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The Ferrett

Where does one go to mope after losing their editor/good friend as a reader because your chapter is "too soppy?"

2/15/2009 #31

either chatterbox to tell us more. Or one of the topics that help with writing for story-improvement.

2/15/2009 #32

Name: Sparkles, but more commonly known as Nina :p

Favorite Story/Poem Of my own? Pfft, nothing. Though if I had to pick something, I'd say "Caught in the Rain."

Poet, Storyteller, or both? Neither XP Is reviewer an option?

How did you find us? It was on the first page of the forums.

What brings you here? Limecat's awesomeness drew me in!

2/15/2009 #33

Hi Sparkles! Welcome to BWB!!

Edit: would you prefer Sparkles or Nina?

2/15/2009 . Edited 2/15/2009 #34

Name: Igor on the RG, but I'd prefer Flaxes in all honesty. or Window =)

Favourite Story/poem: Of my own, The Prey. Of other peoples...erm...Hey! Look over there! *runs* N'ah, it's a bit unfair to choose, I like loads

Poet, storyteller, or both: I can hit my keyboard in sequence...does that make me a storyteller?

How did you find us: Sold my soul to satan for a Writers' block cure. he gave me a link

What brings you here: I think I already answered that. I want a metaphorical hammer to break my metaphorical writer's block.

2/16/2009 #35

Haha, hi Window :) I'm gonna call you Window, cos it's more nick-namey than Flaxes and you don't want to be called Igor.

I'm Karas :D

*shakes hand*

2/16/2009 #36

Yo Igor!

Welcome to BWB. Window reminds Lime of her hatred of Windows, so your alternate nickname is gonna be Apple (as in Macintosh Apple). XD

2/16/2009 #37

Okay I'm still calling you Window cos I have no reason to believe Macs are better.


2/16/2009 #38

Shall I call him/her Linux then?

2/16/2009 #39

Shall I call him/her Linux then?

Linux is a good compromise. Eh, Karas?

2/16/2009 #40

I am most happy to be of assistance *bows*

2/16/2009 #41

Okay. You're Linux. Danke muchly for the compromise, Net :)

2/16/2009 #42
Dominik Kiss

Hey everyone. (: I guess I'll just get right to it, lol.

Name - Domm, although people call me Dommy Dinosaur. :]

Favorite Story/Poem - I currently do not have one, heh. I still have to complete my quest for a favorite story.

Poet, Storyteller, or both? - Storyteller (Or at least that's what I tell myself, ^^;)

How did you find us? - I was lurking the forums, and I happened across this one. It's ~magic.

What brings you here? - I'd like to meet new people, because that's always fun! Along with exploring, and taking my writing to a further level by breaking out of this writer's block phase. :D

2/23/2009 #43

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Hi Failure!

Due to the funky glitch-time you choose to come I shall name you Funky!

Have fun in this Forum if it works *grumbles*

2/23/2009 #44

Hi Funky! I'm Karas :p Welcome to BWB. It'll be more active when FP decides to stop being so silly :p

2/23/2009 #45

Hey Funky! Welcome to BWB!! The name's Lime. ;)

2/24/2009 #46

'Sup, Funky, I'm Everest.

2/24/2009 #47
Dominik Kiss

Hey, everyone. (: FP wasn't glitching (for me, anyway) when I sent the post. Heh. Nice to meet you all. :D

2/25/2009 #48

I still name you Funky! *Net the mod hath spoken!*

But don´t worry it´s a nice nick :)

If you want to chat feel welcomed in the Chatterbox!

2/25/2009 #49
Dominik Kiss

Hah. Thanks for the nick, then. :D

I'll definitely check out Chatterbox, see what's going on in there. (:


2/25/2009 #50

Name : Riika

Favorite Story/Poem don't really have one

Poet, Storyteller, or both? see above answer

How did you find us? going through the fourms and i saw this one and it looked interesting

What brings you here? the fact that i have writers block way to often brings me here

2/28/2009 #51

Hi Riika!!! Welcome to BWB :D I'm Karas, and feel free to ask/contact any of the mods with questions.

Hmm, if you want one, your new nickname is now Spice!!! Riika - paprika - Spice XD

If you feel like chatting, check out Chatterbox Central :)

2/28/2009 #52
Miss Bob

Hey Spice!

My name's Beatles, nice to meetcha :P

2/28/2009 #53
Dominik Kiss

Hey Spice. :D They call me Funky.

We're all hitting up the Chatterbox Central section of this forum, feel free to join in at anytime. :D

(Link.) :D

2/28/2009 #54

Yo Spice! The name's Lime. Nice ta meet ya. Welcome to BWB; enjoy your stay. ;)

2/28/2009 #55
Casey Ann

Ah well my nickname is taco......ha ha I know

my fav is called everybody hurts and I mostly write stories. I am here because well I don't know. Writer's block sucks I can start things really well but I never really get anywhere

3/3/2009 #56

Hey there ;)

I am Net, and I will give you a nice new name.

okay taco. food. nice food. darn we already have spice.

try again

isn´t there this "taco bell" or so?


however I´ll name you Belle coming from Bell!

If you want to chat it´s the Chatter Box ;)

3/3/2009 #57

Yo Belle! Welcome to BWB! I'm Lime. Enjoy your stay and be sure to stop by the Chatterbox to! ;)

3/3/2009 . Edited 3/3/2009 #58

Hi Belle! I'm Karas :)

3/3/2009 #59
Miss Bob

(I realised I never got the official BWB intro! I just got Kas nagging in me ear to come and boost the post count XD)

Name I go by many names, but y'all calls me Beatles already, so I'm assuming we stick with that? :D

Favorite Story/Poem (anything goes: yours, others, books, etc) *holds down inner Twilighter* Fav story of my own is.... Newbie Vists The Review Game XD

Poet, Storyteller, or both? Terry Pratchett, made of win! And recently knighted! Whoot!

How did you find us? You found me and bugged me till I would post here... no wait... TBT! That was it! :D

What brings you here? Umm. A crippling desire to post. You belong at number 10 at the very least.

3/3/2009 #60
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