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Following suit, Renee glances behind her, seeing nothing. "What? Oh, yeah. Basketball tournament. We get the week off."

10/20/2009 #181
Engineer of Words

[[Been busy, my bad for not joining in sooner.]]

Behind the couple some distance was a man who had taken to observing them with a detached curiosity of sorts. Marc had been walking for some time, needing to clear his mind after the yearly pilgrimage he made to this area to visit his wife's family. He'd seen them look behind them, wondering how on earth they didn't see him. The clicking of his cane wasn't quiet, per se.

A bit later he had caught up with them [with that limp, he wondered how, exactly] and managed to overhear the tail end of their conversation.

"You really get an entire week off for a basketball tournament?"

10/20/2009 #182

(( thanks for joining in~))

"What the-" Renee jumped, silmultaneously turning around. In doing so, she tripped over a rock, landing on the pavement. "Wow- ow-ow-ow." Massaging her backside, Renee looked up at the stranger. "Wha? Oh, yeah, one whole week off. It's pretty awesome."

10/21/2009 #183
Nicki BluIs

Kris was instantly suspicious of the newcomer. This wasn't exactly a busy area so the odds that this man was just out on a routine stroll seemed slim. It didn't look like Renee recognised him either. As Kris helped her up, he decided to keep an eye on the foreigner.

"So are you from out of town too, man?"

10/21/2009 . Edited 10/21/2009 #184
Engineer of Words

Marc's eyes followed the girl as she tripped over a rock. Clumsy little thing. Meanwhile, he noted that the man she was with took this moment to stare at him intently.

"You could say so. Lived here a long time ago, but that's then and this is now."

He turned his face to the girl.

"You all right?"

10/22/2009 #185

"Ow... Yeah, I'm fine. You just scared me a bit~ Well... a lot. But still. What are you doing here excactly?" Renee stared at th newcomer, puzzled. No one ever walked in this part of town. Geez, what a day so far, Renee thought.

10/22/2009 #186
Nicki BluIs

Kris was wondering the same the same thing. Something just seemed off about the guy... to be honest something felt off about the entire situation. He was stuck in the middle of nowhere, far from home, with only a teenage girl and creeper for companionship. His mood was quickly dampening. The sooner he got out of there the better.

"So how long til we get to this town anyway?" he muttered.

10/23/2009 #187
Engineer of Words

"I scared you? Forgive me. And I was visiting the graveyard, if you must know."

He shifted his weight onto the cane, grimacing slightly.

"And as for your question, sir, the town's less than five minutes from here. You're not late for something, are you?"

10/23/2009 #188
Nicki BluIs

"No... at least, not anymore." He ran his hands through his hair and fell silent. He was making a big deal of nothing, he reasoned. He was just tired and that put him on edge.

As the man had said, they approached the town within five minutes. But once they had they found the area swarming with police officers, paramedics, and firefighters.

"Great," Kris said. "Out of the frying pan and into the fire..."

(( feel free to make up stock characters like "cop" "emt" etc to interact with and figure out whats going on))

10/24/2009 #189

When Renee spotted the Craziness up ahead, her mood perked up. "OOH!! Something interesting! This never happens. Well, it does, but not much. Oh my, there's like 1..2..6 police cars here! Yay, something's up!!" She clapped and sped up her walking.

10/24/2009 #190
Nicki BluIs

(( I must be like the WORST MOD EVER!! sorry! I'm introducing some drama btw.))

"Renee, wait!" Kris swore under his breath and went after the girl. This was shaping up to be a terrible business trip.


"Ma'am, I understand you're upset," the officer said, "but you have to try to remember? Did you see anyone suspicious? Did she wander off perhaps?"

The hysterical woman looked ready to lunge at the man's throat. "Why are you still here?! Why aren't you looking for my baby?! I TOLD YOU EVERYTHING I KNOW!" She collapsed into a fit of tears and her husband struggled to keep his own from streaming down his girmy face.

"Just - just please do everything you can."

10/30/2009 #191

Seeing the face of the women, Renee stopped in her tracks. "M...Mom? Wh-wh-what's going on? What happened?"

10/30/2009 #192
Nicki BluIs

The officer immediatly step between the woman and the young girl who just appeared.

"Now Miss, I'm gonna need you to tell me everything you know, okay? I'm just here to help. Do you know these people?"

11/9/2009 #193

Renee was too confused to think straight. "Mom, mom! What happened? What's gonig on? Why are the police here? What happened!!"

She sunk to her knees, knowing something was horribly wrong.

11/10/2009 #194
Nicki BluIs

Kris reached to for the girl's shoulder. "Renee, if you just answer the police -" The officer cut him off with a grunt.

"Excuse me this is an ongoing investigation; are you part of the immediate family?" The officer eyed him suspiciously.

"Er, no. I'm not from around here... business trip... is this really necessary?" As Kris was speaking, the officer had called for his partner who was now leading Kris, by the elbow, away from the area.

"Standard procedure, son. We're just going ot ask you a few questions..."

((I'm just winging it so if you have an idea of what you want to be happening, go for it. The mom, dad, cop etc are stock charcters so you can use them to fyi.))

11/10/2009 #195

"Ma'am, can you answer...." The policeman gently placed his hand on Renee's shoulder while his partner went away with Kris. Renee looked over at her mother, showing puffy eyes and red cheeks. Shestarted at the ground, still as a statue.

11/11/2009 #196
Nicki BluIs

Kris craned his neck to see what was going on. He felt horrible leaving Renne alone in that mess. And the man who'd been walking with thme wandered off somewhere, so Kris felt a bit ansty about the whole situation.


"Huh? Oh, uh. Kristoff Rainer."

"Date of birth?"

"April twenty - wait why are you asking me this?" Kris turned his attnetion back to the cop who was taking his information.

"Just standard procedure." She didn't even look up from the pad. "Date of birth?"

Kris wouldn't be deterred. "Standard procedure for what? I just got here, I didn't see anything, so I can't be a witness. And certainly I'm not a suspe -"

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to keep calm down -"

"I just asked a question!"

"Stop yelling, sir!" She signalled to her partner and some of the officers and within moments Kris was surrounded.

11/24/2009 #197

Watching all of this altercation was a tall man with long dark hair pulled back like a member of a motorcycle gang. He was standing in the midst of the cops as if he belonged there, though he didn't look like a policeman. When the female cop signalled for back-up, the man was among those who responded. He pushed his way to the front and said, raising an eyebrow at Kris as if in challenge, "Ma'am, is this man giving you any trouble?"

The cop rolled her eyes. "I don't need your help, Detective. Shouldn't you be inside the house or something? There's been a murder, you're a detective - go do some detecting already."

"Not while any of my people are at risk," the detective replied with a condescending smile. "Your people?" the cop muttered under her breath, but the detective didn't seem to hear. He grabbed Kris by the front of his shirt and said, "Back off, mister, or you'll be spending the night in a cell."

11/24/2009 #198

Renee overheard the cop. She stopped fighting and slumped down to her knees. "Murder?" she managed to stutter. "W-what? Mom?" She looked around, dazed. Who could have possibly beed murdered?

11/24/2009 . Edited 11/24/2009 #199

The detective overheard her. He dropped Kris (without consideration for the other's landing) and turned, answering before the mother could even open her mouth to speak. "Yes, kiddo, that's right. A murder. A double homicide, in fact - an old woman named Betsy... and her dog. Both shot in the head. Pretty gruesome. Killer probably used a semi-automatic Remington 1100 shotgun with dual 12-gauge sabot shells. Could've killed an elephant." His face was grim as he spoke, but the lady cop was rolling her eyes. The detective didn't notice. "Lady's kid came home to find her mom's brains splattered all over the living room. Killer took nothing from the house such that we can tell, except a single laptop computer - at least, so the daughter tells us. Know anything about it?" he added accusatively, leaning forward and raising his eyebrows.

11/24/2009 #200

"Wait.... wh...." Renee looked again for her mother, who seemed to have disappeared. Her speach slurred, she tried to speak. "Uhm.... I... I don't... She's..." A minute later, she was on the ground, passed out.

11/24/2009 #201

The detective straightens, chin in the air, and watches Renee faint with disdain. The lady cop runs forward to catch her. She shoots a glare at the detective. "Good frickin' job, Andre, you made a teenager faint. Her grandmother just died, and you're asking about laptops?"

He snorts. "Anyone could be a suspect. And if you call me Andre one more time I'll have the Commissioner knock you down to cleaning guns at the firing range. Got it?"

She doesn't say anything, only looks away and tries to revive Renee. Andre looks furious. He looks as if he's about to reprimand the lady cop once more when another police officer taps him on the shoulder. "Detective Daeshenol? The suspect?"

"Oh. Yes, of course," says the detective. He turns back to Kris.

11/24/2009 #202

Slowly, Renee blinked open her eyes, feeling woozy. "What happened? Where's Mom and Nana? Why am I here?" She glanced at the cop. "And who are you?"

11/24/2009 #203

The cop smiles kindly at her, but sadly. "My name's Janet. I'm a police officer. You fainted just now. Here, your parents are right over there" - she points - "so how about I take you over to talk to them, okay?" She offers a hand to help Renee up.

((The cop's an NPC, so please feel free to take control of her. Also: YO NICKI! Where are you?))

11/25/2009 #204
Nicki BluIs

(( I'm at SCHOOL trying not to FAIL! -grumbles and swears-))

What little sense of adventure Kris possesed was gone. He'd had enough for one day. Hell, he'd had enough for weeks. "I'm not answering any more questions," he said to group in general. He was deliberatly avoiding the detective's gaze. "And since I'm not under arrest -" he pauses briefly hoping they wouldn't contradict him - "I'm going to leave now."

11/25/2009 #205


The detective seems amused at this. He just looks Kris in the eye, smiles a "you are either the stupidest or the most naive person I've ever met" smile, and shakes his head no.

"You're not a citizen of this town, am I correct?" he asks calmly.

11/25/2009 . Edited 2/2/2010 #206
Nicki BluIs

"I'm not from here, no..." Kris was scanning the area for his bag. He turned to the officer who'd interrogated him in the beginning. "Can I have my bag back, please?" She shrugged a bit, relinquishing repsonsibilty for the whole affair and drifted off toward Renee.

Kris swore. Forced to face the detective, Kris returned his condescending stare. "I want my bag back."

((fix'd. they're outside.))

11/25/2009 . Edited 11/26/2009 #207

"What bag?" Andre asks with a sneer, then immediately returns to his questioning without waiting for a response. "What brings you to this town, stranger?"

11/25/2009 . Edited 2/2/2010 #208
Nicki BluIs

"Business tr - vacation." Kris dove head first into the lie. "I'm on vacation. Visiting some old friends. Got lost. But I've got directions now. So if you give me my laptop bag I can go and leave you to your job."


"Can you tell me a bit about your grandmother, Renee? What was she like?" The cop felt bad questioning the girl - she look petrified - but no one in the neighborhood had seen or heard anything and they badly needed a lead.

11/26/2009 #209

(can't put much--gotta go lol, it's kinda late))

Renee glanced up again at the cop. Her eyes were blood red and her cheeks hurt from keeping in the tears. "Yeah.... She...she...sorry. She was the only person I told absolutely everything to. She knows more abotu me than my parents. But she keep secrets well, which helps out a bit." Renee sobbed a bit, then continued, looking at the sky, as if dreaming. "She had a dog, a big, fluffy furball who longs for attention so much that he will break down the door to get it. Trust me, I know. His name was Char because of the charred color of his fur. 10 years old, the ol' geezer. My nana loved him to death. She would do anything for that dog...and me..." Her thoughts moved inside her and she looked back at the pavement.

11/26/2009 #210
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