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Nicki BluIs

Hazel could barely stop the gag reflex. The bank guy (what did he say his name was? Carl?) had answered what seemed to be an important phone call and she was left listening to a heavyset man slobber and moan over a sandwich. THe smell of vinegar and onions was making her stomanch turn. There was a soft plop and Hazel turned just in time to see the man lick a glob of mayonaisse of off his tie.

"For chrissake! Can I get you a napkin, Sir? Or a bib maybe?"

6/28/2009 #151
The Perfect Soldier

Oblivious to the hint (or was it more?) of sarcasm in her voice, Tony looked at a woman seated behind him.

"No thanks, I've got a few in my bag, but it's on the floor."

Readjusting himself in his seat, he noticed that the oil/vinegar/mayo tincture had started to drop down his right thumb. Shifting the sandwich back to his other hand (The one closest to Hazel) he proceeded to stick his thumb in his mouth and slowly suck on it til it popped out with an audible "SMACK!" He stopped for a moment then looked around at his surroundings. Half turning towards the woman again Is she still looking at me? Maybe she finds me attractive? he asked her, in the most suave tone he could muster

"'Scuze me, do you know where I can buy a drink?"

6/28/2009 #152
Nicki BluIs

She was staring. She knew she was doing it and tried to shake herself out of it but he was like a train wreck. What a repulsive person! There he was jut chomping away without a casre in the entire world! Just chewing away like the flight was 26 minutes late. Sucking his thumb as if that gross mayo spread was the most amazing thing in the world. Despite herself, her lips began to curl into a snarl.

"'Scuze me, do you know where I can buy a drink?"

"Huh? Oh - uh..." She hadnt expecte the thing to speak... Hazel scanned the waiting area and rgained her composure. "There's a Coca-Cola machine over by Gate 9. And a restroom too. So you can wash up."

Yeah, that last bit was rude. But she was tired and hungry and being rude to oe stranger couldn't tip the scales of karma that drastically...

6/28/2009 #153
The Perfect Soldier

Deciding that it would be rude to eat while she herself had nothing And i'm nothing if not a perfect gentleman to the ladies.... well the ones who are talking to me anyway. Anthony began to wrap his sandwich back up in the foil. Once that was done, he wiped the sides of his mouth off with the back of his hand. Slowly, oh so slowly, getting to his feet, he turned around and looked at the attractive well....she's not a leper least-ways... woman. here it was, the moment of truth.

"Would you like to go with me?"

6/29/2009 #154
Nicki BluIs

Hazel eyes widened like those of a toddler meeting a mime.

"Go with you? To the restroom?!"

6/29/2009 #155
The Perfect Soldier

He cleared his throat, coughing some of the phlegm up from his sandwich. Maybe she hadn't understood him.

"I umm... I meant would you like to go with me to get a drink? I could... uhh... buy you a coke or something."

Suddenly he realized that maybe she wasn't interested in him at all... realizing that, his face began to flush with embarrassment. Beads of persperation began to form along his brow and his palm began to get sweaty.

6/29/2009 #156
Nicki BluIs

Figures, Hazel thought, that out of all the women in the airport, sweaty smelly dude decides to hit on me....

Just as she tried to think of a polite way to say "Not on you life, creeper," the PA system blared overhead.

"Attention all passengers: BluSky Airline Flight Number 0745 to Chicago is cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience; please see the help desk for any concerns."

Hazel slumped in her chair. The idea of being stranded in an familiar town was not nearly as horrifiying as that of missing her fast-approaching deadlines. With a defeated sigh, she gathered up her bags.

"You know what? Why the hell not? Let's get that Coke."

6/30/2009 #157
The Perfect Soldier

"...45 to Chicago is cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience; please see the help desk for any concerns."

As the PA system echoed over the terminal, Tony watched conflicting emotions run across the woman's face. Finally she got up, picking up her bags with her.

"You know what? Why the hell not? Let's get that Coke."

Grinning like the cat who ate the canary, Tony immediately set off towards the coke machine, with Hazel following behind him. When they reached the vendor, Tony fished out two crumpled dollar bills from his pocket. Without pausing to ask what she wanted, he handed her a Diet Coke and started chugging his Cherry flavored carbonated beverage.

6/30/2009 . Edited 7/2/2009 #158
Nicki BluIs

((Let's go with scenario number 2 because I'd like to get a succesful Act out of this. Also, just fyi, you can't think for any character but your own. So the end of scenario 1 was no good.))

Hazel held the cold can in one hand and the handle to her rolling suitcase in another. She didn't want to be rude; being rude was too tiring. And it was her fault for accepting his invitation in the first place. But still...

"I don't drink Diet coke. I don't drink Diet anything. You really would have saved yourself a dollar if you had taken the time to ask."

7/2/2009 #159
The Perfect Soldier

(( I actually figured that, sorry if I offended))

Tony looked at her. Blinked once. Twice.

"You don't drink di..... but you're a girl. EVERY girl drinks diet. Your girlish figure and what-not. You....you are a girl, right?"

He was starting to wonder if he had offered a coke to one of those transistors......transvesical... Men who dressed up like women. It wasn't that surprising, he reasoned. She did carry on a conversation with me...that would be just my luck to attract a weirdo.

7/2/2009 #160
Nicki BluIs

"Ay Dios Mio..." She should have stayed ome. She should have told her boss that she would not be taking these random road trips anymore. It wasn't part of her job description and she wasn't being paid nearly enough ot deal with this nonsense. Actually, she wasn't being paid enough in general. Hazel shook her head and placed the can on a counter.

"I'm leaving. This - you - just - no. It's too much. I tried to be polite but this is ridiculous. I have better things to do." She tilted her suitcase and pulled it along behind her, going to no predetermined destination. Then she stoped.

"And I keep my 'girlish figure' by exersizing. I know, what a concept, but you should try it sometime."

7/2/2009 #161
The Perfect Soldier

Tony realized he may have just ran this woman off. Now i'm convinced she's a woman... she's got a temper like one. As she turned around and stormed off, a whirlwind of thoughts ran through his head. He started feeling light headed.

Who the hell does she think she is? SHE started talking to ME! I sat down, trying to enjoy my sub... which i still haven't eaten... ooohh... i'm hungry... She started harping on me, saying i should get a napkin like I'm a child. Then she just continues to stare at me and I think "well ok Tony, you can't have done too badly for yourself, maybe she knows a good sandwich when she smells it and just couldn't place it before" so I do the right thing and ask her for a soda. Then, trying to be a gentleman i pay for her, and she gets bent all out of shape when I try to make a joke! Damn right she has better things to do! Probably going to-

"And I keep my 'girlish figure' by exersizing. I know, what a concept, but you should try it sometime." She had whirled on him and was glaring daggers at him.

"Now what just a minute! Who the hell do you think you are? I didn't buy you a soda so that you could just get all pissy. I was trying to be nice. I was trying to be a gentleman. And all I get for it is a verbal slap and health advice from a mexican nut job?" By the end of his little tirade, Tony was breathing heavy, bright red in the face. Sweat had started dripping down his brow and his breath, while trying to draw it in, was coming up all too short.

Suddenly he lurched forward, clutching his left chest.

7/2/2009 #162
Nicki BluIs

That was the last straw. Maybe she had been a bit nutty. And maybe she had unfairly taken her frustration out on him. But Mexican? Really?

"Listen, sir, I don't like the tone you're using -" She stopped. The man was holding on to his chest. "Sir...? Are... are you okay?"

She stood immobilized as his breath became increasingly shallow and the color drained from his face.

7/4/2009 #163
The Perfect Soldier

Pain, unbearable pain was coursing through his chest. How'd a gun get through security? I've been shot...I know I have...Damn terrorists...

"Sir...? Are... are you okay?" The woman was still talking to him. Can't you just leave me alone?....I.....it hurts. Her voice started getting further and further away, like she was on a train leaving the station. Tony couldn't draw a deep enough breath, couldn't keep his feet on the ground... couldn't cooperate with gravity...


A...phone? Staring blankly at the payphone on the wall, Tony's vision began to dim, drapes of black, sweet welcoming black, began to unfurl around him, enveloping him in a cold embrace. What little breath he could draw wheezed through his lips. Why even bother? It takes too much effort. Slowly Anthony Montgomery, Miami Chef began to lose touch with existence.

7/6/2009 . Edited 7/6/2009 #164
Nicki BluIs

Hazel watched in horror as the mammoth of a man crashed to the floor. As his breath slipped away she breathed in sharply and, as she had learned from watching her grandmother, crossed herself. While a small crowd of gawkers formed, she flew to the man's side.

"Sir! Sir, can you hear me?"

She moved in closer and her face blanched when she realized he wasn't breathing. "Does anyone know CPR?"she called into the crowd. The masses just stared, unblinkingly back at her. "Fine," she muttered. "Self-centered bastards..." She leaned in again, this time checking for a pulse. She bit her lip when she could only feel a faint beat beneath the fleshyness of his neck.

"Okay," Hazel said resigning herself and regaining control. "You -" she pointed to a young man with slouchy jeans who had whipped out is hpone to film the commotion. "Go to the nearest alarm and pull it and get the nearest uniformed airport employee. Now!" THe man rushed off and Hazel hoped the employee would have basic first aid training.

7/8/2009 #165
Sour Plums

Jackie Macintosh almost felt like calling her agent to tell him how much she loved him. The plethora of people walking around the airport was almost too much for her to handle, she was like a kid in the candy store. But her excitement now was nothing compared to her excitement the first time she walked into the airport. Bodies, hearts, brains, hundreds upon hundreds of them. They were all characters, each walking in their own novel. She was a god that could pick them out and immortalize them forever on paper.

When she caught sight of a latina looking woman and an obese, sloppy man, she actually texted Ron. "Thanks for sending me to Chicago, it's been invaluable". Of course, the man would have no idea what she meant, but he would have a jolly laugh and just think he was the greatest man in the world. In her small notebook, she wrote down a description for the male, but not the female. She seemed like your ordinary, stand-offish female who wanted nothing to do with disgusting fat men who dribbled mayo on themselves. She wrote down the scenario and the reactions. What would happen next she thought? She watched as the female's face turned to defend, and she turned to walk away. She was slightly disappointed. Real life was often much more boring than fiction.

That is, until she watched the man grab his chest and sink to the floor. The girl turned around and ran to the man's side, throwing away judgement for concern of a dying man. But Jackie also noticed that no matter how dead this guy got, there was no way the girl was going to put her lips to his mayo stained ones and give him CPR. She inwardly giggled. What an interesting interaction. She sat quietly, unnoticed as always and watched life unfold.

8/16/2009 #166
Nicki BluIs

And Tony dies, Hazel gets depressed, and Jackie's novel becomes a bestseller.

The End


10/18/2009 #167
Nicki BluIs


Anything Goes


The first person to post will get to determine the setting and verb tense. The plot will develop based on Player's actions.

Additional Rules

None. Just come on in and play.

Act Characters

Stranger - can be used by all players as long as it remains consistent

10/18/2009 . Edited 10/20/2009 #168

(( I dont' know if I'm allowed to just start things off considering I just started DP, so you can delete this post if necessary))

Renee was strolling down the ancient unused railroad tracks which followed her street. It was a very nice day, the morning sun shining, no clouds to conceal it. She was humming along to her IPod Nano, listening to her favorite band, Five for Fighting. Turning on her favorite song, 'World,' Renee looked around to see if anyone was near. Seeing nothing but empty space, she burst out into the chorus, flinging her hands up into the air, dancing along the well-worn tracks.

10/18/2009 #169
Nicki BluIs

Kris slammed the hood of the car and for the umpteenth regretted getting a rental. Of course it was making strange inexplicable sounds... of course it broke down in the middle of nowhere with only an old railroad to mark civilization... Of course. Goddamn piece of junk.

Kris stuffed all his belongings into his breifcase along with the car's papers so he could get his money back. The only thing to do would be walk towards town and hope to meet someone along the way.

His shoes would get ruined... of course.

((Welcome! You seem to be doing fine so far. Feel free to ask questions in the apporiate topic if you have any :D))

10/18/2009 . Edited 10/18/2009 #170

((Thanks for the Welcome. Is it okay for more than one post per day?))

Renee was singing so horribly loud, she did not hear the car sputtering down the road. It was only when she started trying to Moonwalk backwards that she noticed there was a man walking up the street, grumbling and shuffling his feet. Someone's pissed, Renee thought. She decided to go see if he needed any help. He at least looked like he did. Plus his shoes were a wreck.

"Hello there...uhm... do you...uh... need any help there?" Renee managed to splutter. She was never good at speaking to unknown citizens.

10/18/2009 . Edited 10/18/2009 #171
Nicki BluIs

(( 1 is the minimum not maximum. and the rules are more... guidelines. not really enforceable you see... -shouldn't have said.. worst mod ever :P- ))

"Not unless you have jumper cables." Kris fiddled with his cell phone. "Or cell phone charger." He surveyed his surroundings once more and sighed. "Or a power outlet..." Finally he looked at the stranger who had offered help. She seemed innocent enough, if a tad young. she could be what, twelve? Fourteen, tops? She was probably regretting talking to him.

"Sorry... yeah. Some help would be good. Do you know where the nearest town is? Or even a gas station would be great... hell I'd settle for a payphone."

10/18/2009 #172

Renee stared at the man she was, farely reluctantly, talking to. He seemed to be in a rush. She put her hand in her right pocket, grasping her cell phone. Oh, hell, why not? Renee thought. She reached in and took out her Motorolla Cell.

Stretching out her hand, she said, "I have a cell phone here. Do you want to call someone? "

10/18/2009 #173
Nicki BluIs

"Thanks," he said as he took the cell. He continued to walk as he called his boss to explain the situation. "There's no way I'll make it there on time.... Yeah I know he's an important client but I can't fly Jim! What d'you want me to do?... Yeah, okay... This is so going on the company card... Haha, I'll keep you posted. Bye."

He threw the phone back to the girl who had been follwing him tentatively. "I really appreciate it. I'll pay you back if that cost you anything." He shoved his hands in his pockets and whistled a little. This place wasn't so bad... and at least it was nice out.

"So! Nearest town? You gonna lead the way?"

10/18/2009 #174

(( I wont' be posting any more today btw =P))

This guy is so interesting!! And kind of cute... Renee thought innocently. She caught her cell phone, surprised he would take the chance of throwing it to her.

"I never use my phone, so it's not going to cost much of anything. Don't worry," Renee told the man. "The nearest town.... It's That-a-way," She said, pointing north. Renee and the man started walking.

"Since I'm going to be talking to you for a few good minutes to pass time and to break the crazy silence that comes over this part of town, what's your name?"

10/18/2009 #175
Nicki BluIs

He couldn't help but laugh at the girl's frankness. "You get straight to the point, don't you? I like that." He kicked at a rock in his way. "Name's Kris. Spelt like Kringle but not as jolly."

((Til next time then. Unviersity eats my weekdays so I'm gonna be slow in posting. To others: please feel free and jump in! The more the merrier!))

10/18/2009 . Edited 10/19/2009 #176

(( It's High School for me, but I know what you mean. and really, theres like 20 people signed up for this dp section. JOIN SOMEONE!!!))

Renee smiled. "Points are welcome in society. My favorite shape is a triangle, which really does have some points. Pardon my shitty jokes. I'm Renee. Spelled like Rent but with an 'ay' at the end instead of a 'tuh.' Nice to meet you Kris!" Renee stuck out her hand to greet him.

10/19/2009 #177
Nicki BluIs

Kris laughed again and shook the extended hand. "The pleasure is mine, Renee!" They walked a bit further, and in an effort to avoid awkward silences Kris asked, "So do you live around here? Or in this town that you're taking me to?"

10/19/2009 #178

"Oh yeah! I live over the tracks, on the first street you see. Small house, though." Renee frowned, but perked up a second later. " Where do you live? It's obvioulsy not around here!!"

10/20/2009 #179
Nicki BluIs

"No no not around here at all." Kris shot a furtive glace behind him and continued. "I was supposed to meet a potential client up here but for obvious reason that not gonna happen..." He looked behind him again. He couldn't shake the feeling that they were being followed but there didn't seem to be anyone there.

"So," he said trying to ignore the sense of foreboding, "do you kids have the day off school or something? What were you doing out here by yourself?"

10/20/2009 #180
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