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Nicki BluIs

I think tofu is made from soy

yeah soy is like this magical bean that super high in protein or whatever... they make all sorts of stuff with it

my mom drinks soy milk and one time she made hot chocolate with it and i drank some... yeah. not good

3/23/2009 #601
Nicki BluIs

wooo instaload virgin!!

resuce me from the evil bean of death!!!!

3/23/2009 #602

soy milk is disgusting anyway :\ What happened when you drank it?

3/23/2009 #603

I've had goat milk before. ;p Goats were my groups animal for the state fair in third grade (8-9 years old).

3/23/2009 #604

Mhm... interesting :P Was it nice?

3/23/2009 #605

I don't remember. Hahaha! I just remember I was jealous of the tofu group cos the got to bring in Tofuti Cuties and those things were sooo good! It's faux ice-cream that tastes like cheap ice-cream, but as a kid I didn't have much preference.

3/23/2009 #606
Nicki BluIs

my lips went all tingly then my throat was scratchy.... i had to take a whole mess of allegra pills to make the reaction stop beore my throat closed up

last time that happened i was in my bio class and the Adonis that was my teacher noticed my shallow breathing... sigh in retrospect i kinda wish i had needed mouth to mouth ;P

3/23/2009 #607

hahahaha :P

And I'm thinking the only thing my sister will eat from my cooking is that spinach and mushroom sauce... but I don't wanna wash spinachhh

3/23/2009 #608

last time that happened i was in my bio class and the Adonis that was my teacher noticed my shallow breathing... sigh in retrospect i kinda wish i had needed mouth to mouth ;P

XD of course. I've had that reaction before to something...can't remember what though.

3/23/2009 #609
Nicki BluIs

and with that slutacious comment i bid you ladies adieu for i must dash off to my history class!

3/23/2009 #610

Byebye, Bubbles!

3/23/2009 #611

Damn. Half an hour flew. I should probably get to reading for school and junk. Pah!

Later, Karas!

3/23/2009 #612


Byeee both of youuu! Actually good timing cos I have to cook. WHoot.

3/23/2009 #613
Raine Skye

I'm back from my wonderful adventures with the older ladies at my church. They are the craziest group. XD Anyway, what did I miss?

3/23/2009 #614

Oooh hello :) I don't think we've met. I'm Karas =]

3/23/2009 #615
Raine Skye

Hi Karas, I just met bubbles (if I understood right, this is what Nicki BluIs's nickname). I'm Raine. How are you doing today?

3/23/2009 #616

Yep, Bubbles is Nicki BluIs :D I'm alriiiight... have a bit of a headache though :( That's what not sleeping does to you, haha. And I might be a bit slooow, cos I'm cooking at the mo :) How are you?

3/23/2009 #617
Raine Skye

I'm fine. A bit tired, but that's what happens when you don't have a consistent sleeping pattern. XP Take your time with your cooking. No need to rush. I don't need that much attention...Okay, maybe I need attention from my little sister, but only because it's fun to bug her. XD

3/23/2009 #618

Haha... how come your sleeping pattern's inconsistant? I was cooking dinner for me and my sister but I don't know if I'll bother anymore. She just came in the door and acted like a little huffy thirteen year old bitch. HA. How old is your little sis?

3/23/2009 #619
Raine Skye

My sister is fifteen. I'm nineteen, but I seem at least sixteen or seventeen. Between my sister and I, she kind of plays the big sister while I play the little sister. We get along really well, but we do have our quarrels.

I don't have a consistent sleeping pattern because I'm not attending college right now. I'm trying to lose ten pounds so I can get into the airforce. My family is pretty nocturnal too. That's probably the results of the fact my mom works nights and we generally play video games.

3/23/2009 #620

Ooh. My sister's thirteen, I'm sixteen :) And I'm also vegetarian, and I'm cooking for her tonight, and she's not happy about that. HA. Yeah my sister and I definitely have our quarrels :P She's most definitely the younger sister though, behaviour-wise. Hahaha.

Ooh, what made you interested in the airforce? Sounds great.

3/23/2009 #621
Raine Skye

I'll always be a kid at heart. I keep telling my sister that I'll have the advantage when we are fifty (she looks older than she is and I look younger). Hehe, at least I have something to look forward to.

I've always wanted to try the military. My dad was in the army when I was little, but got injured. My older brother is in the Navy in Guam, and my friend (mutual like like friends), Zach, is in the airforce.

I have a dream/goal of becoming a nurse. At first, I started going to a community college to get my generals done before I went to a four year college where they had AFROTC (Air force ROTC), but I was stuggling with all the classes I had to take for the student loans I needed. I decided it would be better to go into the air force as a med tech first and take classes while I was in (since they pay for your college) to become a nurse.

That's the shortest explanation I can give. There was actually a lot more information and thought to this decision, but hey, this is still the result. The only problem right now is I'm lazy.

3/23/2009 #622

Hahaha, wow, that seems to be a common thing on FP ;p My sister looks older than me too! Haha.

The military hasn't ever really appealed to me... mainly cos of the level of fitness needed :P I'm not that keen on sport etc. Haha, I'm far too lazy. But it's good that you know what you want to do - I have no idea.

Yeah that's a good idea! Let them pay for you :P College/uni is ridiculously expensive.

Sorry I took so long to reply, had to sort out the spinach :P

3/23/2009 #623
Raine Skye

That's fine. I was working on putting a character in the intro- fantasy anyway. I'm not that fitness savvy. Heck, I've been trying to lose those ten pound for two months (laziness to the max). At least i know I'm good at staying at a consistent weight. :P

What do you like to do in your free time, besides writing of course?

3/23/2009 #624

Lol me and weight = bad subject. I have an iffy relationship with food :P

BUT I loooooooove cooking!! And I guess just hanging out with my friends. :P I used to play the flute but gave up cos homework ate all my time... how about you?

3/23/2009 #625

@ Raine

Just so's ya know, if you're intro-ing both of the characters you mentioned earlier, edit the second one into the post with your first one to save space. Thanks. :)

*back to the operating room*

3/23/2009 #626

rightyho brb... dinner's nearly done and I need to serve up :)

3/23/2009 #627
Raine Skye

Lmao, I play the flute. We have a lot in common. I like to cook stir-fry, curry, rice, ramen, hot dogs, and eggs. I'm just decent at cooking.

Hello again Radio, I decided to focus on only one character for now. I don't know if I will be able to handle two. Thanks for saying something about it though. XD

3/23/2009 #628

Just gonna pop in for a lil while to say hello. (And so Kylie doesn't think I'm slacking off...)

3/23/2009 #629
Raine Skye

Crap! I was just reading the rules for the DP Fantasy (apparently there was more rules outside the general rules O.o). The worlds there characters are from are based on worlds that can use magic. If not then it should be Sci-fi. I don't know where to put my character now. There's not necessary magic in the world I created nor is there only sciency explanations for things. I don't know what to do now...

3/23/2009 #630
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