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will love bloom from something that shouldent be.
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She jumped up to her feet and bared her teeth. She saw that it was Xaden and stopped, sitting down. Jake got out of the cage, growling at Xekial thtn at Akri. Akri growled back, she layed down, resting her large head on her front paws and closed her eyes. Jake snarled, stalking at Akri quietly

11/7/2009 #31
R. Lauden

"You better watch it." Xekiel warned, pointing at the stalking vampire. He would not hesitate to tear out his throat.

Xaden strolled out of the cage, reaching in his pocket for his cellphone. He saw that there were no bars and rolled his eyes. Best coverage, my ass. He circled the room, passing by the women and making them squirm. "Do we have a plan to get out of here? I have a score to settle with Clyde." He announced, crossing his arms over his chest and assessing the situation.

11/7/2009 #32

Akri changed human, crossing her arms over her brest but not in a self concious way, ''so does everybody else in this room,'' Jake growled at him and headed the other direction

11/7/2009 #33
R. Lauden

"Clyde is MINE." Xaden snarled, pointing a dangerous finger at her and barring his fangs.

11/7/2009 #34

She growled back, not afraid one bit, ''I could care less if he's yours or not, if he tries to harm me, i will kill him.'' she said in a dangerous voice. Jake tried not to laugh at Xaden

11/7/2009 #35
R. Lauden

[[Is Jake expendable?? **wiggles eyebrows** ]]

11/7/2009 #36

((hehe yes...))

11/8/2009 #37
R. Lauden

"You think that's funny?" Xaden asked, noticing the smile hint across the other vampire's lips. "Wanna know what's really funny?" He took a step towards the vampire, hands stuffed in his pocket. He cracked a smirk, flicking his lip ring with his tongue.

11/8/2009 #38

jake looked at the vampire with slight amusment, ''Everything about you is funny'' Akri looked at them, if there was a fight, she was going to stay out of the way

11/8/2009 #39
R. Lauden

Xaden laughed, casting his eyes on the ground. His fangs pricked his bottom lip. "Yeah." He nodded. Bolting across the room in a flash. He seizied the vampire by the throat, slamming him against the silver bars. He held him against the silver cage and watched his legs kick and squirm.

11/8/2009 #40

Jake yelled out as the silver seared his flesh. He kicked out, ''son of a bitch!" he yeslled, snarling. Akri watched, showing no emotion

11/8/2009 #41
R. Lauden

"That is funny." Xaden laughed, slowly lowering the whining vampire. "Laugh." He ordered the vampire, shaking him by the collar of his shirt.

11/8/2009 #42

He growled at him, narrowing his eyes. Akri laughed, sitting down. Jake looked at her and growled, ''you just wait, when your little guards aren't looking, I will hurt you.''

11/8/2009 #43
R. Lauden

"I told you to laugh." Xaden ordered, rattling the vampire.

Xekiel leaned against the wall, knocking his head against the metal. "Give it a rest, Xaden." He rolled his eyes.

11/8/2009 #44

He growled, ''I will not laugh.'' Akri sighed, laying back and closing her eyes. "so they shouldn't come back till tommorow right?" she asked Jacobi

11/8/2009 #45
R. Lauden

"In theory." Jacobi spoke in a weak voice. He rubbed his thumb and index finger together, creating a small column of smoke. He produced a victorious smirk, dropping his hand to his side. Exhaustion ebbed at his mind, his eyelids growing heavy.


"Fine." Xaden smirked, burying his teeth in the vampire's neck. He ripped his flesh to ribbons, filling his mouth with the delicious bouquet of blood. The red sap oozed from the wound, dribbling down the front of his shirt.

11/8/2009 #46

Jacobi twitched, his muscles going into spasms at the blood loss. After a few minutes, his eyes glazed over and he limped. Akri looked at Xaden then Jacobi, she blanched. She looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes

11/8/2009 #47
R. Lauden

[[We live right behind a game commision and a bullet just hit our house!! It was so loud! ]]

Xaden let the dead body hit the ground. He licked his lips and smiled, taking a seat beside Jacobi. "I needed that." He said, wiping the extra blood on the back of his hand.

"You could have used a little better manners." Xekiel told him, pointing to the corner of his mouth.

Xaden licked his lips again, trying to remove every trace of vampire blood. "You remember that time we explored the Edinburgh vaults?" Xaden asked, glancing up at his brother. "And you killed that whore."

"Probably not the best time to bring that up, Xaden." Xekiel rolled his eyes, landing them on the women in the corner. They were already terrified of him. Swapping stories about killing people was probably not the best conversation at that moment.

11/8/2009 #48

[[Aw that sucks O.o nobody was hurt I assume?]]

Akri smelt the blood and sighed, she looked around, ''I guess there isn't any spare cloths in here huh?" she said sitting up and sighing, not that she cared that she was naked but she thought it wasn't really what she wanted to be when she was going to kick some ass.

11/8/2009 #49
R. Lauden

[[Haha. I probably would not be on if someone got hurt. That has never happened though. It sounded like someone set off a firecracker in the kitchen. My dad looked at me like, "What was that?!" ]]

"You can have my shirt." Jacobi told her, wrestling out of the black shirt. His bronzed muscles rippled. He passed it towards Akri.

"You could have my pants." Xaden told her, fidgeting with his belt buckle.

"Leave them on." Xekiel snarled from across the room.

"I can still kick ass in my boxer briefs--"

"Leave them on." Xekiel repeated himself, his eyes gleaming.

11/8/2009 #50

She slipped on the oversized shirt that reached down to her mid thighs. She smiled, ''thanks she said to Jacobi and laughed lightly at Xaden, ''no offense but your pants would probaly be too big, not that your fat but i'm small.'' she said shrugging, a hint of humor shone in her eyes

11/8/2009 #51
R. Lauden

[[Xaden was just looking for an excuse to take off his pants. Haha. ]]

"Whatever." He rolled his eyes, sprawling across the floor. He stared up at the metal ceiling, wondering if Prestlee figured out his absence. "This is taking too long." He grumbled. "I can't wait all night. I have people to kill."

11/8/2009 #52

Akri looked at him, ''do you kill pepole for fun?" she asked, laying back down.

11/8/2009 #53
R. Lauden

[[Ugh... I hate having three characters in the same place at the same time.]]

"Only when I have to." Xaden glanced at her. "I usually just make them forget me." He tucked his arms under his head. "Not Clyde, I will kill him for fun." He admitted.

"You're weak in your old age." Xekiel reminded him.

"I'm smart in my old age." Xaden corrected him. "Bodies are hard to get rid of."

[[Clyde and Brutus Entering]]

The door clicked open. Voices seeped into the rim. "She wouldn't dare tell daddy." Clyde glanced over his shoulder at Brutus.

11/8/2009 #54

Akri ahifted into a mountain lion, her muscles quivered and her claws retracted. Her whiskers twitched and she crouched, ready

11/8/2009 #55
R. Lauden

[[Haha. There goes Jacobi's shirt.]]

Clyde laughed and walked into the room. His eyes lifted to the gathering. "Shit." He grumbled.

Xaden sprang to his feet, flashing at the door. He collided with the ogre, tackling him to the dirt floor of the basement.

Xekiel smirked at Brutus, moving towards him. Brutus backed up.

[[Xaden, Xekiel, and Clyde to Basement. Akri to basement?]]

11/8/2009 #56

Akri slinked behind them, a bloodthirsty look in her eyes

[[akri to basement]]

11/8/2009 #57
R. Lauden

Jacobi stirred, glancing around the ampty room. He heard shouts coming from the next room. He pulled himself to his feet, grabbing the cage for support. He glanced over his shoulder and saw the two woman clutching each other.

[[Should I make one of them a permanent character?]]

11/8/2009 #58

[[what would be the point?]]

11/8/2009 #59
R. Lauden

[[Yeah. I guess we have enough female characters. :) ]]

Jacobi staggered towards the door, bracing himself in the doorway. The basement was covered in blood. The mountain lion was wounded, lying on the ground and panting. One of the vampires was heading up the stairs. He was soaked in blood, which matched his red adidas. "Is everyone okay?" He asked, moving into the basement.

[[Jacobi to Basement.]]

11/8/2009 #60
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