Shipwreck RP
Come be stranded on a evil island where evil lurks in shadows. Yes this was inspired by Lost I admit it. Full plot inside!
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disused account

I kick off for the yellow avie to BRIGHT!

3/5/2009 #61

What are you babbling about?

3/5/2009 #62
Star the Foxhound

French!! J'adore Francais!!

Lee: Her avie isn't bright...

3/5/2009 #63

Bonjour. Ca va Bien?

3/5/2009 #64
Star the Foxhound

Tres bien!

I didn't know you knew French...I only know a little, just enough to answer basic questions.

3/5/2009 #65

Vamps - Tres bien merci! Et toi?

Blech, I want my french keyboard back... :(

3/5/2009 #66
Star the Foxhound

Yes it is hard to type in French on an English keyboard... *shrugs* Guess we all just have to make due, but first I need to learn more French!! *headdesk* Why won't my mom let me take French in school!!

3/5/2009 #67

Wow, it's a requirement to have a language in Canadian schools... o.0 *misses Canada*

3/5/2009 #68
Star the Foxhound

Oh it is at my school too, my mom's just making me take Spanish.

3/5/2009 #69

I could've taken spanish, but I just love the French smoothness. Now if Mr. T would learn just how romantic it is... XD

3/5/2009 #70
disused account

Don't make me bust out the Gealic you two.

3/5/2009 #71
Star the Foxhound

Sissi: I love the sound of French so much and I really want to learn, my friend who lives in France has taught me some and I can speak a few words, write a few more...

Lee: What??

3/5/2009 #72

Oooh Gaelic *swoon*

3/5/2009 #73
disused account

céard sionnach?

3/5/2009 #74

*drools* XD

Seriously dude. You need a girlfriend.

3/5/2009 #75

g2g y'all.

3/5/2009 #76

J'ai Faim :P

3/5/2009 #77
disused account

All I said was "What Fox?" if it were tá mé chomh mór sin i ngrá leat, tá mé chomh doirte sin duit;: You can swoon.

3/5/2009 #78

I'm only in french 1. Its different in the USA. *shrugs*

3/5/2009 #79
disused account

Why did T swoon over "What in Irish??

3/5/2009 #80
Star the Foxhound

Maybe cuz it was French??

3/5/2009 #81
disused account

What? Its not. Its gealic= irish languge

3/5/2009 #82
Star the Foxhound

*headdesk* Now I feel stupid...

3/5/2009 #83
disused account


3/5/2009 #84
Star the Foxhound

Yay!! I is Lee Hugged!! *hugs back*

3/5/2009 #85
disused account


3/5/2009 #86
Star the Foxhound

*is happy* The ship is sinking!! But it's almost ten my time...yet I really don't wanta go...

3/5/2009 #87
disused account

codladh! ^:(

3/5/2009 #88
Star the Foxhound

*doesn't understand what Lee is talking about*

3/5/2009 #89
disused account

codladh means sleep.

3/5/2009 #90
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