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really? Well, no one at my school knows, I'm like 'hey, i love the book the little princess.' and their all like 'w** are u talking about'...

4/9/2009 #151

Thank you very much.

I'm sure glad to know that.

Thanks for the nickname.

I guess I should get used in being called Rose already:)

God bless!

4/9/2009 #152
Musa di Apollo

Well hello, the name's...obvious...*facepalm*. Not a very good writer, and I'm certainly not dedicated to any stories XD. Well...what to say what to say...*facepalm* Ummm...all hail Lime?

4/10/2009 #153

Ummm...all hail Lime?

Wow. Newbie catches on extremely fast. Lime likes him/her already. haha. aaand Yes, all hail Lime. :D

hmm...nickname. Fanta! It's late, don't make Lime explain how she got to Fanta. *falls asleep*

EDIT: welcome to BWB, Fanta. Gossip Mill is the place for off-topic chat; there are a few game threads and help threads. read and obey the rules; enjoy your stay. g'night. *thud*

4/10/2009 . Edited 4/10/2009 #154

Hi Fanta! I'm Karas :) Welcome to BWB :p

4/11/2009 #155
Abbigail Cross

I'm Insane. I'm 15. And I know Tae Kwon Do. Fear me.


4/11/2009 #156

Oooh, my best friend is a black belt in tae-kwon-do :D

Your nick is... hmm. Let me think.

You can be Trophy, because my friend has a lot of those in TKD :P

I'm Karas, welcome to Break Writer's Block.

4/11/2009 #157
Abbigail Cross

Everyone calls me Insane, but Trophy'll do.

4/11/2009 #158


4/11/2009 #159

Yo Trophy. The name's Lime and the one to be feared in BWB land is the limecat known as Lime. :D (Plus, Lime is main, yea. XD)

Lime isn't really keen on the Trophy nick...Lime's gonna call you Loki.

4/11/2009 #160

Loki's better. I'll call you that too

4/11/2009 #161
Abbigail Cross

Why Loki?

4/11/2009 #162

Good question. It's better than Trophy though, don't you think? :P

4/11/2009 #163
Abbigail Cross

Indeed. Do you have an AIM?

4/11/2009 #164

Hm no. But I have msn. Why do you need them?

The chat thread in here is Gossip Mill at the moment by the way :)

4/11/2009 #165
Abbigail Cross

Just asking.

4/11/2009 #166


4/11/2009 #167

Name: D.Stone, if you don't mind. There are a variety of other nicks I may go by, though.

Favorite Story/Poem: Uh, I'll have to say Unexpected Love because it was just so much fun to write.

Poet, Storyteller, or both?: Storyteller, my poetry skills are non-existent

How did you find us?: Your newest member before me.

What brings you here?: Partly boredom... and the strange fact that I can't finish off my story despite knowing how it's going to end, so... acute block.

4/11/2009 #168

Haha, hi Stone. Welcome to BWB, have a look round and stuff :)

I'm gonna (nick)name you Weed because weed makes you stoned. Whoot for 3 am logic.

I'm Karas :) Ask a mod (shiny shield) if you have any questions.

4/11/2009 #169

Name: WriteAsItComes, WAIC (i pronounce it wake), Rosey, Rose, blah, blah, blah.

Favorite Story/Poem: That is way too broad of a question. there is no way i can possibly choose my favorite story or poem of all time. sorry.

Poet, Storyteller, or both?: mostly storyteller. occasionally i write a poem, but i have to be in the right mood.

How did you find us?: you can thank Loki and Weed...the two previously joined members. and the 5 question forum.

What brings you here?: writers block...what else?

4/11/2009 #170

Name: sw or dot

Favorite Story/Poem:all of em

Poet, Storyteller, or both?:BOTH!

How did you find us?: through the search doohickey

What brings you here?: my buddies told me to

4/11/2009 #171

Woot! More vic- I mean, more members! Haha. ^_^

Welcome, welcome. :D

'Sup Weed. Lime likes your nick (that Crow gave ya) so, you're keepin' it. XD

WriteAsItComes - wake - alarm clock - ring - bird in a clock - Tweet

sw448 - dot; eh, Dot'll do...Haha. So, Dot it stays. (unless Karas/Crow over there can come up with a better nick.)

4/11/2009 #172


Nice to meet you Lime.

4/11/2009 #173

Tweet...i like it. strangely enough. it's...tweety. and i can annoy the crap out of everyone by TWEEEEEEEEEEETING all the time =D

4/11/2009 #174

Alrighty, this is getting off-topicy, people. Head to Gossip Mill if ya wanna chat. :)

4/11/2009 #175

Hi Tweet and Dot! Nice to meet you :) I'm Karas :P

4/12/2009 #176
Mayo on toast

I introduce myself here. I'm Maya from RG.

4/18/2009 #177

'Sup Maya.

Hope you're gonna stay at BWB...or move between forums like we all do. Haha.

4/18/2009 #178

heya!! =] I'm gonna fill out those survey things because they're fun, hehe!

Name: Sheriff

Favorite Story/Poem: Anything of my more recent stuff. Anything from this year is pretty good, in my eyes. :D

Poet, Storyteller, or both?: Both, but I lean towards the poet side more

How did you find us?: *sheepish grin* Limecat!

What brings you here?: Writers block. And banishment (lol) but I hope to hang out here more. :P

official intro, done. :D

4/19/2009 #179

heylo Sheriff :)

4/19/2009 #180
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