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Having trouble writing a character? Can't quite pin down their personality? Then this is the place for you! Come here and play your character as we put them through their paces. We'll help you find what makes them tick - and have fun while we're at it.
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Post a general overview of your character here for the Romance DP.

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Story Title (with link if possible):

Brief Summary:

Physical Appearance:

Basic Personality:

Brief Backstory:

1/28/2009 . Edited by Chasing Skylines, 3/11/2009 #1

Name: Leaf

Story Title (with link if possible): Light Of The Earth {Not in story yet ;P]

Brief Summary: A garden loving girl

Physical Appearance: Light green hair that goes down to mid-back with a pink flower in her hair. She wears a short sleevee white shirt with a light blue knee-length skirt. She has light brown eyes as well and she wears yellow flip-flops.

Basic Personality: Is a very loving prson but is fairly shy but loves nature..

Brief Backstory: She can communicate with plants. She can understand they're feelings so she was always made fun of. No. Since she's 16 and doesnt know her parents. She runs and lives in a little flower shop.

3/8/2009 #2
Nicki BluIs

Name: Hazel Maria De LaCruz Rodriguez

Story Title (with link if possible): TTYL (I'll link later)

Brief Summary: 3 BFFs communicate with each other online for an eventful summer.

Physical Appearance: Average height. Black hair cut short in a bob with bangs. Big brown eyes. Olivy complexion. Puerto Rican. 25 yrs old.

Basic Personality: Workoholic. Has a cat named Nemo. Lives in small apartment in NYC. Type A personality: perfectionist, super organized, needs order, etc...

Brief Backstory:

3/8/2009 #3
Mrs. Tina Marina Strikes Back

Name: Michael "Mike" Andrews

Story Title (with link if possible): Sweet Nothings (Meh. Outlined but not enough to post yet.)

Brief Summary: Mike and Nora, despite differences, bond over their failed aspirations and their love of Shakespeare.

Physical Appearance: Twenty-seven, a smidge under six feet tall, slightly overweight, and no matinee idol.

Basic Personality: Friendly, funny guy who never put much focus on building relationships. Loner, and happy that way.

Brief Backstory: Mike is the class clown who wanted to play Hamlet. He grew up in small-town Minnesota (what he's nicknamed "almost Canada-land") and moved to Chicago to pursue his thespian dream.

3/11/2009 #4

Name: Anna Denise Pike

Story Title (with link if possible): i haven't decided yet... (haven't posted it yet either... still a lot to go)

Brief Summary: Three best friends (girls) decides they go on a vacation to a exotic island somewhere close to the bermuda Triangle. After finishing their vacation, they pack up their things, take last minute pictures, and headed off to the dock. They arrive there and see that the ship that was supposed to bring them back to NY has left them. (there's more to it... but since it's supposed to be brief...)

Physical Appearance: # She is 25 years old. # She is 5"6 tall. # She has a sexy but built body type. # She has dark-brown shoulder lenght hair.

Basic Personality: She is funny but strict. Tends to be shy to new people.

3/15/2009 #5

Opps, I didn't know these were for the DP.

Anyway, the one I'll use will be:

Name: Raitashi (Rai)

Story Title (with link if possible): As the bell rings.

Brief Summary: Short stories about Rai's life between the breaks of school periods. It switches between POV's of multiple people.

Physical Appearance: ~ He is 16 years old. # He is average in height, but always slouched. # He's pretty thin, but fit. # He has black spiky hair.

Basic Personality: Anti-Social, Shy, looses confidence when around attractive girls.

3/30/2009 #6
Pirate Bones

((Is this how it goes??))

Name: Jethro Bethany

Story Title (with link if possible): For now, it will be Aloof since I am fixing the romance story I am planning to post sometime soon.

Brief Summary: (soon to come)

Physical Appearance: Short black (seemingly wet) messy hair. Sad dark blue eyes. Skinny. Pale, looks dead. Young small face. 16 years old.

Basic Personality: Loner. Pessimistic. Not the friendliest person but nice nonetheless. Indifferent towards almost anything exciting. Schizoid. Has major depressive disorder. (I figured I should post that too)

Brief Backstory: He was basically a loner at school and he no one dared approach him cause they too would be called a loser. He doesn't like people anyway. Then one day, Nancy (School's vice president, popular and the school's doll) befriends him, he soon finds himself falling in love with her. And he hated it so he is now trying to turn himself gay.

4/15/2009 . Edited 4/15/2009 #7

Name: Drew Ingrid Evans

Story Title (with link if possible): Just Fair Play - this is just a working title. :)

Brief Summary: After attracting some unwanted attention due to a hate note, Drew gets involved in the lies and games of Justin Wood.

Physical Appearance: Shoulder-length, dirty blond hair. Tall, striking forest green eyes. Athletic build.

Basic Personality: Has two friends and is friendly around them. Loner to everyone else. Sort of secluded, but an optimist nevertheless. Enjoys sarcasm. Very organised and perfectionist.

Brief Backstory: Her parents are drug addicts that came out of prison two years ago and her nanny just died in a car crash; not to mention that her younger sister just got sent to Hawaii to visit her Grandmother but is somehow missing. She's sort of depressed and messed up but she handles it well. But I think that when Justin Wood is involved, she can't handle it all that well.

5/18/2009 #8
J. D. Bennett

Name: Annie Scott

Story Title (with link if possible): Eire

Brief Summary: Annie, aged 16, goes to Ireland on a family vacation and meets Alec. 10 years later, their paths cross again.

Physical Appearance: Age 16: Wild blonde hair with many different shades, kind of punk yet not too out there; Age 26: Short blonde bob, clean and crisp

Basic Personality: Annie is shy but dignified. She breaks out of her shell during the course of the story, but then relapses into an emotional wreck.

Brief Backstory: She lives in Chicago and despite her shyness and insecurity, has kissed a lot of boys before she meets Alec. She doesn't believe in love at first sight or anything of the sort. She has a lovely singing voice and has always been afraid to show it off.

6/15/2009 #9

Name: Hannah Dale

Story Title (with link if possible): Mysterious Events- http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2671585/1/Mysterious_Events

Brief Summary: Australian, college student, sixteen years old. Meets many friends during college and lives a normal life, until she meets Anthony.

Physical Appearance: Thin, straight blonde hair, hazel eyes, short (5"4), sweet looking, naturally beautiful.

Basic Personality: Shy at first, until she gets to know someone. Basic teenager

6/15/2009 #10
J. D. Bennett

Name: Fatima

Story Title (with link if possible): Gabriel and Fatima

Brief Summary: Fatima is a Palestinian girl who finds herself critically injured. She is rescued by an Israeli guard, who brings her home. There, she falls for the guard's son.

Physical Appearance: Tall, slender, tan skin. Her hair dark and curly but is hid under a white cloth.

Basic Personality: Fatima is shy, but she's also very opinionated. She's fascinated with history and loves to read.

Brief Backstory: Her father is an editor for a newspaper in the Gaza strip, and her mother stays at home. Her brother, Jordan, was recently killed when a bomb hit his school.

6/22/2009 #11
The Perfect Soldier

Name: Ben "Smokey" Brown

Story Title (with link if possible): A Flame Within , and Blue Moon. (Both very different stories, and may or may not be the same Smokey)

Brief Summary: A Reporter by trade, Ben is openly charming and friendly to people he's just met. Gifted with a silver tounge, getting his interviewees to open up has never been a problem for this freelance reporter. After an incident with hair dyes as a teen left him with white hair for years, the name Smokey stuck.

Physical Appearance: In stark contrast to his teenage years, once his hair began to grow with color again, it came in with a thick dark brown color, the color of deep stained mahogany. Growing it long, Ben likes to keep it swept back in ponytail, letting one or two strands come down over his face. A playful smirk that never quite reaches a full smile dances at the corners of his mouth when he's amused, and he's amused often. Standing at 5'11'', his average build wouldn't win any ocntests, but he's happy with it and has never recieved any complaints from the girlfriends of relationships past.

Basic Personality: Friendly, Outgoing, but surly in the rain, loves to read and write from his laptop sitting in an aclove in his New York apartment overlooking the skyline.

7/1/2009 #12
Chasing Skylines

Name: Casey McAllister

Story Title: Baby Blue Weather - However, this is her many years later.

Brief Summary: "Hi, my name's Casey, and I'm a down-to-her-last-penny-and-beer alcoholic. Anything else is history." College drop-out living in a D.C motel; works at the local gas station.

Physical Appearance: "You could say I'm a wilted daisy." Disheveled blond hair, keeps a cheap ring on her marriage finger, black rings around her blank gray eyes, shaky walking stance even when sober to ward off people, and always, always has on a Spiderman watch for the memories.

Basic Personality: "I lost that with everything else. If there's anything left, it's gone with the puke down the toilet."

7/2/2009 . Edited 7/2/2009 #13

Name: Dametre

Story Title (with link if possible): Ascendency http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2709606/1/Ascendency

Brief Summary:

Sometimes she felt like she sat on a line.A line between life and death with Death itself after her, a line between perfection and destruction with her feuding family, and a line between love and hate with the only person keeping her alive. Only her...

Physical Appearance:

Black hair, Coal Colored eyes, five foot eight, Lanky

Basic Personality: Strong headed but loving, loyal, stubborn, optimistic and a horrible trouble maker, grumpy at night and early bird.

Brief Backstory: "Dametre saw death not as darkness, hell, heaven or nirvana. But as a never ending boredom that, in punishment, teaches you to actually give a crap about another human being. Even if they didn’t know who the hell you were or that you existed."

He's currently living out his term as his other halves invisible 'protector and savior' until she dies and they switch places. Part of him can't wait for the day he is born again with horrid human memory and lives obliviously without knowledge of his 'other' while another part would do anything to prevent it from happening

Name: Marie

Story Title (with link if possible): Ascendency (link above)

Brief Summary: (Above)

Physical Appearance: Blond hair, light brown eyes, five eight, well built with soft curves, insomniac whose only happy at night when she's loopy from sleep deprivation

Basic Personality: Arrogant, cold, depends completely on herself and isn't used to showing affection, stubborn and pessimistic

Brief Backstory: Marie's family life seems perfect, but its unwinding at the seams, she barely goes outside with overly protective parents(dead sister), so it seems iroonic that one of the few times she gets out, she trips down some stairs and dies for a few moments. But Luck has never been on Marie’s side. And as luck has it she is now being chased down by Death, left to deal with a family that crumbling under its own immense weight, and Dametre, her Doppelgänger who she has growing affections towards

D: I'm sorry i did more than 1

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8/18/2009 #14

Name: Fergie Frankson

Story Title (with link if possible): http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2702789/1/Geeks_Rule_The_Planet

Brief Summary: She wants a geekie boy who she just cant get.

Physical Appearance: Chocolate rich hair, and dazzling brown eyes.

Basic Personality: She's a nice person, she dosen't stop until she gets what she wants though her goal is to get her way. who even though is popular seems to get along with everyone.

Brief Backstory: Fergie had liked a boy cameron for ages but she can;t seem to get him he's not at all intrested in her like all the other boys in the school and it buggs her.

9/16/2009 #15

Name: Nate Smith

Story Title (with link if possible): Havnt deciede on a story title yet.

Brief Summary:His father left there family at a very younge age. His mother is on her 7th marriage. He doesnt believe in love but is waiting to proved wrong.

Physical Appearance: 6'2. Tan. Has brown sorta long shaggy hair.

Basic Personality: Very outgoing. Doesn't like anything to do with school. He does whatever he wants to do at the time. Doesn't care what anybody thinks about him. Gets in trouble in school and by adults a lot.

Brief Backstory:

9/29/2009 #16

Name: Nate (I haven't decided on a last name yet.)

Story Title (with link if possible): Rough Diamond

Brief Summary: Kieran is a rich and stunningly good looking senior with a reputation as a gentleman. So imagine Nate's surprise when Kieran starts to corner him, a 'rough diamond,' at every opportunity with intentions very ungentlemanly. MxM Slash.

Physical Appearance: Nate is 15, with a below-average height and average build. He's fit from biking to school every day, but doesn't go out of his way to tone his body. His hair is wavy and blond, his eyes blue, and his skin tanned. He's not 'in your face attractive', but he's cute in a conservative way. He'll definitely be a looker once he matures.

Basic Personality: Nate is weary of everyone, and doesn't trust easily. He gets embarrassed easily and doesn't like to be the center of attention. He prefers tight groups of close-knit friends and is uncomfortable meeting new people. In the Rough Diamond he is being targeted by the school's most popular student - 17 year old Kieran - who has singled him out as his new 'boyfriend to be.' Until he met Kieran, Nate thought he was straight. Now, every touch, every whisper and every knowing smile from the school's very own 'Prince Charming' is making him reconsider.

Brief Backstory: Nate's family is pretty normal. His mother is catholic, his new step father isn't, and he has an older brother currently at university. His mother isn't homophobic, but the idea of her son being gay would quite possily turn her into one. Nate has no idea what Karl, his step father, or Ton, his older brother, would think.

When Nate was 13 his best friend, Jason Walker, talked him into attending a wedding with his family. Nate doesn't remember much of the wedding at all, but he thinks that Kieran could somehow be related to his amnseia.

Nate and Jason grew up together, and were best friends until Jason got a new girlfriend. Now that Jason spends more time with Winter, Nate has started spending more time with Stephanie, the third member of their little trio. They met Stephanie on their first day at highschool. She's loud, annoying, and too smart for her own good, but she's loyal and her heart is in the right place.

10/6/2009 #17
Zydrate Zombie

Is it alright if I join?

Name: Annaleah (Leah) Eternity Hunter

Story Title (with link if possible): The Slayer (I don't post my stories.)

Brief Summary: When Leah's foster mother is killed and her foster brother is kidnapped after the reveal of her identity to the vampire and werewolf world, she knows she would do anything to save him. Even if it means blindly trusting the very thing she hates, hunts, and fears. Will she be able to get to him on time? Or will unexpected love delay her?

Physical Appearance: She is well built; slim, but muscled. She has slightly tanned skin. She thinks that she's nothing special, but she is beautiful. Icy blue eyes stand out behind messily cut (with kitchen scissors) dark brown hair, in a guy's cut.

Basic Personality: She is an introvert. She is independant. Kind of snappy. Doesn't let anyone in, but secretly just wants to be loved, just wants her parents back, an easier world.

Brief Backstory: She saw her parents killed by a vampire when she was 10 years old. Ever since then, she's been boounced from foster home to foster home, training herself in martial arts. She killed her first vampire when she was 13, learning of werewolves not soon after. She is sent to Alison Brent, her new foster mother, and Jason, Alison's blood son. Her identity is discovered and our story begins.

10/9/2009 #18

Name: Kara Post

Story Title (with link if possible): The Maid (not made it yet, XD)

Brief Summary: A maid

Physical Appearance: Light blonde hair, peach skin, blue eyes

Basic Personality: Clumsy and klutzy

11/1/2009 #19
Hosted B. Thurst'n

Name: Don

Story Title (with link if possible): Heartbeat: DawnDusk - http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2709520/1/Heartbeat_DawnDusk

Brief Summary: Don is a young, kind-hearted soul who is wise beyond his years. His favourite hobbies are swimming, working on his motorcycle, and helping those in need.

Physical Appearance: Very attractive with white feathers. Perhaps the most beautiful boy in the world, he has a muscular figure and great buttocks.

Basic Personality: Solemn and deep, he usually chooses to listen rather than talk.

Brief Backstory: Not much is known about Don's mysterious past, but he was a demolitions expert in the Great War and has been trained in the most lethal forms of hand-to-hand combat.

11/6/2009 #20

Name: Celest

Story Title: Wanted: A Tale Of Life And Death (Temporary Title; work in progress; preview:

Brief Summary: Celest's life has hit rock bottom. Her parents were murdered. The police are clueless. And the killer is after her. On top of it all there's the guy who won't leave her alone and claims he can help her but can't seem to keep his hands off her. Join Celest as she fights to stay alive and discover why she's wanted dead.

Physical Appearance: 5'7, Light coffee complexion, has vivid green eyes that have a pale overcoat (her eyes look bright but seem also have an extra color of pale, translucent white), wavy dark brown hair that falls to her elbows, almost always wears a baseball cap depending on the weather.

Basic Personality: Celest is a quiet girl that's wary of others but effortlessly draws people to her as well as befriends them. Personal quote: Better an Ally than an Enemy.

Brief Backstory: Celest was adopted as an infant by a young couple unable to conceive. She has no idea who her real parents are or what happened to them and now that her parents are dead she thinks its time to find out. Has a talent for attracting people who are willing to help her; gets sick if in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Koi's Note: I look forward to when the next act of DP opens up. :) Can't wait to try it out.

11/6/2009 . Edited 11/20/2009 #21

Danse On Wood.

Summary: Paris enters a british school full of weird, strange people. To her luck there not human, no there werewolves. Keeping out of there way wasn't supposed to be a problem. But since the leader of the pack wants her dead or gone, she has no way to escape.

Character: Paris Charlton, Blonde. Petite. 5 ft 2. Deep Blue eyes. Quiet but a girl whos fastinated in the most weirdest things. Loves art. Brave personality.

Background: Dad and Mom both didn't want her. Dad had her in the end though for money, but then found a way out of her living with him when he found a school in england she could go to. Was her Nannys little girl until she died, has a fasination with art but stopped painting when her Nan passed away.

Reviews would be amazing,. Tell me what you think.

11/19/2009 #22

Name: Brooke Harrison

Story Title (with link if possible): It's HER life

Brief Summary: What's going to happen in Freashman year in High School?

Physical Appearance: Long brown hair with blonde and carmel highlights, blue eyes, and long eye lashes

Basic Personality: Kind, nice, gorgeous, caring, helpful, smart, giving

Brief Backstory: Good Kid

11/29/2009 #23
David Bowie

Name: Audrey Taylor

Story Title (with link if possible): Chasing Taylor (still in the planning stage)

Brief Summary: When Audrey and her older sister move to Seattle to live with their dad and his new wife, Audrey is not herself. She makes new friends and realizes she's not the only with dark secrets from her past...

Physical Appearance: Hair is a mousey brown, naturally, but has dyed it a very dark brown (almost black). It goes just past her shoulders. She is short and tan, and skinny. She has striking blue eyes, a cute button nose, and full lips.

Basic Personality: She can be very opinionating and loud when she wants to be, but when she's not around close friends or family, she sometimes seems anti-social. But only until she gets to know people. She likes to be sarcastic, and tell it like is. Meaning: She likes to keep things honest, and tell the truth, even when it hurts. She can sometimes be rude or disrespectful, but only when people are rude or disrespectful first.

Brief Backstory: Audrey is talented at a lot of things, like music and dancing. Three years ago, when Audrey was 14, her parents divourced. She lived with her mother and older sister in New York, her mother being very involved in her work as a photographer. There, she had a band with her older brother, Dustin, who was 18. But she left the band just before they became famous as 911. After that, Audrey's had a lot of people use her, and hurt her. Since then, she went off the rails and shut everyone out, and giving up her passion: music. (Audrey is now 17, her older sister, Willow, is 18. And her brother, Dustin, is 21, and even more famous).

12/17/2009 #24
Mortified Smurf


Cassandra Evans (I refer to her as 'Cassy,' most of the time.)

Story Title (with link if possible):

Tidal Wave


Brief Summary:

Cassy is tired, annoyed and frustrated with her parents for moving, again. She's living the average life of a studious teenager. However, when she witnesses a murder at the local park on a rainy day, various dark secrets about her family begin to unfold.

Physical Appearance:

Cassy is a very petite young woman, fairly short for her age, standing at the height of 5"3. She has sandy brown hair that goes a bit below her shoulders, along with a small nose and eyebrows that have always been in the perfect shape (without her doing a thing, she inherited this from her mother.) She has been told that she has 'pixie feet.' She has chocolate brown eyes.

Basic Personality:

Cassy is a sixteen year old teenager who lives in London, Canada. She is often found day dreaming, and prefers to be alone when it comes to places such as parks, although she is not at all anti-social, simply a bit shy at first. She also tends to be extremely sarcastic and often gets in trouble with her parents for her sharp tongue. Cassandra is also a bit spoiled, although not at all rebellious, in fact takes on the role of a complete 'good girl,' when in school. It is her dream to be a lawyer.

Brief Backstory:

Cassy has always wished to be a normal teenager, and although it may be true that everyone switches towns some time in their lifetime. Her family switches towns every three years, and at the age of sixteen, Cassy is sick of it. She always tries to confront her parents about what kind of jobs they do that cause them to move every three years, but somehow, the topic is always changed. She has also always lived in the shadow of her stunning sister Leona, or as she calls her 'Lee Lee.' But now in the town of London, some new secrets begin to unravel, they start snatching away at her dreams of being a lawyer and wishes of being normal. But could this also help her discover herself?

12/31/2009 #25

Name: Nazaire Bertrand

Story Title: Demons in France

Physical Appearance: Young man with long wavy blonde hair. Likes to wear more formal attire exp - slacks, long sleeve button up shirt etc. A little under average height.

Basic Personality: Sarcastic sense of humor, somewhat quiet and reserved. Enjoys discovering new things and meeting new people.

Brief Backstory: Raised in an America under a man that kept his home as an orphanage and brought to France after being sold off to the demon Jason.

2/14/2010 #26
Name: Mr. G Stewart Story Title (with link if possible): Science101 Brief Summary: A science teacher who is very smart with everythign.. except his female students having a crush on him. Physical Appearance: Tall (6 feet), short brown curl like hair, hazel/blueish eyes, tan, and well toned. Basic Personality: Adorable, goofy, and TOTALLY dorky. He's the type of guy who doesn't really know he's handsome. Brief Backstory: He loves science. Had only 1 previous encounter with an female student have an obvious crush on him.. that effects how hge is with his female students now.. yeah, thats the best I got!
4/6/2010 #27
Ellenore Carter

Name: Beatrice Gold

Story Title: A Dangerous Love (Almost finished w/ first chapter)

Brief Summary: Beatrice is kidnaped by a boy that is just a year older than her, he needs the ransom or he will be killed, they fall in love

Physical Appearance: Ghostly white skin, Bright red hair, Green eyes

Basic Personality: Stubborn, hopeless romantic, friendly

Brief Backstory: Parents died in a plane crash, lives with her ultra rich grandparents, Beth and Tom

12/7/2010 #28

Name: Melanie Rae Holt

Story Title: Uncharted Expeditions, http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3036350/1/Uncharted_Expeditions

Brief Summary: She falls off a boat and a guy jumps in to save her, but now both are stranded on a deserted island.

Physical Appearance: Melanie has dark brown hair that has natural beachy wave curls. She has hazel eyes that are green some days, and gray the rest of the time. When she smiles, she has dimples. Since she's a dancer, she's very toned and fit. She's naturally tan and is definitely not fat.

Basic Personality: Melanie is shy when you first meet her, but opens up easily once she gets to know you. She is very dedicated to her school work and has never been very popular. She has lots of friends, but she only has a few close friends. She loves to laugh and she is always complimented about how she has a beautiful smile. When she gets angry, she goes quiet and won't talk until she snaps and EXPLODES on whoever it was that pissed her off. She gets tense easily and hates to be stressed because it makes her break. When she's relaxed, she's easily one of those go with the flow up for anything people. She absolutely cannot stand people who lie, and cheat.

Brief Backstory: Melanie's just an average teenage girl. She has a mom, a dad, and a younger brother. She's always had a huge crush on a lacrosse player at her school (ironically, he's the boy that jumps ship to save her). She's had a very normal life, meaning that nothing tragic or extravagant has happened to her, well at least not until she feel off a boat.

7/23/2012 #29
Stories and stuff

name- sam

story title- lies for love https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3195060/1/lies-for-love

brief summary- 4 children from close net family are now grown up the live very different lives but when one does something bad how does it effect everyone.

physical appearance- muscular 6 pack, quiff brown hair , blue eyes very attractive

basic personality- can be nice but is a player and can be a real ass all the ladies like him and he's amazing at lying how he made his money.

brief backstory- as a child sam was the favourite along with his younger sister emma they were the two youngest out of the 4 and by far the smartest sam was accepted to oxford and then became a rich and famous.

hope this is ok message me if you need more to go on.

4/29/2014 #30
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