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1/28/2009 . Edited by Chasing Skylines, 3/11/2009 #1

Okay, lets get the ball rolling here...

This guy is a sort of half main. I'd like to see just what works and what doesn't with my ideas for him...

Name: Leon Palmer

Story Title (with link if possible): It's not on here - it's spread throughout my hard-drive like a load of bitty, stubborn cobwebs.

Brief Summary: Leon is - oh this sounds so cliched - a half vampire, half werewolf. As far as this means in his reality, he has werewolf savagery, the vampire survival drive, and while he does transform into something when angered/over-excited, it is certainly not a straightforward wolf. Unlike a vampire, however, he has no physical dependency for blood, just a crippling emotional one with a bestial craving to go with it. For a lot of his life, Leon is not exactly sure of what he is. All he knows is that he is the result of a monster crossed with another monster.

Physical Appearance: He's tall, has that freakish lanky/skinny but muscular thing going on, with dark skin and a messy mop of curly black hair he often keeps tied back, or clumsily cut. He never eats enough to maintain his frame (cause he's too poor/easily distracted) so often becomes uncomfortably thin when looking after himself. He has a very stoic, tense face, and is incredibly prone to staring, often hostilely, whether he means to or not.

Basic Personality: He's pretty brooding, but instead of thinking on his own inner tortures, he's usually thinking about how much everyone else sucks...or what he'll eat when he can next afford a meal. Despite being empathetically void himself, he excells at emotional manipulation and cruelty, often choosing to inflict harm upon himself to upset others. Those who do attempt to befriend/support him, he will always test, often quite unfairly. He will occasionally reveal a glimmer of compassion or vulnerability - just enough to cause those who see it to think that whatever damage he has can be overcome, even repaired. However, his progress is always very 'one step forward, two steps back.'

Brief Backstory: Leon was raised by his single, loose minded mother, who he claims to hate. At the age of nine, he either ran away, or his mother abandoned him, unable to cope with his attempts at sabotaging her life - he changes the story everytime he's made to tell it. He fell in with a street-pack of werewolves, who just about accepted him for what he was. When the pack got on the wrong side of a vicious human gang of hunters, the entire pack was hunted down and killed. When they worked out Leon was not an ordinary werewolf, they chose to capture him rather than kill him, and sold him to a contraband fight promoter, Juliette. Taking him to the UK, Juliette 'trained' Leon to conform to fighting opponents in underground 'super'-human arena fights. To keep him in check, he was fitted with a skin tight electrical collar, set off to sedate him whenever they needed to handle him, or to stop him from going too far and killing his opponents (at least, that's what it was meant to do...) Eventually, after one 'accidental' kill too many, Juliette sells Leon on impulse to what appears to be a like-minded young woman. It's not at all - the first thing this woman does is release Leon from his collar, and tell him to do what he most wants to. Without a second thought, he goes back for Juliette and her associates, swearing to himself that he will never be told what to do ever again.

And I am so bad at doing backstories. I ramble, and then they don't make sense.

2/9/2009 . Edited 2/13/2009 #2

I'm not really sure what I am to do with this, but I'll try... Mod help?!

Name: Carah Martin

Story Title (with link if possible): Unfortunately, this unnamed supernatural romance (I can't decide which genre to put this story in) is untitled. Getting a title idea would be FABULOUS! So, any takers? Ha ha.

Brief Summary: Carah is (in her own words) "from the wrong crowd, the one your parents tell you to stay away from." She is a junior in high school, making her the age of 16. She smokes, drinks and parties quite a bit. She is not supernatural herself but her eventual love interest, Tom, is a ghost. And in this story, the ghost live amongst the living because you cannot tell who is a ghost and who is not (they are not see through, they do not carry around their head, they look very normal in color and everything).

Physical Appearance: Carah has light brown wispy hair with wispy bangs. She is American and from the East Coast, which should (majority of the time) tell you she is pale skinned. She is a size 5 in shoes and is around 5'2 in height. Her eye color is hazel.

Basic Personality: On my FP profile, I say that Carah is a mix of Emerson (the high school bitch in another story), Louise (the quiet runner in another story of mine) and myself. In reality, she is probably more like Emerson than I realize. Carah can be a bitch to teenagers around her and will not fake niceness unless she is around the headmaster of her school. She is afraid of the dark, which should make the supernatural romance a little funny, and hates bugs. She clashes with her roommate Fiona, who is quiet and shy, while Carah is loud and full of energy. She thinks school is a waste of time and will probably learn in boarding school that school is useful, especially A-levels and all that junk.

Brief Backstory: Carah was born in April of 1993, which is the youngest I've ever made a character. (1993 was when I was 4, that is a little scary!) She was raised by her parents, who feel that Carah is easily influenced by her peers. She is in the "bad" crowd at school- the one that skips classes, smokes and drinks. Her parents decide it is best for Carah to straighten up her act, especially with college coming up soon, so they send her to boarding school. Seems easy enough, right? Well...the boarding school is in England! So Carah will have to adjust to time differences, accents (which she adores) and British lingo.

2/13/2009 #3

Name: Cladissa Rachelle-Dovon

Story Title: The Quicksilver Mirror (still in outline stage)

Brief Summary: Cladissa and Emaury are newlywed and madly in love, but when Emaury brings his bride to meet his side of the family, Cladissa begins hearing an ominous voice that no one else can hear. Despite the voice's warnings to flee, Cladissa remains at the Dovon's ancestral home and unravels the years old mystery behind her mother-in-law's untimely death with the aid of a quicksilver mirror. However, some secrets come with a heavy price, and truths revealed may not always be truthful....

Physical Appearance:

Basic Personality: Demure yet extremely curious.

Brief Backstory:

2/15/2009 #4

Name: Zakei

Story Title (with link if possible): Unnamed

Brief Summary: Ancient, but terribly weak vampire. Only preys on death-row convicts. Occasionally. Living a subsistence lifestyle, essentially denying his being. Cause he was turned into a vampire unwillingly. Due to his incredible lack of strength (and almost every other vampire aspect) for his age, he is therefore is not noticed and largely ignored by other vampires, therefore his long life. He is also currently in love with a mortal girl. He works in a prison (for convenience), and regularly skips states and once in a while, countries to sustain his job. He is capable of, but doesn't regularly, use his mind powers to make his life easier. Currently is trying to befriend human girl of which is destined to be his vampire bride, though he is entirely unaware.

Physical Appearance: Small lean build, attributed to his many childhood years spent under the sun. Before turned, he had topaz eyes. Now when he gets bloodlust, his eyes redden to a dark brown, not full red, mainly cause he denies his vampiric self still. Is tanned a dark brown, and has black hair with brown streaks (due to malnutrition as a child). Has sharp canines which he tries to avoid revealing, and pointed ears which he hides with his curly hair.

Basic Personality: Very shy, blatantly denies his vampric nature. Presently in love with a mortal girl, but does not know how to show his affections. Also afraid to reassimilate into society after so many centuries of solitarity. Likes to wear loose, sleaveless clothing that looks similar to what he wore 'back in the days'. Quite nostalgic, contemplated suicide many times. Mildly depressed. Very loving and devoted. Pacifist, doesn't seek revenge. Come-what-may kinda feeling.

Brief Backstory: Born into slavery, when time was still recorded differently, Zakei learnt what was work before he learnt how to speak. His parents were of a condemned race, and therefore were considered inferior and were forced to toil long hours under the blazing sun daily. His mother secured him to her bosom with a strip of cloth in his infant years, dragging large rocks from quarries with multitudes of other slaves. His father, being more skilled, crafted the rocks into the desired shapes for the 'master'.

When he was 13, he was taken away to be sold, as his parents could not afford to raise him anymore. He was blessed with good looks and was purchased at a high price. He never hated his parents for this, as he could empathize with them and their situation. He was bought by a sex-trader, and spent much time entertaining other men, dancing, serving, singing, etc. When he hit 16, he was so popular that the prince (secretly bisexual) came to visit him. When prince found out what the other 'customers' were like, he got so disgusted he promptly bought Zakei.

Zakei then lived in the palace, and after the prince grew tired of him, was reassigned to work in the R&D department. Not knowing that he would become human experiment fodder, he blindly trusted and went. Researchers tested on him for 'immortality' and eventually turned him into a vampire. Had to experience alot of pain thoughout the whole process, no doubt. They attempted to 'dispose' of him, but he fought and fled. The rest is history.

6/7/2009 . Edited 6/7/2009 #5

Name:Lucifer Haleman

Story Title (with link if possible): Forbidden Religion (not a story yet x.x)

Brief Summary: A demon who was sent to earth to corrupt every other religion and cause mass chaos. He has been told to achieve this he must first slay the only one to get in his way. An angel named Sarra, whom which doesn't know what she truly is or why he can't touch her.

Physical Appearance: A nice height of 6 feet and 7 inches. His hair is black and hangs in his golden eyes constantly. Usually a very lifeless expression on his face and thick muscled arms that stay well hidden under a long jacket. The black dagger he is supposed to use on the angel hangs inconspicuously around his neck at all times, hells gem glittering at the center of it's hilt. When his anger is exposed his eyes are black, skin pale, long claw like nails, fangs, and large leathery wings.

Basic Personality: Though he probably should be ruthless, he doesn't agree to anything of his unholy home. He hates his assignment but would rather carry it out than die. He won't speak up to injustice, even though he doesn't like it.

Brief Backstory: In all actuality he's one of the devil's sons. Not the devil himself. He was born in hell, where he was raised as a warrior, told it was right not to have a heart or feel a thing. One day his father reveals that he has always favored Lucifer above his other sons. Hence why he had given him his name. His father gives him a special assigment. He is told that he must corrupt all influence of a holy being, thus sending the world into a freeroaming chaos and making it theirs for the taking. Before anything like that can be done however he must kill the one person who has been sent specifically to stop him. He's instructed to kill the angel in the only way an angel can be killed, running her through with a knife carved straight from the horns of the devil himself, the rubied gem in the hilt born from the fires of hell.

On earth he learns that the girl he must kill is named, Sarra, and has no idea of her part in any of this. No matter how he tries he cannot kill her. Though he makes many attempts he can't, and he finally admits that he has fallen into a forbidden romance with the angel, though when ever he tries to touch her, the resonance of holy spirit sears away at his very flesh. His father pushes him forward to kill her, but he can't and he has only a limited amount of time until she finds out and begins to fight back.

6/14/2009 #6

Name: Prince Anudis Lockhart

Story Title (with link if possible): The misshapen of Aerial and Fisher ( http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2641224/1/The_misshapen_of_Aerial_and_Fisher) He appears in chapter 5.

Brief Summary: Aerial's life was boring and her nagging conscience, Fisher wasn't helping. So when she saved a stray cat, she didn't know how much her life was going to change. This includes the strange guy that appeared in her kitchen, requesting her help.

Physical Appearance: He has a dark olive skin tone that almost looks like a goldish-brown. He has long black hair that brushes the top of his calves. Long, angular cheek bones, slightly thin lips that matches the color of his skin, a long nose that was rounded in a cute button way, vibrant green eyes with flecks of gold and bushy eyebrows. He looks kind of like a mix of Egyptian and Italian.

Basic Personality: A bit bipolar at times. Easily irritated. Protective. As a tendancy to rant about anything that ticks him off. Digressive/ argumentive.

Brief Backstory: Prince Anudis is a cat demon, banished from his land in the Nether- Realm by his evil uncle. After seeing his father killed, he sets out to recue his mother from Kartus an evil shape shifter, in the Earth Realm (Earth) and to get back his father's kingdom from the grasp's of his uncle. With the help of Aerial.

6/25/2009 #7
Zydrate Zombie

Name: Desdamona (Dez) Sontia

Story Title (with link if possible): The second sight: Book one. (I don't put my stories on the 'net because it's less likely to be published)

Brief Summary: Dez sees things. Like, things that havn't happened yet... But always do. And no, not just the answers to next week's history test. Like, the end of the world. But who will beleive an (incorrectly) institutionalized teenager?

Physical Appearance: She has long, silky, jet-black straight hair that falls to about her waist. She has strange blue eyes, almost navu, like a still ocean on a cold day. She is pale, slim, and frailly built. Full, naturally red lips and dark, long eye lashes. tall.

Basic Personality: She is kind of an oxymoron. Shy, but confident when she needs to be. Kind, but snappy when ticked. She's an introvert.

Brief Backstory: As a child, her parents beat her. When she was 13, they were the drunks in a drunk driving accident and died, leaving her with her 18 year old brother who quickly lost himself in the bliss of alchahol and addictive drugs, leaving her to drop out of high school in her freshman year, take over his job at the machine shop her parents used to own, and fend for herself, along with taking care of him. She has only a few friends. She is now 15, her brother 20.

How was that? I just started this story, so I'm not so sure about Dez yet... I'm using Leah (main character in my better story) for another section.

10/9/2009 #8
Aida Rose

Name: Mace

Story Title (with link if possible): I haven't posted it yet--Nevermore

Brief Summary: She doesn't die because of the gift of a grateful charmer. She's been killed before, her heart stops, and her entire body falls to sleep, but it always starts up again. She's seventy-nine years old, and sees the gift as a curse.

Physical Appearance: She's retained the image of a person in their late teens because that's how old she was whens she met the witch. Has short, curly black hair that stops just above her shoulders. Black irisless, wide eyes and tan skin, with lips she calls mouth cushions because of her size. Standing at 5 ft 10 and average sized. There aren't a lot of scars on her because of her regeneration, but she still has a couple of small ones. Maybe I should give her more?

Basic Personality: Doesn't like modern slang, and has a slight inferiority complex to those around her, especially with the people she works with. Likes to sugar coat things. Painfully introverted.

Brief Backstory: In the last century, when she was a child, she lived with her great Aunt, a half blind woman that liked to make her kneel on stones for hours, clean the house repeatedly and other things out of frustration. She sees the gift as a curse, because when she helped the old woman with her burden, she'd been on her way to jump off a cliff. When she didn't die, she cried herself to sleep and never returned to her Aunt.

10/11/2009 #9

Hmmm...nearly new year...time to write up a new character methinks

Name: Ruby Knight

Story Title (with link if possible): None yet, but it's a side/flash-back story to the continuations of First Crack (won't put a link, because there's currently no relevance to be seen)

Brief Summary: A sheltered, studious, half-demon witch, Ruby has left the organisation she grew up in to go an find her missing mother, Skye, who vanished four years ago, with no explanation, or contact. She seems older than her eighteen years, but small, occasional slips ups reveal how young she really is.

Physical Appearance: At 6ft 1, Ruby is unusually tall for a girl, and she's unprepared for the attention it can get her. She has a rounded, healthy build that's a little on the soft side, and her dress sense is very much practicality over prettiness. She lives in baggy fit jeans, flat boots and t-shirts. Her hair is thick, shoulder length, and mid-brown in colour. In wet conditions, it ends up on the frizzy side. She has an oval face, that's somewhat plain, yet interesting in it's own way. However, the most interesting thing about her by far are the strange freckles on her back, and the backs of her arms, legs, hands and neck. They are large, irregular shaped circles that are almost black in colour, sometimes going up to the size of a two pence coin. She does her upmost best to make sure these flat spots stay hidden at all times around other people.

Basic Personality: Ruby is usually soft-spoken, serious, and shy. She doesn't mince her words, she doesn't really do small talk and she doesn't always take other people into account when she's making her plans. She's very clever, and an avid listener, but she has limited social skills due to her upbringing, and has a tendency to stick out in crowds like a sore thumb. She has a very quick, explosive temper, that can be triggered off by something as small and petty as someone else not being able to keep up with her train of thought. If she gets angry enough, the black spots on her skin start to flicker and ignite with tiny flames that only go out when she calms down.

Brief Backstory: Ruby was born into a family of witches, but raised by her mother alone. As her mother worked as a receptionist and personal assistant for an independent medical researcher, Ruby spent a lot of her early childhood hanging around the foyer and offices of the facility. Because she never integrated properly into schools, she ended up being taught by her mother, and her mother's boss, Benedict, and various other work colleagues. Knowing she wasn't entirely human, the other staff members were fascinated by Ruby.

When she was fourteen, Ruby's mother vanished, and Ruby was left distraught and alone in the world. While Benedict claimed to be doing everything in his power to find out what happened to her, he shared none of his progress with Ruby, and she withdrew away from those she had seen as mentors and teachers. She began to teach herself magical Lore from her mother's books, and thanks to her half-demon heritage, became very proficient very quickly. When he discovered what she was doing, Benedict told her all he knew about her mother's disappearance. According to Skye, when she was 16, a rival family of witches had summoned up a savage fire demon to destroy her and her family. While it had killed everyone else in the house, it had chosen to rape Skye, and Ruby was the result. She had been hiding from this rival family for all the following years, and the only thing Benedict can think of, is that the family caught up with her, and finished her off. He did everything in his power to find her, but every potential lead came to a dead end. Shortly after this, Ruby left the research facility, and Benedict's care, in order to find her mother herself.

12/29/2009 . Edited 12/29/2009 #10

This is going to be much harder than I thought...all things with this character are much too complicated. Since he uses magic that acts as a conscious entity, if I need to relocate him to Fantasy or something, let me know. I wasn't sure what to do with him :/

Name: Jude Halloran Malevolent

Story Title: I Never Said I Was Brave

Brief Summary: He's a born witch who was turned vampire against his will, and is the second son of the witch royalty--so he's a prince. His magic, which is more like an ever-present entity, centers on his voice and is very powerful, but also out of control since his vampiric change, so his magic sometimes speaks for him (saying things he's trying to suppress or doesn't want other people to know). He grew up very quiet and studious, he's intelligent and before the war, liked learning. He can speak the shapeshifter language. Since the war he's become much more outspoken and he curses constantly, which was only made worse after his vampiric change.

Physical Appearance: Jude's only twenty, and he's about 5'8''. His hair is a dark, deep brown that looks black at night, it's cut short but it's thicker at the top and is always naturally sticking in odd directions because he never combs it. He's clean shaven. Jude's eyes are the same dark brown as his hair, but because he's a witch they're unnaturally bright, and can be seen in the dark, which also unsettles others because his eyes aren't a bright color to begin with. Above his left eyebrow (side opposite nose) he's got a simple tattoo of a black W, giving him away as a labeled "witch". He's very pale and thin, with a lean long-distance runner's build. He's dressed in black--black skinny jeans, all-black--we'll say Converses, and a form fitting black T-shirt.

Basic Personality: During his younger teens (the war started when he was around seventeen), he was quiet, very obedient towards his family, and was easily manipulated by his older brother. Yet despite his quietness, he was quite popular and social before the war (with the witch district), he frequented clubs and liked to party. Things are usually at extremes with him--when he hates, he hates passionately, and when he loves, he loves passionately. After the suicide of his mother, he became conflicted emotionally about the meaning and intentions of the war, and constantly tries to hide his true feelings or attitudes about shapeshifters and humans. In reality, he has given up on the war and his brother, and consequently has learned not to judge. He's very open and respects opinion and conflicting beliefs. But due to his vampirism, he has trouble with control, both with his magic and bloodlust. Since becoming a vampire he comes off as cold, unfeeling, and focused on clever plots to eat fellow characters--no one trusts him completely.

Brief Backstory: Grew up in the contemporary imagined city of Cypress (on a now unnamed large island--think UK) first inhabited by witches and then overwhelmed over decades by humans. He lived in the minority witch district, but because he was born in a human hospital, he was tagged as a witch (tattoo W above the eyebrow) and was forced to attend mainstream human schooling. Since he was "royalty" his parents enrolled him in the private school Whitman, though all other witches attended a public school closer to his neighborhood. So he was the only witch at Whitman. The war broke out when he was around sixteen, and he left Cypress quickly after "the witch Rebellion" with his family. His father was assassinated by the shapeshifters early on, and his mother committed suicide when her hideout was discovered. His older brother, Max, became king, and Jude became a prized secret weapon against the shapeshifters. At his peak of having control of his magic, he was able to kill anyone with a mere spoken word or battle cry. This changed when he was found near death by one of his comrades, and was forcibly changed into a vampire just to assure he would live. This change distorted his magic and has driven him somewhat crazy. Oh, and his people worship the goddess Gaia (Mother Earth), Jude believes in her, and sometimes will openly pray to her or curse her too.


Ahh, comfort zone...

Name: Caleb Fang

Story Title: Vampire and The Romantics

Brief Summary: Caleb's a Faller, which is the only type of vampire who can Sire other vampires, so a Faller doesn't have a Sire. One becomes a Faller--yeah this is going to sound so 2002 Emo--by committing suicide at a young age. He took his life at twelve and has been a Faller ever since. He lives with his single mother, and attends Lincoln high school. He's seventeen and considered a musical prodigy.

Physical Appearance: 5'7''-ish, with you're cliche pale vampire skin, blond hair, and hazel eyes. His hair is long enough that he usually wears it parted down the middle and tucked behind his ears. He comes from a poor class background, and since it's summer/fall in VATR, he usually wears home-cut-off-at-the-knee light blue skinny jeans, cheap black flip-flops, and a Clash T-shirt. Since he's a Faller, he's wears a silver chain almost always hidden underneath his shirt, with a ruby pear-shaped gemstone. This sounds extremely stupid right now, but to put it in basic terms, his soul's trapped in it.

Basic Personality: Naturally social, he used to be very popular at the beginning of high school but due to girlfriend circumstances, he became his class's social outcast by his sophomore year. He's got an addictive personality too (what with the cutting and the bloodlust and all), and despite his confident and cocky outer demeanor is very insecure. He likes joking, and he likes to smile. At this point in his life Caleb is conflicted about whether to embrace his vampirism or not. His dreams are like any teenagers: to become filthy rich and famous.

Brief Backstory: Spent his childhood in the perfect middle class family household with a mom, dad, and little brother. His mother taught piano lessons, and he learned piano quickly. As a result, at the age of seventeen Caleb can play the piano, guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, and synthesizer--he's currently teaching himself the viola. The murder of his brother split his family apart and led to Caleb's eventual suicide attempt. Once a Faller, he was found and mentored by an older vampire named Dexter. Caleb often looks to Dexter for help and advice on matters of the Supe Community. At the beginning of his junior year, he makes a deal for money to change a vampire hunter's son into a vampire--and succeeds. This newly changed vampire, Orion, eventually becomes his best friend. Meanwhile, in the midst of dealing with being a Faller, and having an annoying new vampire following him everywhere, he's falling in love with what seems to be a normal human girl a grade below him, Penny.


Name: Achitophel a' Maj'wer (Pronunciation / Translation: Ah-kit-o-fell The Magpie)

Story Title (with link if possible): I Never Said I Was Brave

Brief Summary: Achitophel, nicknamed Kit or Kitty, is a shapeshifter poet laureate for his culture, the Sh'marook, which is a society comprised of shapeshifters. When his people plunged into war against the witches, he fled and deserted the fighting. This resulted in being disowned by his family and most of those in his culture.

Physical Appearance: Kit's twenty-two (this could be a complete shocker to those who are reading the story but don't worry, I know, XD) and is about 6'2. His hair is curly and unruly and a dirty blond, he prefers to be clean shaven. His eyes are dull green. He's slender and not muscular, which isn't really a characteristic of his people. We'll put him in hipster witch clothing for now since I don't have the Sh'marook wardrobe 100% thought out. He's dressed in dark hunter green skinny jeans, and a gray T-shirt with um, burnt orange Converses.

Basic Personality: Reserved, logical and practical. He's also quite skittish and has developed a sense of distrust and skepticism towards most people. He's willing to believe the worst in a person before he believes anything good. He uses his shifting abilities as a way of escape from human thought and practicality. He's also a great intellectual of his culture.

Brief Backstory: Grew up in the Sh'marook capital city of Jatru. He preferred his human form throughout this childhood and started writing at the age of five. My shapeshifters sort of have a warped sense of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, but he would have been considered an adult by the age of thirteen. Introduced to the political/philosopher Margot at University, the two eventually became mate-partners (married, but it's much more loose in their culture, essentially, it just means they moved in with one another) and at the age of sixteen he wrote the epic narrative Margot that became extremely well known in representing a sense of national pride for his people, and is internationally known for its prejudice and radical integration of the extermination of witches. He also is responsible for writing out many of the myths of his people's origins and development centering around the goddess Nyt'a.

5/11/2010 . Edited 10/6/2010 #11
Formal Revya

Name: Roland Harshfield

Story Title: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2813771/1/The_IDRAD_1_I_prefer_working_alone

Brief Summary: Roland is a field agent for the Institute of Darkness Research and Defense. His job is, for lack of a better word, to hunt down and destroy monsters and other supernatural creatures that prey on human beings. Roland is one of the best field agents I.D.R.A.D. has, no small feat for a mere human.

Physhical Appearance: Roland is slightly above average height (6 ft exactly) but is of very muscular build, He has short light brown hair that he spikes and mouses on a regular basis. He wears an assortment of clothing, but his favorite outfit is a black T shirt with a pair of faded jeans and his brown leather boots. He often wears a brown leather bomber jacket. His face is of strong build and he often has a self confident smirk on his lips.

Basic personality: Roland is very relaxed and eased back. Having lived through so many near death experiences has given him a great deal of self confidences. He believes himself to be untouchable. Because of this he prefers to work by himself, strongly convinced that others would only get hurt. Despite all this, he takes his work very seriously, viewing each dead body he encounters as a personal failure.

Brief backstory: Roland was an only child, raised by his loving parents in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Even from a young age, he was deathly afraid of the dark, believing that a monster lurked in his closet, waiting to eat him.It became so bad that he refused to sleep without a light on. His parents tried on many occasions to convince him that nothing was there, but to no avail. On the night of his fifth birthday, The power went out, due to a lightning storm. That night Roland watched his parents get butchered at the hands of his childhood fear. Roland might have been next on the menu, were it not for the IDRAD agent in the area. Knowing full well that the child would probably be placed in a mental institute, the agent instead took roland back to the institution, where he spent the next sixteen years training to fight the horrors lurking in the darkness. Over time he all but forgot about his real parents, instead forming a famial bond with the agent who rescued him that night. when he turned twenty one, Roland was sent out on his first field mission. four years later he has become a legend amongst his fellow agents.

6/3/2010 #12

Hope this is good. Please tell me what you all think. I've never shown this character to anyone before.

Name: Draden (No last name established. Suggestions are good.)

Story Title (with link if possible): A large number of documents all over my hard-drive. None pertaining to a single version of the story.

Brief Summary: Draden is driven by the desire to overcome his weakness, and find immortality. Something he will acquire in his own way, not the cheap exhaustible measures most will use. He is sure of his decision, unwavering in his dream.

Physical Appearance: Crayola red hair, it's usually pretty short and spiked in the front. His eyes are a unsettling shade of gold, at least the iris. He is about 5' 10" or 5' 11". He has a build between thing and average, like a swimmers. He wears blank single color shirts with vintage jeans. His shoes really don't matter all that much, he's not particullarly picky. His one constant is his green coat, worn, faded, and patched a dozen times. It has a sentimental meaning, as well as a secret only he knows. His face is usually pretty light, he almost never frowns even when everyone else will. If things get to tense he develops an almost eerie mask of contempt.

Basic Personality: He's increadabley skilled at understanding the internal function of most things, including people. He dose extreamly well in school, especially in the logical areas. His mind is quick to react to situations, manipulating them to his best intrest if possible. He's not manipluative, just naturally avoids fighting and conflicts. He deals with most things from a strictly logical perspective. Though the few friends he dose have can make his decisions tougher by pulling in his emotions. He deals with his emotions better at later dates, being very introverted. He's kind, as long as you don't cause him serious trouble. Do so and he's likely to do something painful to you. Though it's not something he's particularly interested in, it's a matter of making a point.

He's not deterred by people, only by his own judgement. For the most part he could care less what someone thinks of him. He has self-confidence in his own intellect to not be insecure about his short comings. Such as his inability to physically fight an opponent that isn't weak. He often will tell people he, really, just dosen't care. His dislike of bothering to lie makes him a few enemies, but for the most part people like him. Even though he dosen't like society as a whole. He's a bit complicated in that area. Often times making a different decision in the same conditions only a week or two later.

Brief Backstory: He is the son of The Demon God, and he's a bit proud of this fact. Though it has caught him grief from religious nuts and monster slayers. Growing up looking as he did he didn't do well with other kids, making him a very introverted person.

His Grandma (not biological) raised him for many years, until he reached the age of twelve. At that point he nearly was killed by a passing monster hunter. The details for Draden are a little foggy, but this event drove him to desire immortality, fearing the inevitable end of his existence. Along with this event his Grandma sent him to live with a distant friend, who she called his Uncle Bert. The man owned a lavish home in England. There Draden began to pour through the vast library his Uncle had aquired. This is where Draden found Demon Summoning, and the answer to his lack of powers. Something he's come to tearms with, but still wishes was diffrent.

After five years of studying, Draden succesfully mastered the art. Learning the proper skills to free summon demons, without drawing a circle or using scrolls. A skill it takes even demons hundreds of years to learn. Though he can use it he must do so sparingly, since it drains him badly. Though his keen mind thought of a back up just in case. This back up is foolproof, unless he has to fight an enemy more powerful than he can reason.

At this point he confidently revealed his skill to his Uncle. Who though furious, agreed it was enough for Draden to leave his home.

8/27/2010 . Edited 8/27/2010 #13

Name: Garmash-Trailavon (Gar)

Story Title: none

Brief Summary: A favorite demon of Draden's. Especially when it comes to traveling and hiding.

Physical Appearance: Appears to be a male demon, no ones really bothers to check so it's assumed. His skin color dark brown normally, but he can alter it for camoflauge. He has long brown hair, the color of chocolate. His eyes are a pine green. He usually just wears a piece of clothing around his waist, usually an earthy color, and it falls his ankles. He has a well muscled build and very plain face (for a demon). His only demonic giveaway are his jagged teeth and three small horns at his hairline.

Basic Personality: Finds pleasure in others misery. Forbidden to cause unnecessary problems by Draden, but will often find an excuse to hurt people. He is very blunt and unintelligent, especially for being made to do reconnaissance. He isn't really a deep demon with arterial motives, he just gets his jollies from suffering. That and follows Draden's orders.

Backstory: Not Necessary

((Putting another here for DP-Supernatural))

Name: Shiva

Story Title: None

Brief Summary: A female demon who is more often speaking than being seen. Another favorite of Draden's, often when he needs someone to watch his back, but not be seen.

Physical Appearance: Sky blue skin and long black hair braided back with gold chains. Her eyes are totally blacked out, and her face is that of a fairly pretty hindu woman. She wears a white dress and lots of gold all over her. She has many gold piercings in her nose, eyebrows, and ears. She is 6' tall.

Basic Personality: She likes to ask questions, and if not asking questions she usually makes observations. She keeps to herself most of the time and will not address anyone other than Draden unless necessary. She dose not like confrontation and will quickly end any fight she can.

Brief Backstory: She is the first class two demon Draden ever summoned. Also works as a messanger for his father in the demon realm.

She also has the ability to turn into a barely visible smoke. She dose this often when tailing Draden, and you have to know what to look for to see her. Either that, or a keen nose.

8/29/2010 #14

Name: Thalia (May be changed; would love suggestions)

Story Title: Blood Vines


Although I've changed it a lot since the original post this is the basic idea

Brief Summary: After her parents' sudden and brutal death Thalia finds strange powers stirring within her while a boy, named Tristan tries to get close. But he has a propensity for drinking blood and may have ulterior motives other than her safety

Physical Appearance: Long caramel colored hair, which goes from wavy to curly. She's about 5'6, thin and pale and in the sun she freckles across her nose. Dark gray eyes.

Basic Personality: Shy and stand- offish because she's always felt like an outsider because she knows she hears things that other people don't. Uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism but really just wants someone to care about her.

Brief Backstory: A fairly normal girl minus her propensity to hear voices no one else can hear, often coming from inanimate objects connected to particularly emotional scenarios. Her powers develop over the story from super- acute hearing, to the ability to run without becoming winded, and a filing cabinet memory.

9/29/2010 #15

Name: Bianca Clore

Story Title (with link if possible): Will eventually show up in the First Crack series, but not for a while...

Brief Summary: A vivacious and ambitious little witch, who's resources somewhat outstrip her natural capabilities. She's not willing to let this stop her though - she works as part of a 'field research team' for an investigative institution, and being able to pull her weight and do things her more physically capable teammates can't is what keeps her needed and in the loop.

Physical Appearance: 5ft 1, olive-skinned [very mixed heritage], with big dark eyes, and sleek dark hair, which is regularly expermineted with and abused. Pretty in a cute, little pixie way, with an absolute cracker of a smile, and neat, petite figure. Penchant for mixing vivid colours as far as dress sense goes.

Basic Personality: Bright and cheeky, with a tendency to stray into the flirty. Likes being sociable, and likes being clued up about whatever is going on. Makes up for a stilted social experience growing up by going a little out of her depth, and often ends up speaking inappropriately, especially in professional situations. Dislikes negativity, even in her own feelings, and will push them out of mind and ignore them, rather than acknowledge or share them. Is extremely pugnacious and bratty when denied getting what she wants.

Brief Backstory: Bianca was an adored child, who's parents were tragically killed in a fire when she was a little girl. Rescued and taken in by a distant relation, a powerful and practicing witch, Bianca had an extremely unconventional childhood. Unable to let schoolfriends properly into her life, her adolescence was a rather solitary one, with only the older 'recruits' at her relative's work place for friends. Seeing as nearly all of them were, or were on their way to becoming, werewolves or vampires, they weren't exactly the best crowd of friends for a young girl to have. She has spent her whole life running to try and keep up, unable to be normal, yet not quite able to fit into the world of the paranormal either - not on her own.

10/6/2010 . Edited 10/6/2010 #16
Stylistic Nightmare

Name: Kane

Story Title: South Of Heaven

Brief Summary: Kane is a very old, very powerful being who lives for fighting the strongest enemies he can find and the rush that comes with battle. He has no family and few friends, so there isn't anything tying him to a single city or even world. Kane is neither good nor evil; he does whatever benefits himself the most. Power is what matters to him; he wants to fight the strongest beings, regardless of their allegience.

Physical Appearance: Kane looks to be in his mid-to-late twenties. He stands slightly over seven feet tall and is heavily muscled. His hair is black, several inches long, and quite messy. Clean shaven. Completely black eyes. Quite angular features. Very sharp teeth, and a set of retractable fangs. Forked tongue. Nearly his entire body (legs, abdomen, back, chest, arms, and neck; not face or hands) are covered in black tattoos from various human and demonic cultures all over the world (think tribal tattoos). He is quite pale, though that comes from spending most of his time in the company of a Vampire, so he would tan if he started going outside more during the day. Clothing/accessories: jeans, white running shoes, black t-shirt, black leather jacket, silver sunglasses.

Basic Personality: Sarcastic, manipulative, forceful, and extremely violent. His many years of experience and extreme amount of power combine to make him very confident in his abilities, almost to the point of arrogance. While he is extremely intelligent and enjoys mentally breaking people down and manipulating them, he has a hair-trigger temper and will fly into a rage with the only slightest provocation. His sarcastic and somewhat cruel ways generally keep him from forming relationships with anybody, and even if he does manage to befriend somebody Things are very straightforward for Kane; he likes what he likes, and he hates what he hates. When he has his mind set on something, he does whatever he needs to do to reach that goal or accomplish that feat. Kane enjoys many elements of human culture/society, so while he is willing to live frugally when necessary, he much prefers living in style and is willing to steal or kill to maintain that lifestyle.

Brief Backstory: Growing up among his own kind, Kane's unusually high level of power and manipulative, violent nature made him almost universally feared. After an attempt on his life failed, he left his world and began travelling to others. He loved to fight and would always seek out the toughest opponents he could find. Eventually, he ended up on Earth and began to search out new adversaries. Eventually he encountered Xander and saw in the newly-turned Vampire the same qualities that made himself feared among his kind. The two decided to band together and travel the world, looking for new challenges. Both have since built up a very fearsome reputation, on Earth and other worlds, as two very accomplished and fearless fighters who will attack anyone, just for the rush.

10/6/2010 #17

Name: Geneviève Métisse

Story: Sullivan's Shadow (has yet to make an appearance).

Brief Summary: Second-born twin daughter of Mahaut and Mahiet, tribe leaders of the Monanine, Geneviève Métisse was born to be a weapon of war. Trained in the delicate art of seduction, Geneviève wishes nothing more in this world than to see men crumble at her feet in submission.

Physical Appearance: Barely clearing five-foot one, Geneviève Métisse's most prized features are her small pouty lips, large, almond-shaped green eyes, and long blonde hair (usually tied up in a tight, yet elegant bun). Her large forehead and a heart-shaped face, however, cause Geneviève to stand out from her people, and her slender, pointy nose and long elegant neck have only ever been considered beautiful by of foreigners. It is due to this insecurity Geneviève Métisse often employs the use of Glamours and other magical illusions to draw people's attention to her voice and clothing, rather than the physical features she holds no pride in.

Basic Personality: Bold, distant, flexible—although hesitant towards too much change, graceful, hard-working, independent, patient, practical. rebellious, reliable, socially independent, selfish and vain. (Apologies for such a slack description, but this character is still in the works).

Brief Backstory: It has always been known to Geneviève and her sister that they were descendants of the former House of Felsberg; the disgraced line of kings. Paramount chief Mahiet, her mother's current husband, has never held Geneviève to any favour due to the fact Geneviève Métisse came into being from the afterbirth and magical residue of her sister's birth; Mahaut was only due to bear only one child, and yet, somehow, Geneviève came into being. Magic pumps through her veins as though it was blood, and although she appears to be of human heritage, many wonder exactly what sort of being Métisse really is. It is because of this truth, Geneviève Métisse has never truly felt at home within her tribe; it was only when a mysterious wanderer named Sullivan appeared, did she realize just how much influence she could have over her people.

10/7/2010 . Edited 10/7/2010 #18

Name: Hailey

Story Title (with link if possible): she exists in my mind, that's about it. no stories planned with her.

Brief Summary: a morphic character. cut off her arm and she'll grow one right back. has conscious control of every part of her body.

Physical Appearance: as her regular appearance, she's slightly larger in mass (just in case she needs to replace an appendage; her overall mass can't change, see?). her blue eyes contrast nicely with her brown hair - and even if it didn't, she could make it so it did. she isn't completely sure how old she is, but she guesses around 19.

Basic Personality: normally tries to be braver than she is, but she'll easily put her life on the line if someone she trusts is in trouble. 80% of the time has the heart of a child.

Brief Backstory: An orphan from her tiny town in the upper peninsula of Michigan, Hailey discovered from a young age that she had the power to change her appearance at will.

sorry this is so short, guys, I don't have a lot pinned down on her, XD

10/7/2010 #19

Name: The Wolf

Story Title (with link if possible): "Maybe. (And the Wolf.)", http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2800820/1/Maybe_the_Wolf

Brief Summary: The First Consort to the Duchess of Kent. The wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff (credited as Troll).

Physical Appearance: Quite dapper, actually. Likes pinstripe suits, lilac silk socks, and silver-topped canes. Carries a silver filigree cigarette lighter, a cigarette case, and a golden, lacquered pocketwatch with many different (mysterious) dials.

Basic Personality: A dandy. Has given up the Law of Tooth and Claw for more human laws. Still a bit terrifying, viz. the length, shine, and curvature of his canines.

Brief Backstory: Has a degree from Cambridge. Royal Fellow. At least a thousand years old.

10/8/2010 #20
Engineer of Words

Name: Ian Lynch

Story Title (with link if possible): N/A

Brief Summary: A hunter of supernatural beings.

Physical Appearance: Average height and build, with brown hair and eyes. Early thirties in age. Heavily tattooed, mostly in magical wards that either allow him protection against the supernatural or temporarily increase his power when activated. Usually carries around a handful of modified human weapons.

Basic Personality: Darkly sarcastic but carries the ability to be playful and compassionate when he wants to be. He is intimately aware of his profession's mortality rate, and his humor and actions often reflect that. A very practical and religious person.

Brief Backstory: Ian was taken from his home in the Imperium at a very young age because he was found to be magically sensitive and trained by the Church to become a hunter of abominations - he wasn't actually adept at magic, therefore not branded an abomination himself. Since then, he has proven to be very effective in his duties, though he occasionally wonders whether or not his work is entirely necessary.

10/9/2010 #21

Name: The Lady, Isabella

Story Title (with link if possible): "Maybe. (And the Wolf.)", http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2800820/1/Maybe_the_Wolf

Brief Summary: Relies on the mineral cinnabar to create magic. Rituals in her world can be learned by anyone, only require discipline and enough cinnabar, perhaps salt to stabilize. Isabella, thanks to another character, does not need much cinnabar at all and is thus very powerful. Necromancer.

Physical Appearance: Often engulfed in a very thick, large, blood red cowl with gold thread details, for warmth. Body temperature is sub-zero, as with all of her race. Platinum blonde corkscrew curls, blue eyes, very pale skin, and hideous scars from surgery (see below). Isabella was conceived as beautiful, but unnerving, creepy, and cold. She moves by floating just above the ground, which would normally be a huge waste of cinnabar, but is worth it to her mind, as she prefers to be quick and stealthy (see below).

Basic Personality: A ruthless politician. Cares only about the well-being of her people at any expense. Wishes only to get back to her war against her ex-fiance. She prefers her entourage to consist of the re-animated dead and mercenaries only, though she will accept the loyalty of others if necessary to meet her goals.

Brief Backstory: Next in line for the throne, betrothed at a young age, left her fiance because she thought he would make a bad ruler. As revenge, he tortured and mutilated her, banishing her for hundreds of years in the Shade Lands - and took the throne by force. She has had surgery to correct her mutilation, thus the painful scars. She is paranoid, and prefers to move quietly - unheard and unnoticed.

10/11/2010 #22

Name: Trick

Story Title: Originally appeared in Trick but I'm changing things up a bit for an as-yet-untitled NaNoWriMo novel with a more humorous look at his situation

Brief Summary: He has the mind of a man in the body of a hound. Death's hound, to be more specific, or maybe more of a retriever. His hobbies include escorting souls to the next life, avoiding Bloody Mary, and chasing his own tail. He doesn't mind getting his belly scratched but he never really forgets he used to be human. Since he's basically a dog, he can't speak through normal means (can't talk to the living at all unless they're psychically gifted) but he's telepathic with Death's other minions. He's also good at charades. He feels no pain and needs no food or water since he isn't technically alive...more of a usually-solid ghost. He can walk through solid objects.

Physical Appearance: This varies when he's in the World of the Living, depending on what sort of soul Death wants him to retrieve. However, his Between-Lives self is similar in shape to an akita but larger, with shaggy, black fur and copper eyes. His only adornment is a simple collar with his name pressed into the leather.

Basic Personality: Still trying to work this out, really, but at this point he's pretty laid-back about death and dying: he's seen most of the ways someone can die and it's not shocking anymore. He tends to be aloof with Living people (since he knows he can't get close to them) but in the company of the Between-Lives crowd of spectres and hellhounds, he's a loyal, caring guy. Mentally-speaking, he's mostly human but has gotten so used to being a dog that he sometimes exhibits more canine behavior.

Brief Backstory: He used to be a man named Patrick, born in the early 1800s with a knack for seeing Death take people's souls. When Death came for his wife, Patrick made a deal with him to work for Death for 1000 years so his wife could live. Death agreed, and Patrick was turned into the spectral dog. He was upset, at first, that he couldn't always be by his wife and family, but he still checks in on his descendents from time to time.

10/11/2010 #23
Evan Zeigfeld

Name: Tumbleweed

Story Title (with link if possible): "Tumbleweed" No link - on hard drive.

Brief Summary: Tumbleweed is a ball of tumbleweeds... and supernatural.

Physical Appearance: Brownish yellow and a bit prickley.

Basic Personality: independent, but lives a life of fear.

Brief Backstory: Tumbleweed embarks on journeys of self-discovery but realizes that there are many uncontrollable forces (cars, wind, etc.) that forge its path.

10/12/2010 . Edited 10/12/2010 #24
1.21 Jigawatts

Name: Mathias

Story Title: Actually, this story didn't have a title.

Brief Summary: Uses symbolic magic: draws complicated symbols to make effects happen and operate devices. In his world, he gets by as an information broker regarding different federal agencies, and freelance consultant regarding unexplainable events. A certain unsolvable event has been plaguing him for the majority of his life, and he has geared all of his efforts in one way or another toward investigating it.

Physical Appearance: Rough, tan skin and stubble around the chin. Short, jet black hair with dark brown eyes and a thin but apparent scar on the back of his neck. Medium build but subtle demeanor. Often clothed in a navy-blue trench coat, matching slacks, slightly shiny gray vest and white button-up shirt.

Basic Personality: Tends to keep to himself. Introspective, thoughtful, and generally distrustful of most others. Observant and doesn't like to draw attention to himself, and tends to be obsessive compulsive when it comes to certain things.

Brief Backstory: Prior to his current occupation, he was a Lt. Colonel working for Iotran Military Intelligence. Initially perturbed by an case involving a string of serial murders first involving seemingly random Iotran marines. Went to investigate, found unexplainable causes which he was not formally allowed to continue examining. As he moved closer and closer to figuring it out, the string of murders moved closer and closer to him, taking his wife and daughter. At that point, he resigned, went underground and devoted himself toward figuring this case out.

10/13/2010 #25

(Failed last time, but here I go again. Tell me if I got it wrong, please.)

Name: Draden (Just imagine the previous version never existed)

Title: None, project for my RISE class.

Brief Summary: A very rare elemental. He works closely with The Darkness, though he has little to no control over it. Mostly it saves his life time and time again. Sometimes he picks up a new trick from the experience. His first skill was a simple blast of energy, though he has to charge for two or three seconds. He's looking for answers to piece together his lineage, and the first ten or eleven years of his life.

Physical Appearance: He stands at 5'10", and he has short cut Crayola red hair. His skin is pretty pale and he has strange yellow irises (which can see in almost any light). His clothes are pretty bland except for his raggedy green coat he always wears. He's had the coat for a long time, and is quite attached to it. He has longer than normal K9's, but not as long as a vampires. He likes to go barefoot.

Basic Personality: He's very clever, but lacks some common sense. He tends to manipulate people just out of habit, not meanness. He also naturally attracts people with his happy go lucky exterior. Though on the inside he can be quite cruel and morbid. Bit paranoid, but no more than necessary. Can move on very easily, in almost any situation.

Brief Backstory: Has no memory of his first ten or eleven years. After that he was in the foster system for five years, and never really fit in, of course. He was brilliant and excelled in school. So much so that he graduated his sophomore year and ran off from the foster home he was staying in. He has been wandering across the world meeting new people ever since than. Luck always seeming to get him where he needs to be.

10/20/2010 #26

Name: Ruin (tends to pick up surnames along the years)

Story Title: Let's Say I Love You (not posted, will post when I finish a different story, though)

Brief Summary: A vampire forced to live among humans. He is torn between wanting to live comfortably among them and needing their blood to survive. It is a battle he always ends up losing. His skin is not afflicted by sunlight unless he stays out for extended periods of time. Then he'll blister and turn red and it's all very painful. However, his eyes are the one thing that don't do well with light and he has to shade them to prevent going blind. He can move quickly, but he's not superhuman. He can't lift semis or fly, but he does have a powerful right hook and it takes more than being thrown off a four story building to kill him.

Physical Appearance: He is tall with broad shoulders, but a lean physique. Ruin has thick blond hair that peeks around his ears and brushes his forehead. His eyes are hazel, but a little more brown and orange than green. When he's angry, or fighting, the orange dominates the brown and gold. Ruin does not have a specific brand of clothing. He will wear whatever he can find. Prefers to use his hands and teeth rather than a blade or other weapon, though he is quite skilled with a pitchfork.

Basic Personality: (this is actually what I'm trying to work on with him) Ruin is a bit of a charmer. He likes to butter people up, especially the ones that he plans to eat. He doesn't respond well to authority, though. In fact, he despises all forms of vampire superiority and will express himself rudely toward them. He is quite insecure around humans he bonds with though, since he tends to eat them after too much time in their company. He'll be extremely annoying, but he really doesn't know any other way to respond, even if he cares for them.

Brief Backstory: Ruin was originally Friedrich Weber, a German student studying abroad in the States. He made the mistake of drinking late into the night and was attacked by a newly turned vampire. As were the circumstances were at the time, he was brought before the coven leader, Reginald, and made an official part of the vampire society. Notoriously unlucky and infamous for messing important things up, Friedrich dropped his birth name and re-named himself Ruin. His time with the coven lasted perhaps 150 years before the lycans showed up. Reginald wanted peace, and that outraged the other vampires. His assassination was followed by a schism and several vampires falling into the cracks. Those that didn't make it were the Omegas and were made to live with the humans as a type of exile. Many made attempts to re-enter vampire society, but those like Ruin instead lost sense of self and began trying to live like humans. The results were always disastrous.

10/21/2010 #27

Name: Ronan Carter

Story Title: The Alchemist The_Alchemist and Runik for info on Mark Taylor Runik

here is my bio idea, hope it's okay with the name, I use it for everything, but it's not my real one.

Age: 17

Species: human descendant of unknown abnormal ancestry

Occupation: on the run

Appearance: skinny build, penetrating blue eyes, circular based tattoos *WARNING* tattoos are dangerous, do not allow him to touch them, stolen leather jacket, modified military boots (do not allow to embed studded steel toe caps into oneself for obvious reasons) cargo trousers laden with base metals, Black Hair (suspected dyed) and pewter necklace.

Abilities: manipulation of base materials, however the subject is under the impression it is alchemy. Mr Carter can only manipulate single base pieces at one time and cannot change one base ingredient into another. making a sword from a window is only the shape, it is still glass. do not combat in urban areas, to many ingredients readily available. Warning, during battle he is able to transmute his body parts, he is able to change a stone to bone, effectively trading the traits so the stone becomes partially bone and his bones become stone, but only if he is able to touch the bone itself. This however causes immense damage if kept in this condition over time as the bones must be re-transmuted in order for him to survive.

Personality: subject is an average teenager in mentality. However more capable of survival due to inherited stubborn traits. Will not let civilian Gwen Baker out of his sight. father unknown, possible traumatic history, subject is instinctive and intelligent. He is also drawn to alchemy. keep an eye on the public library for any literature connected to "transmutation" his ancestry may give us more advantage over the subject as he is unaware of how he acquired his abilities.

Bio: lived normal if secluded teenage lifestyle of a rock music fan. Father unknown, mother has no emotional ties to the boy and vice-versa. Was targeted for termination however was aided by Mark Taylor, the infamous Runik teleporter, since then has had several run-ins targeting the agency in attacks, tattoos and vital transmutation information has been given to him from the journal of Mark Taylor. Tattoos are all circular designs; each is for different forms of transmutation, known are of metal, stone, water/ice, and temperature. He carried a flint and steel in order to generate a spark, he then manipulates the temperature of the oxygen in the air to liquefy portions of it where he then adds nitrogen from the air to form a potent explosive ignited by the flint and steel, this is his most potent weapon, however he is unable to conduct his transmutations if he is unable to focus, high emotional stress or electrocution is the key to this weakness.

i need some advice, big time, on how to prevent him from becoming a marry sue character, (i took the test for myself as the character, im a living marry sue myself!)

1/20/2011 . Edited 1/20/2011 #28

Name: Anton Hale

Story Title (with link if possible): Discordium, a supernatural-thriller story that isn't complete/posted yet but I've written a couple scenes from, saved on my harddrive.

Brief Summary: Anton has psychic abilities that make him a fairly competent clairvoyent. He can sense certain things about the past of people, places, and things, and has a limited remote-viewing ability. However, he generally tries to ignore these powers. Currently in college, majoring in music education, he likes to keep up the appearance that he's completely normal. He will, however, use his gifts when the situation calls for it...or at parties if he's looking to impress a girl.

Physical Appearance: He is 20 (nearly 21!) and looks it. He has medium-length brown hair that tends to go wherever it wants, and rather shy brown eyes. He's always clean-shaven. He's about 5'11, skinny, not very muscular, and tends to dress very casually: usually a sweatshirt and jeans. He always wears long sleeves, though, because he has faint burn scars on his arms, back, and neck that he's self-conscious of when around strangers.

Basic Personality: Anton is quiet but not shy; his silence is generally more indicative of his thoughtful appraisal of a new situation rather than nerves. He rarely makes decisions in haste, preferring to weigh the risks and assess the possible outcomes. When the situation calls for it, though, he'll crack a joke or two and mingle with his peers. Most people think his sense of humor is pretty weak (one step above knock-knock jokes and lame puns) but he tries, and usually gets at least a pitying chuckle out of his audience. While he sometimes comes off as awkward, he's too cheerful about life to let it get him down for long.

Brief Backstory: Anton had a more or less normal childhood until he was eight years old and his house burned down...with him inside. He nearly died (was actually dead for a few minutes before paramedics revived him) and that's when he started to realize he just knew things sometimes.

2/14/2011 #29

nice one! realy relateable, if a bit creepily so, (i dont know you do i?) but it seems realy good so far, im looking forward to reading into it, i think the only thing i would add is a funny quirk or something, so that if you see something to do with the quirk the person is instantly reminded of your story and character, (i always use herbal tea obbsessions, herbal tea just wins on default)

2/15/2011 #30
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