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How it pains - To know that look in the devils eyes.
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Mr. Aek

Any Questions about the One Shot (that will never happen by the way :p) can be posted here. I'll answer them. even if it lands going into the history of a character who should have a long story before this one takes place.

9/6/2009 #1
Mr. Aek


Alright, I read the short story. 1 Question: how can she punch him and his face is bloody when he was previously hit with a rail gun that just bounced off him?

As for your question, I know the answer to number 3 (I think so at any rate)

number 1:Zee is some alien that ended up on this world (possibly at the same time as a Wizard). My guess, is that he comes from a (pardon the cliche phrase) "parrallel universe" thus the portals he seems to want to get into when the Wizards arrive.

number2:Just some guy living down the road.(I really have no idea, is it a title for a person, is it a large monster...)

number4:I have not been there during fires but was there after when ash was ankle deep.(and I did not see a single hint of a titanic clash of outworldy powerful beings)

1. Simply a different thing he did - in once case he used a shield the rail gun couldn't break, on the second case he turned himself into a human rag doll. for 3 - yes that is for people who don't bother to read the main story first :p okay for answer one - dang, you were pretty close there he did come with a wizard (and they are the only way to get to and from his world) but not its not parallel, its just that for a reason (a good one) travel between a certain barrier in space is only possible once to twice a year for around a week each - and only the Wizards can travel though it. - PS: I like this response, exactly what i was looking for when i describe him in the story :p (unworldy and trapped)

answer number 2: A large monster :p and one that roams his planet along with other creatures. he encountered it - and it pretty much controlled him as another limb for quite some time (thus the flap of skin on his back - it was the... plug as to say.)

number 4: I thought it would be a cool setting to place the battle right before the wake of the fires - as i have exprerenced that before so it's a fairly cool setting that i can explain better (i would feel wrong trying to explain a blizzard like that cause I've never been in a serious snow storm.. just the light snow)

9/6/2009 . Edited 9/8/2009 #2

by barrier in space, you mean space like outer-space or just the space between say my bottle of water and my keyboard?

Also, used as a limp? I have never heard of such a thing before, could you explain.

9/8/2009 #3
Mr. Aek

limp lol changed it - limb

outer-space. :) mmm called the 'Ghost Fleet'

9/8/2009 #4

I'm not sure what you meant by the controlled as another limb. It's hard to represent mentally.

9/9/2009 #5
Mr. Aek

Lets put into context :)

Zee got killed (on his home world) by a monster not greater than him - but just more skilled at the time.. the monster wanted to 'take' Zee's powers... and some garbage infomation seller (dirty) told him 'you kill Zee and drink the blood from his throat' - this is fake, but the monster traps Zee and stabs him in the stomach, then throat - (he tries drinking the blood of course it won't work) but before the body could go to waste or rot (aka within the first 2-3 minutes) a buzzard of the world (large beast called the gaurdian) finds the body scences the 'pontiental' aka power he has.. and then forces itself upon the body ripping out a large chunk of his back and stringing its veins and muscles though the entire body - then using its own blood re-animates the dead body (forces the heart to start beating again, but not on its own accord rather forced) in essance the beast (Guardian) uses the body as another limb - it controls the body, but soon figures out how to get into the brain and pretty much run it - thus he can once again think for himself but is only alive cause the guardian is working all his organs... (they break apart obviously lol... later :p)

- thats what i mean by a limb :)

9/9/2009 #6

That wasn't exactly obvious, but how does something coeporeal (with substance) enter his body that way? Does the guardian melt in some way? Or is he just animated by the blood (but then the guardian is not working anything)...This is confusing but does explain the green blood he has.

9/10/2009 #7
Mr. Aek

Yes lol the green blood - red the first time cause he turned himself into a rag doll (aka fake)

lets just say every bone, organ, blood vessel -is encircled and fused with the large (say - six-eight inch in diameter) 'plug'. The Guardian is an odd creature that has vine-like tentacles.. (hundreds of them) it walks on.. (and no i won't explain it as my explanation sucks and needs a lot more fixing :p) the plug is filled with thousands - millions of vessels varying from the size a finger can fit in to so small you can't see them with the naked eye.... the pretty much wrap around and connect - in other words Zee doesn’t 'use' his nerves - the small vessel wrapped around the nerve and fused with it pretty much acts like the nerve.. it 'imitates' what its wrapped around to give the same effect.

9/10/2009 #8

Yes, but I must wonder...what goes on in your head for you to come up with such ideas?

9/14/2009 #9
Mr. Aek

"I want something no one has ever put onto paper before."

I enjoy thinking out of the box. I have a story poteintal outlined in my head that surpasses 5-6 books. if it ever works out. The neat thing about them is all though they are in a series they will never have the exact same style.. for instance

book 1: Boy goes on an epic adventure alone a mystical land

book 2: Boy, now bound to a monster travels around the world in search of 'The Wizard' in hopes of going home to find his missing past.. and get separated from the monster

book 3: Boy gets trapped along with friends in a mysterious shifting world that makes no since.. enter: confusion.

book 4: girl gains power.. it some how gets abused (WW4)

book 5: boy makes his way home and tries to fix his problems as a galactic war approaches the horizon. - This may turn into some kind of slash (if I'm using that term correctly) basically each chapter or so would alternate between people on poles of the galaxy.

book 6: Nope can not remember the name, was only used once in my old writings :p (as some kind of HUGE foreshadowing hehe)

9/14/2009 #10

I see some kind of Star Wars outline moving along here: let's start with part 4.

This shows that you have a TON of ideas for character developpement which is really nice. ;)

You therefore have me thinking about the past/present/and future of ww4.

9/18/2009 #11
Mr. Aek

Yah i don't really develop Zee much in ww4 cause he'd be the main character of the first 3 books.

9/18/2009 #12

However, I don't see anything about the number 6.

9/19/2009 #13
Mr. Aek

A different person is main character - a guy mentioned only once in my old old writings. (one of the characters had a digital run-in with this person upon trying to hack)

in this universe - imagine - -------Galactic Federation | (mysterious barrier) ---Earth, then deeper more kinda disorganized planets, most being unaware of each other or a few small loose federations.

It would be kind of like, the America's were to the Native Americans/British... the Federation is a highly developed system of races and planets that’s really old (millions?) some barrier blocks off people/races (like the ocean back in the 1400's) and the other half (North/South America) is less organized and, primitive.

At this point it would unravel that books 1-5 were set up by some kind of genius to bring down the (now) corrupt federation, Millions of years of control by the same family corrodes its righteousness.

9/19/2009 #14

This appears as it would be kind of off from the main topics of the other books, but interesting nevertheless. (especially if you dive into the cultural differences between the two).

9/20/2009 #15
Mr. Aek

Everything would be off from the previous books.

Hell, in four books it would go from Epic adventure across vast land on foot to Vampire like monster killing people like a weapon. A slight change, right?

I try to completly twist the style of each book, you know to keep it fresh and intresting. It would bore me to write some massive 400,000 word story and split it into 4 books then call it a series.

9/20/2009 #16

That would depend on how into your story you are, but I see your point. Your biggest aversion seems to be boredom due to repitition (both with style, story and character developpment)

9/24/2009 #17
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