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(I realised I never got the official BWB intro! I just got Kas nagging in me ear to come and boost the post count XD)

drop me right in it, why don't you? XD

Erm.. I mean..

"HI BEATLES!!!! Welcome to BWB!!! Check out Chatterbox if you wanna chat!!! XD

I'm Karas btw. Great to meet you."

3/3/2009 #61
Miss Bob

drop me right in it, why don't you? XD

H'of course XD

Erm.. I mean..

"HI BEATLES!!!! Welcome to BWB!!! Check out Chatterbox if you wanna chat!!! XD

Much appreciated, nicely done on the enthusiasm :D

I'm Karas btw. Great to meet you."


3/3/2009 #62

'bout time, Beatles...XD

Welcome, anyway, though it seems you've settled in nicely. lol.

3/3/2009 #63
Miss Bob

Welcome, anyway, though it seems you've settled in nicely. lol.

Settled in nicely being code here for creating a crippling review debt and getting hooked on TBT?

LOL in the RGFF, BWB is getting pretty much a chapter to itself! Be happy! :D

(yeah, where TBT is a type of drug and we all sit around muttering to ourselves, way to set an impression for noob XD)

Wow. You can't really call me a newb anymore... I'm using so many abbreviations these days it hurts even my head :P

3/4/2009 #64

Name My real name is Katie, but I prefer to be called Euphi. x3

Favorite Story/Poem Ah, I'd be here forever if I were to list all of the names of my favourite books. D8

Poet, Storyteller, or both? My favourite authors include (but are not limited to) Jacqueline Wilson, Meg Cabot and Stephenie Meyer.

How did you find us? I was browsing the forums to see if there was anywhere dedicated to writer's block, for I suffer from it a lot. Dx

What brings you here? Uhm, tips? I'd like to see if there were tips on ridding yourself of writer's block.

3/11/2009 #65

Hey Euphi!

we still need to give you a fancy nickname. But the other brit (Carus) will see for that!

Feel free to look around where ever you want ;)

Oh and I am Net by the way.

3/11/2009 #66

Hey Net. [:

Thanks; I'm currently doing so.

I'm new to this site, so it's going to take me a while to get used to these forums. xD

3/11/2009 . Edited 3/11/2009 #67

Hey ;)

But once you got used to it it´s fun!

I think most of the others are at uni/school or in case of the americans still it bed though.

well anyway have fun trying ;)

3/11/2009 #68

Hey. [:

I'll take your word for it then.

I'm looking forward to becoming regular member here. x3

3/11/2009 #69

Well it´s nice to have you here ;)

But I gotta go and prepare lunch now, because we are an hour ahead of you in Germany.

So see ya later ;)

3/11/2009 #70

Great timing, for I have to leave also.

I'll be sure to check back here later on. [:

I hope you enjoy your lunch.

3/11/2009 #71
Miss Bob

Ooooh, another brit? Huzzah!

*is looking at Euphi's DA* Nice pics, I might fav a few of them, they look awesome :P

Ahehehe, stephenie meyer? Do we have a twilighter here, perchance?

Oh, and they call me Beatles around here or in the RG :)

3/11/2009 #72

Yes, a Londoner to be precise. ;D

Why, thank you. x3

And yes, guilty as charged. I've read all four Twilight books. But fear not, for I'm not an Edward Cullen/Jacob Black fangirl. xD

I just generally enjoyed the books, and that was it. I didn't enjoy the film though. D8

3/11/2009 . Edited 3/11/2009 #73

Oh Euphi, as the other brit girl is not showing up I decided to name you Happy ;)

Have fun!

3/11/2009 #74

Haha, OK.

Thanks. x3

3/11/2009 #75
Miss Bob

*officially welcomes*

Heya Happy! :D

3/11/2009 #76

Hiiii Happy! I'm afraid the 'other brit girl' was out shopping XD Whoot for new shoes and a bag!!

I'm Karas :D

3/11/2009 #77

@ Beatles: Thanks. xD

@ Karas: Hello. [:

3/11/2009 #78

Hi hi hi ;)

If you feel like chatting, go to Chatterbox Central XD

3/11/2009 #79

Will do, thanks for the tip.

3/11/2009 #80

*mumbles* Brits are taking over BWB too! *mumblingmumblies*

The name's Lime. Nice ta meet ya, Euphi. Since your penname reminds me so much of the character Euphemia from Code Geass, I am going to name you Nightmare!

Welcome to BWB. Enjoy your stay and please, give our arcade thread some lovin'. X3

3/11/2009 #81

Royal Britianna, Britianna rules the way...

Nah, I'm kidding. I'm quite ashamed to be British actually, given this country's current state of affairs. Dx

I actually got the nickname Euphi from the name Euphemia.

Though, I've never heard of it being used in anything; that's a first for me.

Hah, that's such a nice nickname. xD But I've already been dubbed "Happy" in here. We could combine the two? :3 "Happy Nightmare."

Ah, thanks. Will do, already am in fact. [:

3/11/2009 #82

Happy Nightmare sounds good to me, if a bit long :D

3/11/2009 #83

Aye, it is a tad.

3/11/2009 #84

pff..I'm calling you Nightmare in hopes that you don't become one. lol. Happy reminds me of my aunt's dog, which I absolutely HATE. That dog is a devil cat-dog thing. -_-

3/11/2009 #85

Name divinexs

Favorite Story/Poem (anything goes: yours, others, books, etc) HEART, Sanctuary: Our Passion, A Date with Fate, and my other stories. ~.~

Poet, Storyteller, or both? both. ;)

How did you find us? Browsing the forum o_o

What brings you here? Ideas!

3/11/2009 #86

Yo div! Welcome to BWB! Your ideas are obviously very welcome, as is your presence as well. :)

Let's begin the nicknaming ritual, yea? great. :D

div -- division -- modulus (% - a mathmatical operator used in programming) -- lux -- luxus (from the manga, fairy tail) -- lightning -- lightning bolt -- Bolt! (the white german shepherd dog from the movie, Bolt.)

EDIT: coincidentally, your new nickname also does well for the pikachus in your avi. lol. What can Lime say, she's a genius!! *throws head back in evil laughter* MUAHAHHAHAHAHA!

EDIT2: psst...I'm Lime.

3/11/2009 . Edited 3/11/2009 #87

xD Thanks! Haha!

3/11/2009 #88

Hey Bolt!

I´m Net ;)

3/11/2009 #89

Hiiiii Bolt! I'm Karas XD

3/11/2009 #90
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