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Hi Stephen!!

Your nick is gonna be Euro.

Estav - pancakes - ecstasy (as in happy, not as in drug XD) - europhic - Euro.


I'm Karas, welcome to BWB!

3/30/2009 #121
skyward squidly squee

Haha. Ok, thanks! :P

Actually, I think you mean euphoric. But, one of my fanfiction names is part of a typo a used to make all the time. :PP

3/30/2009 #122

Yeah that is what I meant, oops. XD

3/30/2009 #123
skyward squidly squee

So what's my nickname? Euro? Eupho? xD

3/30/2009 #124

Euro!! Obviously. XD

3/30/2009 #125
Scarlet Imperfectionist Bodom

Name Rae

Favorite Story/Poem Hmm....Midnight

Poet, Storyteller, or both? Storyteller

How did you find us? Heard about this site from FF.N

What brings you here? Well, I needed a place where I could write my original fiction, which I have a lot of. So I came here! ;)

3/30/2009 #126

Woot hi there!

I´m Net and I guess someone needs to decide on you shiny new nickname. Maybe britgirl wants to do it? She´ll be online later ;)

Until then you are free to walk around nameless.

Have fun here!

3/31/2009 #127

Hi Rae!! I'm the aforementioned britgirl, otherwise known as Karas :P

Your nickname is now Rawr, 'cause it's cute and I typoed earlier. Haha :)

Welcome to BWB

3/31/2009 #128

I thought we already had a Euphi, but I nicknamed Euphi "Nightmare". lol. So, Euphi is still up for grabs. However, Lime has taken a liking to Euro. XD Welcome Euro and Rawr! :D

3/31/2009 #129

Name Fang!!!! :D

Favorite Story/Poem For real or on FP? D:

Poet, Storyteller, or both? Both :D

How did you find us? From Karas. *waves at Karas* :D

What brings you here? My computer? jk XD I'm a frequent sufferer of writer's block, it requires medical attention.... :D Hi all!

3/31/2009 #130

Name: Sakura :)

Favorite Story/Poem: of mine? hmm I hate all my own stuff.... shards of snow probably cause it's new. mr vending machine isn't bad either.

Poet, Storyteller, or both?: both :)

How did you find us?: Karas' shameless self-promotion :)

What brings you here?: I have writer's block to the chronic degree

3/31/2009 #131
skyward squidly squee

Heeeeeello, Fangster!!

I only "joined" yesterday. >.<

But this place is awesome and welcome and :D!

3/31/2009 #132

How did you find us? From Karas. *waves at Karas* :D

How did you find us?: Karas' shameless self-promotion :)


I feel famous. :P

Seeing as you're both from RG, you can keep your nicknames of Fang and Sakura. Cos I'm nice like that.


3/31/2009 #133
skyward squidly squee

Haha! And eeeello, Sakura!

And ohmygosh, you have something called Mr Vending Machine!!! Earlier, I was playing a game called Vending Machine with Crow/Karas!

:P Btw, and not that you'd care, but I tend to asplode with happiness, at least once a day. 8P

3/31/2009 #134

Yayz! Do you like that emoticon too? :D:D:D:D Now what do I do?

3/31/2009 #135

Chatterbox is the OT thread here... you could join in a game, or just y'know, generally browse around :D

Do read the rules though. XD

3/31/2009 #136
skyward squidly squee

Ohmygosh, you could play the How did THIS happen game; those guys need a little help. :PP :D

What emoticon?

3/31/2009 . Edited 3/31/2009 #137

:D That one. :D And again. Karas, where are the rules?! D:

3/31/2009 #138

I meant if you play a game or something. The rules are in the first post at the top. XD

3/31/2009 #139

OMG! Fang! Sakura! HI!! *waves her paw around in the air in a near maniacal fashion*

Fang, get closer to my paw so that Lime can bop you on the nose like all felines do to canines. *grin*

*cough* I mean, Fang, get closer so that Lime can offer you a sun-dried olive branch.

3/31/2009 . Edited 3/31/2009 #140

-- OFF TOPIC-ish --

Oh yes...Rules for each thread are on the first post of each thread. Enjoy.

We don't have a "Read this first!" thread (read official rules thread) mainly because it was never created and Lime is much too lazy to think of all the rules by


3/31/2009 #141
Scarlet Imperfectionist Bodom

Rawr? XD I like it. It's funny you picked one that suites me, 'cause my friend says I'm always growling at people! Even though I don't, but he's referring to my anger issues.

That wasn't a good first impression. D:


4/1/2009 #142

I obviously don't scour the forums enough... I've only just discovered this...

Name: Austen @ the RG, Improv outside of it. Will respond to either, and any other moniker, so long as I know it's mine. :p

Favorite Story/Poem: This changes far more than it should...At the moment, it's 'Watchmen' by Alan Moore.

Poet, Storyteller, or both?: Terry Pratchett, for the sheer genius of balancing the fantastical with side-splitting humour

How did you find us?: Link on Frac's profile

What brings you here?: procrastination urges?

4/8/2009 #143

Austen!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!

Ahem. Note shiny shield. :D

Welcome to BWB!!

4/8/2009 #144

I obviously don't scour the forums enough... I've only just discovered this...

Well, there wasn't really a need to scour the it's only the 9th forum down the list in general forums (unfortunately). Haha. And then, there's the links in a select number of people's profiles. XD *continues to mumble about the whereabouts of BWB*

I mean, HI AUSTEN! Welcome to BWB! Since you've already been named at the RG, the nick stays for the sake of all parties' (in)sanities. ^^'

Ya already know the nicks of the mods and RGers that reside here...there are a few non-RGers here as well. Since Lime doesn't find a need to do a nickname list, just go through this thread if you need to find anyone's nick...or you could go the old fashioned (read lazy) way and simply ask people. Ha!

4/8/2009 #145

Name: hayella

Favorite Story: Sherlock Holmes the Novel, The Merchant of Venice, Delete All Suspects, Breaking Dawn, The Little Prince, The Witch of Portobello, I Have Given You a Memory, ... Carossilane and Angel's Grandeur... I guess.

Poet/Storyteller: I really am not so familiar with poets but maybe I'll pick Sappho since she's the one I remember

Storyteller ... there's many of them

How did you find us?: I looked in the forum section and the description of this gained my interest.

What brings you here?: I think my curiosity and imagination did.

I'm a little relieved when you mentioned the friendly thing.


4/8/2009 #146


no one else that I've met know it...

4/8/2009 #147

Welcome to BWB, hayella. I'll leave the nicknaming to my fellow mods...if they're still alive. *pokes her fellow mods* Expect a 2nd nickname if Lime (me) doesn't particularly like what has been picked. Haha.

The name's Lime. Nice ta meet ya. Enjoy your stay and be sure to check out the various threads in the forum...Gossip Mill is our off-topic/chat area - go bonkers in there. Rules for each individual thread are on the first post of every thread - heed them, obey them, have fun; ignore them, disobey them, feel Lime's wrath., seriously...obey the rules. :)

4/8/2009 . Edited 4/8/2009 #148


no one else that I've met know it...

I know that book.

And welcome new user!

4/8/2009 #149

Hi Hayella!! I'm Karas :)

I think your nickname can be Rose, because that's the only thing I remember from The Little Prince :) Or you could be Fox... but I love roses, you Rose you shall be. :)

Welcome to Break Writer's Block!

And we are friendly, don't you worry :)

4/9/2009 #150
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