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Name: Carwin a'Wol

Story Title (with link if possible): I Never Said I Was Brave

Brief Summary: Comes into the INSIWB universe in chapter 18. He meets Jude and takes on an antagonistic role as his goal is to kill Jude's sister. By killing her, he'll break the curse of the binding rings she created for shapeshifters.

Physical Appearance: He's 23, tall, lanky but well toned, tan, long brown hair he usually has tied back, blue eyes. A sought after catch for any Sh'marook woman, lols. But for DP, as he spent most of his time throughout his life posing as a witch, he dresses and looks like one. He has short hair, light blue jeans, and a red T-shirt. Also has his tragus pierced (part of the ear).

Basic Personality: Full of himself, very confident, not shy, opinionated, did I mention he isn't shy?

Brief Backstory: Attended University until he was drafted into a war. Carwin's intelligent and talented--he rose in the ranks of the Sh'marook and became part of their spy organization, Tokalu. He spent two years taking on the role of a witch named Louis who traveled with both Jude and the witch King's guard. Carwin is a talented shapeshifter, and his talent has provided him with survival thus far into the war. He now leads the largest united group of shifters, most of which have not yet been bound by the witch princess's magic.

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Name:Frederick von Halkenstein

Story Title (with link if possible): Through the Eye of the Blind http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2912019/5/Through_the_Eyes_of_the_Blind

Brief Summary:Nikolai Petrov had no idea that when he met Afton Lovelace in a stairwell that he would be thrust into a world of horrors that the young writer could have never imagined. After witnessing the brutal murder of their friend by a defunct member of an organization known only as "The Estate," Nikolai and Afton feel that they are completely alone in their new and frightening life. However, after the monster that slaughtered their friend shows up at their apartment, they fall under the protection of Frederick von Halkenstein. Frederick, along with his rival Ambriel, must make sure that the Estate does not kill their charges, all the while juggling a traumatic event of their past which made them turn from lovers to enemies.

Physical Appearance:Frederick has, in the story, been described as a rogue. He is tall, with shaggy black hair and light eyes. His skin is dark and he has tattoos over his whole body in a tribal design that has not been described yet. He generally wears tight and torn jeans, a white or black t-shirt. There are two things which stand out on him - the first is that he wears a necklace made up of a bunch of small crosses. They are of different quality and class and the reader has learned in the story that they are earrings that angels, like Ambriel wear. So far, the story is making it out to be like he took them when he killed them, but that may not be what the crosses actually mean. The second are his weapons, two guns - one eighteenth-century pistol he calls "Beauty," which he wears in a holster under his arm. And then, he has "the Beast," a monstrosity that he built himself that is like a miniture cannon he wears on his hip. Frederick is handsome, almost unnaturally so, and Ambriel says that it is because demons sold their souls for their beauty, but Frederick's appearance is his own.

Basic Personality:Frederick is care-free and takes far too many risks. His personality is countered by his rival, Ambriel, who is cautious and thoughtful ((the reason I am giving some Ambriel backstory is that the dialogue I am having trouble with concerns his relationship with Ambriel)). He can be overwhelmed with adrenaline at the thought of a fight and has anger inside of him. But there is something soft about him - like he has had love and lost it. He tends to go into situations with a shoot first, ask questions after kind of mentality which often gets him into more trouble than he can handle. He goes into rages easily and has trouble holding himself back in bad situations, but he can be tender and sweet when tragedy strikes, which happens a lot in this story.

Brief Backstory:Frederick is part of a resistance group known as Hell which rivals the police force, GOD, or the Guardians of Destiny, who Ambriel works for. The Guardians of Destiny control everyone's fate, but the members of Hell have voluntarily given up the protection of the board in exchange for their own free will. Frederick was a high-ranking soldier in the resistance until he met Ambriel, an agent of GOD whose purpose was to protect and guide humans to the truth, which means the truth GOD created. They fell in love and, even though Angels were not allowed to feel personal love for anyone. They spent one night together when another GOD agent walked in on them and Ambriel lied and said Frederick had attacked him. Because of his lies, Ambriel was promoted for his bravery, while Frederick lost his reputation and station in Hell - being reassigned to the protection of two humans who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though Ambriel lied about him, Frederick is secretly at peace that it was him, and not Ambriel, who fell from grace.

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Name: Niabi (pronounced like it looks: nee-Ah-bee)

Story Title (with link if possible): Still working on the title, heh.

Brief Summary: The story is set in the era of cowboys and Indians and all things supernatural. Betsy Malone is a young woman with a bounty on her head thanks to the brutal slaying of the hired help by newly befriended Niabi. Forced to flee, the two face unexpected challenges in their desperate attempt to reach the train station and a safer place to call home.

Physical Appearance: Niabi has the body of a warrior, unlike many women in traditional Osage Indian tribes. Her skin is a dark copper, kind of like how an old penny looks (sans oxidization). Thick, dark hair and sharp, dark brown eyes. She has three red lines tattooed under her left eye to distinguish which tribe she's from. In wolf form, she has black fur, and her eyes do lighten a bit so that they can be seen.

Basic Personality: Can be stubborn at times, but deep down, she is a loyal companion. Niabi has a bit of an overprotective-ness issue, though, which can make her quite controlling. She is surprisingly friendly though, once she gets to know a person.

Brief Backstory: Niabi was born into lycanthropy, rather than being bitten. She lived for her pack and rather than follow in the footsteps of her sister and become a den mother, she chose the life of a hunter/warrior. One fateful evening though, when the pack went out to hunt, Niabi stayed behind to guard her sister's pups. She was ambushed by a pair of rogue males and while she managed to fend off one, the other killed all of Niabi's sister's children. Unable to face her pack after such a loss, Niabi ran and has not since looked back.

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Name:Alicia Selek

Story Title:This story, again, didn't have a title.

Brief Summary:Alicia is an Alpha (see below). She's capable of harvesting energy from damaged bodies to use for different purposes like most Alphas, and infuses bullets or other projectiles with different magic forms that allows them to have different effects upon impact. Like other Alphas, she has extremely fast reflexes, sharpened senses, and wields two pistols and can engage in bullet dueling. She is extremely systematic, patient, and calculating, but when she loses her cool, she totally loses her cool.

Physical Appearance:Alicia is slightly taller than average, and shaped with a toned athletic build in good proportion. Hazel eyes, fairly short but styled brown hair that streaks across part of her face and reaches no lower than the top of her neck. Lightly tanned skin and commonly wears tightly fitting button-up shirts with the top few buttons open under a blazer, with either a skirt or slacks depending. Wears thin glasses with no rims, which she uses for purposes other than her eyesight (which is perfect currently).

Basic Personality:Alicia is patient and calculating, preferring to observe and plan if possible. Subtly charismatic and perceptive. Curiosity-stimulating pseudo nonchalance in mannerism. Used to be quietly confident, however her capture and escape has shaken that quite a bit, and while she is instinctively confident, she will begin to doubt herself should things begin to spiral downwards. Instinctive confidence sometimes borders on arrogance if its only her in harm's way. Protective of those close to her. Compartmentalizes her emotions and her self identity, does not trust people easily and does not like to rely on people.

Brief Backstory:Alicia was a young cop who grew up in a dystopian metropolis, populated by a disgruntled, restless mass that was characterized by inter-city wars fueled by corporate gangs. Internally idealistic at her very core but externally jaded, she was popular among her peers for being damn good at her job, ascending through the ranks of the force and playing a key role in a plan to rid her particular city of corporate and gang influences. That is, until she soon found herself over her head, being caught and captured during an undercover operation to disrupt a key illicit drug sale. After she was captured, the plan failed and everything reverted to square one as the corporation that captured her, a mega-conglomerate known as the Altiga Group, used her as the next test subject in a series of experiments that were aimed at studying a new form of energy that could only be accessed by the human mind, called, for lack of a better name, the Slipstream. Alicia was the 12th test subject, was mentally wiped, implanted with false memories and experimented on to become someone capable of harnessing the Slipstream - called Alphas. One day, however, the false personality and memories collapsed and her original consciousness re-awoke, finding herself in the static chamber where she was kept between experiments. The beginning of the story is her breaking out of the testing facility, being pursued by another Alpha working for the Altiga Group, and finally being taken in by previously escaped test subjects who have formed a sort of underground resistance.

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(Forget the old Draden. He's changed, again.)

Name: Draden (No Last Name)

Story Title: There isn't one yet, though I'm sure a compounded book of my half stories would be a thriller.

Brief Summary: Draden has control of what many call The Darkness. Really he just has access to a plane of Nothing. It's a dimension where nothing exists. It's all rather confusing to be honest. Draden can tear holes in-between our dimension and the Nothing Dimension. Because he is tied to this Nothingness he himself has no life energy, where as everything alive has energy, even plants and vampires. He's basically a walking hole in our Universe.

Physical Appearance: Draden stands at 5'10" so he's not all that tall. He wore normal clothes up until he was betrayed by The Organizatoin than he began to wear an all black coat with a hood and silver stitching. It became the symbol for his new resistance. His hair is crayola red and his eyes are the color of gold coins. When he gets out of hand though they tend to go all black. He's fairly pale skinned due to his avoidence of the harsh UV radiation outside the domed cities.

Basic Personality: He's fairly calm and collected. He has some sociopathic tendencies so he's pretty non-emotional almost all the time. Occasionally he will feel something but it's usually brief and he tends to just pass it over. He's one of those people you can't help but get along with. He's generally nice and helps out those who really need him, however that is not to say he's always so kind. When betrayed by the leaders of the Organization he abandoned them and one by one killed all of them. He can be cold, but he preferes peace to fighting. Foremost to almost every other person on the planet is his own survival. So if he can find no other way he will make sacrifices to ensure he can continue his work.

Brief Backstory: Draden was born into a world far more advanced than the one we know. Four years after his birth an event destroyed most of the world, creating vast barren Wastelands where the sun can kill and Abominations run wild. Humanity managed to survive in scattered domed cities all across the planet and a World Defense Council was formed to control the scattered colonies. A counter organization began to form when people began to develop strange powers a decade after the Cataclysm. These people formed The Organization and began to exterminate the Abominations that still plague mankind. Draden joined the Organization to support their other cause, toppling the WDC. However after toppling the WDC he was betrayed by The Organization. They had promised to assist him in his work of restoring the planet, but in the end they tried to kill him for his driven beliefs. Draden nearly dead escaped to the Wastelands and disappeared for two whole years. When he returned The Organization was nearly the same as the WDC. Using people unrest he raised a whole army against the WDC and destroyed them. Instead of seizing power he left the people to fend for theselves, telling them he wouldn't help them a third time. After that he returned to the wastes to further his research on restoring life to the planet.

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Name: Liam Gideon Story Title (with link if possible): The Veil (but that could change once I've got a few more ch. up) http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3007361/1/The_Veil Brief Summary: "A century old vengeance is coming to the surface as a reject vampire wants to kill the decenents of the hunter that murdered his mother and father. Liam needs to keep his ward and their target safe from this man while keeping the hunters away from the peaceful vampire village (cow eaters like us?) that hides in the woods." Basically Liam takes in a kid from a pure hunter family after they ditch him for not wanting to kill the supernatural, he trains the kid and they join a renegade branch of hunters and creatures who only want to keep the two worlds separate. Liam and his ward look after the Asher family and mainly Ben, their youngest because he 'holds a dreadful secret in his very being'. Liam has to keep every human clueless while juggling a job at Ben's aunt's restaurant, his ward, keeping people safe and the antique hunter society clueless. Physical Appearance: Early/mid forties but in very good shape, broad back, strong legs, around 5' 10'', a few tattoos hidden under his clothes, deep blue eyes, short brown hair and bags under his eyes... looks like Norman Reedus... in other words tada-> http: //media. tumblr. com/tumblr_lr9z3f08Rf1qf0a00. jpg Basic Personality: Calm and laded back, like to listen to punk rock, isn't into big scenes but when he has to get down to business of take care of his ward he does it. He'll be your best friend and by you your first drink but he'll also smack you if you do something stupid. He believes everyone deserves a chance at life but hurt his loved ones and see it forfeit. He doesn't outright tell you that he loves you, he'll treat you like a child until you prove you can kick his butt and save it too. Brief Backstory: He was the owner of a farm that he rented out to an organic products company and lived in a country house with his wife and daughter, that summer he was taking a mini-vacation at home when his daughter went missing. He found 5 year old Loren dead in the fields, after the funeral he saw the thing that killed her. It was a wood nymph that looked like a little boy if it weren't for the tail and tall ears and it tried to lure him into the fields. It got into their house and tried to kill his wife but he scared it off, it looked at him and said something with a feral smile. After a sleepless night and a call to the cops and animal control, he ran into the shed and got the sharpest blades he could find when he heard his wife scream. In the house his wife Andrea lay dead and the thing was feeding of her flesh, he killed it while it was busy eating. The hunter group took him away and trained him to be on of them. 10 years later, he's one of the best and has been working as head chef at Amy Asher's restaurant The Wine House while maintaining a close friendship with the leaders of a pacific vampire group he's hiding from the hunters and knowing of the Asher Family history.
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Kenata Kisu

Name: Mary Dawn

Story Title (with link if possible): Under the Surface http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2973940/1/Under-the-Surface

Brief Summary: Mary realized that she was gifted with the powers of being a Scylinz on her 14th birthday. At first she thought it was an awesome occurance. Something that might make her finally feel special in this world. But now, after almost a year of never ending noise in her head, she's starting to wonder how something that started out so cool could become so annoying. And after she meets Alex and finds out there's an organization trying to capture her and others like her, she final starts to realize that being a Scylinz isn't a gift. Only a never ending curse.

Physical Appearance: Light brown hair that falls the her mid back. Dark brown eyes. A blue star with black tips behing her left ear

Basic Personality: Light and bubbly character. Usually lives in the moment and trys not to over analyse things. Although, when placed in a predicament with unpleasant circumstances, she begins to formulate plans to make survival as easy as possible.

9/2/2012 #37

Name: Harley Rayne

Story Title (with link if possible): Howl (subject to change)

Brief Summary: Harley was whisked into a world of small-time crime and nomadic lifestyle when she was just barely a woman. Frank, the leader of the pack of bikers she'd been running with for the last seven years, was her entire world. Literally. What started out as a passionate and wild ride transitioned into an obsessive, controlling and dangerous time bomb. All of the bad things she had done, and let happen, began to eat away at her until one final act pushed her over the edge and helped her find the strength to leave Frank and the life he represented behind. Since then, Harley has tried to make a new life for herself. She is supporting herself, putting herself through school, and living by her own rules when and how she wants. What she doesn't know is that Frank is not only her past, but her future whether she likes it or not.

Physical Appearance: Bleached blond hair (naturally strawberry blond), gun steel blue eyes, heart-shaped face, 5'7'', slender muscled (dancer's body).

Basic Personality: Friendly but guarded. Determined. Stubborn. Sarcastic. Attuned to her sensuality. Paranoid.

Brief Backstory: Harley is the second-born daughter of two Werewolf parents. Her older sister is also pureblood werewolf but, being the second-born, Harley is only wolfblooded. This means she has the blood of the wolf in her but she does not shift. She might be strong and fast as far as humans are concerned, but it doesn't even compare to that of the wolves. It does give her a bit of a sixth-sense where the preternatural is concerned but only in the sense that she can tell something is off sometimes. Because she is not Wolf, she has also been all but shunned by the packs. She has no idea about the existence of werewolves, as that is taboo, let alone that her family are wolves. Frank is the alpha of his pack, and has set his sights on Harley as a young girl. He is determined to make her true wolf and his mate. He sees her as property and has gone to great lengths to keep her at his side until the time is right to show her the wolf she holds inside of her.

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Name: Myra Blair

Story Title (with link if possible): Love Conquers All; Not on this site yet.

Brief Summary: Myra gets put on a plane to see her soon to be fiancee, Klair, and the plain malfunctions killing her and 7 others she then goes home as a ghost. But unknown to Klair shes a ghost. They have one day with eachother before Myra dissapears. Well Klair gets visited by the police, they tell her that Myra passed away in a plain crash. Klair goes into a frenzy trying to find a way to bring her love back. She meets a voodoo lady who brings her back but Myra doesnt remember ever being in love with Klair let alone knowing who she is.

Physical Appearance: Long curly Strawberry/brunette hair, 5 foot 8 inches, hazel eyes, she has a birth mark shaped like a hummingbird on her inner thigh, long dancers legs, big smile, bright white teeth

Basic Personality: sensible, cautious, careful& practical, clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends she does make and who expects the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know her realize it takes a lot to shake her trust in her friends, but equally that it takes her a long time to get over if that trust is ever broken.

Brief Backstory: She was in the military until she became pregnant then she was deployed met Klair fell in love and became best friends.

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Name: Bradey Hanes

Story Title (with link if possible): I, The Innocent

Brief Summary: Bradey is just your typical 18 year old Maine guy. He's more than fine hunting, fishing, riding snow mobiles, and generally just being outdoors. While his parents are vacationing in Florida, he hears an explosion out back. Upon investigation, he finds a woman claiming to be the Queen of demons. Now the apocalypse is arriving, what will it take to save his world?

Physical Appearance: Just a tanned, toned, blue eyed boy with the wildest curly hair kept tamed under his numerous trucker hats. Likes to wear baggy jeans, work boots, and any ol' t-shirt. His smile is now perfect thanks to 2 years of braces, and shine whiter than a fresh lain' snow.

Basic Personality: Bradey tends to get very competitive, and very loud during anything he presumes is a competition. Other than that he's pretty laid back, loves to be outdoors doing pretty much anything. He's very funny, with some very interesting stories (like that one time he was riding a snowsled in the dead of winter with nothing but boxers on). It's easy for him to make new friends and take charge, and is ultimately one of those "popular" senior kids.

Brief Backstory: Bradey has grown up in Winn, Maine in a well-set off family that has plenty of land to keep them from "civilization". There money comes from a woodworking company his grandfather built, cuttin' down and haulin' logs outta the woods. His older brother Cody is now a sophmore at a nearby community college, and he's honestly pretty nervous about heading off to college too. Where's he gonna ride his dirt bikes and snowmobiles on a campus?

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A Winter Drop

Name: Jayda

Story Title: Death Keeper

Brief Summary:(This is the stories if you mean about her I made another one) Rina is the current death keeper she has studied hard and is ready to destroy the demon king and break the curse that is given to keepers can she with the help of her friends complete the quest?

Brief Summary: Jayda is a dust-keeper at the default rank, rank c, she uses her dust like any other dust-keeper, ads some life energy and it makes magic (it is not decided what power her dust will have yet, also sorry, if I should put her in fantasy, I put her in Supernatural because, the story is supernatural)

Physical Appearance: straight hair dyed pink in a pony tail that goes down a little way past her shoulders and lime green eyes

Basic Personality: Jayda is quite the smart alac girl, that has tons of attitude. Jayda also is known to hide any sad emotion she feels and is short tempered

Brief Backstory: This is why I need help with the character, I can't think of a backstory and she has no character development

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