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Well, on the one hand, at least the chicks are friendly.

Now if it wasn't for this one problem.

Hiroki clears his throat theatrically, hoping to disguise that teensy tiny itty bitty insignificant drop of nervousness. He's rehearsed this before, at the airport, in the event of any emergency.

"No Engrish."

9/23/2010 #331

Eva stares, open-mouthed, for just a split second; the revelation has thrown off her game. But she recovers almost immediately. After all, wasn't love - or its peripheries, at least - the ultimate language?

"None at all, huh?" She grins and taps her chest to indicate herself... though she is careful to tap herself just above her cleavage. Just in case he hadn't noticed her slightly-too-small cheerleading attire, after all. "No Japanese!"

9/23/2010 #332

Ah-ha! Finally, something he understands. And judging by her size... nope, not Japanese at all. How delightful an upgrade.

Fixing what he hopes is a pair of his best puppy-dog eyes and awkward smile, he holds a hand out in greeting.

9/23/2010 #333

Eva grins. Awesome. Foreign or not, this guy reacting exactly how she wants. She takes his hand and says cheerfully but slowly, hoping the kid knows at least the very basics of English, "My name is Eva. What is your name?"

9/26/2010 #334

Eeh... Vah? Like the anime?

"You... like..." Hiroki struggles, rolling the l's with effort. "Roboto?"

9/27/2010 #335


setting: Cowboys, a teen club.

Aiyana sat akwardly at the booth, wondering how in the hell Emma had talked her into coming. For the millionth time, she twisted the belt that was holding her dress togheter, nervoulsy glad to have somethign to do with her hands besides hold an empty soda can. Emma was out on the dance floor, having the time of her life, with bouncing hip-hop music steady blaring out the speakers. Aiyana watched as Emma danced, secretly seething with jealosly. But no, not of Emma. Of the guy grinding behind her.

5/22/2011 #336

This was definitely not her scene.

Lorraine stabbed at her plastic cup of ice moodily. The music was so loud that she could actually feel it vibrating up through the bar stool she was sitting on and pulsating in her stomach. Not to mention the different colored lights flashing every which way, and the teen bodies grinding on each other, and the annoying packs of girls that kept coming up to the drink stand and then not leaving while they screamed into each others ears the Daily Gossip.

This was all Cassidy's idea. She shouldn't have let the other girl drag her out to the club. The club! Of all the places Lorraine wanted to be seen in by her fellow classmates... Now Cassidy had disappeared somewhere into that sea of bodily fluids and flesh and Lorraine was by herself. No notebook, no one to bug to take her home, and no clue what to do next.

5/24/2011 #337

George walked through the doors of the club, taking in the upbeat music. He grinned. This is where he belonged, the one place of fun. George pushed past the girls at the drink stand. He ordered a beer. Becoming drunk from the first bottle, George yelled and threw him self on to the dance floor. He had then ordered another beer, ending up puking on a girl sitting on a bar stool. George then began drinking from the beer bottle more.

11/10/2012 #338

I just realized that, the last post was in 2011, so kudos to me for replying to a comment from then ;)

11/10/2012 #339

NEW ACT: Mall in small town. The damaged roof is gonna collapse at 2:20 PM (in the DP) After the roof collapses, you have 20 days to rescue the people trapped beneath the rubble. If you don't save them, the victims will die!


Greg exited Zellers, walking past many people. He got to the escalator. He noted that the escalator was unstable and the roof was leaking water. He finished his inspection of the mall and gave his report to the owner. The owner did not take action. When tenants asked about the roof and the escalators problems he said that its was fine because the inspector said that the roof was perfect.


This DP will take place 1 week after these events, so you have a basic idea of the DP. Have fun!

11/10/2012 #340
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