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Having trouble writing a character? Can't quite pin down their personality? Then this is the place for you! Come here and play your character as we put them through their paces. We'll help you find what makes them tick - and have fun while we're at it.
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Is your dialogue flat? Is your plot flatter? Does your prose make you go cross-eyed?

We can help.

Have a problem with your character? Need help nudging them in the right direction? Want to make sure they aren't a Sue?

Here's the place for you.

Everyone is welcome to post here if you have suggestions/advice for someone with a problem. :D

1/30/2009 . Edited 2/25/2009 #1
Zydrate Zombie

Can I post here? I have a tip type thing, an exercise to get emotion into your writing.

To put real emotion in my writing--or, as close as I can get--I do this somehtimes... I dunno, maye it sounds crazy, but my mind is a weird place.

Close your eyes, and clear your mind. Visualize the scene behind your eyelids--becme your character. Talk to other characters. Feel the emotions, not just think them, feel the rage, happiness, love, irritation, sadness, heartbreak or whatever. You are the character, the emotions are yours.

I don't know if it will work for you, but it really puts passion into my writing.

10/9/2009 . Edited 6/5/2010 #2
December Rose

Well, when I'm writing a story, I usually have it planned out in my head. So if I'm writing, and I'll be coming up to a sad part in the story, I'll stop writing, and work on another story- and wait to continue the first until I'm in a sad, dark mood. And maybe this is odd, but if I need lots of energy and fun in my story, I excercise- take a run, a walk, if it's late at night, jump up and down- and the very second I'm done I sit down to write. I don't know, but I think I get an excercise high from that, hence, making me energetic when I write. And whether I want it to or not, the emotions I'm feeling while I'm writing is what gets put down on paper.

6/5/2010 . Edited 6/5/2010 #3

Awesome that that works for you, Duck. If I waited for a certain emotion to grab me to write a certain part of a story, I'd probably miss it cos of mood swings. Haha! Of course, I'd probably also weigh like, ten pounds if jumping around got me in an excitable mood for my type of characters, which would rock! XD

Ever try getting into a mood with music? Music has to be one of the most emotionally evocative things I know. Actually, thinking about it now I should make a playlist of songs for certain moods for when I write. *puts on fake beard and strokes it* Hmmm...

6/6/2010 #4

Help! I'm trying to introduce a character onto one of my stories (she's one of the lesser-main charaters) and I'm bored with her already -- no, not BORED, I'm... I don't know she's plenty interesting in the story, I just don't know how to introduce her. I've tried writing the rest of the story hoping that part will come to me but it WON'T! Now, the story's almost complete and that small part is holding up the posting. :(

9/4/2012 #5
Complex Variable

(I'm going to call your character "Susan")

Well... think about the moment in time that your story begins (let's call that moment time T). What is Susan doing at time T?—it doesn't matter if she's in the story at that point or not; you should know what your characters were doing BEFORE the story starts, as well as what they're going to be doing after the story ends. So, ask yourself, at time T, what is Susan doing? Where is she? What is she thinking about at time T? What does she want to do at time T?

Advance the time of your story forward a bit, and repeat this little exercise. Once again, it doesn't matter if she's in the story or not at the given moment; all that matter is that you know what she would be doing/wanting to do, etc. Eventually, you should find a place where Susan's goals/location/actions/feelings/etc. intersect with whatever is happening in the body of your story. Introduce her there, and use the "intersection" as the basis for her introduction. For example, if Susan is going to a rave—one that the main character is also going to—you can introduce her right then and there.

I hope this helps!


9/4/2012 #6
Braga Santos
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