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will love bloom from something that shouldent be.
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R. Lauden

"You can have as much as you like." He told her, realizing moments later that perhaps that wasn't the best idea. "Losing someone you love is always hard." He nodded, rising off the couch to toss a log on the fire.

11/8/2009 #31

"He didn't know I loved him. That's why I came here, to Ashland." Mary stopped talking, swallowed the rest of her wine and set the empty glass on the floor.

"He never knew," she said tightly. Suddenly she burst into tears, her elbows resting on her knees. She cried loudly, not caring what her mother would say. She put her face in her hands. "I'm sorry," she said, not quite sure who she was apologizing to. Regan, herself, or Gregory. Her tears did not cease, but she began to cry quietly again.

11/8/2009 #32
R. Lauden

Regan slid closer to her, draping an arm over her shoulder and pulling her into his chest. "I'm sure he knew." He told her in a soft voice, listening to her cry.

11/8/2009 #33

She turned in to his chest, crying like a baby. She curled her legs into herself. "No, he didn't know. He didn't love me back the way he should have because he didn't know how I felt. He was the first man I ever loved." Mary sniffled, wiping her nose with her baby blue sleeve. "He knew about supernatural beings. He always talked about them. I just assumed he was talking about a book. I never once thought he was serious. Are vampires real too?"

11/8/2009 #34
R. Lauden

"I don't know what that is." He admitted, hugging her tighter. He wished he could say more. He wished he could do more, but he learned from experience that the best gift, for the death of a loved one, was silence. She needed someone to listen. He could do that.

11/8/2009 #35

"How can you not know?" Mary hiccuped, her mind swirling. She snuggled closer to Regan. "I hadn't seen him for two years. He sent pictures, we exchanged letters. Gregory wanted to change that place into a hotel. He had dreamed of it. Does the pain ever go away? When does it get better?"

11/8/2009 #36
R. Lauden

"The pain never goes away, but it gets easier to deal with." He assured her, eyes still scanning the fire.

He missed his seaside cottage in Sterling. He missed standing in the backyard, gazing up at the three moons and hearing the waves crash against the cliffs. He missed arriving home to discover a flower wreath on the door. His sister always loved flowers, she loved lilacs most of all. They used to grow wild in the neighboring forest. Whenever the wind picked up, the smell would sweep through the cottage. He missed all those things, but he needed to take his own advise. The pain would never go away, it would only become easier to deal with. He gulped down the remainder of his wine.

11/8/2009 #37

Mary nodded, closing her eyes. She wrapped her arms around Regan's torso, hugging him while she snuggled closer. She enjoyed his warmth, even though she was acting far from a lady. If she had followed her mother's rules, she would not be drunkenly lounging on a man whom she did not know. Her tears had calmed; her face was left red and puffy.

"How long are you here?" she whispered.

11/8/2009 . Edited 11/8/2009 #38
R. Lauden

Regan smiled, his nostrils filling with the scent of her perfume. "Until I find a way back." He admitted, tracing his fingers along her back. He had no way of knowing when or how it was going to happen, but he was determined either way. The kingdom needed him. He did not belong in the strange world, anyway.

11/8/2009 #39

"I hope it isn't soon," she mumbled. Something came over her, something very unlike herself. Mary practically jumped in his lap, throwing her arms around his neck. She buried her face in his shoulder, shaking with the slightest tremors. "I'm so scared."

11/8/2009 #40
R. Lauden

His eyes widened in shock. He tried to remain calm, stroking her hair. "What are you most scared of?" He asked, realizing that she may have had a bit too much to drink. A part of that was his fault, though.

11/8/2009 #41

"I'm scared of being alone. And vampires. He told me about them. What if they killed him because he knew too much? What if they come for me?" Mary trembled, a small whimper falling from her lips. Her mind swirled, her words blurred a bit. "I want to go to sleep and never wake up."

11/8/2009 . Edited 11/8/2009 #42
R. Lauden

"You don't mean that." He assured her in a soft voice. "If you are afraid to be alone, you can stay here tonight. You can sleep upstairs and I will sleep down here. I have a protective spell on this place, so no one can find us." He offered, realizing that she could be dangerous to herself.

11/9/2009 #43

She shook her head against his shoulder. "I do mean it. I want to fall into a dreamless sleep. It would be so much more peaceful." She then realized that he had offered to let her stay. "I'm sorry for intruding," she whimpered. "But if any of the stories Gregory had told me are true then I'm not ready to be alone. I'm sorry."

Mary's arms loosened from around his neck. She wobbled off of him, falling back on the couch as her mind spun in circles. "Oh," she muttered when she sat up. Mary closed her eyes, laying her head on the leather. "I'm so tired. I'll...sleep...right here," she said weakly.

11/9/2009 #44
R. Lauden

"I would like the company." He admitted. Up until meeting Mary, the fire had been his only friend in the strange world. Their conversations were never very complicated, and mostly one-sided, but he made do. Now, he had someone that could respond with more than a crackle and a spark. "Do you want another glass of wine?" He offered. He wanted to get another for himself, anyway.

11/9/2009 #45

Mary's eyes popped open. "Wine? Oh, yes, please," she said with a flustered smile. She sat up blinking, swiveled a bit, and sat with her back slouched against the couch.

"A lady should never slouch. A lady should only drink one glass of wine. A lady should always keep eye contact. A lady should always be respectful to herself and others. A lady should be the picture perfect image of innocence," Mary mumbled angrily. She hiccuped again, and smiled.

"Wine would be lovely," she whispered.

11/9/2009 #46
R. Lauden

Regan listened to her mad ramblings, scraping himself off the couch and retreating to the sink. He filled both glasses and turned them into wine. He returned a moment later, handing her the glass and throwing another fire on the log. "Is that some sort of chant?" He asked her, taking a sip and settling back on the cushion.

11/9/2009 #47

Mary hummed with pleasure, closing her eyes, as she drank her wine. "Chant? You could say that. My mother had pelted it into my brain from the day of my birth. I am supposed to be a lady. Always. Even when I'm sleeping. Be a lady, and you shall achieve... your goals. I didn't achieve my goals. Not me. My brother, Isaac, he did. He's been married for two years and his wife is due any day now. The family still considers them newlyweds." Mary paused, taking a breath, and a few sips of the delicate liquid.

"I'm supposed to be married with two point five children by now. I shouldn't be a photographer. I should be a housewife, but I don't want to be. What's the matter with that?" Mary sighed, then finished her glass of wine.

"I was raised a debutante. When I told my mother what I wanted to do she pretty much shunned me from the home. All I wanted to do was get my education in photography. My mother was wrong. My father even more so," Mary told him.

"I'm sorry, Regan. I'm talking so much about myself." Mary hiccuped twice. "Tell me more about Sterling. It sounds so lovely." She closed her eyes, leaning her head back on the couch.

11/9/2009 #48


11/9/2009 . Edited 11/9/2009 #49
R. Lauden

[[Teehee. Double post.]]

"Your mother sounds like the evil queen." He laughed, taking a draw of wine. "I lived in a small cottage by the sea. It was on the Sterling Cliffs. The view was absolutely stunning. At night, I could lay in bed and listen to the waves crash against the breakers." He smiled, glancing over at her. She appeared to be sleeping.

11/9/2009 #50

[Lol. Oops. I almost posted it a third time too. o.O]

"I've never been to the beach," Mary responded. "It sounds wonderful, though. Peaceful." With her eyes still closed Mary began to hum an eerie lullaby, slightly off key. She snuggled into the couch, humming quietly. "Don't leave me," she whispered before she continued to hum very quietly again.

11/9/2009 #51

Mary stopped humming suddenly, her breathing leveled, her body relaxed into the couch. Soft little snores came from her as she shifted into a deep sleep, cuddling with the couch.

11/9/2009 #52
R. Lauden

[[Cuddling with the couch when she should be cuddling with Regan. *wink, wink*]]

Regan heard her slip into a shallow sleep. He smiled, sippinng the remainder of his wine. The fire crackled and popped, heating the cozy cabin. His eyes lifted to the loft, where a four post bed awaited a warm body. He dropped his gaze back to Mary, scratchin his tattoo. The two of them vanished off the couch, reappearing on the bed. He slipped off the mattress and pulling off her shoes.

11/9/2009 #53

[Lol. I think the other gals want to claim him. Hahaha, seriously. I'm sure Mary wouldn't mind though. Hehe]

Mary turned in her sleep, curling her toes and snuggling against the sheets.

11/9/2009 #54
R. Lauden

Regan draped a blanket over the sleeping beauty, flicking a lightswitch and heading down the spiral stairs. He gathered up the wine glasses and rinsed them in the sink. He put another log on the fire and stripped off his shirt, grabbing a blanket from the end of the sofa and pulling it over himself. He closed his eyes and was asleep within moments.

11/9/2009 #55
R. Lauden

The first trace of sunlight broke through the windows. Regan stirred on the couch, pulling a blanket over his sea-green eyes.

11/9/2009 #56

As the morning sun seeped through the windows Mary began to awake from her dreamless sleep, With a wistful smile she turned over in the too comfortable bed. She froze. These sheets smelled too good, felt too soft. Oh. My. Goodness. Mary sprang up in the bed, her eyes darting around the room. No clothes on the floor except for her boots. Where was her blazer? Oh, no. Where was she? Mary had no recollection of ever coming to this place. No memory of yesterday at all.

She stood from the bed, ignoring her mussed hair and blotchy face in the mirror as she passed it. Mary carefully made her way down the stairs, her feet patting softly against the hardwood.

11/9/2009 #57
R. Lauden

Regan heard the spiral stairs creak, but ignored the sound. He held the blanket over his face, trying to catch a few more hours of sleep.

11/9/2009 #58

She finally reached the bottom floor, peeking around the corner. The place was fancy. She rounded a corner, stopping dead in her tracks. Mary swallowed back her fear. She quietly tip-toed to the couch. Reaching out a finger she gently poked the moving object.

11/9/2009 #59
R. Lauden

Regan bolted foward, glancing at Mary. She looked startled. "Are you okay?" He asked, his sea-green eyes probing here.

11/9/2009 #60
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