with a short temper. While he prefers to solve problems with skill and guile, he has no reserves about simply blasting his way through a hot spot when he sees no other option (or when he's just in the mood to cause chaos and destruction, aka most of the time).

Brief Backstory: Orphaned in the same raid that killed Lancaster's parents, he was lost in the forest before being found and trained by a group o powerful magi.

12/6/2009 . Edited 12/6/2009 #21
December Rose

Title: New Schism

Name: Lawrence- Law

Brief Summary: A human girl who turns into a werewolf(she does not get bitten) on her sixteenth birthday. Thereafter she has to deal with it- with her mortality, with her werewolf...ishness. Law has a thirty-four-year-old mother(you do the math) and she has a boyfriend, a best friend, and a good human life. That all changes.

Physical Appearance: Lean and tall, waist length cinnamon colored hair, and ash gray eyes. A rather flinty, serious face that appears constantly alert and wary.

Basic Personality: Witty and clever, a girl who hates being ruled or commanded. Independent, a fierce temper. After becoming a werewolf, new traits that were latent previously- like the wolf, ambitious, dexterous, strong and calculative. Ready to fight for what she wants.

6/2/2010 . Edited 6/4/2010 #22

Hope this is good. Please tell me what you all think. I've never shown this character to anyone before.

Name: Draden (No last name established. Suggestions are good.)

Story Title (with link if possible): A large number of documents all over my hard-drive. None pertaining to a single version of the story.

Brief Summary: Draden is driven by the desire to overcome his weakness, and find immortality. Something he will acquire in his own way, not the cheap exhaustible measures most will use. He is sure of his decision, unwavering in his dream.

Physical Appearance: Crayola red hair, it's usually pretty short and spiked in the front. His eyes are a unsettling shade of gold, at least the iris. He is about 5' 10" or 5' 11". He has a build between thing and average, like a swimmers. He wears blank single color shirts with vintage jeans. His shoes really don't matter all that much, he's not particullarly picky. His one constant is his green coat, worn, faded, and patched a dozen times. It has a sentimental meaning, as well as a secret only he knows. His face is usually pretty light, he almost never frowns even when everyone else will. If things get to tense he develops an almost eerie mask of contempt.

Basic Personality: He's increadabley skilled at understanding the internal function of most things, including people. He dose extreamly well in school, especially in the logical areas. His mind is quick to react to situations, manipulating them to his best intrest if possible. He's not manipluative, just naturally avoids fighting and conflicts. He deals with most things from a strictly logical perspective. Though the few friends he dose have can make his decisions tougher by pulling in his emotions. He deals with his emotions better at later dates, being very introverted. He's kind, as long as you don't cause him serious trouble. Do so and he's likely to do something painful to you. Though it's not something he's particularly interested in, it's a matter of making a point.

He's not deterred by people, only by his own judgement. For the most part he could care less what someone thinks of him. He has self-confidence in his own intellect to not be insecure about his short comings. Such as his inability to physically fight an opponent that isn't weak. He often will tell people he, really, just dosen't care. His dislike of bothering to lie makes him a few enemies, but for the most part people like him. Even though he dosen't like society as a whole. He's a bit complicated in that area. Often times making a different decision in the same conditions only a week or two later.

Brief Backstory: He is the son of The Demon God, and he's a bit proud of this fact. Though it has caught him grief from religious nuts and monster slayers. Growing up looking as he did he didn't do well with other kids, making him a very introverted person.

His Grandma (not biological) raised him for many years, until he reached the age of twelve. At that point he nearly was killed by a passing monster hunter. The details for Draden are a little foggy, but this event drove him to desire immortality, fearing the inevitable end of his existence. Along with this event his Grandma sent him to live with a distant friend, who she called his Uncle Bert. The man owned a lavish home in England. There Draden began to pour through the vast library his Uncle had aquired. This is where Draden found Demon Summoning, and the answer to his lack of powers. Something he's come to tearms with, but still wishes was diffrent.

After five years of studying, Draden succesfully mastered the art. Learning the proper skills to free summon demons, without drawing a circle or using scrolls. A skill it takes even demons hundreds of years to learn. Though he can use it he must do so sparingly, since it drains him badly. Though his keen mind thought of a back up just in case. This back up is foolproof, unless he has to fight an enemy more powerful than he can reason.

At this point he confidently revealed his skill to his Uncle. Who though furious, agreed it was enough for Draden to leave his home.

NOTE: He summons demons, these are not characters of their own. They will not have a point of view and any action they take is based on what Draden has them do. Such as fighting for him. Just clarifying, but please feel free to Private Message me if something isn't right.

8/30/2010 . Edited 8/30/2010 #23

Name: Birch Vintnersdotter

Story Title (with link if possible): Cast In The Shadows

Brief Summary: Birch has always dreamed of leaving her simple farm life. Despite the danger of running into Prairie Drifters, rogues and corrupt soldiers Birch has her course planned and the time set. Nothing is going to stop her. She plans on discovering the world.

Physical Appearance: Pitch black hair that hits her lower back. It's straight yet it manages to entangle itself in everything and enjoys looking like she just got off of riding a horse. She's quite tall for a female, her height rivals that of most men, she stands around 5'11". Her figure is thin and compact, she may not be well endowed but she's not a flat board, her body looks like that of a dancers. Despite living in a colder climate she has an even tan about her, close in the color of caramel. Her most offsetting feature is her eyes. They are a light gray with black flecks dashed in. As much as she tries to look pleasant many find her eyes frighting. Birch prefers to wear her brother's clothes that have grown too small for them. She hates wearing dresses seeing as they're not practical for anything practical. Her most common outfit is a dark blue over-sized shirt- sleeves rolled up, brown riding pants, black boots and a black belt around her chest.

Basic Personality: Birch is a day dreamer. She's more often then not looking over maps, flipping through books of alchemy and studying over the various races that dot the Empire. She's kind, with the mindset that if you do good for someone they will do good too. You could say she's a bit on the naive side but she makes up for it by being stubborn, determined and courageous. Birch is willing to go to any extreme to sate her curiosity. Despite being naive, Birch is quick to figure out things, she smart were she lacks in muscle and surprisingly good at making things.

Birch is 19 years in age. She's old enough to be married off but she distastes the idea of being wed. Having to have children, cleaning the home, making and mending clothes, being there for her husband's every need. She tends to scare off suitors when her mother or father find her one. Though she tends to scare off her suitors she is very much a people's person. She easily makes friends with anyone she meets.

Brief Backstory: It had always been a distant dream. Ever since she grew up listening to her mother tell her old wives' tales. Birch loved the lore of it all. The gallant fights of the brave men fighting for what they believed in, the triumph of acquiring their boon, the joy and praise they received from their home town and even sometimes the acknowledgement from the King or Queen themselves.

She always wanted to go on a quest or some kind of adventure. One full of wonder, mystery and excitement. That's what she dreamed of.Excitement. It's what her common life needed. What Birch needed to live fully. To live like those who wandered past the little farmhouse at night.

She would never dream of mentioning any of this to her family. They would brush it off as a simple fancy that she should have out grown a long time ago. Over the years it became more apparent to Birch that it wasn't some simple young maidens passing fancy, but a true and desperate need. She couldn't stay holed up in Whitefield much longer. A farmers life was no way to live.

Little does Birch know that she doesn't belong in Whitefield. Deep down in her blood runs traces of Prairie Drifter, an ancient group of mage tribe peoples who were forced to live in the harsh and unforgiving land of Regina Diei. How she came to Whitefield is unknown but the Vintner family took her and her twin in when they found them on their porch one day.


Name: Hickory Vintnerson

Story Title (with link if possible): Cast In The Shadows

Brief Summary: Hickory knows of Birch's plans to flee the farm and doesn't know to follow her or not. He can understand her plight of not wanting to stay here. Farmer life was too settled for him. But he also couldn't stand the thought of leaving with no word.

Physical Appearance: Birch and Hickory are twins. And their looks prove it, Hickory has pitch black hair cropped to hang just about his ears. It's straight but enjoys looking like he just rolled out of bed. Hickory is about 6'2", making him the tallest in the family. He doesn't look like much. He is thin and compact, but worker on the field for years has left him toned with lean muscle. Hickory too has caramel color skin, while the rest of the family has a more transparent color. He knows Birch has noticed this but neither bring it up, seeing it as not important. Hickory's most offsetting feature is his eyes. They are a light gray with black flecks dashed in. Unlike his sister, Hickory enjoys scaring people off with his glare. He likes the fact that he's different, when everything around him is so much the same. Hickory normally wears a dark red button up shirt, with black trousers and black boots. He wears a brown belt that holds a short dagger and a couple of feathers tied to it.

Basic Personality: Hickory is more level minded than his twin Birch. He's focused but also just as stubborn, determined and courageous as his sister. He's a day dreamer too but only when he knows he has the time to relax a little. Hickory is good at reading the mood of the people around him, though he's not one for being in crowds. Too many people makes him uncomfortable. He's not a people person like his sister is. He has few friends and doesn't try to make nice. You either except him or not.

Where Birch is naive, Hickory is more understanding. He taken it upon himself to watch after Birch.

Brief Backstory: Sure traveling around the world sounds exciting but it's the unknown that Hickory doesn't exactly like. He may enjoy day dreaming about things but he often keeps his day dreams plausible. He enjoys the old folk tales he used to hear but he knows they're just that. Folk tales.

As much as Hickory is unsure about the world he knows he doesn't want to stay pent up in Whitefield all his life. If Birch decides to leave Hickory plans to follow. Hickory has a guess that he and Birch aren't real Woodsmen. He doesn't know were his bloodlines run but he can feel he's different. Deep down in his blood runs traces of Prairie Drifter, an ancient group of mage tribe peoples who were forced to live in the harsh and unforgiving land of Regina Diei. How he came to Whitefield is unknown but the Woodsmen family took him and his twin in when they found them on their porch one day.


Name: Gazelle De Regina Diei

Story Title (with link if possible): Cast In The Shadows

Brief Summary: Gazelle comes from Regina Diei in search of the Archpriestess' bloodline. It has been his families charge for four centuries to find the rightful leader to Regina Diei. He needs to find the heir and convoke them to stop the impending doom that threatens not only Regina Diei but the Empire of Nox too.

Physical Appearance: Gazelle is 25 years in age. He is very tall, even among Prairie Drifters. He stands at about 6'9". He has a rich brown color to him and piercing green eyes. Unlike most Prairie Drifters he only has tattoos lining his eyes, he's never been one to mark up his body. His hair is a short mane of spiky hair that fly backs. It's a white washed copper. Like all other Prairie Drifters, his hair looks to have been stained or bleached but all of the color hasn't disappeared. Gazelle has sharpened his canines and molars but his front teeth remain square. Gazelle wears only one piece of the customary garb of Prairie Drifters: a leather tench coat, dyed grey with the symbol of the sun and the moon together on the back. He ripped off the sleeves long ago which reveals his white button up underneath, sleeves rolled to mid forearm. He has a collection of assorted bracelets around his left wrist. He wears loose fitting brown riding pants and brown boots. His favorite item is his broad rimmed brown leather hat. It helps hide the fact that he's a Prairie Drifter but not by much.

Basic Personality: Gazelle is temperamental. He can go from amused to angry in the blink of an eye. Despite his easy mood swings, he's been described as quite a charming man, when he wants to be. He doesn't take well to defiance or people getting in his way. While he is violent he never goes far enough to kill a man. His conscience is guilty enough without having murder on it too. Gazelle is incredibly loyal. He takes kindness as if it were a blessing and repays a million times over. He sees no reason to lie, so his blunt attitude may come off as insulting but at least he's telling the truth.

Brief Backstory: Gazelle was born and raised off the coast of Regina Diei on the only island of the Isles of Rays that has been inhabited. He lived in Red Tide until he was 15 and his rites of passage began. Gazelle learned to fully use his senses. His hearing is above average along with his sense of taste, smell, sight and touch. It is part of the Prairie Drifters magic. Along with learning to write spells in the air and to say various chants, Gazelle learned the most important piece of Prairie magic. He learned to summon the Sun and the Moon, he still doesn't fully understand the meaning of this but he knows to use it only in a state of emergency.

Gazelle traveled the world and made connections with even the most hostile of races all in the pursuit of the rightful heir to Regina Diei. He's gone through physical, mental and emotional training to bring back the Heir at all costs. The only problem is no one knows where or who the heir is. Or if the royal bloodline of Dicai Mord Nox and Achel DawningSun still continues. The only proof he has that all isn't lost is a stone pendent. The pendent is suppose to glow white as the heir is near. But as of late it's been a dull black. Until he finds the Heir, he is to continue his search till he dies and the task is passed onto someone else in his family.

To Draden1621: I'm really digging your character. He's very much the dark, kinda boarding type. He has demons of his own (no pun intended) and he seems well rounded. I'd love to see him in a story :] As for a last name suggestion maybe he shouldn't have one. He could make up various last names as needed if he ever needs to escape or doesn't want to be found. Either way I enjoy your character very much!

5/27/2011 . Edited 12/11/2011 #24

Name: Aubrey "Bree" Forrester

Story Title (with link if possible): Angel

Brief Summary: My parents left me. I'm a young Angel, who has bad luck. My new best friend is basically Angel royalty. Did I mention my foster parents are clueless to all of this? Now, how is your life? Can't be much worse than mine.

Physical Appearance: 5'2" with silky black hair, a tan (unusual for Wisconsin), and freckles across her nose & cheekbones. Hazel eyes under black dash eyebrows. Hourglass figure.

Basic Personality: She exudes this aura of "emo-ness" and for that reason she doesn't have many friends. Bree's got a lot of spunk, and is rebelling slightly. She thinks that she's "that bad if [she] wants to be that bad", meaning Bree has this mindset that she's the type of person that's bad and no one wants to be around. She's wrong.

Brief Backstory: At age six, her home was under seige by Demons. Her parents are Angels, and she's an Angel as well. Long story short, her parents fled and left Bree all alone. For ten years, she's been living in a foster home with clueless foster parents and "siblings".


Name: Phoebe Angela Glass

Story Title (with link if possible): Angel

Brief Summary: My parents left me. I'm a young Angel, who has bad luck. My new best friend is basically Angel royalty. Did I mention my foster parents are clueless to all of this? Now, how is your life? Can't be much worse than mine.

Physical Appearance: Platinum blond hair, vibrant blue eyes, ivory skin. 5'6" with a perfect hourglass figure. Beautiful, in a delicate way.

Basic Personality: She may look like a delicate flower, but if you cross Phoebe, you'll open up a whole new can of worms. She's sweet and loving to everyone, but don't piss her off. Her temper is hot and short, but will cause LOTS of damage. Phoebe thinks of herself as a strange person, with a few quirky habits such as writing song lyrics on her hands. She is an only child, but thinks of Bree as lucky for having 6 brothers and sisters.

Brief Backstory: Phoebe was born and raised in the Creator's land, which is where very few Earthbound Angels are from. She came to Earth with her mother and father when she was twelve, and retains an accent. Phoebe has lived in Boise, Wisconsin, since.


Side-note about Angels: they age as humans would, if they have left the Creator's land. Meaning they don't have to move if they want to stay inconspicuous.

7/4/2011 #25
L. Murphy
Name: Jericha Kings Story Title: Orion and the Time Gypsies ( will be up very soon) Brief Summary: What happens when you combine a runaway prince, a stubborn enchantress, rivaling secret societies, and the woman who has the power to take the lives of them all? Suddenly Minovia doesn't seem like such a nice place to visit. Physical Appearance: Petite, with long black curls. Golden eyes, dark skin, very thin from malnourishment. Basic Personality: Stubborn, generally aggressive, gentle to certain people, logical. Brief Backstory: When Jessica Beton was three years old she became extremely sick. In order to save her, her father gave his life to the time gypsies so they could heal his daughter. The time gypsies were infamous for a few reasons: if they didnt get the adequate pay they would take something of great value to you, in order to heal someone or bring someone back to life they had to take the life of another, and their leader, Minerva Killjoint, was extremely well known for taking the lives and pay for herself without even doing the healing. Unfortunately, Jessica's father couldn't afford the switch, and in turn Jessica was taken by the gypsy, Mara who, to stop suspicion, changed the girl's name to Jericha Kings. When Jerica was healed she had no memory of her family and believed Mara was her mother.
8/5/2011 #26
Jackie the Giant

Name: Millie Smith.

Story Title: Shawn.

Brief Summary: Millie is standing on her balcony one night, when she is accidentally pulled through a portal that shrinks her. There, she meets a "giant" named Shawn Trigun who protects her and helps her.

Physical Appearance: Millie is short for the age of 17, at only 5'2". She is also very skinny (though not anorexic), and pale. Her hair is dirty blonde and is in that awkward, mid-way stage that happens when you're growing out your hair after cutting it uber-short. Her eyes are sky blue. She wears jeans, tennis shoes and a solid blue T-shirt.

12/10/2011 #27
Jackie the Giant

Name: Shawn Trigun.

Story Title: Shawn.

Brief Summary: Shawn is a deilquent who specializes in his own form of combat known jokingly as "cane-fu". He ends up saving Millie from a pair of fairy hunters (she's not a fairy, but they don't know that). From there on in it's all helping Millie get home.

Physical Appearance: Shawn is about average height at 5'6", and is lean but muscular. His brown hair is spiked, and his hazel eyes are usually hidden behind a pair of blue-lensed shades. He always wears a leather jacket and carries what looks like a bronze cane (his main weapon in cane-fu).

Basic Personality: Shawn is cool and hard to get angry. But when you do anger him, he flies into an all-out rage that is likely to leave you bruised and battered, if not critically injured.

12/10/2011 #28
Name: Eliza em Story Title (with link if possible) pre written kind of not out yet . ( it called never underestimate the living shadow) Brief Summary: Eliza will do anything for beauty . So when a warlock gives her a recipe for a potion . She accepts as she drinks the potion she relizes that something is very very wrong . Physical apearece: curly long blonde hair . Diamond tiara ,long white dress with diamond belt and neakless,green slightly squinty eyes ,she is 21 years old. Basic Personality: extremely vain and jealous of those more beautiful than her. Brief Backstory:when she was a baby born in othoria she didint have the royal violet eyes so she was sent to the king and queen of annansala who longed for a child. Ten years later her parents had another child Rosalie who had the royal eyes. Rosalie was more beautiful than Eliza . So she always
6/2/2012 #29
Grape Fox

Name: Angela Connor

Story Title (with link if possible): Finding Dante

Brief Summary: Angela Connor has been training all her life in the city of Lármór, the capital city of Donhamn, her country. Now fifteen, Angela has grown bored of the training that fills her days. After reading about Angelo-Dánte, a terrorist group that has gone into hiding, Angela makes it her mission to find and destroy them. Forming a group consisting of a dragon tamer, a seer, a selkie, and a necromancer, Angela sets out on the adventure of a lifetime, with her main goal to find - and kill - this mysterious Angelo-Dánte - once and for all.

Physical Appearance: She has flyaway fiery orange hair, like Merida in Brave. Her eyes are brown, and her skin is fair.

Basic Personality: She's been born to fight, so everything is viewed from a fighter's conscience. She doesn't hesitate when it comes to killing, and definitely has a bad temper. She's not too smart, and very dramatic. She's an average leader.

Brief Backstory: Angela was born in Lármór and has been trained to become a soldier since she was a child. Her mother, the goddess Ignatius, patroness of fire, revenge, and war, trained demigods like her in Lármór. When Angela found out about a terrorist group, she teamed up with a former classmate and a scholar, intent on killing everyone in the terrorist group.

6/25/2012 #30
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