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Having trouble writing a character? Can't quite pin down their personality? Then this is the place for you! Come here and play your character as we put them through their paces. We'll help you find what makes them tick - and have fun while we're at it.
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Introduce yourself here. Tell us what's your favorite color, genre, character, book/movie, etc. Or you could just tell us what you go by and leave it at that. :P

After you're finished your introduction, feel free to hop over to the The Break Room and chat or join one of the ongoing Plays.

2/8/2009 . Edited 3/2/2009 #1


Well, I go by Austen on the RG, but improv or challenged are also good.

Colour: Burgundy

Genre: Supernatural horror, all the way...

Character: oh...who to pick, who to pick... I'm going to go for Maladicta, from Terry Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment. A sarky vamp with a coffee addiction who hallucinates a la Apocalypse Now without it. What's not to like?

Book: Again, too many choices...Watchmen is a fave atm.

Movie: Chasing Amy

So yeah, that's me

2/9/2009 #2
Nicki BluIs

Hi Austen! We've all been going by our RG nicks, so there's no reason you shouldn't either. Welcome! Feel free to check out our DPs!

2/9/2009 #3
Chasing Skylines

Know what, I'll introduce myself too.

As I am from Review Game also, I go by Sesshy. Or Seaside.

Favorite Color - Blue

Genre - Fantasy

Character - Tyrion, Arya, Daenerys, and a couple others, all from the series A Song of Ice and Fire.

Book - A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows.

Movie - None specific.

2/9/2009 #4
Chasing Skylines

And, heya Austen, hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

2/9/2009 #5

Might as well. XD

Color - Blue (more the darker hues, but there are some very pretty light blues) and Dark Red

Genre - Fantasy and Sci-Fi (a fusion of the two is even better!)

Character - I go on a book-by-book basis. XD

Book - The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf by Gerald Morris

Movie - The Princess Bride ("Mawwage. Mawwage is what bwings us togedar todaee.")

2/10/2009 #6

Hello, I Kino Lala

Fave Color: Purple

Fave Movie: Enchanted

Fave Book: "Sky Walking" by Tom Jones

2/16/2009 #7
Chasing Skylines

Hey Kino Lala, welcome to Dialogue Play. If there's anything you're confused about, feel free to ask in The Break Room. If you don't want any e-mail forum alerts, I suggest you go to Login, Alerts, and turn off the last two.

Enjoy your stay and any other hotel cliche saying. :)

2/16/2009 #8
Nicki BluIs

Hi hi Kino Lala! Welcome welome! My fave color is also purple so I can just tell we're gonna get along swimmingly. The Break Room is actually for random chatter... Interview is where the forum related questions go... and the cool kids? Yeah they all go to Slice of Life Intro and DP... :D

2/16/2009 #9
Mira Tsukiyoen

*Enters the room for the first time, sits down in a chair, and forms a cheesy smile.*

Hello, well, since this is a public forum, I guess there isn't anything wrong with joining, isn't? Anyway, my name's Mira Tsukiyoen. My real name's Kristina Z. Kostadinova, but people I am familiar with just call me Kristy.

My favourite colour is white (Because it's a mix of everything; exactly what I think I am). I like fantasy, and will occasionally read romance or action. I get bored after reading 3 bad chapters of a bad Mary-Sue/Gary novel. My favourite character is Bartimaeus from The Bartimaeus Trilogy, and my favourite book is Harry Potter (actually, it's a good novel if you're looking forward to falling asleep). My favourite movie is nothing. See, I've given up on watching TV since last year. No news, either. Just me in my old basement.

Eerie, much?

My theory of writing;

Writing is like a vine; it grows larger and it bears more fruit with every passing year. Of course, there are different sorts of writing; just like pretty much anything, you can get sour green grapes, who usually represent an excellent horror or 'anger' novel. You can get the sweeter and round red grapes, which might produce good quality romance. There's always black grapes, who are known to produce the greatest wine; ideal for fantasy and science fiction. You might even get the rare and quirky yellow grapes; rare enough to make a person laugh.

Indeed, you will need to experience eating them with their bittersweet seeds, unless you want to have the shallow taste that will fade after without much acknowledgement or thought. Seedless grapes will be unable to make more vines, and will be useless for guiding people further into your vine trees. So don't mind having the grapes full of seeds, as these are the key to reproduction and ideas.


There it goes! Well, didn't bore you too much, did I?

2/25/2009 #10
Chasing Skylines

Hey Kristy. Welcome to DP. I doubt it'll be overloading here, but if you don't want forum e-mail alerts, I suggest going to Login, Alerts, and turning off the last two.

My favourite character is Bartimaeus from The Bartimaeus Trilogy,

That character is awesome!

That's an interesting and unique theory of writing. I like the analogy of writing to a fruit vine.

2/25/2009 . Edited 2/25/2009 #11

Hello Mira! Welcome to DP. n_n

Nothing wrong with joining; in fact, we've been trying to encourage it. XD

We hope you enjoy your stay and have plenty of fun. :3

2/25/2009 #12

My official welcome:

Heya Mira! I hope you have a wonderful time here in DP! Glad to see another fantasy fan. :D

2/26/2009 #13
The Last Muse

*Enters stage left and bows.*

Hi everyone! My name's Lori, but people call me Lore [which is short for Lorelei, which is an anagram of Lori Lee, my first and middle names].

There are so many little quirks and insanities that I have, it'd be sheer madness just to get it down in writing. However, I don't really believe I have a favorite colour, because every colour has its own "special-ness". I like wearing yellows, and blues, and blacks, and greys, and reds, and browns, and greens though, if that helps! And as far as literature goes, I like mine bitingly sarcastic yet a touch of humour wouldn't hurt. My favourite genre is probably fiction-supernatural/fantasy. *shrugs* I'm pretty flexible, as long as I like what I'm reading.

:D I hope to enjoy my time here with everyone! You all seem like a lovely bunch.

3/2/2009 #14

Heya and welcome, Lore! I'm known as Radio in these parts. There's a story behind that from a different forum, but it's stuck even here so I'm keeping it. Heehee!

I hope you enjoy your time here too. If you love fantasy, we will get along wonderfully. ;p Feel free to look around, join up in a DP (but please read through the previous posts first), ask any questions and hang out in the current Break Room. We are a fun bunch (and totally modest ;D ).

Have a blast!

3/2/2009 #15

Oh, yes, we are very modest. ;P

Hello Lore. I'm called Kylie (and numerous other variations thereof). Hope you enjoy your stay, don't forget to spread the word, yadda yadda yadda... You get the drift. :P May all quirks and insanities thrive forever more (they make the world more interesting :D).

3/2/2009 #16
Chasing Skylines

Hey, Lori. Welcome to DP, enjoy your stay, etc. I'm called 'Sesshy.' Another person who likes fantasy; woot! And yes, Kylie is the Head Mod(est).

3/2/2009 . Edited 3/2/2009 #17
The Last Muse

Hey Radio, Kylie, Sesshy! This forum's a warm bunch.

I hope to make a lot of memories here with you guys.

3/2/2009 #18
Mira Tsukiyoen

Hey Lori! I'm Kristy... err, hope you're.. interesting? (Yes, I know my greetings are awkward. *Headdesk*)

3/2/2009 #19
Nicki BluIs

Omg omg! I forgot to greet the new peeps!! Hi new peeps!! *waves*

I am Bubbles!! i run the cooliest DP *coughSliceofLifeFTW!!!cough*

the others are okay too... i guess XD

3/3/2009 #20

Hi. You can call me Tori!

Favorite Color -Teal

Genrre - Romance/Fantasy

Charactors - Leaf, Midori, Tsuki, Mystic, Midnight,

Books - Guardian Of Ga'hoole

Video Game - Sonic The Hedgehog!

Movie - Night Of The Werehog

3/3/2009 #21

Hello Tori. Welcome to the DP. We hope you enjoy your stay and partake of the insanies. :P

3/3/2009 #22

Heya. I'm all for insanity. I made a mentos gun in real life for no reason! I hope y'all are nice or Ill have to beat y'all up XD

3/3/2009 #23
Chasing Skylines

Awesome. We can fight over the lifeboats - Oh wait, they drowned in insanity as well. =/

Haha, hey Fox-Lover-Tori! Tori for short is okay? Welcome to DP! To turn off alerts in the case that you don't want forum e-mail alerts, go to Login, Alerts, and turn off the last two. To quote (the gray bars), highlight and copy the text you wish. Paste, click the 'Styles' drop down bar, click 'Quote,' and then to return to normal text, click back to 'Styles.'

3/3/2009 #24

No worries. I'm used to the over-flowing email! XD

3/3/2009 #25
The Blue Man Groupie

Hey! I'm the Blue Man Groupie, but just call me Blue or BMG for short, whichever.

Favorite color is any shade of blue. Annnyyyyy

Favorite genre... hah... hmm... good question. I guess anything from historical to comedy. :P

My favorite book is... I will have to say, Princess Bride. Looooove that book.

Favorite movie currently is... Thumbelina! Yay for childhood memories! Though the Watchmen comes out Friday so... ^^

3/3/2009 #26

Heya Blue! I'm Radio. Welcome to DP! I hope you have a fantabulous time here!

And though I've never read The Princess Bride, the movie was absolutely amazingly hysterical! One of my favorites ever! :D

3/3/2009 #27
Chasing Skylines

Hey Blue. Welcome to DP. I'm 'Sesshy.'

I've never watched and or read the Princess Bride.

Don't be afraid to ask questions if you're having any trouble.

3/3/2009 . Edited 3/3/2009 #28
The Blue Man Groupie

:O If you like the movie, I recommend the book times ten. Like, the movie shies in comparison to the book.

::waves:: Hai Sesshy, hai Radio!

3/3/2009 #29
Nicki BluIs

hi hi Blue!! I am Bubbles!

3/3/2009 #30
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