What do you think of the idea about setting a stor
I'm wanting to start a story on Avian Hybrids and I was wondering what people thought about it. Let me know on your thoughts and wether I should go with it or not. I would be most grateful for your help and any ideas.
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Hypa To Hell And Back

So, I was thinking. Just random thoughts and the idea of doing a love story and a sort of adventure story on Avian Hybrids. Now, I don't know if it would be a good idea. I am not sure if it would suck or not. In a way it seems like I am taking the idea from Maximum Ride which I guess I took some ideas which I shall disclaim at the start. I would just like a few ideas and some advice as to wether I should or not.

It would be great help if we could discuss it and you could come up with some advice and some ideas to help me with it. I have written some of it up already but I am sure the idea sucks. If you like let me know if you want to read what I have and I will let you read it but I really want some help with it.

Personally I love the idea, there is just the issue of not being able to see it through.

Thank you.


3/2/2009 . Edited 3/2/2009 #1

Hmm... Avian hybrids, eh? Meaning birds crossed with other species of birds or birds crossed with people?

Either one is fine starting point, provided that you have some point to back it. Too many people start with no beginning in mind. I guess it all depends on what you want to do. Do what you want in a way that makes people envy you for it.

4/22/2009 #2
Hypa To Hell And Back

Thanks, I was thinking of doing bird crossed with humans plus I was thinking of adding a mad scientist who created them to make the main plot plus back up the whole idea of the 6 main characters being 2 percent bird.

I guess I do want to make people envy my idea a little but I know for a fact that the whole things sound similar to the Maximum Ride series and it mighty make people think it is stupid and that I took the idea for my self and I twisted it a little bit.

I thank you for your ideas


4/22/2009 #3

Two percent bird? It'd be more interesting if they were around 25-30 percent, since they need bird bones too in order to be able to fly. I suppose it depends on what part of them constitutes the bird. If it were the brain or the arm, then that might work, but they wouldn't have talons or anything.

"Never imitate consciously, but don't be afraid of unconscious imitation". -Oscar Wilde (or someone like that). I guess this doesn't apply to fanfiction, anyway. Just make sure you have an end in mind. I don't think I've found any series on FictionPress that were actually completed, mostly because the author had no middle or end in mind.


4/23/2009 #4
Hypa To Hell And Back

Yeah, two percent bird. This is some of what is taken from the Maximum Rides series. They are human but they have wings, really light hollow bones, air sacs, and have to consume over 300 cals a day. But I guess I could make the number larger. It depends on what I feel.

Well, it is an action with a good amount of romance in there as well and I don't like writing unless I don't have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It sucks other wise.

I like that saying. that you. It has made me happier and more confident on this story.


4/23/2009 #5

That's ironic, that you like that quote. Oscar Wilde is usually a pretty depressing guy. Then again, I'm not sure that he actually said it... but some smart literature guy did. In any case, it's true. Fanfiction is very rarely any good at all, but it's impossible to go through life without being impressed by anything at all, at some degree, so you shouldn't get hung up over your own originality beyond your means.

If you're serious about this story, you should make a list about it: list the characters and things about them, the settings, the moods, the objects, everything. Their literary significances, too. It'll keep it straight in your own mind and make it easier to organize on the page.

4/23/2009 #6
Hypa To Hell And Back

Wow, thank you. Your really are giving me great advice. i have some of it sorted but usually i get everything so complicated in my head i cant write it down on a page.

Im having a hard enough time doing my english coursework let alone organize my stories. but thank you. you are helping.

I mean some of my past work, some people have been really impressed by my writing. Take Psycho Girl for example. People loved it. i got positive reviews all the way through. but there are some that i think why am i writing thing. it makes no sense to continue it because im not getting a good response to it and it pulls me down because i love the idea when i write it.


4/23/2009 #7

you know my opinion on this already, just thought i'd post.

you are going to have to be so careful that you don't make it too much like MR (maximum ride, u don't know it? google it) because if you did i'll hit you round the head with a doggy pillow! (i ain't threatening! don't report me, well, u (naomi) wouldn't, seeing as you know me but...) i think it will be too MR-ish, try a diff-birdy idea, like bird demons or flip-side it, 98% bird 2% human, (bit like total but without the dog)

4/23/2009 #8
Hypa To Hell And Back

yeah but............I just....I haven't finished my idea's on it yet so I'm still tweaking it. Somethings will change and it is mainly going to be a romance in there as well but I am going to change some thing that I know are to do with MR really closely. i will change them so i don't get persecuted for having MR as my own thing coz i know it isn't and i am only using like 2 things as help for the story. It might seem MR-ish but i don't mean for it to be and thinking about it...... re-reading it....it does seem very MR-ish in some sort of way. but i don't want it to be. the fact i was reading MR when i started writing it dint help with my idea's

4/23/2009 #9

yeah, as long as its not six kids, make maybe 2 main and them be older, maybe do it them getting out and life imediately after? and wateva-u-do DO NOT set it in the states. that and dont use dog crates, u seen heroes? if not watch series 1/2 and see their holding cells and use that as insparation, and don't get them chased by wolf peeps. try heavily armed/trained military. mayb make them a military exparement gone wrong? (p.s. u can have these ideas if u want but i want in on the cookies and rocky bars, o n sum credit :) k? :D )

4/23/2009 #10
Hypa To Hell And Back

heh, ok. i was just reading through it and listing things that were really MR-ish and there is about 10 thing that seem really close. i mean i might just take out Perry, Red, Harris, and Kestrel. i mean it gets really annoying and i'm setting it when the main character is 16. The main guy is nearly 17.

i need to up the percentage as their hair represents the bird they are fused with. i said i put them in cages so it could be any type of cage. i automatically called it the flock because it relates to birds. i didn't want to put wolf and i think when i wrote it i couldn't remember what the Erasers were so i put wolf down so i know i need to change that.

If i get rid of the other characters that means i get rid of the blindness, the cooking, the bombs, and the brother but not the silentness which brings my changes down alot.

It isn't that bad. i mean they are only slight details which i wouldn't bring up that much but the other really aren't important so i'm thinking that maybe i could kill them off or something which could be cool but i don't know. ill keep your ideas in mind and if you want rocky bars you have to wait till next month. i only have 6 left. i only got them a couple of weeks ago!

4/23/2009 #11

huni, u do know from what you just said it sounded like MR just written by you and with diff names.

4/23/2009 #12
Hypa To Hell And Back

i know hence why i'm chopping loads out.

4/23/2009 #13

yeah, but this is why i didn't carry on with my story about the egyptian gods, i thought it would be too much like PJ (persey jackson) are you asleep yet? ur apparently online?

4/23/2009 #14
Hypa To Hell And Back

yes im awake but im sleeping now. night

4/23/2009 #15

night huni, love ya. tlk tomorrow? ^xXx^

4/23/2009 #16

ohh, just noticed u said 300 kcals, they need 3,000 seeing as we need 1,000.

4/23/2009 #17
Hypa To Hell And Back

yeah, more than likely a mistype. i meant three 3000, which i might change again as i haven't decided on that yet

4/23/2009 #18

my grandma's been rushed into hospital

4/23/2009 #19
Hypa To Hell And Back

aw hun im sorry. gotta go school hope she is ok

4/24/2009 #20

she had a fall and hit her head in the night. she's hopefuly be getting out tonight. i woke up in the house on my own, and i was trying to wake my mum up! she hadn't left a note or ANYTHING! mothers! grandmothers! *sigh* oh well.

4/24/2009 #21
Hypa To Hell And Back

i am sure that she is fine. and your mum was probably in a rush to get out to leave you a note or something so don't worry about it ok.

4/24/2009 #22

she's back out now.

4/24/2009 #23

and mum thought i wouldnt b up!

4/24/2009 #24

I think it is a lot like Maximum Ride change most of it so it will not be to much like it so ur readers will want to read it, cause if it is to much like Max Ride ur readers will go read someone else' story!

5/30/2010 #25
Hypa To Hell And Back

Thank you very much, i will read through it and change it as much as i can, it is actually at he bottom of my list atm, so i will get round to it...haha

6/6/2010 #26
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