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The Last Muse

"It's just water. Do you think it's going to hurt me?" She stands up in the water, glowering at no one in particular. "I'm not sure about you though..."

She stands there, looking at Kris expectantly.

3/6/2009 #31
Nicki BluIs

Kris furrows his eyebrows. "You're not sure whether... water would hurt me?" he asks quizzically. "Oh!" he says realizing her meaning. "Oh, you mean whether I would hurt you! No, no I'm just here to help out if you need it. Get you a cup of coffee if you need it. Get you out of the pond for starters..."

3/7/2009 #32
The Last Muse

"Oh?" She raises an eyebrow.

"How do you like your coffee?" she ignores his outstretched hand and climbs out of the water herself. "And thanks, but no thanks. I can get out myself."

She shivers in the slight breeze and turns her back to Kris. "The way you take your coffee dictates your personality. So no pressure."

3/7/2009 #33
Nicki BluIs

He knows it's a trick question, a bogus question. But still he tries to think of the right answer. "Well, usually I take my coffee black and grab a couple Splenda packets from the counter." He thinks some more. "I just add the sugar as I go along, I guess..."

Kris offers the girl his jacket. "How 'bout you?" He smiles. "You seem like the double latte with a shot of espresso type."

3/7/2009 #34
The Last Muse

She stares at him, wondering what he thinks of her. "I prefer green tea, thanks. Gimme a nice cup of chai over a joe anyday and I'll be happy. Thanks for the help though...?"

She stares at him again, wondering if she ever encountered him in a past life. "You look a little familiar... Have we met before?"

3/9/2009 #35
Nicki BluIs

Kris shrugs. "It's a big city. I get around. Who knows? Maybe we have."

He checks his watch. "I still have an hour to kill and you're still shivering. Do you want to get that tea?"

3/9/2009 #36
The Last Muse

She cocks her head to the side and ponders. "You can pick the place. I'll pay. You did attempt to rescue me after all."

She starts to jog away, turning around quickly to check if he was following her. She sees someone sneaking up behind him and starts to call out when she trips on a branch.

((In other news, I think it would be more interesting with more than two people O_O))

3/9/2009 #37
Nicki BluIs

((Tell me about it. *glares at the people in the Intro who have yet to post* I might throw a monkey wrench in here soon to make things a bit more interesting.))

((New Act Character - Carl: animal rights activist))

Carl slinks behind the shadows until he reaches the man. He was right. The jacket was leather. As the man cries out to warn the gilr of the branch, Carl pounces.

"Cow killer! Wear your own skin!"

3/9/2009 . Edited 3/9/2009 #38
The Last Muse

((haha that's new!))

Maddi picks herself up off the ground and runs back, a little scared. "What are you doing?!?"

She latches on to the attacker and the trio fall to the ground.

3/9/2009 #39
Nicki BluIs

Kris struggles to get out from the bottom of the dogpile.

"What the hell, is the matter with you man!" he yells at his assailant. He helps the girl up and tries to regain his compsure.


Carl jumps up and waves his pamphlet in their faces. "This is what the poor animal had to go throughto make you precious coat, man! This is the torture they endure every day, dude. And you -" He turns to the girl. "I saw you trying to destroy that duck habitat! What if someone ran into your home decided to splash around?"

A crowd gathers and Carl is all to happy to speak for an audience.

3/9/2009 #40
Mrs. Tina Marina Strikes Back

((whoops. My bad... I thought each act was supposed to have only two people. :P))

Nanette, dropping her pamphlet to the ground, lifts a hand to the Carl. "I don't see any reason to argue so loudly in a public park," she says, a haughty expression on her face. "There are more appropriate avenues for your little... presentation."

3/10/2009 #41
Nicki BluIs

((Nope! The more the merrier :P))

Kris turns to the arrogant woman. "No one's arguing. I just want to know why this nutcase thinks it's okay to tackle random people." Kris notices the panphlet she dropped and picks it up.

"The Animal Liberation Front? So, this guy's a friend of yours?"

3/10/2009 #42
Mrs. Tina Marina Strikes Back

Nanette snorts a laugh, pulling out a crumpled package of cigarettes. "I was accosted earlier," she says bitingly. "Can't say I'll take anything seriously with the acronym ALF. Sounds like the name of my friend's grandfather."

She offers him the pack. "You want one?"

3/10/2009 #43
The Last Muse

Maddi stares at the woman. "Cigarettes are very bad for you. If you want to kill yourself slowly, why not do it in a more enjoyable way? Like take heroin!"

She walks up to the woman and gently pulls the pack out of her hand, smiling sweetly at her all the while.

3/10/2009 #44
Mrs. Tina Marina Strikes Back

Nanette, face unchanged, snatches the pack back. "Thanks, but I think I'll take a chance or two." Her tone becomes dry. "Living dangerously, right?"

With an eye on Maddi, she lights the cigarette, shoulders slumped.

3/11/2009 #45
Nicki BluIs

Kris' eyes go wide. He can sense another spectacle coming.

"As much as I'd love to stay and chat, I have some where to be. You ladies have nice day."

He turns on his heels and walks back towards his office building.

((Writing Kris out because I'll be away for a while. Carl can still be used by anyone to further the plot. But when using Carl, do not double post (post back to back). Either wait for someone to else toget a chance to post or write both charcters in one post (see post #40). If y'all have any questions please ask and defer to Kylie (Kyllorac, the Head Mod). Have fun! I expect this place to have like a bajillion post by the time I get back! :P ))

3/11/2009 . Edited 3/11/2009 #46
Mrs. Tina Marina Strikes Back

Nanette replaces her cigarettes in her small black purse. "Have you seen a short guy around, by any chance? Sunglasses? You probably would have told him he was killing himself, too -- guy smokes like a freakin' pipe." She smiles at Maddie, though the gesture doesn't reach her eyes.

3/12/2009 #47
The Last Muse

Madison gives her a blank stare, a little taken aback. "I've seen a lot of people around the park. I was just saying that it's more fun to kill yourself by doing something fun."

She gestures in Kris's direction. "He owes me a cup of tea. Do you want to get some tea with me?"

3/15/2009 #48
Mrs. Tina Marina Strikes Back

Nanette gives the park one last look, then turns back to Maddie. "Tea sounds good to me," she says. "I hate Starbucks, though. All that false uniqueness -- we should go to this other place on Broad Street."

3/16/2009 #49
Nicki BluIs

(( I don't know about you guys but I think this is going no where fast. So I'm killing it.))


3/19/2009 #50
Nicki BluIs


Black Friday


The setting is WalMart on the day after Thanksgiving (beginning of the Christmas shopping season). It is packed with people. There is a bomb in the building.

Additional Rules

1. Since y'all ain't following it anyway, I'm suspending the at least one post per day rule. This Act will (hopefully) have other incentives for participation.

2. This Act will close exactly 7 days from the date the first person enters, [March 30th, 2009, 1:12 pm FP Time]. At that time, if the bomb is not found, diffused, or otherwise eliminated, everyone in the building will die.

3. If you try to escape it has to be logical and plausible. Deux ex Machinas will not be tolerated.

Act Characters (can be used by any one as long as you don't contradict each other)

Intercom Voice


3/19/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #51
Raine Skye

((I just remembered something really important. My character's Scarlet and Azure speak telephaticlly with only each other. It's part of their twin bond thing...))

"Why are we here?" Scarlet asked her twin. Her boots clicked underneath her feet as she trailed slightly behind her sister.

Glancing back at her glaring twin, Azure answered, "We need some clothes that fit. Don't worry we won't be here long."

Just as the two reached the womans' clothes, the intercom rustled before a distressed male voice spoke, "Everyone please head to the exist closest to you...We are closed. Um, thanks for coming to Walmart."

"What?" Azure muttered, scanning the crowd of people around them for a reaction. Echos of panicking voices reached her ears.

After only a few seconds of trying to interpret the mummers, Scarlet grabbed her sister's wrist, leading them away from the crowd of people. "They're locked. We're trapped with the bomb."

Azure's jaw set. Why here?

((Is this how we're supposed to post? If so, it's pretty much rping.))

3/23/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #52
Nicki BluIs

((... Yeah that's kinda important. To be fair I can't allow it. They can have special looks or feelings or whatever but out right telepathy is too much. If you can I would really appreciate it if they talked out loud. And yes, this is basically RPing expect with characters from your story.))

"You do realize the same sales will be here tomorrow, right?" Kris grumbled. His older sister's angry response was audible even though he held the phone at arms' length.

There was a crackling on the intercom and a buzz of activity in response but amid the tumult of people Kris had a hard time processing.

"Listen, Karen - Kar -Karen! I have to go, I'll call you back, bye."

The rush of people running for the exits was worse than the rush entering that same morning. Kris elbowed his way through the crowd, looking for answers.

"Hey!" Kris made his way to two girls standing apart from the crowd. "Hey do you know what's going - "

"Um about those exists," the voice on the intercom interrupted. "I seems that they're um... locked. But, uh, don't panic! The SWAT team will be here soon to deal with the bomb - I mean the situation! SWAT will deal the situation."

3/23/2009 #53
Engineer of Words

The intercom crackled, and a partially intelligible voice stated "Um about those exists, it seems that they're um... locked. But, uh, don't panic! The SWAT team will be here soon to deal with the bomb - I mean the situation! SWAT will deal the situation."

Cliff groaned, shoving his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket as he paced up and down an aisle in the office supply section.

"Goddamn it, I come here to get pens and cigarettes, and get a free fuckin' terrorist attack."

He leaned against an adjacent pole and watched with detached curiosity as people panicked and called their loved ones.

"Fuckin' hate Black Friday."

3/23/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #54
Nicki BluIs

"Shit," Kris muttered. He whipped out his cell to call his fiancee. The phone rang and rang and rang until he got frustrated and hit redial. The same thing happened. He looked around to find people struggling with uncooperative cell phones of their own. Something was interrerring with the signals. There was no way to sned or recieve data. They were on their own.


The whirring of the helicopters was like a swarm of wasps poised to attack an intruder. The SWAT team had the perimeter secure and was awaiting orders of their next course of action. This was their biggest operation to date: thousands held hostage and they still had no idea who the mastermind was or what he wanted.

"Every one remain calm!" the SWAT commander shouted throw the loud speaker. "The situation is being assessed and we will have everyone one out of the building quickly and safely."

The intercom crackled once more. The voice was dark and ominous this time. "No. The situation is in my control. And no one is safe."

((edited march 27))

3/24/2009 . Edited 3/27/2009 #55
Nicki BluIs

((This Act will close iin ONE HOUR! Hurry up and save yourselves....))

3/30/2009 . Edited 3/30/2009 #56
Nicki BluIs

((Countdown begins...))

Kris' blood chilled. It was so senseless. He'd had plans… hopes, dream, ambitions! All gone. What did they want! What could anyone want that justify putting others at risk. Why was this happening to him? What had he done? What could he do?

He stared at his surrounding, tears distorting his sight. There was hysteria and confusion everywhere. People were sobbing and yelling, fighting with each other rather than fighting for their lives. Kris' eyes fell on a skittish pair of girls. Sister - twins maybe. The same girls huddled together earlier. Against another wall was shady looking man blowing smoke rings. No need to mind the no smoking sign in a hostage situation, right?

3/30/2009 #57
Engineer of Words

The finality of it all seemed fitting. If he believed in karma or anything of the sort, it would have been even more so. But one question nagged at Cliff's psyche.

"Of all the places to die, why Wal-Mart?"

3/30/2009 #58
Nicki BluIs

The intercom crackled for what would be the last time.

"I'm sorry it had to be this way," the voice said with cruel indifference. "If it were up to me none of this would have happened. But they forced my hand. Wal-Mart, the government, the entire consumerist system is at fault!" There was pregnant pause. "But at the root, is you.

"You are the ones who fuel the greed, the corruption, the injustice! " There was a whine of feedback interference; the entire store seemed to being holding its collective breath. They listened as the speaker struggled, sputtered and swore. They was a loud bang and then silence.

"You see?" The intercom roared. "It's shit like this that pisses me off! Every time I think you've learned, every time I think you'll get better, you disappoint me! You - each and every one of you - destroyed me! Well now I'm destroying you back."

And it was done.


"Turn the cameras off! This is a police operation!" The SWAT commander shouted and yelled at the media to no avail. Already three news vans were gathered at the scene each giving their viewers "live exclusive coverage" of the standoff. They clamored about with questions, comments, and general intrusiveness. They went out of their way to sensationalize an already sensational event. "Opportunistic bastards," the commander muttered. There were lives at stake and he'd be damned if he let those leeches distract him.

"Alright, men," he said in to the two way radio. "We've wasted enough time already. Negotiation is moot. Move in."

He watch as the various units placed around the building headed for the weakest entry points. Even so they had to force entry. They were so slow. What the hell was taking them so long? The commander glanced at his watch for the billionth time tonight. His knees were shaking. No. That was the ground.

"FALL BACK!" he screamed forgetting the walkies. "All units, fall back! God dammit, get out of there!"

But they never did.


Kris was running. He ran and ran opening every door he could find. That voice had to becoming form somewhere. He kicked open another door and saw him: a gaunt man with greasy hair sporting a blue vest with that trademark happy face. He was talking into the intercom about greed and corruption. Without thinking, Kris lunged at him. He punched him twice, in the jaw and the gut. The man fell to the ground cursing and yelling.

Kris scanned the room for something, anything, that looked like a detonator. He didn't even know what bomb paraphernalia looked like…

"Fine, asshole." Kris wheeled around to see the man facing him. "You die first."

Kris' mouth filled with blood as the gunshots hit him. He legs gave out and he crumpled to the ground. Everything was going black…

"You see?" The man stepped over Kris' body to grab the intercom mic. "It's shit like this that pisses me off…



3/31/2009 #59
Nicki BluIs


3/31/2009 #60
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