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Having trouble writing a character? Can't quite pin down their personality? Then this is the place for you! Come here and play your character as we put them through their paces. We'll help you find what makes them tick - and have fun while we're at it.
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Acts are Play scenarios that everyone may participate in. They may be predetermined (Planned) or made up as we go (Spontaneous). Acts are managed either by one of the Mods or a volunteer. Volunteers are preferred and receive the temporary title of Act Manager in addition to Mod-powers within the Act they are in charge of.

Act Managers are also granted one character (that they may create on-the-spot and who does not have to be from a story) so that they may play with the other Players in spontaneous Acts.

If you would like to suggest a future Act, Director's License is the place.

Title Posts

Each Act is prefaced by a Title Post. The Title Post lists the basic premise of the Act, Act-specific characters, and any additional rules. The format is as follows.

Act Name


Act-Specific Characters (required for Planned Acts)

Additional Rules

Example Summary/Premise

In Food Court there is a terrorism scare. The Court is locked down, this Act will allow your characters to react under the immense pressure and fear of such a situation. There will be a few casualties and it will be resolved with the swift action of a SWAT team.

Act-Specific Characters

Act-specific characters are not necessary, though they can be useful. Some examples of Act-specific characters are the butler of a mansion who shows you to your rooms, the clerk behind the counter who only takes your order, and so forth. Act-specific characters can be used as part of the setting or to advance the plot of the Act in a specific direction.

Act-specific characters need not always be piloted by a Mod or Act Manager. If there are too many Act-specific characters for one person to manage, the Mod/Act Manager is more than welcome to pass them onto a willing Player.

When Playing as multiple characters, please include the character's name/designation in brackets [like so] at the head of each section the character is taking part in. For example:

[The President] The President slumps to the floor, the hole in his chest oozing bright crimson.

[The President's Daughter] "Daddy!" she cries as she runs to his side, heedless of the gun pointed at her.


In order to qualify as an Act Manager, you must:

1. Be on regularly.

2. Be on good terms with the majority of Players within the Play.

3. Be committed to managing the Act.

4. Submit a complete prototype post in Director's License. If the Act is a spontaneous one, the field of Act-Specific characters can be left blank, to be edited into the actual post at a later date.

In addition, Mods reserve the rights to reject your application without explanations.


If you would like to volunteer as an Act Manager, PM the Mod in charge of that Play and tell them which Act you would like to manage. The Mod will then either approve or deny your request and give you a date when you may start the Act.

The Mods and their Acts

Denizen47 - Romance

karma-dollie - Fantasy

Kyllorac - Science-Fiction

Nicki BluIs - Slice of Life

SeasideDreams - Supernatural

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