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Nicki BluIs

"My feet hurt," Meagan whined. They'd been walkng for 10, maybe 15 minutes yet her patience was already wearing thin. "I'm not one to complain," she complained, "but when is this gonna get fun?"

4/6/2009 #91
Melancholic Marionette

"Sounds like complaining to me," Demi muttered smugly, then, as though he had a sudden epiphany, he dashed forward and hopped up on a decaying tree stump. "A ha!"

Looking around, one would notice that there was nothing around to single out this clearing from the rest of the forest. But Demi seemed to get a vibe from this particular spot, and entirely aware that Meagan may think that he was crazy about now.

"Wait for it..." He scanned the area, seeing a whole truckload of interesting things. Toadstools, bushes and plants that he couldn't identify even if he had his nature books with him, and leaflitter that was probably hiding some more stuff.

Like slugs or snakes, but he decided not to tell Meagan about that.

"You feeling the vibe yet?"

4/6/2009 #92
Nicki BluIs

"Umm..." Meagan sheiled her eyes from the sun and looked around. "It just looks like a random feild to me..." She tried to concentrate so as to not disappoint him. "Wait! I think I feel something!" The was a tingling that began at her toes. She closed her eyes and smiled. "It's like Mother Nature is tickling me!" The tickle was moving up from her toes to her ankle and her thigh. It almost felt real... To reassure herself, Meagan looked down. Her smile fell like a ton of bricks.

"Omigawd! Get 'em off, get 'em off!" She kicked off her flip flops and slapped at her legs but ants kept spillin out of the hole at her feet.

4/6/2009 #93
Melancholic Marionette

Thinking rather rashly, Demi made the decision to grab her and attempt to lift her onto the stump that he currently stood on. It was just like that one story he read, only he wasn't a knight and she wasn't a princess. And there was no castle, or giant turkey legs like at the Renaissance Fair. He shook his head, trying not to space out this time.

"You're lighter than you look," he told her with an absent-minded tone. "Do you ever eat?"

4/6/2009 #94
Nicki BluIs

Meagan clutched onto Demi, trying to steady her nerves and stay on the stump. He was such a great guy! Saving her from the ants, calling her skinny... Well he hadn't exactly sadi skinny, she thought to herself. 'Lighter than you look' had been his words... Who says that? And did that mean... OMG do I look fat?!

Meagan glared at him now and turned in a huff. "Thanks for saving my life. I think I'll lead the way from now on." She walked off in no particular direction, too upset to admit she had no idea where she was going.

4/6/2009 #95
Melancholic Marionette

Demi frowned. Somehow, whenever he thought he had made a friend, he wound up saying something that ticked them off.

He followed Meagan silently, wringing his hands until he decided to speak.

"Did I make you mad?" He asked nervously, "I didn't mean to if I did..." He trailed off and continued to follow her.

((I'll have to be getting off soon, what with me being an early riser. ^^;))

4/6/2009 . Edited 4/6/2009 #96
Nicki BluIs

((That's fine we shall pick up again tommorrow.))

"It's fine, forget it," she mumbled. She stopped in her tracks and unclenced her fists. "I used to do gymnastics, okay. I kinda eat alot but not like, ridiculously so..." Meagan ran a shaking fingers through her hair. "It's all muscle. I'm not fat."

4/6/2009 #97
Melancholic Marionette

"When did I say you were...?" Demi had to think for a bit before he remembered. His eyes widened when he said, "wait, no! I was just making a comparison, you know?"

When he realized that was ridiculously vague, he added, "I meant that I have this cousin about your size, you know? But when I tried to pick her up once, I couldn't do it, so what I was saying is that you got, like, almost the same body but you're lighter, y'know?" There was only one part of the story he was making up: he hadn't tried to lift his cousin, she stepped on him when he was watching TV on the floor. A lot of people thought he was fragile because he was fairly small for his age, and he didn't want anyone to guess that it was true.

4/7/2009 #98
Nicki BluIs

Meagan frowned. Implying she was fat wasn't something she took lightly. But hs apology did seem earnest.

"Fine," she said. "But I'm still eading the way. This place is huge; there's gotta be some pretty meadows and brooks somewhere... like in Tuck Everlasting? Or at least some cute animals like in Narnia..."

Damn, she thought. I must sound like the biggest geek ever...

4/7/2009 #99
Melancholic Marionette

Demi took off his hat in order to bow rather dramatically, "as you wish, lady."

As he heard her speaking, he mused aloud. "Or maybe it's the forbidden forest, like in Harry Potter, and centaurs with come and kidnap us." He said absently.

"Or giant, man-eating spiders," he added, then looked at Meagan and shrugged, "ya never know."

4/7/2009 #100
Nicki BluIs

"Or unicorns!" Meagan laughed. "How awesome would that be?" she said, picking a blue flower and twirling it between her thumb and forefinger. "I used to read that stuff all the time when I was a kid."

4/7/2009 #101
Melancholic Marionette

"What, you mean you're not a kid now?" Demi asked curiously as he tilted his head slightly, staring at her with that innocent, wide eyed gaze that adorned his features nearly all the time. "Going exploring with a kid like me isn't something an adult would do."

4/7/2009 #102
Nicki BluIs

"Well no." Meagan felt her cheeks turn red. "But I have, like, responsibilities now, you know? I have people counting on me. The yearbook committee would be in shambles without me." She avoided his piercing stare and tried to stand a bit taller. "Oh! And my brother said he'd teach me how to drive this summer! That's not childish at all!" Meagan had picked a dozen or so flowers now and was working them into crown.

4/7/2009 #103
Melancholic Marionette

Just thinking about doing all of those things made Demi's stomach flip with anxiety. He sat down and shook his head, his smile faltering a bit, "and none of that...none of that stuff stresses you out? A-at all...?" He trailed off and looked away. He shouldn't ask such stupid questions. "Never mind."

4/7/2009 #104
Nicki BluIs

"No, it's okay." Meagan sat on the ground next to him and perched the wreath on her head. She picked at the green grass now twisting itit this way and that.

"It does a little," Meagan admitted without looking up. "But the feeling you get when you succeed makes all the worry and and stress worth it. Like..." She fumbled, trying to find the right words to make him smile again. "It makes me feel important..." She shook off the heaviness of the talk and held up her new creation for him to see. It was a wreath, much like hers, but of braided grass.

"If you take off your hat you can wear it and we'll match!"

4/8/2009 #105
Melancholic Marionette

Demi offered a weak smile and did so. He usually didn't care to take off his hats, but this was an exception as the wreath was enough of a hat to satisfy him.

He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again. He thought about that feeling Meagan had spoken of, the one you get when you succeed, but he wouldn't understand that. He'd never really tried, convincing himself that even of he did succeed at something, it still wouldn't be worth it. He would end up the same as all of the adults he knew, and that was no sort of life.

"What if..." He began to speak, and thought about stopping himself but shook his head, "what if -- for some people -- the stress...isn't worth it?

4/8/2009 #106
Nicki BluIs

Meaghan sighed. The sky was beautiful and she didn't feel like talk about this anymore. On the other hand, she was more than happy to help Demi if hse could.

"My mom says everything is stressful. An that if your not stressed you not working hard enough. But my dad says to just do what feels right. So if the stress isn't worth it then so be it; do what makes you happy." She stared at the ground with sad eyes. "And then my mom would say, 'That's just what an unemployed bum would say!' And Dad would say, 'Self-employed, Myrna, I'm self-employed!'"

Meagan dug her toes into the soft earth. "They're both wrong though... or maybe they're both right. I just think that if you have to be stressed out anyway, why not be stressed out about somehing you love?"

4/8/2009 #107
Melancholic Marionette

Demi sighed and shook his head. He didn't give Meagan an answer, but he forced himself to leave the subject alone. It made him feel queasy.

He picked up a rock absently and stared at it, then his eyes glinted with a revelation.

"Hey, see this rock? How smooth it is?" He asked Meagan suddenly, switching moods so quickly he could have given the girl whiplash. "Only water could have made it like that, huh? But the river doesn't flow over here, so there must be some other kind of water, right?" He was aware he shouldn't just assume, but he didn't want to just sit around anymore. It would be less stressful if he could do something else.

4/8/2009 #108
Nicki BluIs

"Um, right!" Meagan knew next to nothing about rocks but wasn't about to tell him that. She tried to think of another source of water. "An ocean? Do you think there minght be an ocean around here?"

4/8/2009 #109
Melancholic Marionette

Demi paused, "I's thinkin' something a little smaller." He snickered, then grinned, "but you're a thinker, I like that."

He fiddled with the rock, tossing it up and down and such while he thought. "Bet you there's a pond, though. I think I heard a frog earlier."

4/8/2009 #110
Nicki BluIs

Meagan jumped to her feet, itching to get moving again. "Then let's go!" She started ahead, then doubled back when she remembered her lack of internal compass. "Why don't you lead the way this time? You can't always be a follower after all."

4/8/2009 #111
Melancholic Marionette

Demi stood up, grabbing his cap and sticking it in his pocket. He liked leading the way, and despite the fact that he hadn't any idea where he was going, he was determined to find somewhere fun to hang out.

"I think it's--" As soon as he turned his head to explain what he thought they should do, he realized he should have stopped walking before doing so. When he faced forward again, said face collided with a large tree.

"Idiot!" He yelled to himself as he rubbed his nose. He turned back to Meagan, "there's a tree there!"

Standing up, he dusted off his clothes, blushing. "Which I...of course, knew about the whole time...."

4/8/2009 #112
Nicki BluIs

She really needed to stop laughing at him. What if he thought she was rude? But he ran right into the tree! How could he have missed it?!

"Thanks for warning me! I'll do my best to be careful!" Meagan walked in a large arc around the tree and feinted relief when she got past it safely. "That was a close one," she said and collapsed into a fit of giggles.

4/8/2009 #113
Melancholic Marionette

"Yes, go ahead. Laugh while I bleed." Demi knew that he wasn't actually bleeding, his nose was just a little scraped up. But still, she had some nerve. And so he sat there, pretending to be unable to get up. After a few minutes, though, he knew Meagan wasn't buying it.

He stood up and opened his mouth to speak when he saw it. "Hey, look!" He pointed to a spot about half a mile agead. He could tell it was water, it was reflecting the sun slightly.

"And we have found adventure, thanks to Sir Demitri O'Malley's fantastic sense of direction." He bowed with exaggerrated grace and 'hmph'd. "You're welcome."

4/8/2009 #114
Nicki BluIs

"I never doubted your awesomeness, my good sir!" She curtsied as best as she could, which was very good at all. "Shall we, erm maketh haste to, erm yonder... pondeth?" Meagan's Olde Eglishe was rusty but it was all in the attitude. So with her head high she gave the air of being a lady; or at least a jester in the lady's court.

4/8/2009 #115
Melancholic Marionette

Demi snickered, not bothering to hide it. "Yes, let us...goeth to-eth..." After those words, Demi was lost. "Let's talk normal again, first of all."

As they wandered closer to that pond, the ground became wet and marshy beneath their feet and it stuck to their shoes. Demi was lucky he'd chosen boots over sneakers this morning. When they were a good yard away from the pond, Demi could definitely hear frogs croaking loudly. He smiled. This sort of stuff was so cool.

4/8/2009 . Edited 4/8/2009 #116
Nicki BluIs

"Eeeeewwww." Meagan's flip flops squelched in the mud. The croaking of the frogs and the chirping of the crickets would be beautiful if those icky brown stalk thingys didn't keep swatting her.

The air was damp and dragonflies hovered nearby. "Gross, gross, gross," she muttered under her breath. Nobody back home would ever beleive that preppy Meagan Duran had walked through a swamp...

((I'm going to bed now! Last day of school tomorrow (not counting exams)!! G'Night!))

4/8/2009 #117
Melancholic Marionette

((G'night! One last post for me...))

"Gross?" Demi pouted, "you oughta be thankful. I bet if you were with your class you'd be picking up styrofoam cups and used napkins."

He looked down at her feet, her flimsy flip-flops, and something else.

"There's a frog on your foot." He said casually.

4/8/2009 #118
Nicki BluIs

She didn't scream. Oh no she was much to terrified to scream. Weren't some frogs poisonous? Meagan looked down and saw a large gorteseque monstrosity sitting squarely on her foot. It croaked indifferently.

Her bottom lip quivered and she looked at Demi with panic in her eyes. "Help me," she mouthed.

4/9/2009 #119
Melancholic Marionette

((I'm afraid I can't be on too much today. Some family issues going on.))

"Oh come on," Demi grinned. Regardless, he lifted the frog off of her foot easily. "It's just a little guy, see?" He held it up to her eye level, and the small frog croaked once more.

"I think he likes you."

4/9/2009 #120
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