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Do you have a case of Writer's Block? Click on the link for the cure! Aspiring writers welcome.
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W00t! Good luck :)

8/7/2009 #31

Well, i didn't get what i wanted done, so i promised to review five others, and thats what i did!

8/7/2009 #32

Okay that´s fine then!

However you have to PM a Mod with which storie(s) your reviewed!

8/12/2009 . Edited 8/12/2009 #33

I want to update one chapter to my RGFF by today! If I cannot do it, I will review one person (can it be a random stranger, cause no has been playing lately).

I can do it! It's saved this time!

9/19/2009 #34

It seems Fang completed her challenge. :3 Too lazy to add to the list..will do it later.

9/21/2009 #35

I want to cure the writer's block I've had for this one particular story, Charlie of the Dead. I want to write the first chapter, about Charlie falling into the Underworld and smack bang in the middle of a battle between Good and Evil. I don't care about the word count I just want to be happy with it. Around 1,000 words would be fine with me. I'd like it to be done over the weekend, so I'm giving myself till Monday 28th September.

If I fail I will review one of my fellow participants (is there anyone else currently playing?).


I did it. About 3,000 words, and I'm kinda ok with it.

9/25/2009 . Edited 9/25/2009 #36

Good luck on your challenge!

If you fail you can review any other participant who completed theirs ;)

9/25/2009 #37
Eternal Skies

I couldn't stick to the deadline so I revied something by xenolith (mouthwash). the link:

11/2/2009 . Edited 11/14/2009 #38

Good luck and good game giving yourself some time! ;)

If you don't meet the requirements, you must review anything by xenolith.

11/5/2009 #39

Okay. Maybe next time! Keep on challenging yourself. :)

1/3/2010 #40

Hi!! I was nicknamed Birdie :D Call me it cause I think it's cute... Or call me Grey, whichever. (I'm Not British, I'm Canadian.)

I am going to finish writing the first chapter of my first story ever, Green Eyes, which I started a day ago, Tonight. It will be more than 1,500 words... I will post it Tonight. Before I goto bed...Tonight. :P

It's about a girl named Allison Gray who is an outcast at her school due to her appearance and awkward, jumpy attitude, she's very secluded and hides away from the people who are bold enough to talk to her. She meets a boy who is new to the school, and apparently doesn't mind her appearance, or the rude things people say about her, infact, he seems more than willing to compliment her, which is completely new to Allison. Then allison finds out that her new friend has a secret, and soon discovers she has one of her own. Dun Dun Dun...

If I fail I will review one of my fellow participants, 'cause I like to read a lot! :D I will post an edit saying complete when I'm done :D (Cause Fang totally told me how to do that and I'm itching to use it) ^-^ 3 3

Edit :D-- I got more than 1,500 words, so I'm going to post it as the first chapter...though I don't really know how to make cliff hangers so...I probably chose a bad place to randomly make a chapter end...but I intend on posting another chapter Tonight or tomorrow...:P Well once I learn how to post this chapter... yeah...anyhoo :D Its called Green eyes. YAY!!

1/9/2010 . Edited 1/9/2010 #41

Congrats on your challenge, Birdie! :D I will be sure to review.

Continue challenging yourself! :)

1/17/2010 #42

I will finish and post a war one-shot an make it exceed at least one thousand words.

It will be posted by tomorrow night at the latest.

If I fail this challenge I will review the work of one of my fellow writers.

1/24/2010 . Edited 1/24/2010 #43

I want to write the third chapter to my newest story, 'The Price of Curiousity' and have it posted by Tuesday, Jan 2nd at 6pm EST. (Haha, am I being too specific?) The chapter will be at least 1.5k words, not including my A/N at the start of the chapter.

If I fail, I will review two people, using all of the criteria.

(P.S., I just wanted to say this is a really great forum and I hope to be active in the future.)

1/29/2010 #44

Er, you mean Feb 2nd, right? xD

Good luck on your challenge, by the way! Hope to see you in the future. :)

1/29/2010 #45

This forum seems cool. Lovely idea. ^_^

Okay, my challenge. I want to post my first chapter of my first story for this site. I want the chapter to be at least 1,000 words and to be done no later then tommorrow.

If I fail I will review one of my fellow participants.

I`m sure I`ll accomplish my goal. ^_^

Edit: Done! ^_^

2/13/2010 . Edited 2/13/2010 #46

Awesome! :D I'll be sure to review as soon as I can.

Keep on challenging yourself.

2/17/2010 #47
Sparkling Sploosh
Okay so here's my challenge.

I want to write Chapter 8 of my story Smelling the Roses by March 3rd 2010. The chapter should be around 3500-5500 words. Haha, big area I know. I will review one of my fellow participants if I fail, of course. Now off to writing!

Edit: It's finished! Woot, I accomplished my goal with a day to spare! Here it is!

2/28/2010 . Edited 3/2/2010 #48

Okay, here is my challenge :

I will finish the first chapter of a new story that has been cooking in my head for weeks. It will be around 1000 words and will be up by Wednesday the 9th.

If I fail, I will review one of my fellow participants.

Edit : Wail....Oh the woes of irrational power cuts. First at the June WCC, no this. My file has gone dhishoom - had finished the chapter when the power went off, and guess what? No recovery. :(

I will do it later when I have the heart. Hopefully next week, same day.

6/5/2010 . Edited 6/9/2010 #49

Well... I might as well try it.. So, here goes...

I have 3 things I'd like to challenge myself with.

1. I would like to write an editorial about sexism and the Taming of the Shrew. That will be done by Monday (9/13/10) and posted by Tuesday (9/13/10)

2. I would like to write another chapter in a fanfiction I'm writting called Avatar: An Innocence Bender. It's a crossover between Avatar (the cartoon) and DGM. I do have a lot of homework (I'm in AP US History and all HG classes except for band and French) so I would like to have this done and posted by the end od the month (9/30/10 @ or before 11:59 pm).

3. I want to finish all my AP US History note this weekend. While I can't post them or anything, I do think this a good goal and it is something that will be a challenge for me.

If I fail at any of these, I will review someone's story (1 story per goal I didn't meet).

I haven't published enough stories to be a betareader on ficpress yet, but if anyone would like me to edit one of their strories (even if I don't fail) I'd be glad to! Just pm me! &)

Okay... now, off to work! =)

9/10/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #50

okay, I failed with the history notes. I finished the editorial on time, but I didn't post it. So, 2 reviews for me to do!

9/18/2010 #51
Eiya Weathes

Before I state my challenge, I just want to say that I, Amethyst Penn, am a procrastinator. I know, I know. Throw rocks at me if you must...but not the laptop! No! Not the laptop!


I am aiming to submit a prompt piece to a certain site's contest. Although I have a five-month deadline (Weirdly and bipolar-ly, I am quite hardworking with writing but it's just that I tend to work on other things which means procrastinating other things like homework), I am determined to finish a romance, photo-inspired one-shot which has no title as of now. It will have at least 2000 words but not exceeding 5000. I tend to overwrite. I'm weird, yes? I will publish it on or before Friday, December 17, 2010 because I have two school activities to take care of. It sucks being a composer.

If I fail, I will review two of my fellow participants.

Edit: I'm afraid that I won't be able to post/publish it. The contest submissions start on January.

12/10/2010 . Edited 12/10/2010 #52

I rosemarytea my goal is to write a chapter 1289+ words long in 4 days if i fail i will write a review one one of the other participants stories. it will be for my story melody about a girl who is taken to "The Institiute" to pay off her fathers debt. She is just leaving her keeper and will meet her new owners. The youngest of which she has been drawing for months. i am hoping to get to the point where she is going to the dinner where she starts to befriend the family but that will possibly be over in word count which i geuss is not neccicarrily a bad thing. off to my writing book!

12/11/2010 . Edited 12/11/2010 #53

Hi, I'm Zie, and I'm going to take this challenge!

I will write a chapter somewhere between, possibly a little over, 1000 and 3000 words for my story Jennacide, which is about two girls who are in love during a time when the world government aggressively oppresses all homosexuality. I will be done by January 1st, 2011! If I fail, I will write a review for one of my fellow participants! Good luck to me...

Edit: Totally forgot to edit. Here it is, chapter three of Jennacide. I think it's something like exactly a thousand...

12/27/2010 . Edited 12/31/2010 #54
John M. Andrist

Hey. I have just gotten back from a year long hiatus.

Id like to have one chapter written that is 2k to3k words.

If I fail, I will...Um...Ill review a western or perhaps a Romance.

I give myself until January Third.

12/29/2010 #55

I want to have a new chapter of Three Blind Mice submitted today. If I fail, I will review a story or someone else. The chapter will be approximately 1200 words. It is now 11:21am, and my chapter will be up before midnight.

1/9/2011 #56
Yael Itamar


I'm a bit hesitant about posting my stories online for various reasons, but I still think this game is a good way to motivate myself.

Can I play a variation of the game where, if I am unsuccessful, I have to review one fellow participant within a week? (True, I wouldn't be able to prove whether or not I was successful, but since I'm not looking for reviews, there would be little motivation for me to lie.)

2/10/2011 #57
Today is April 3. I hope to have the third chapter of Stealing the Silence up AND another short story in seven days, so that would be by April 10. :D Wish me luck?
4/3/2011 #58
Unused Please delete

Oh hey, I'm new. Call me Rena, please. :)

I have been trying to write this one story bubbling in the back of my brain during English and History class for nearly a year now. I swore I would have the first chapter done by the end of the school year, but I failed to meet this deadline. Furthermore, my girlfriend managed to write three chapters to her story, keeping her end of promise. So, of course, I dug myself in deeper when I bet her that each day she kept her numbers within range, (Her being diabetic) I would write a chapter. So far, I owe her at least two or three. I would love to have at least one decent chapter done before the week is out.

My story focuses on a futuristic world in which I have fallen in love with the characters and the scenery. In our not so distant future, America has been reduce to nothing but rubble and Countries are closing their doors to the Americans left. Early in the world's demise, England held it's door open, and now the same people who sough to destroy America now hunt down the refugees in England as well. Their government creates a work force completely made out of children in a place called The City, advertised as a place for all children to grow up in, away from the bombs and the cruel life left to them. Within The City, as of the 2030's or so, children ages 11-20 are put in the central core of The City, any younger are cared for just outside the walls. The children are separated by age, gender and race. Categories within each main group separate talents and personalities. These talents depict what each kid does to help with The City. Every day, the children create things for the outside world for nearly free. Things ranging from food to popular novels the elder of the children create. To the outside world, The City is still a place safe for their children, but in a reality forty years after The City was established, this is no longer so. Hope I can get at least one chapter done before the week is out, and I would love you guy's opinion once I have it written. Wish me luck! 3

7/26/2011 #59
Will Shepherd

I want to write the first chapter for my story Gunpowder, between 500 - 1000 words, by 4/21/2012. If I fail, I will review one of my fellow participants.

4/17/2012 . Edited 4/20/2012 #60
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