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:D hi guys!

3/12/2009 #91

Name: You can call me Simba. *Curtsies*

Favorite Story/Poem (anything goes: yours, others, books, etc): Huh, well my favorite poem is the Sonnet: Shall I compare tehe to a summers day? by William Shakespear. and I read too many good books to have a favorite thoughI really enjoyed Silverhorse (I forget the author)

Poet, Storyteller, or both?: mostly storyteller. but I write a little poetry.

How did you find us?: Just searching through all the forums and this one caught my eye.

What brings you here?: I have writers block on one of my stories.

3/12/2009 #92

Hi there!

Don´t know if you know, but normally all new ones get fancy new nicknames here.

So if Lime does not decide on something else I would name you uhm *thinks scratches head* Leonie!

Oh and I´m Net by the way ;)

3/12/2009 #93

okai ,cool.

I have to go now though cause I have school in fifteen minutes. So nice to meet you and I'll be on tonight. =)


3/12/2009 #94

Pfft..what a lame nickname, Net. lol.

Heya Simba! Welcome to BWB!

Since I get this rare opportunity to use this are Mufasa! Woot!

3/12/2009 #95

Hiiiii mufasa! I must say I prefer that one :D

I'm Karas :)

3/12/2009 #96

Okay, haha!

It was the first thing that came to my mind ;)

3/12/2009 #97


I love that name! Thanks.

3/12/2009 #98

ELLO Bolt!!!!!

I'm Spice!

welcome and enjoy the randomness!

3/13/2009 #99
Honestly Evil

Name : Evil also responds to Karyn or Kaz

Poet , Storyteller or both: I'll write whatevers in my head so both. Don't always post everything though

How did you find us? : Browsing

What brings you here? : Boredom and writers block.

Favourtie Story or Poem : Don't have one, at the minute.

3/21/2009 . Edited 3/21/2009 #100

Hii, Evil/Karyn/Kaz! Welcome to BWB :D

Kaz - Kebabs - Ali Baba - Your nickname (if you want it) is now Aliba =]

Just ask or contact a mod if you have any questions :) I'm known as Karas on here.

3/21/2009 #101

Ah, Karas beat Lime to the nicknaming ritual. lol. Heya Aliba! Welcome to BWB. Enjoy your stay. :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention this...I be the BWB's resident Limecat-mod known as Lime. ^^

3/21/2009 . Edited 3/21/2009 #102

Name spotted shroom (but nicknames are welcome :D)

Favorite Story/Poem (anything goes: yours, others, books, etc) I like a lot of different books, Bryce Courtenay is becoming a favourite :)

Poet, Storyteller, or both? Storyteller

How did you find us? I googled writer's block forums and this looked the best one :)

What brings you here? My writer's block, and trying to find something that will break it

3/23/2009 #103

Woooot I´m gonna name you!!!!

Oh I´m Net by the way.

Okay so as you chose the name spotted shroom I am letting my incredible creativity flow and name you pink mushroom!

Have fun here ;)

3/23/2009 #104

Hiii Pink Mushroom :) That's a bit long for me to type and I'm lazy so I'm gonna call you Mush...bahahahaa ;P

I'm Karas :D

3/23/2009 #105

Hi Net, hey Karas!! how you going?

Pink Mushroom, cute! :D

If you like, shroom is also an option :P

3/23/2009 #106

Check out Chatterbox Central if you feel like chaaaaaatting :D

3/23/2009 #107

Might have to wait til tomorrow, it's 3.30am here lol!

I'll pop in tomorrow night and have a chat for sure ;)

3/23/2009 #108

Oooh, get to bed!! Haha sounds like there's a fellow insomniac for me to hang out with :P

3/23/2009 #109

I think Kas want´s to call you mush, and I´m gonna call you pink ;)

3/23/2009 #110

Karas - Yeah a bit of an insomniac :P Can't wait to chat!

Net - That's fine, pink and mush it is!! If I don't answer straight away, it's because I'm still getting used to being called pink and mush :D so I'm not ignoring you!

3/23/2009 #111
Demented Hellion

Name Julez

Favorite Story/Poem of mine: right now it's In My Mind's Eye but that will probably change since I'm working on my second chapter of A Demon's World

Poet, Storyteller, or both? a little bit of both

How did you find us? just went through the list of forums and it sounded good.... that made no sense lol

What brings you here? I suffer from frequent bouts of writer's block, and plus, ya'll seem nice

3/24/2009 #112

Hello!!!! I'm Karas, and I'm going to give you a welcome and a nickname! Welcome :D

Hmm... methinks your new nickname will be Lazuli

Julez - jewels - lapis lazuli (been studying a poem with it in) - Lazuli

So whoot, you're gonna help me in my exam, so you'd better stick around :P

3/24/2009 #113

Hi new person who is now named Lazuli!

I am Net ;)

Have fun here!

3/24/2009 #114

Hey Lazuli!

I'm pink/mush or shroom, I go by whatever ;)

Hope you like it here :D

3/24/2009 #115

Yo pink/mush/shroom/toadstool! Yea, that last one is my nick for ya. ;) The name's Lime. Welcome to BWB. Enjoy your stay...yada yada yada. All that's been said and done already, I hope. Haha.

'Sup Lazuli! Finally, another 'L' nick. lol. make yourself comfy, but not too comfy, k? I'm sure you won't appreciate being stabbed in the arm by an old toothbrush. ^_^'

3/26/2009 #116

Pfft, scare them away with violence, why don't you. XD

3/26/2009 #117

?? what violence?!?! *rolls eyes* crazy crow. XD

3/26/2009 #118

Hey Lime!! Yeah, the welcome wagon has indeed been rolled out, but thanks anyway!! I like toadstool, I think I can handle that ;)

3/26/2009 #119
skyward squidly squee

Name: . ... Stephen, I guess. or Pancakes!

Favorite Story/Poem: One of my favorites is A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe

Poet, Storyteller, or both: Poet, but I do also want to write fiction and just haven't yet. :]

How did you find us? Fractured Illusion's Profile

What brings you here? Heh. Boredom; Enjoyment of reading and writing; Block-breaking, I guess. :P


3/30/2009 #120
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