Shipwreck RP
Come be stranded on a evil island where evil lurks in shadows. Yes this was inspired by Lost I admit it. Full plot inside!
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Star the Foxhound

Ava continued to write in her notebook. "I'm going to make this adventure into a story," she said, "I'm a writer."

3/12/2009 #361

"Cool," Tamara said, not adding that she was skeptical that they'd get off the island.

3/12/2009 #362
Star the Foxhound

"It will make a very good story," Ava replied, "Though I don't think people will ever believe that it's all real."

3/12/2009 #363

"That might be a good thing," Tamara noted.

3/12/2009 #364
Star the Foxhound

Ava looked at him. "Why would that be a good thing? After all this is all really happening."

3/12/2009 #365

Tamara continued to watch the forest. "Well, people might think you're crazy." She said.

3/12/2009 #366
Star the Foxhound

"I'm not crazy," Ava said, "None of us here are. We are just in a rather unusal situation."

3/12/2009 #367

"I know," Tamara nodded, "But others won't believe this like you wouldn't believe."

3/12/2009 #368
Star the Foxhound

Ava sighed. "It does seem crazy if you don't see the zombies. I guess I'll just pass it off as fanasty."

3/12/2009 #369

"Good idea," She said, shooting a zombie emerging from the forest.

3/12/2009 #370
Star the Foxhound

"Where'd you get a gun?" Ava asked staring at it, "It's not something you'd carry with you on a pleasure cruise."

3/12/2009 #371

"I think Martin had a survival kit. Be thankful." Tamara said.

3/12/2009 #372
Star the Foxhound

Ava smiled. "What kind of stuff are in survivial kits?"

3/12/2009 #373

Tamara thought. "Pft, I don't know, you should ask Martin. "James! Elyse!" She called. It was time to switch posts.

3/12/2009 #374
Star the Foxhound

"Maybe I will," Ava said, "But I want to find Colin first."

3/12/2009 #375

Tamara sighed. "I think he went in the tent. I don't know if he's still there."

Then she yelled back to Elyse, "Time to switch watch!"

3/12/2009 . Edited 3/12/2009 #376
Star the Foxhound

Ava grinned, "Since your watch is over will you come in with me?"

((It's not a tent, it's a shelter built out of branches, logs and wreckage from the ship.))

3/12/2009 #377

[[That's what I meant sorry.]]


Elyse walked out from Camp and went to Tamara, " actually we were going to make an SOS signal, could someone else take watch?"

3/12/2009 #378
Star the Foxhound

Ava looked from one to the other. "I'm going back to camp," she stated, "Who's in there that can keep watch? Martin and Colin?"

3/12/2009 #379

Tamara raised her eyebrows, "I have a feeling that Colin wouldn't help us if he had the choice. There's Sohpia."

Elyse shook her head. "But Sophia has her daughter." They both looked at Ava thinking the same thing. She'd probably have to take watch.

3/12/2009 #380
disused account

James traced a oversized S.O.S. in the sand.

3/12/2009 #381

Elyse turned around to James, "We need something surrounding it to make it more visible."

3/12/2009 #382
Star the Foxhound

"What about Martin?" Ava replied, "Or you could always try to ask Colin..."

3/12/2009 #383

"We need two people on watch." Tamara stated. "You try to ack Colin if you think he could help."

Elyse went to help JAmes and picked up green leaves, srounding the sos.

3/12/2009 #384
disused account

He took her hand and serched for logs in the forest.

3/12/2009 #385
Star the Foxhound

"I'll go ask him," Ava said skipping down towards the camp.

3/12/2009 #386

Elyse looked warily around the woods as they searched. "I dont think we should be in here."

[[Lee, can Elyses dream come true, the one with the experiment? After Nick finds Oar?]]


Tamara sighed and continued to watch the forest until someone came out.

3/12/2009 #387
disused account

"Me either."

(Yup. I planed on it

3/12/2009 #388

[[YUS! now we must wait til Nick finds him.]]

"Let's get out."

3/12/2009 #389

[[ Okai, so I'm guessing that Colin and Ava are on watch and I'm going to put Tamara into the camp.]]

3/13/2009 #390
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