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Name: Mona Candice Winston

Story of Origin: Tale of Yinimavia

Physical Appearance: medium blonde hair, medium blue eyes, is of medium height and medium weight. She's pretty, but in an average kind of way--with one exception: the birthmark in the hollow of her throat. It's mulberry-colored and is so distinct people have thought it is a tattoo: 2 swords crossing each other, each pointing up to the side. (There is a reason she has this birthmark...)

Basic Personality: On the outside, to people who don't know her, she seems really quiet and kind of spacey--like she's not really paying attention to what's going on. Her friends also think she's spacey but that she can be talkative sometimes and when she is she has a lot of random ideas to share. On the inside, she is more observant than people think, but does spend a lot of time daydreaming and coming up with all sorts of things. She's a dreamer, you know?

Brief Backstories: She was raised in New York by her 2 parents. She has an older brother and sister but they are grown and in college. Though she doesn't find out until later, she was born in another world (Yinimavia, to be exact), but people wanted to kill her because she was supposedly going to save the world so she was brought to earth until she turned 15, when she would be needed again.

6/25/2010 #31

Name: Izabelle Pouril

Story Title (with link if possible): Fighting the Norms

Brief Summary: Izabelle was the ninth of twelve children, and the seventh to the married. Soon, she realized that married life was not what she expected at all. When she sought her happiness by fighting against her parent's standards of being a women, Izabelle was abandoned by everyone she knew and loved…but for a disowned sister she barely remembered.

Physical Appearance: She's 17 years old with light blue eyes and wavy, dark brown hair. She is pretty but not distinctively so.

Basic Personality: She's rebellious on the inside but obedient on the outside. She's tired of her life and want a way out, but doesn't know how.

Brief Backstory: Her parents are conservative Christians and had expected women to always be sweet. She has 11 siblings, but she was only close to one of them. She grew closer to another one by the end of the story.

7/14/2010 #32

Name: Hiroki Yamazaki

Story Title: Alkaline Drop

Brief Summary: Eighteen year old Hiroki aspires to join the ranks of Tokyo's J-Rock gods. An unexpected series of events finds him selected as the new bassist for Gousenkyo, a popular band going through some turbulent times.

Physical Appearance: Lanky and average in height, Hiroki doesn't cut quite an impressive figure. With dark brown eyes and hair, he's quite the ordinary smalltown kid who thinks he knows better.

Basic Personality: Hopeful, eager and ambitious. For better or worse, the last trait defines him as an aspiring musician in a cut-throat industry.

Brief Backstory: Hiroki comes from a dysfunctional family. His parents are chronic drinkers who've spent much of their married life warring through exposive arguements. Needless to say, he thinks nothing of leaving them without a proper goodbye when the time comes.

9/20/2010 #33

Name: Charles Marc

Story Title (with link if possible): He doesn't have a story yet, right now I'm just trying to get a better grip on his character.

Brief Summary: No story, sadly no summary

Physical Appearance: Average height; well cut, sandy brown hair that always has a layer of dust on it from pulling books off the top shelves of dusty libraries; light green eyes, the beauty of which is often masked by his spectacles; and a light smattering of freckles just on the bridge of his nose.

Basic Personality: Was once a happy well adjusted child, but after his father died became a solemn young man with a chip on his shoulder. Very intellectual, want's to travel, to see the world and escape the dull existance of taking care of his father's estate. He is quiet and rarely smiles, although when he does it is like the sun appearing on a foggy day.

Brief Backstory: His father died when he was 17, his brother Ethan was 18 and although Ethan was the older one, Charles was saddled with the responsibility of taking over the estate. His whole life he has lived next door to the Mason family, their daughters Emily Mason and Margaret Mason Ethan and his closest friends. Regency period character

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Name: Serena Stubbs

Story Title (with link if possible): Morden

Physical Appearance: She's..ordinary looking, but kinda like a fractal, (in a none nerdy mathmatician way). The more you look at her the more you realise how intricately beautiful her features are. She has pale yellowy skin, long raven-black hair and deep green eyes.

Basic Personality: Quiet and introverted. Not many people have "scratched her surface" (I'm being very euphamism-y today!), but when you do, instead of finding her sweet, as you would think, you'd find her quite stickly and judgemental. She's quiet and observant but not in an intelligent way. She's been on her own most of her life in social situations and she's bitter because of this, so to make herself feel better she picks holes in other people's personalities, in their looks. She's fairly unpleasant, but you come to see why throughout the story.


3/3/2011 #35

Name: Persephone 'Seph' Beldam

Story Title (with link if possible): (She's not in one yet. I'm just putting her through to ease it)

Brief Summary: A young writer who has to write a book in under a year while juggling school, life and a job as a coloumnist without them crashing together.

Physical Appearance: Curly red hair that is just above her shoulders with ivory skin and blue eyes. She always looks like she's blushing. She is fourteen years old and 5'3. She is counted as one of the prettiest girls in school but her personality overshadows it.

Basic Personality: She is well-known as a weird person in school who, at first glance, is a brainless, ditzy and shallow person but is one of the top students in school and a very sweet and child-like personality. Though some find her annoying, she is a hardworker and tries to comfort people (even though she unintentional hurts them). She is those people you think are really insane but she knows what she's doing. She just likes having fun. She is a Perky Goth. She has very happy personality yet wears black, listens to rock and metal and a frequently speaks about death and macrabre.

Brief Backstory: The second child in a family of five, she was born to a happy, wealthy family. It is noted to many that she looks like her mother whom she thinks is overbearing and at times, emotionally abusive. She is a Daddy's Girl but uses it to her advantage when nessecary.

3/16/2011 #36

Name: Edward "Eddie" Eric Mitchel

Story Title: Cornered

Brief summary: a teen orphan who is always trying to be brave for him and his friends, but honestly has no clue how to complete his mission (in book)

Physical appearance: Jet black short and spiky hair, with a tan face and sliky carmel eyes. He is around 6 feet and 13 years old. Eddie is very muscular, however he doesn't really realize that. Many people think that he is good looking, but he doesn't thinks so because of his foster parents.

Basic Personality: He is known at school as a typical bad boy, because he always dresses in black jeans and is absent a lot, although he gets good grades. He had two best friends, both girls, with whom he shares all of is secrets, and with them he can be very sensitive. He is a very hardworker and is extremely good at mechanics, he even made him self a mini motor cycle. Eddie just likes the thirlls of life, and takes chances whenever he can. He is very brave amd courageous, but some things are just too much for him.

Brief Backstory: His parents died when he was only 2 years old, and he was dumped with his bad foster parents, who treat him like crap. By the age of five he was smart ebough to want to tell a social worker, but then he met his two best friends. He usually stays at their houses, and has become very grateful for everything he has.

3/26/2011 #37
Filly and Phips

Name: Avery Taylor

Story Title: Hands http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2885346/1/Hands (Although her name is never said)

Brief Summary: A starving artist, Avery is rarely seen without a bag of art supplies and a sketchbook. She lives in a small apartment with a bunch of friends, and is working toward one day owning her own coffee shop/art studio/music studio/stage.

Physical Appearance: Amber eyes, short stature, but a nice enough body. Her brown curly hair is cut short, and as often as she can she'll get a random color in her hair. She has two cartlige percings on her left ear and snake bites. No Tattoos (otherwise she couldn't get buried in a Jewish cemetary) but everything but her left arm tend to be covered in sharpie drawings.

3/29/2011 #38

Name: Aiyana Taylor/ penname: Artemis

Story Title: Artemis http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2908259/1/Artemis

Brief Summary: Coming out.. With a twist

Physical Apperance: African american descent. Short, built with Curves, with a capitol C. Short hair that flie around her head, and glasses too large for her face. Always wears an oversized jacket, giving the appearence that she's fat.

Basic Personality: Out there.. haa shes a great writer, and loves to make people. Hates conflict, which is why she's using the internet for her coming out story. A really good actress/ liar. Cuts, but only to keep smiling.

Brief backstory: She wants things. And the Internet is her way to get them.

5/22/2011 #39

Name: Lorraine Colburn (aka: Ira)

Story Title: Light Inside

Brief Summary: Lorraine, a girl that just wants to live in the pages of her fantasy novel, is forced to face reality and the darkness of the human soul.

Physical Appearance: She's a small girl, both in size and stature. Flat, light brown hair; round face with brown eyes and a small button nose. Generally always has a bit of a "flush" to her cheeks. She likes to wear over sized t-shirts with jeans or capris.

Basic Personality: Lorraine is a person that likes to keep to herself. She's actually quite anti-social. Whenever people are around, she starts writing in her notebook where she is the powerful warrior princess, Ira. She doesn't tolerate being bullied, but doesn't care for being talked about either. On the other hand, Lorraine is quite rude herself which probably doesn't help her make friends, but she distrusts just about everyone. To her, high school is just another boring phase in life.

Brief Backstory: At home, Lorraine endures a lot of mental abuse from her mother, Sunny. Sunny is slowly becoming an alcoholic due to the depression caused from her failing marriage and mildly autistic son, Thomas, whom needs constant supervision. To escape her mother's strange change in character over the years, Lorraine delved into a self created fantasy world and formed her more powerful, confident self, Ira.

5/24/2011 #40
A Fire Rose

Name:Gavin McCallister

Story Title (with link if possible):He is in a series of short stories.

Brief Summary:Part one is a collection of short stories that shows how Gavin starts farming, how he relates to his family, and his marriage. Part two is a collection of short stories that begins when he learns he is a father and how he grows into the role of single parenthood.

Physical Appearance:He grows to be about five feet, ten inches. He is just a little on the lean side, with light brown hair cut cleanly about halfway down his forehead and sky blue eyes. Generally wears jeans and a dirty white tee shirt.

Basic Personality:Although he has the tendency to be sarcastic as a teenager, Gavin is practical at heart. He appreciates the value of hard work, the cruciality of virtue, and enjoys the simple things in life. When he is in dire need of excitement, he may join a prank cultivated by his brothers Rearden and Liam, which he generally regrets later and vows to never do again.

Brief Backstory:Gavin is the sixth born of seven brothers. He is a farmer, and practical at heart. He is dyslexic and struggles with school. At the moment, he is sixteen -- but his stories progress into his adulthood. He marries an American woman at the age of twenty-four, and she leaves him a year later without realizing she is pregnant with twins. When they are eight, her kidneys begin to fail partially due to treatment of the leukemia she had as a child. Although her younger sister helps care for them now, she sends them to live with their father -- who never even knew they existed -- to ensure they get to know him.

9/25/2011 #41
Chocoholic Gone Healthy

Name: Simone Delacroix (pronounced de-la-qua), but know as L'ombre (the shadow in french)

Story Title (with link if possible): Err, title in the making, um I have a story, but no title, still searching (help wanted). And I haven't put up here yet.

Brief Summary: Simone is an expertly trained killer and spy. She is, as she likes to say, freelance. She is hired by the Government and by the big names on the black market, she gets off on being evil, but has her limits. The story follows her life and death, and all the troubles in between.

Physical Appearance: Blond hair, naturally frizzy and curly, but she has straightened it so much and puts a product in it that it falls perfectly flat down to her shoulders; Oval face, pale skin, full lips and blue eyes; hourglass figure, but not naturally, she has a slight eating disorder (it has improved over the years, really bad when she was younger); about 5' 4" high.

Basic Personality: She is serious and cold, and has a threatening air about her, letting people know she's not someone to mess with. She puts on good acts and has a vast array of different characters to use in different situation (the seductress; the tomboy; the roughian; the maid) She's serious about what she does. She has built up emotional walls and puts on an untouchable façade to hide whatever emotions might get in the way.

Brief Backstory: She came from a mostly good family, her father had made some "bad choices" in his past, and tried to keep his children from doing what he did. Simone felt her dad was limiting her and that played a part in her choice of career. She fell in love once, when she was around nineteen. She had to watch her boyfriend die from a tragic accident that she felt a bit responsible for. She studied martial arts as a kid and fencing when she got older, over her life she mastered the art of sneaking. She lives in a large, classy house with her accomplice, Michelle.

1/14/2013 #42
Marguerite Grimmett

Name: Kojoro

Story Title (with link if possible): the Disappearance

Brief Summary: Kitsune (devious fox spirit) with special supernatural powers. Not a Mary Sue character. Has a sister named Prim, six best friends, but most important one is Hikari.

Physical Appearance: Black, wavy hair. Gold eyes. A little taller than average, but not towering above her classmates. She's very healthy.

No basic personality, because I can't sum up everything in a few sentences. Read the story to understand her. ;D

Brief Backstory: Her parents are divorced. She is five hundred years old but looks fifteen.

That's about it...

2/18/2013 #43
Tall Glass of Lemonade

Name: Francesca "Frankie" Green

Story Title (with link if possible): Camp California, but I prefer to write stories longhand and post them when they're finished.

Brief Summary: 4 very different girls are accepted as counselors to Green Springs Summer Camp, a camp for "privileged" children in southern California. Each is looking for something different. Holly wants to get out of New York City and experience everything the world has to offer - good or bad. Charlie wants to forget about the childhood trauma that shattered her relationship with her twin. Frankie wants a summer away from her mother's constant reminders about how beautiful she would be if only she'd dab on a little makeup. And Rain... well, for Rain, it was either Green Springs or more rehab. A successful summer at Green Springs can mean a recommendation to the college of your choice. But with 30 teenagers living together for the next 2 months, is success as important as happiness?

Physical Appearance: She's 16. Dark hair and dark eyes. Spanish-Italian. Moderate height and weight. Fairly muscular.

Basic Personality: She's a people person. Athletic, smart, creative, outgoing, loyal. But also over-dramatic, nosy, spiteful, selfish and irresponsible.

Brief Backstory: Lives in Orange County, California. Has a mom, a dad, an older sister (18) and an older brother (21). Considers her Spaniard mother and sister beautiful and glamorous, but more takes after her Italian father's nerdy sensibilities. Closest with her big brother. Loves everything to do with the theater. One of the boys.

Name: Holly Shields

Story Title (with link if possible): Camp California

Physical Appearance: 16 years old. Long blonde hair and dark green eyes. Very fair skin. Norwegian, English and French descent. Thin to the point of looking frail.

Basic Personality: Observant, graceful, patient, trustworthy, optimistic. But also shy, clingy, over-enthusiastic, holds grudges and emotional.

Brief Backstory: Resides in New York City, NY. Has 3 younger brothers, one older one and divorced parents. Lives with her dad and visits her mom on weekends in New Jersey. A big ballet dancer and is supported in it by her male family. Resents her mom's often-selfish tendencies, but won't stand up for herself. Loves having a big family.

Name: Rain Wilson

Story Title (with link if possible): Camp California

Physical Appearance: Round black curls and sharp gray eyes. She is also 16. Russian descent. Very tall with a bit of a pear shape.

Basic Personality: Spontaneous, easy-going, honest, determined and lively. But also secretive, distrustful, impulsive, arrogant and sarcastic.

Brief Backstory: Lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Has a father and a mother and that's about it. Her parents are well-to-do and although she doesn't see it that way, Rain is the typical prep-school rebel. She's visited rehab a few times for alcoholism, even though she's not really an addict. Used to be a regular in school concerts. She's developed a propensity for scaling tall buildings, especially when she needs to get home. Works hard to keep up a tough exterior. Secretly enjoys One Direction. Was recently dumped by her boyfriend and is telling everyone that she dumped him.

Name: Charlotte "Charlie" Anderson

Story Title (with link if possible): Camp California

Physical Appearance: 16 years old. Blonde hair in a choppy pixie cut and expressive blue eyes. Of English and Native American heritage. Slightly chubby but long limbs.

Basic Personality: Fun-loving, focused, sweet, motherly and wise. But also overbearing, vindictive, moody, cynical and a bit of a know-it-all.

Brief Backstory: Lives in Oakland, Maine. Has a father and a twin sister, Lucy. Lost her mother in a shooting when she was eleven and Lucy has never forgiven her for not doing anything. As such, the sisters' relationship is strained, for lack of a better word. Her father is a simple man, a single father burdened with the weight of raising two daughters without a female influence. Charlie admires him immensely for doing as well as he has. Was a dancer before The Incident and has since taken up photography. Is an excellent student and deciding between universities at the moment.

3/1/2013 #44
Jett Maddox

Name: Spade Hawkins

Story Title: None yet but will show up in A Deck of Cards, a story I plan on writing.

Appearance: Short, spiked black hair and blue eyes; 19 years old; vaguely toned body (not noticeable until up close) Height: 5'7" (1.7m) Weight: 120lbs. (54.4kg)

Brief Summary: Short, spiked black hair and blue eyes; 19 years old; vaguely toned body (not noticeable until up close)

Basic Personality: Untrusting and crude to everybody ; may seem selfish and thick-headed because of past incidents

Brief Backstory: Born to Tyson Hawkins and Lily Valkyrie he was immediately given up to social services due to Lily being unwilling to care for him and not ready to care for a newborn. She did allow him to visit her every once in a while if he desired but she never fulfilled the role of 'mother' in his eyes. Spending half of his life in the orphanage, Spade was often taken to different foster homes and tended to but he never fit in with any of their families. He was an outcast among the children at the orphanage, never really interested in playing with any of the other children. He always had his head in the books, studying the ancient civilizations. He is a smart, intelligent man but due to his excessive lack of social interactions, he may at first come off as a jerk.

3/6/2013 . Edited 3/6/2013 #45

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Name: Elaine Hawthorne

Story Title: Dynasty (I'm a new member so I can't upload my story until tomorrow)

Brief Summary: *warning, crappy summarization* She's a sixteen-year-old girl that lives in San Francisco almost a century into the future. Her own country ships her to Singapore and away from her mother and little brother who are living in a dangerous place. She's forced to work as a slave on a cruise ship along with many people in her position, including being forced into prostitution. With the help of other workers. they fight to destroy the "global dynasty" that's left the rich living in luxury and the poor as slaves, that's killed and torn families apart. Of course, it all comes with sacrifices, some they may not have the right to make.

Physical Appearance: She's of Asian descent, but has a darker skin color (more south Asian). Her facial bone structure is slight. She's 5'4" and 120 lb, so she's slender but sturdy. Her nose curves downwards slightly and her lips are small and plump. Her hair's jet black and wavy. She has a small sword tattoo wrapping around her left ring finger. Hair and skin-color wise, you could compare her to Shay Mitchell.

Basic Personality: She's a little flighty and is a free spirit. Sometimes she can be too optimistic. She's open, speaks her mind freely, and very charming, but she's too headstrong sometimes and doesn't like when people mess up. You could consider her unforgiving. She also cannot admit that she's wrong. In general, she's a very passionate person who's always willing to take a chance even if it's impractical. You can never break her spirit, and that's truly the only thing that makes her survive and persist in the novel.

Brief Backstory: Her father has never been around, but her mother's always been capable of keeping her and her brother comfortable. She had a very regular life in general, but beginning in her teens, the country began to struggle and so did they. Her mother became emotionally unstable due to a mental illness, so the last few years before her deportation were mostly revolved around her and her brother Johnny.

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