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Having trouble writing a character? Can't quite pin down their personality? Then this is the place for you! Come here and play your character as we put them through their paces. We'll help you find what makes them tick - and have fun while we're at it.
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New here! But I'd love to join :) My name's Stormi. I'm 15 and have been writing for 4 years. Color: Neon Green Genre: Romance Books: Romance, Contemporary, Supernatural/Paranormal pretty much( but I can read anything, honestly)and my favorites are The Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy by Maggie Stievater, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Many more! Movies: Juno, Twilight, Harry Potter, War Horse, A Walk to Remember, Inception, etc. Way too many to list. Thanks! Can't wait to get started!
11/18/2012 #211

Name: Queen (Regular on the RG)

Length of Time I've Been a Writer: Over a decade. . .

Fictional Universe: SOLARIS (Almost 10 Years old now--been through multiple incarnations)

Preferred Writing Genres: Science Fantasy (Yes, this is a real genre.), Academic

Preferred Reading Genre(s)

Fiction: Science Fiction, Paranormal, Mystery, Techno-thriller, Military

Non-Fiction: History, Politics, Science, Mathematics

Favorite Authors/Screenwriters: Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, Elizabeth Moon, Steven Moffat

11/27/2012 #212
Name Ona favorite color dark purple genre horror/thriller character Joshua from the world ends with you.. and the cheshire cat i like to feeling more mysterious than i really am
12/2/2012 #213

Hello. My username is The-Sir. I am currently struggling to flesh out a character for a story I am currently writing to submit to FictionPress. I figure engaging him here should help give me a sense of his identity which should help me accomplish more on the story.

Never the less, it is good to meet you all and I do look forward to participating in Dialogue Play's with you.

1/1/2013 #214
Chocoholic Gone Healthy

Hello, I'm Mary Jesen

My favorite color is muted blue

My favorite genre is...well, I don't have a favorite, I'm not much one for alien stuff (no offense to anyone)

I'm good-ish at writing short stories, and I love writing challenges, so I'll take anything I'm given!

My favorite authors are E. D. Baker, Robert Frost, Simone Elkeles and J. K. Rowling

I've been an athour for about two years, and I look forward to chatting and playing with you all!

1/14/2013 . Edited 1/14/2013 #215

Hey all! The name's Kicks-and-Giggles, 'cuz that's what I write for!

Favorite color: Dunno... never really thought about it! I like white sometimes? But really, I like any color with less of a preference towards green.

Genre: I began writing mainly in mythology, but I have some ideas for fantasy/adventure too. I'm not a fan of "slice of life" or "realistic" stories though. I find the "unrealistic" stuff a lot more exciting! =)

Favorite author: I know I just said I don't like "realistic" stories, but I really do love Jodi Picoult. I think she picks very thought-provoking topics for her books and also has a great writing style!

Favorite book/movie: Sadly, I don't read much. As for movie... umm... I'm a huge action-movie person! So I love the no-brainer action movies such as Avengers, Bourne series, etc. =P

Nice meeting you all!


8/8/2013 #216

Hi, K-n-G! Goodness it's been so long, but I'm determined to rekindle my writing bug and my love of helping other people find theirs (and my love of impromptu fun stories!) so let's get this party restarted!

I'm commonly known as Radio in these parts! Welcome!

8/10/2013 #217
Hey i am Horsewriter123 I love to write and have been working on a story for about a year but cant get new characters my book is a humor adventure. My favorite color blood red my favorite genre is probably fantasy or horror. My favorite book is Hunger Games book 1. My favorite movie is Princess Bride. Thats all....
1/5/2014 #218
Hey horsewriter123, my penname is Lyra. I'm new, have no idea what I'm doing, and am totally thrown by how NOT recent the posts are..... Anyway, fav... Color: purple, then black Movie: Divergent, and Dragonheart Book(s): are under scrutiny, so ill go with....er, Shadowcry, Throne of Glass, er... Writing on The Wall. Lately I've been reading only req'd reading for school and books about writing. Fun, write? (pun intended)
3/30/2014 #219

Hello, I'm hotleafjuice (yes, I'm very aware AtLAB was over quite a while ago, but recently have re-watched the whole series, again). Up until this point, I haven't really strayed much into the forums. My favourite colour is green, my favourite movie would have to be Spirited Away (yes, I am a Studio Ghibli fan). I really don't have a favourite book or book series, but books that I've really enjoyed recently have been: Red Rising, King of Thorns, Etiquette and Epsionage along with I Am Not A Serial Killer and its sequels. I'm not really working on anything, except homework. I should stop procrastinating now. Probably.

4/14/2014 #220
Stories and stuff

hi well im writing a story and in the latest chapter the character does something bad check out the story if you want to know what he's sam https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3195060/1/lies-for-love

4/29/2014 #221
Hi! Uh, LiVEWiRE360 speaking! Just inroducing myself. Lets see... Fav. Color: green Fav. Gender: horror, mystery, comedy, thriller, action, adventure, but not really a romance fan. Fav. Book: manga. I love manga and Angelfall Fav. Movie: this is a hard one. I have more than one fav. So its Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and Bleach: fade to black. Nice to meet u all!
8/31/2014 #222

Hi, you can call me Glacies! Um, lets see, my favorite genre is: Fantasy. Love fantasy, especially Lord of the Rings. Um, not much else to say, I hope we all can get along and have fun.

Bye! Nice to meet y'all :)

9/4/2014 . Edited 9/4/2014 #223
A Winter Drop

I'm Thornleaf, but you can call me Thorn or Leaf

my favorite color is any blue or purple and turquoise so I don't really have a favorite

Supernatural tragedy and suspense

Character: hm............. oh I got it Jayda from Death Keeper, a sarcastic smart alac character with tons of attitude, I'm not to good with her, I haven't even made her backstory. And she doesn't have much character development

book: hunger games

movie: I don't really have a favorite

9/6/2014 #224

Heya, Leaf! We've been a bit slow so I'm psyched to see a new face and to have a reason to jump back into forums and friendly faces! Thanks for the patience!

Welcome! I often go by Radio in these here parts. Backstory is one of my favorite parts of character building so if you want help exploring that in the games, I'm sure I can think up an Act. n__n

9/9/2014 #225

Welcome to you as well, LiVEWiRE! If you've got a thing for Fantasy, I'm the Moderator of the fantasy forum so we can have all sorts of magic-y fun! Also regular fun in the Break Room. Not all fun can be magic-y. Also, I adored Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. n__n

9/9/2014 #226

Whoops! My brain responded to 2 people at once! Heya Glacies! The fantasy comment was for you. Haha!

9/9/2014 #227
A Winter Drop

Hi Radio (is that what you said your nickname was, sorry I have a tendency to forget things)

9/9/2014 #228

It is indeed! Through a slightly obscure connection from the song Karma Police by Radiohead. Heard that song for the first time after I was nicknamed. Haha! And the great thing about writing is that the words you say are preserved! You can always look back! ;-)

9/9/2014 #229
A Winter Drop

I knowown right. so you want to RP? I can't update my story till I figure out Jayda

9/12/2014 . Edited 9/12/2014 #230

Yes! Let's do it! Gimme some time to get an Act up and we'll play! I'll keep it simple since we have a specific goal. We want backstory, yeah? And remember, whatever you come up with in the Act does NOT need to be what you use for your story. We're getting that brain juice pumping.

And let's do anymore Off Topic chatting in the Break Room.

9/13/2014 #231
A Winter Drop

Okay then, it is nice to make every character have backstory (this is the first time I've had any trouble with backstories, it's driving me crazy.)

9/13/2014 #232


9/14/2014 #233

Yo! You can call me anything really, I'll respond don't worry, but usually they refer to me as Basil.

My favorite color - or perhaps lack of color - is gray. I'm really fond of how it's so diverse from shade to shade, and you can add just a bit of color to it to make it super pretty and it never gets garish, ohmygawd, in your face bright. Which is always a plus.

I'm pretty good with nearly every genre as long as it's well written. But I will freely admit I lean towards cliche fantasy types. My weakness is the orphan boy turned super powerful world savior.

As for favorite character - oh my god, as for favorite character - I thoroughly adore Kaneki Ken from Toukyou Kushu or Tokyo Ghoul, whatever you wanna call it. If you don't know it, I so recommend it, oh my god. Best thing I have ever read, hands down, all the way down. It's a manga, but not your usual shoujo shounen shit aimed purely for middle school level and down, this is some intense fucking business and I adore it to hell and back. Please. Read it. You'll be the better for it.

(I would go into more detail about Kaneki, but the whole reason why I absolutely adore him is caused by a gigantic super important plot point that is best left unspoiled for the uninitiated. Just read it. Seriously.)

But beyond Ghouls, if you're looking for something along the more traditional lines of fantasy novels, Howl's Moving Castle is always a good start. Movie even more than the book, surprisingly. The plot is hella different in the film, but the book is still worth a peek. Check it out.

9/17/2014 #234

Heya Basil! Welcome! Who doesn't love a good cliched fantasy story? Haha! That's what got me writing!

Be sure to check out the rules and then hop in on the games or just chat in the Break Room!

9/18/2014 #235

Thank you! Will do!

(I actually might've already made the character sheet for my character a couple dozen times as I attempted to shorten my words. I'm warning you now, I didn't turn out too successful in venture.)

9/18/2014 #236

Thank you! Will do!

(I actually might've already made the character sheet for my character a couple dozen times as I attempted to shorten my words. I'm warning you now, I didn't turn out too successful in venture.)

Oh my god. That's embarrassing. Please ignore.

9/18/2014 . Edited 9/18/2014 #237

hello, this is my online name ChloeMclobb3r5, where the 3 is supposed to look like an e and the 5 is supposed to look like a s

color: green

genre: fantasy/sci-fi

character:Cather, from the book Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

book: the fault in our stars(absolutely loved it)

movie: La Vie En Rose, it's a french movie about a famous singer named ├ędith Piaf

3/3/2015 #238

This seems like a cool place ,I guess I should say hello.

Name: Iccirrion, although most people call be Icy.

Colour: Turquoise.

Genre: None, genre itself doesn't matter too much to me as long as there's a good story.

Character: At the moment, probably Suzumura Rei from GARO.

Book: The Divergence series

Movie: Gaburincho of Music

4/10/2015 #239
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