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forever my sweet

this is the kitchen in the nightclub

11/4/2009 #1
R. Lauden

[[Enter Prestlee and Charles Alabaster]]

"Was the place busy?" Charlie asked, crossing a pair of powerful arms over his chest. Prestlee glanced down at her feet. Most people thought that Charlie was her older brother, never her father. He looked maybe thirty-four on a bad day.

"A lot of new vampires." She nodded, not bothering to mention Xaden.

Her father seemed suddenly more interested. "New vampires, huh?" He asked, glancing at a goon over his shoulder. Her father never went anywhere without his entorauge, a pair of knuckleheads named Bruce and Clyde. Prestlee always felt uncomfortable around them, espcially Clyde. She always felt as if he was undressing her with his eyes. "Old ones?" He asked.

"I didn't bother asking." She glanced up, her jade eyes catching his.

"Alright, alright." He recognized the dangerous look. "I am heading home to take a nap. I travelled all night, damn near exhausted." He mumbled on. "I asked Bruce and Clyde to stick around, keep things in check." He waved them off, heading through the back door. Prestlee stood, glancing up at the two ogres.

"Great." She mumbled, walking back onto the main floor.

[[Prestlee to Main Floor.]]

11/4/2009 #2
R. Lauden

[[Charles Alabaster to Nightclub: Main Floor]]

[[Charles Alabaster and Clyde Bennet Entering from Main Floor.]]

"Did you notice his hesitation?" Charles asked, casting a glance on Clyde.

Clyde looked at him stupidly.

"Did you notice his hesitation whenever I asked his age?" Charles claryfied.

Clyde nodded.

"I want you to pull his image from the security camera. Have it compared to the archives. If this vampire is old, his blood will fetch for a pretty penny." Charles smiled, unable to hide his excitement. Glancing at the counter, he found his keys. "Look," He chuckled. "I guess my mind is aging." He laughed and headed out the back door.

[[Charles Alabaster LEaving.]]

11/5/2009 #3
R. Lauden

[[Prestlee Entering from Main Floor.]]

Prestlee carried the recycling bucket, juggling with the overflowing bottles. She felt something moist against her leg and growled in frustration, setting th bin down on the sink and glancing down at her thigh. "Blood. Damn." She cursed, knowing the sort of stain that blood made. She assumed someone forgot to finish their drink and the bartender shoved the empty glass in the wrong bin. She decided not to rummage around for it. One glass was not the end of the world.

She hoisted the recycling back in her arms and started out the back door.

[[Prestlee to Alley... things are about to get TWIstEd...]]

11/6/2009 #4
R. Lauden

[[Xekiel, Clyde, and Brutus Entering]]

Clyde pushed Xekiel through the kitchen door, causing him to nearly trip. He clenched his teeth, ready to tear the human limb from limb. He headed towards the door with an EXIT sign, only to be steered in another direction. "The other exit, shithead." Clyde barked, shoving Xekiel down a hallway.

His insticts told him that something was not right, something was not right at all.

11/6/2009 #5

Jake quivered in anger. Akri felt something was wrong and followed them, still in mouse form

11/6/2009 #6

((Katy go to the magic shop! I'm bored alone!))

11/6/2009 #7
R. Lauden

Clyde pushed Xekiel foward. Xekiel stumbled, feeling a click under his foot. He reacted in an instant, turning to bolt back down the hall. Clyde knocked him backwards, exhibiting unnatural strength for a human. Xekiel fell through a hole in the floor. Brutus corralled Jake towards the hole, overpowering the weak vampire. (I'm assuming he is weak?)

[[Xekiel to Secret Room. Jake to Secret Room??]]

11/6/2009 #8

Akri blinked, following.

(Akri to secret room)

11/6/2009 #9
R. Lauden

Clyde and Brutus met Charles in the kitchen. "You throw them in the pit?" He asked, glancing from one callous face to the other.

The ogres nodded in unison, not speaking a word. "I want a pint of their blood. I have clients willing to pay decent money for that stuff." He reminded them, gesturing to the basement door. "Go on." He told them.

[[Clyde and Brutus to Basement]]

11/6/2009 #10
R. Lauden

"Clyde?!" Xaden shouted, searching the frieghtened faces of the wait staff. Half of them looked scared, the other half looked scared and confused. "Where the fuck is that piece of shit!?" Xaden snarled, his fangs revealing themselves. His anger was escalating, which usually led to a higher body count. He grabbed a man by the collar of his shirt, lifting him off the ground and pressing him to the wall. "I'm only going to ask one more time." His eyes gleamed red.

11/7/2009 #11
R. Lauden

"He--he went into the basement." The man choked, pointing down a hallway. Xaden let him go, walking down a narrow hallway. He heard a click under his feet and the floor gave out beneath him. "Shit." He mumbled, flailing through the air.

[[Xaden to Secret Room]]

11/7/2009 #12
R. Lauden

[[Xaden from Basement]]

Xaden shoved open the door, leaving blood smudged across the knob. He recieved countless glances from the wait staff. One woman let out a piercing scream. He ignored her, strolling towards the hole in the brick wall. He fished through his pocket for his cigarettes, pursing one between his lips and stepping into the cool night.

[[Xaden to Allwayway.

11/8/2009 #13
R. Lauden

[[Xekiel Entering]]

Xekiel shoved open the basement door, glancing around at the kitchen staff. They stared back at him, confused and startled. He moved towards the hole in the wall, determined to get Akri somewhere safe. "You alright?" He asked her.

[[They are going to Xaden's Apartment. Is that alright?]]

11/8/2009 #14

She mumbled, her eyes closing, suddenly feeling sleep, she wondered how she can sleep when her blood was on fire but her eyelids were telling her it was possible.

[[thats fine]]

11/8/2009 #15
R. Lauden

[[Fine, we are skipping the alleyway to get there]]

[[Xekiel and Akri to Xaden's Apartment]]

11/8/2009 #16
Katelyn Renee

[From Main Floor]

Abigail pushed the metal doors open, immediately looking around. ''Have any of you seen Mr. Alabaster?'' She asked the chiefs.

They shook their heads. ''Not for a while. I think he's up front.'' One of them said.

She nodded, then headed back out.

[Abigail to Main Floor]

11/11/2009 #17
R. Lauden

[[Jacobi from Basement]]

Jacobi emerged from the basement, completely shirtless. The wait staff was a little used to the strange people emerging from the basement. The exchanged glances and continued prepping for the eveing. Jacobi glanced around the room, discovering a chef jacket and threading his arms through the sleeves. He buttoned it up and winked at his reflection in a window, heading out onto the main floor.

[[Jacobi to Main Floor]]

11/12/2009 #18
Katelyn Renee

[[Jaden From Main Floor]]

Jaden passed by a man in a chefs outfit, not really paying attention to him. He headed to the basement, pulling the door open.

[[Jaden to Basement.]]

11/12/2009 #19
Katelyn Renee

[[Jaden from Basement]]

Jaden ran threw the door, ''Help! Someone help!'' He looked at one of the chefs. ''Where's Mr. A?'' He grabbed the chefs collar, leaving blood on his coat.

''I-I-'' The chef stumbled over his words.

''Forget it.'' Jaden let go of him, pushing the doors open to the main floor.

[[Jaden to Main Floor]]

11/12/2009 #20
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