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Having trouble writing a character? Can't quite pin down their personality? Then this is the place for you! Come here and play your character as we put them through their paces. We'll help you find what makes them tick - and have fun while we're at it.
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Post a general overview of your character here for the Slice of Life DP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have introduced your character here you can start to play IMMEDIATELY. No need to "wait for mod-approval" or "til another Act is opened up." The DP is ONLY as succesful as its players so the more the merrier. Read all the posts in the Act so far and stick your character into the action. It's that simple. -Nicki BluIs

All fields (with the exception of Name, Story Title, and Brief Summary) are optional.


Story Title (with link if possible):

Brief Summary:

Physical Appearance:

Basic Personality:

Brief Backstory:

1/30/2009 . Edited by Nicki BluIs, 11/9/2009 #1
Nicki BluIs

Name: Kristoff Rainer (goes by Kris)

Story of Origin (Title with optional summary): from With Love

Physical Appearance: Appearance isn't that important but here are some distinctive features: He's 29. Light hair. Facial hair grows in quickly but most of the time he's clean shaven. He's of Eastern European descent.

Basic Personality: Kind of introverted. Nice enough. Non-confrontational. Family is number one in his life.

Brief Backstory: Young executive at a brokerage firm. Engaged to his girlfriend of five years.

2/1/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #2

Name: Damien Wakefield

Story Title: Disappeared But Never Forgotten (To be posted in a later time)

Brief Summary: Killer by instinct. Human by default. Damien Wakefield wakes up to find that he is struggling with both as he is kept captive in a laboratory in remote lands of Ireland. When a chance to escape the cold rooms of the lab approaches, he takes it. But with the people who kept him captive wants him back, he must keep inconspicuous and hidden in NYC all the while his past life catches up with him.

Physical Appearance: He is fairly tall, most likely around 6'1" with stunning green eyes. To keep from suspicion, he changes his style and look constantly.

Basic Personality: He is paranoid with any sudden movements. His thoughts wander off like a squirrel with a two minute attention span which makes him evasive at times but he is genuinely kind.

Brief Backstory: Damien can be compared to a science fair gone bad. Part of a government-funded research development, he was kept in captivity for testing. Tired of being the gineau pig, he took a risky chance to escape once the opportunity showed up. Now with people still looking for him, he has to keep on the down low. And what better thing to than to be an assassin for hire.

2/26/2009 #3
Nicki BluIs

Mod Post:

Sorry im.in.hysteria. As much as I would love some company in the Slice of Life DP, according to Rule 1, sit seem like Damien is too cool to be a Slice of life character.

1.This is the Play for normal, non-earth-shattering, day-to-day activities, like that which occur in the real world. Characters without special powers will be quite at home here. As such, magic is not permitted. Technology will be limited to a default of present day level. Paranormal events are nonexistent.

I think Damien would feel more at home in the Sci-Fi DP.


Reading over your intro post, it seems that you want to practice how your character would react under normal circumstances. This is fine, so long as you keep out the lab experiment/assassin bits as those are definitely not typical daily occurrences in the lives of most ordinary individuals.

2/26/2009 . Edited by Kyllorac, 2/27/2009 #4
The Last Muse

Name: Madison [Maddi] B'Noit

Story Title (with link if possible): These Circumstances

Brief Summary: Madison loses her father and stepmother in a car accident and becomes a little delusional, completely denying her dad's death. She wanders into a little bookshop and imagines she sees her dad in a bookshop, but realizes too late that the guy can't be her father. Unfortunately for her, the guy isn't going to let her forget him so easily. She becomes a victim of his vampiric past when he reveals her parents' deaths were no accident.

Physical Appearance: Slim but athletic, dark haired, green-eyed. Her eyes are wide, like they're always curious.

Basic Personality: She's a charming load of optimism and cynicism, but loves little babies. She has a maternal instinct and wouldn't hurt a fly, except when pushed. For her, the phrase "curiosity kill the cat" would be answered with "But the cat had nine lives."

Brief Backstory: Parents divorced b/c her mother worked too much and didn't have time for family. She was closer to her dad. Has a close relationship with her cousin Cye though.

3/2/2009 #5
Mrs. Tina Marina Strikes Back

Name: Nanette "Nan" Winters

Story Title (with link if possible): Heist (I'm sorry, I still can't link things :P)

Brief Summary:Nanette is a lucky person. She has relative beauty, a wealthy fiance, and a lofty career giving speeches. But after she is forced into retirement at age twenty-three, she turns to a life of crime.

Physical Appearance: All angular posture and brooding eyes, with plenty of perfectly curled hair. She keeps her figure by smoking a pack a day, and is customarily wan with dark circles under her eyes.

Basic Personality: She is not an irresponsible person. She always makes sure to lock the door. She returns phone calls promptly. Her nails are always trimmed, and her shoes never fail to match whatever she was wearing. She's not overly concerned with beauty, and prefers to hone her mind by reading no fewer than four newspapers every Sunday (to awkwardly quote myself).

Brief Backstory: Grew up the daughter of illegal Bolivian immigrants, who imparted a fierce sense of survival in their only child. She found something she was good at -- giving speeches -- and used that talent to succeed. Success is something she fears losing enough for her to pursue said life of crime.

3/9/2009 #6
Nicki BluIs

((Mod Post))

Hi Guys! I just want to clarify something. When you post in the Intro, I kinda expect you to jump into the DP. There is no need to wait for my approval or authorization or anytihng like that. As of right now the Act is anytihng goes so there is no reason someone should not be able to get their character in on the action. If you do participate please remember that, due to the interactive nature of DP, there is a one post per day rule.

I really hope to see all of you(r characters) soon!

Bubbles :P

3/9/2009 #7
The Last Muse

At least one post per day, or one post per day, total?

3/11/2009 #8
Nicki BluIs

At least. More is always welcome. Less is not. For any further questions you (anyone) can refer to th rules and/or ask in the Interviews thread.

3/11/2009 #9
Delilah Starskie

Name: Mercede Kaprio (or Benz, to her close friends)

Story Title: The Ladies' Treehouse of 29th Loop

Brief Summary: Four friends have just entered eighth grade and face all the awkward situations, hormonal imbalances, and pathetic romances... together. With the help of their trusty treehouse.

Physical Appearance: 5'4" Dark brown hair, very tan, brown eyes, attire that mainly consists of sweatpants and t-shirts

Basic Personality: Sarcastic, creative, junkfood loving, cynical

Brief Backstory: Born and raised in Suburbia, New Jersey, Mercede is determined to distinguish herself from all the other inhabitants of Parkerton. She also finds her boy-crazy friends to be a nuisance and wishes they would all get a life.

3/17/2009 . Edited 3/17/2009 #10
Raine Skye

Name: Scarlet Delaqua

Story Title: Lost in Time

Brief Summary: A critical, pessimistic person you would never want to threaten.

Physical Appearance: Choppy auburn hair frames Scarlet's consistently stern features. Her wide, piecing black eyes are easily the focus point of her face as well as some scars. She is only about five foot five. Her petite frame has scarred scattered throughout her body as well as lean muscles. With the right clothes and the face she's pretty flat chested, she could be mistaken as a girly looking male.

Basic Personality: Scarlet speaks choppy short answers, but her feelings are clear from her boy language. She could easily be described as a wallflower that follows her sister around like she is her body guard. The only thing meaningful in her life is her twin so she is extremely overprotective of her sister. Because of what has happened to her in the past, she is a little paranoid about staying in one place for a long period of time.

Brief Backstory: When Scarlet was seven year old, her twin sister and her witnessed their parent's dead from the general of Origin's army. All because Scarlet's past could not be viewed through the nation's ancient sphere. The twins where held within a military fortress where they were experimented on to find out why they where different. After five years, they finally escaped.


Name: Azure Delaqua

Story Title: Lost in Time

Brief Summary: A bold, kind, and mental strong woman that blends in easily.

Physical Appearance: Unlike her twin, Azure's auburn hair falls to her mid back. Her large black eyes seem to look beyond the physical with wisdom of the worlds shadow. Pale flawless skin covers her undefined muscles.

Basic Personality: Azure is more like the older sister even though she is the younger twin. Her loyalty is unwavering, and she would do everything in her power to protect the people she loves. She is an optimistic by heart that is constantly pushing forward and encouraging others to keep moving as well.

Brief Backstory: It's the same as her twins. They have never left each other's side.

3/23/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #11
Engineer of Words

Name: Clifford Kendall [goes by Cliff]

Story Title (with link if possible): Requiem

Brief Summary: Cliff is a finance systems analyst for the crooked banking conglomerate American Financial Group, and occasionally makes forays into the criminal underworld to protect his company's interests. [This will not affect his actions in DP in any way]. He is also an avid golfer, and spends most of his down time reading or smoking.

Physical Appearance: He is pale, unusually tall and built on the thin side, measuring in at 6'5". His short black hair has the permanent appearance of being just messy enough to be presentable despite looking slept-in, and has slightly sunken ice-blue eyes to boot. Has very angular facial features and slightly-oversized hands and feet.

Basic Personality: Cliff is easily characterized as being cold and aloof due to his overly analytical nature, but is more aptly described as level-headed and composed. Does not ordinarily say too much around people he doesn't know, however isn't afraid to say what's on his mind when irritated or around familiar company. Has a tendency to be sarcastic and cruel to people he finds less intelligent than he.

Brief Backstory: See Summary.

3/23/2009 #12
Melancholic Marionette

Name: Demitri "Demi" O'Malley

Story Title (with link if possible): Callow Conviction (Has yet to be posted.)

Brief Summary: Demi possesses the immaturity to rival only that of Peter Pan, never seeing the point of giving up things he loved to do with the only reason being because of his age and his peers. His fun-loving (if not slightly "out there"), enthusiastic, and childish personality seems to render him oblivious of the ways people percieve him. Unfortunately, he's about to learn it's not as easy to "never grow up" when you're in high school.

Physical Appearance: Slightly shaggy black hair and hazel eyes, which are often wide and inquisitive when he sees something he find interesting. It should be noted that every day he is wearing some kind of hat (a cat eared beanie, a Naval cap that his grandfather gave him, a beret, etc.) for reasons that I don't think even he knows.

Basic Personality: Childish and energetic, but somewhat insecure deep down. He doesn't mature mentally because he won't let himself, because seeing his parents so bitter and stressed has rendered him fearful of his future.

Brief Backstory: Growing up with overworked and bitter parents, a young Demi often found himself in his room, nervously waiting out the lengthy arguments that would go on outside of it. His parents have stayed together for his sake, but sometimes they become distant with each other, and that prompts Demi to retreat back into himself and use his childish front to combat with his inner turmoil. He decided to stay a kid, at least mentally, so that he would not end up like those old, unhappy people. But now that he is entering his first year of high school, he's afraid that he will have to change against his will.

EDIT: Callow Conviction

4/4/2009 . Edited 4/6/2009 #13
T.J. Kroyer

((I don't know how I'm going to do this then, cuz i can only get on internet on saturdays =[. Couldn't i just DP on saturdays and when I'm ready to leave, pull my character out by some convenient plot point?))

4/11/2009 . Edited 4/11/2009 #14
Nicki BluIs

Name: Hazel Maria De LaCruz Rodriguez

Story Title (with link if possible): TTYL (I'll link later)

Brief Summary: 3 BFFs communicate with each other online for an eventful summer.

Physical Appearance: Average height. Black hair cut short in a bob with bangs. Big brown eyes. Olivy complexion. Puerto Rican. 25 yrs old.

Basic Personality: Workoholic. Has a cat named Nemo. Lives in small apartment in NYC. Type A personality: perfectionist, super organized, needs order, etc...

4/14/2009 #15
The Perfect Soldier

Name: Anthony Montgomery

Story Title (with link if possible): None yet... although if i like how he plays with others, he may show up later...

Brief Summary: While other men have been described as a mountain of a man, Tony embodies the term Titan. A huge stature since early life, he's developed a skin as thick as his head. Replacing friends with food became habit as early as second grade, and has been a practice continued ever since. Not one for personal contact with many people, Tony has gone to three different culinary schools, getting kicked out of two before finding his niche as a chef in the Miami food circuit. Currently resides there.

Physical Appearance: A tower of a man, standing at 6'7", weighing in at just under 375 lbs, the only muscle is in his jaw and legs. Close cropped salt and pepper hair, aged 32. Dark black eyes seem almost beady thanks to the flesh in his face.

Basic Personality: Gruff, has no use for other people unless they are signing his paycheck, although has grudging respect for others who can cook, specifically those who can cook Cajun, his favorite food to eat, yet one that stays just out of his grasp of skill. Rarely listens to others and thier opinions.

P.S.-Author's Note. Anthony is a jerk. There's no two ways about it. I'm writing this here because i do not want to give the wrong impression to anyone reading where he has trodden. I know the old maxim that we put a little bit of who we are into our characters, but to be honest, i really try not to be anything like tony is. The part of me that is in Mr. Anthony Mongomery lies in his love of cooking. He will most likely offend some people (if not, i'm not writing him as well as i envisioned him) but i do not want that to be a reflection upon me. If i ever cross the line with him please send me a private message.

6/28/2009 . Edited 7/2/2009 #16

Name: Ravel Othello Lawson

Story Title (with link if possible): Tainting a Dynasty http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2690486/1/Tainting_a_Dynasty

Brief Summary: The Harrell Family of Caribou Hill was a proud dynasty, but their pride is now in jeopardy because the family patriarch, Raphael J. Harrell V, has fathered an illegitimate child with a servant named Greta. The resulting child will now have to pull through a life of conflicts, especially when he is separated from his mother. Meanwhile, the Harrells struggle to keep the affair a secret.

Physical Appearance: Ravel is Caucasian, with light brown hair and hunter green eyes. Since the age of six, Ravel usually wears ragged hand-me-downs from his older half-brothers.

Basic Personality: Ravel is a male Cinderella. He is quiet most of the time and very obedient, along with being nervous on some occasions.

Brief Backstory: Ravel was partially named after his biological father, Raphael (Ravel is another form of Raphael). He was the result of an affair his mother Greta and Raphael had, and he was born nine months later in a seaside village. Ravel has twelve half-siblings: Cicero, Augusta, Louisa, Shannah, Joel, Bridgette, Vincent, Edwin, Katherine, Collin, Belle, Leonardo, and Eloise, all from Raphael's previous marriage.


Name: Faith (full name unknown)

Story Title (with link if possible): The Silver Spire http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2636212/1/The_Silver_Spire

Brief Summary: Faith lives on the streets of Silver Point, French Guinea, with her gang, consisting of Latham, Ty, Cooper, Mysterious Isa, and Little Jo. One evening, Faith and her friends plan to leave Silver Point when their hideout is vandalized, but they

Physical Appearance: Faith is a twelve-year-old Caucasian female, with dark blond hair and hazel eyes. She wears a pink bandanna on her head.

Basic Personality: Faith is shy but curious. That's all I have to say.

Brief Backstory: Faith does not remember anything from the first three years of her life. She's been skipping through gangs throughout the years, but she always ends up on her own for the following reasons:

-The kids in the gang don't like her and they boot her out or she leaves.

-Something bad happened (they get killed, taken to foster homes, the gang splits up, etc.)

-Faith is bored with them and she ditches them.

The recent gang Faith joins is that of Latham's. They stick together and venture through Silver Point, causing mild acts of mayhem and whatnot.

8/3/2009 . Edited 8/3/2009 #17
Sour Plums

Name: Jackie Macintosh

Story Title: Just a Girl From Rushmore High [this is the first draft in which Jackie Macintosh is actually Jack Mitillo]

Brief Summary: Jackie Macintosh, best selling author and introvert, feels compelled to write a career-saving novel about a teenager. Unfortuently, Jackie Macintosh was never a teenager, and fails every attempt. But perhaps a blog, written by 16 year old Ella "Jane Playne" White, can save her career... and herself.

Physical Appearance: She has short sandy blond hair in a pixie cut, and she dresses very modestly when she's not dressed like a slob.

Basic Personality: Introverted, calm, not much passion, gets confused instead of angry, doesn't go out of her way to get to know someone, but loves to watch people and try to understand them and make up stories about them. There is nobody else except for her sister who can touch her heartstrings, and she is so much a loner that she doesn't even own a dog.

Brief Backstory: Jackie was forced to grow up when her mother left and she was forced to take care of her younger sister at the age of 15. From then on, all her thoughts were on her sister and the guilt of her mother leaving made her numb to her emotions and anyone else. She didn't get close to anyone until college where she had a brief run with a peer that was almost very insignificant, she treated him with the same cold treatment she treated everyone else. When she got out of college, she tried looking for editing jobs while working at a grocery store and joining writing groups. There her agent finds her, and turns her into a beloved, best selling novelist. However, there was a catch; her agent refused to publish the only story she felt connected to, and made her write his stories. She is somewhat indifferent on this; on one hand, she should publish whatever she wants if she's such a great author, but on the other hand, it's too close to her emotions for her to want to broadcast it to the world.

8/16/2009 #18
Immortal x Snow

Name: Mai Avalon

Story Title: Was It You or Was It I?

Brief Summary: Mai Avalon loves her dance classes and her dance teachers. Change is something foreign to her, something she despises. So when the daughter of her studio's director, Miss Gigi, steps in to take the positions of two of her dance teachers who have moved away, she swears to hate her. But sometimes, deciding to do such things only inflicts pain upon the one who chooses to hate.

Physical appearance: She has shoulder-length, curly dark blonde hair; orange, brown, and green eyes; and she usually dresses in tomboyish fashions.

Basic personality: She likes to feel secure, abhorring change and the pain that follows it. She is generally cheerful, except when she is undergoing pain and misunderstandings, and then she becomes the complete opposite of who she really is. Often, instead of facing things or people, she chooses to judge them unfairly and hate them, rather than put herself out into the open to welcome them.

Brief Backstory: Mai started dancing when she was six years old and lived in Canada, but was behind the curriculum at KDA, and took "basics" classes for a year before she joined a class of girls younger than herself. She hated the change and shock of it all, which contributes to her hatred of change and Miss Gigi.

9/12/2009 #19
Engineer of Words

Name: Marc-André Fournier

Story Title: Ars Moriendi [Taken down, name was never given in the story]

Brief Summary: Ars Moriendi was a one-shot about an evening Marc spends reflecting on his wife Krista's death and how it's taken a toll on his psyche.

Physical appearance: Just shorter than six feet tall, of average build. Pale. Has neatly-cropped brown hair and matching eyes. Has a permanent look of being tired, and his facial features have become gaunter since the death of his wife.

Basic Personality: Marc is a rather introverted person and doesn't particularly enjoy social situations. The combination of his career choices and his lack of people skills have caused him to dislike people in general. Can be awkward. His wife's death caused him to fall into depression, and he struggles with keeping himself intact because of an antidepressant addiction.

Brief Backstory: Marc inherited the family business from his father at the age of 20, and for 13 years was the town's sole mortician. The townspeople grew to hate him because he was not his personable, sympathetic father. which he resented. After the death of his wife, he left the town and moved to Montreal, where he now works as a medical examiner.

10/18/2009 . Edited 10/18/2009 #20

Name: Renee Campbell

Story Title (with link if possible): Is it okay to start a character? I haven't made a story with her in it yet, but I think DP is a good way to plan things out.

Brief Summary: Renee is a happy-go-lucky kind of person. 17 years old, but doesn't look it. She is very talkative, and when she isn't yaking on about something she is laughing. She plays piano, and has been taking lessons for 7 years. She also plays alto saxophone. She lives with her parents, who spoil her, although she doesn't show it. Her favorite show is 'House' and she can dictate her favorite episodes line for line.she hates talking on the phone for long periods of time, and gets mad at people who text for hours a day. Her friends and family tease her and call her a vampire because of her pale skin, sharp canine teeth and love for darkness.

Physical Appearance: Short, around 5'1''. Long, skinny legs and piano-fingered hands. Her eyes are a dark grey-blue. Her coal-black hair is medium-length, ending at her shoulders.

Basic Personality: Happy and hyper. If you get her talking about her favorite shows, she will most likely not shut up for over an hour.

10/18/2009 . Edited 10/18/2009 #21
Cullen Dae

Name: Tuesday Johansson

Story Title (with link if possible): Truth be known, I haven't actually put her in a story yet. She's still in the processes of becoming a human-like character, and I figured this was a good way to aid in that process. So here I (and Tuesday) are.

Brief Summary: Tuesday is a reclusive and antisocial 21 year old borderline depressive. Since the day she graduated high school, she's made it her mission in life to completely avoid human contact, thus only making contact with her cat and the man she lives with. She posses trust issues which carry into her every day contact with other individuals. She doesn't suffer from social anxiety, she just disapproves of many of the people living in society. In other words, she dances to the beat of her own drum and likes it that way. She only has one real friend -- the guy she lives with, and a girl she's know since preschool. She works part time at a bar downtown and is currently not interested in enrolling in college.

Physical Appearance: Tall, standing at around 5'7", and thin; she has long legs and arms. Her eyes are a cat-like green and her hair a shoulder length chestnut/auburn looking cross. She has tattoos and many piercings.

Basic Personality: Sarcastic and witty. She doesn't hold back her opinions. She doesn't like to be the center of attention.

10/22/2009 #22

Name: Johnny Storm

Story Title: Freinds and Enemies

Brief Summary: He is a young 14 year old greaser who likes to slash tires. His favorite car is a 1956 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

Everyone likes to tease him in school until one day a person takes it to far.

Physical Apperance: Black coat. Slicked back hair. knife and comb in his back pocket.

Basic Personality: He will talk nice to people as long as they are nice back. Takes crap from nobody. Family is #1 in his life.

11/13/2009 . Edited 11/14/2009 #23

You asked for it, Nicki...

Name: Andrevid Daeshenol (Andre for short)

Story of Origin (Title with optional summary): In The Grey Before Night Falls (you can find a piece of it featuring this character here [ ] - it's about war and stuff.)

Physical Appearance: Caucasian. Long black hair, which he wears in a ponytail. No beard. Tall. In good shape. Handsome, like the hero on the cover of a cheap romance novel. Looks about thirty years old or a little younger.

Basic Personality: Smug and arrogant. Passive-aggressive. Rude and inconsiderate. Narcissistic. A perfectionist who believes he actually is perfect. He likes himself so much he doesn't understand why nobody else does.

Brief Backstory: High-ranking and wealthy military officer. His incompetence in command has been overlooked many times in favor of his money and because his family is buddy-buddy with some influential politicians. Has no romantic interests at the moment.

11/24/2009 . Edited 11/24/2009 #24

Name: Medli

Story Title: Actually, none yet...

Brief Summary: Generally insane girl...

Physical Appearance: A scrappy 19-year-old, with truly unruly (that rhymed!) frizzy light brown locks. Here eyes are a dull brown and her skin is fairly pale. She stands short at 5'4", with large hands and feet that look unusual compared to her scrawny limbs. She likes cute t-shirts and dark shorts.

Basic Personality: To be honest, outgoing. Obnoxiously so. She could talk the ears off of anyone, and has more energy than seemingly possible. However, she's generally friendly, but buddies beware of her hyper side.

Brief Backstory: Medli had a perfectly boring lifestyle. School. Flaky friends. Ordinary class trips. Which is why she's ready to make something interesting happen in her life.

1/13/2010 #25

Hope a Vietnam War-era sniper fits in to this section.

Name: Christopher 'Boots' Reaves Cayton III.

Story Title: The story he is a part of is currently unnamed and is not submitted as of yet.

Brief Summary: Christopher is a young man who enlisted in the Marine Corp so, as he put it: "Uncle Sam wouldn't force me". He went through his boot camp, was selected for sniper training, was deployed to Vietnam, trained under Carlos Hathcock himself, and now operates as a two-man team with his friend since sniper training, Rick 'Tex' Santee. Also, he was named 'Boots' because while training to be a sniper he had what could possibly be called the cleanest-smelling boots out of all of them.

Physical Appearance: A man of only 5'11 in height, gaunt facial features, a thin nose, dark green eyes, and sandy blond hair the he keep nearly bald on the sides while the top is usually hidden by a camouflaged bush cap. He wears a standard Marine uniform with a few allowed changes of his own such as the aforementioned bush cap.

Basic Personality: A cocky, prideful, and self confident man.

Brief Backstory: Enlisted in the Marines as soon as the draft was announced, both to avoid being drafter out of pride and because his girlfriend back home nagged him about it; saying her dad would agree with marriage more easily. He trained under Hathcock himself and now stalks through the jungle with his partner and spotter 'Tex'.

Name: Rick 'Tex' Santee.

Story Title: Same story as Christopher.

Brief Summary: A young man from Austin, Texas who lied about his age, and enlisted in to the Marine Corp at the age of seventeen just so he could go over to Vietnam and help his country all the sooner. He trained under Carlos Hathcock and is the spotter for 'Boots'.

Physical Appearance: He is a stocky, well-muscled young man who is approximately 6'1 in total height with a lamp-jaw chin, hazel eyes, dark brown hair, and a tanned complexion. Besides this he dresses in a similar fashion to 'Boots'.

Basic Personality: A friendly young man who seems to never be able to tell when somebody doesn't want to be friends with him. He sometimes has been known to annoy his partner with stories of lessons his family taught him when he was younger.

Brief Backstory: Haven't really developed one.

1/24/2010 . Edited 1/24/2010 #26
Nicki BluIs

Mod Note: New Act is open: "Anything Goes."

1/26/2010 #27

Name: Eva "Evita" Sauvage

Story of Origin (with optional summary): In The Grey Before Night Falls (it's about war and stuff). She's in this one [ ] but I should warn you it's not safe for work...

Physical Appearance: Extremely pale. White-blonde hair and amber-yellow eyes. Tallish, with a figure like a supermodel. Wears bright red lipstick and dark eyeliner and dresses rather risque-ly.

Basic Personality: Acts ditzy, though it truth she's quite smart, and can be terribly devious. Enjoys gossip, though not maliciously. A... loose woman. And proud of it. Feminine. Secretly loves Star Trek and its various incarnations. An incomparable flirt. Friendly.

Brief Backstory: A cheerleader. A popular girl in her high school with many friends, she was sent to the military school Donovan Steeltoe Finishing Academy when her parents caught her in their bedroom with not one, but five boys. Has slept with everyone on the football team twice. Has a new boyfriend every week. Has a crush on the student body president of the nearby Catholic high school, St Genevieve's. Lives with an aunt.

1/26/2010 . Edited 7/1/2010 #28

Name: Rin Stewert

Story Title (with link if possible): Could My Life Get Any Worse? (Sorry for no link; don't know how ^^")

Brief Summary: After repeatedly getting on her Science teacher's nerves, Rin is given the task of making five new friends and write a short paper on each. For any normal student this wouldn't be too bad, but Rin is an antisocial outsider; nobody likes her.

Physical Appearance: Barely 6'. Rin's flat-chested and often dawns a hoody and black skinny jeans. Chestnut, pixie-styled hair sits limply on her head while dull brown eyes glower at anyone and everyone. Has often been mistaken for a boy trying to pass as a girl.

Basic Personality: Smart but lazy. Instead of trying to break past social boundaries Rin only excepts them and draws into herself. Has a terrible temper but doesn't like starting fights with peers. She does, however, enjoy egging on teachers and being a smart-ass.

Brief Backstory: When her mother was pregnant with her, Rin's father left them. Rin's mother tried taking care of her child the best she could but eventually fell apart. In a final attempt to hold to her sanity, Rin's mother moved to Alaska where she had been offered a better job and a chance to forget about her old boyfriend. A fourteen year-old Rin and her mother moved into an apartment not more than a mile away from the local high school.

6/6/2010 #29

Names: Milo Kasperyzck and Carmen Dolores Green

Story of Origin: In The Grey Before Night Falls. Unfortunately I've got nothing posted featuring these characters.

Physical Appearances: Milo has flyaway black hair and bright, twinkling eyes - he always looks like he's concocting a plan (and he usually is). Carmen is shorter than him, with straight shoulder-length black hair that is always neatly combed but not always freshly washed. Both boys (yes, Carmen is a guy) are extremely pale and dress like the kid who plays Dungeons and Dragons in his basement all night, every night, and spends every weekend at the arcade. Because they ARE that kid.

Basic Personalities: Milo is a leader and Carmen is a follower. Carmen is much more clever than he seems, and actually has the best grades in his class, but you wouldn't think it to look at him. He defers to Milo's crazy (and often unethical) schemes after voicing his disapproval, which Milo roundly ignores. Milo is slightly sadistic, maybe even a little deranged, and knows it; he's smart, but his inability to concentrate in class or respect the authority of his teachers means Milo's always on the verge of academic probation. Carmen keeps him grounded and helps him with his schoolwork.

Brief Backstories: Despite the uneven power balance in their relationship, the two are the best of friends and are never seen without each other. Their parents are old school chums; Milo's are wealthier than Carmen's, but Milo's dad pulled some strings to get Carmen into Donovan Steeltoe Finishing Academy, a pricy place where Milo was being sent in hopes of calming him down, so that the boys need not be separated. Lately Milo has been somewhat jealous of Carmen's time because Carmen is sort-of-dating a quiet, studious girl named Lina who's in the vocal ensemble. Milo himself has despaired of ever getting a date with anyone.

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