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fine TT^TT

3/19/2009 #31
Mr. Metamorphosis


3/19/2009 #32
Mr. Metamorphosis

Keep going Jet.

3/19/2009 #33
Not Dead Nor Alive

OMGGG! We have new people.

I'm Sasate, Sasa-chan, Sa-chan or Ginger. I'm....well, I guess you could call me the emo of our group.

Hana, meh mom made get off in the middle of my post, so screw you, tough

Me is super emo right now @_@

3/19/2009 . Edited 3/19/2009 #34
Kiyoko Matsuoka

She had to leave. And, maybe this is just the random observation of a random girl, but cussing at people just because they're not posting doesn't exactly make the best impression. Just saying.

3/19/2009 #35
Halen Catice

heh. Wow. I miss a lot in three hours! Anyway.. HAHAHA! Kii is funny! As long as it was in good humor and all. Congratz for cathing on quick! ^_- um... yeah... YAY!

3/19/2009 #36
Not Dead Nor Alive

Well....I could give advice on how to keep up, but I'm not really good at it, so....can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

3/19/2009 #37
Halen Catice

Nope, but thanks for offering! ^_^

3/19/2009 #38
Not Dead Nor Alive

Good, 'cause I'm out of comments.

3/19/2009 #39
Mr. Metamorphosis

KEEP on rping guys!


Hello ginger, and mod person thing, and YES, it was in good humour.

3/19/2009 . Edited 3/19/2009 #40
Mr. Metamorphosis

~ Basic ~

Name: N'aria

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5"8

Race: Drow

Sexuality: Straight

~ Body ~

Body Type: Dark Skinned, Slender, but with a fair bit of muscle

Hair: Long, Curly and Black

Eyes: Blue, always shining

Mouth: Always a smile on her face

Face: Oval

Skin: Dark

Clothing: Brown Breeches, Tunic and Leggings

~ Background ~

Hometown: Naviria, one of the secluded drow villages under the ground. A dark place where no one can smile, a dead place where nothing lives, and a place of death, for only drows can step foot inside without dying. It is under a mountain, nearby to the dwarves that mine with their dreadful axes. (HAHA DONT HAVE TO MAKE MORE UP!)

Family: Two Brothers. Parents deceased.

Type of Childhood: Happy, many friends.

Financial Background: Was always poor, but in Naviria all of the Drows take care of each other.

First Memory: Seeing her mother's and father's faces (XD)

Favorite Memory: Befriending the Drow Rhyl

Most Important Childhood Event: Death of Parents, for it changed her forever (oooh...)

Childhood In General: Being happy, loved and appreciated.

Education: Well read and written. Was taught by Naviria's educator.

~ Family ~

(You can discribe them in as much detail (personality/appearence) as you want but remember, they aren't your main character, so try to keep it to a minimum.)

Ilzt (Father): Powerful sorcerer and healer. Loving of his children, but harsh as well.

Nil (Mother): A sorrowful sight. Always weeping, Nil never dared to leave the house.

Faer (Brother): The oldest brother of N'aria. He is strong, smart and deadly in battle.

Shin (Brother): The youngest brother of N'aria. He is young, foolish and will sooner or later get himself killed with his antics (0.o)

~ Other ~

Personality: A caring person, but can hate as much as love.

Magical Abilities: None.

Physical Abilities: Strong and very fast, Amazing with weapons.

Most Valued Possesions: Her Bow and Quiver w/ arrows. It was a gift from Faer.

All Possesions: (This is for traveling people who don't have much.)

Bow, Quiver w/ arrows.


Necklace (gift from mother)


Other: (Basically, anything else we should know about your character.)

Fooling people comes naturally to her. She can win anyones trust easily and will break it if she needs to.


This is Rhyl's best friend? You likey?

3/21/2009 #41
Not Dead Nor Alive

Nice. I like it.

3/21/2009 #42


3/21/2009 #43
Mr. Metamorphosis


Now go rp! XD

you dont have to if u dont want to

3/21/2009 #44
Halen Catice

I approve! ^_-

3/22/2009 #45

hana chan~ r u posting?? *plz say yes TT^TT*

3/22/2009 #46
Mr. Metamorphosis

Yes plzz dooo!

3/22/2009 #47
Not Dead Nor Alive

You know what? You're all downing my emo aura.

3/22/2009 #48
Junbei Tajimei

._. ....well I didnt do anything so I'm excused xD

3/22/2009 #49
Junbei Tajimei

You know...we should all find some sort of way to know one of us is iono...MSN? But I'm just saying it would be easier to write and all ^^''

3/22/2009 #50
Halen Catice

a bunch of us have gmail accounts. It's free and fun, lolz. ^_- My gmail is (PM me) so if you get one just add me as a friend and I'll send ur adress to everyone else. Or One of them could do it. heh. ^^"

3/23/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #51
Mr. Metamorphosis

id rather use MSN, easier.

3/23/2009 #52
Kiyoko Matsuoka

Call me paranoid (it's ok, I am), but I'd rather not post my email/screenname for the world to see. At least, not the one I use regularly. I'd like it better if I could get to know you new guys better first.

3/23/2009 #53
Mr. Metamorphosis

Im not a stalker. Im 13, so I probably wont cause you any mental problems....So I should be fine...

3/23/2009 #54
Halen Catice

lol, its ok. why dont we just drop the idea for a bit and come back to it in a week or so. Eh?

3/23/2009 #55
Mr. Metamorphosis

Mmmm, sure.

3/23/2009 #56
Halen Catice

sorry, I was sensing tension with my ultra powerful Mod. powers. ^_^ I'm gonna delete my e-mail now too, cause some OTHER random dude who IS a stalker might find this forum. So copy it down now! ^_-

3/23/2009 #57
Mr. Metamorphosis

Lol, go post in World plz, im tired of waiting :/

3/23/2009 #58
Mr. Metamorphosis

I forgot urs forgot to write down post again XD


3/23/2009 #59
Halen Catice

Umm... I did post in the world. and also, if you want my e-mail just PM me and I'll giev it to you. ^_^

3/23/2009 #60
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