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Jack Bryre

Hi everyone. Jack here, with an announcement I'd like to make for anyone who might be reading this.

It's been awhile, guys. I'm sorry I haven't been here as often as I'd like (that is to say, I haven't really been here at all D: ) but the fact of the matter is, high school has been absolutely killing me. That, coupled with things like piano lessons and other stuff outside of school, has unfortunately caused me to neglect the forum, to the point where it's become nothing short of a ghost town. I know that a little while ago, I tried for a revival, only to have it kind of flop. In short, the RP is pretty much dead in this decrepit state.


There is still hope! At the time I'm writing this post, I'm in my senior year of high school. That means that, while I still have a crap-ton of homework, not to mention college applications, I'm getting close to the point where I might actually be able to get back to modding duty here on The Club. Maybe. Perhaps. That, however, will only happen if people show interest in this, so here's the deal. IF ANYONE WANTS TO SEE THIS PLACE BACK UP AND RUNNING, PLEASE SEND ME A PM!!!!!! (YAY FOR CAPS LOCK AND BOLD TEXT!!!!)But seriously,if people send me PM's, I get emails, and when I check my email I'll know there are interested RP'ers out there and that I should get off my lazy butt and actually try to clean the place up. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. A simple, "Hey Jack, I saw you wanted to revive The Club and I want in," should do.

So there you have it: my second :P attempt to get The Club running again. Again, sorry for the fact that I pretty much vanished on all you peeps and... I dunno, I think it'd be pretty awesome to see what kind of new chaos we can cook up here. So yeah, there's my rant 'n shtuff. Thanks for putting up with my slightly tired randomness, and hopefully I'll be hearing from you soon.

- Jack Bryre, Admin of The Club

10/1/2012 #1
BlooDreamer -UnNameD

Hey Jack... I want in to reviving the club. But I can't be open daily, or even weekly. Highschool is a bit difficult on the head. I feel like it's cracking. But hey, I still want in. If you still want to accept me...

10/5/2012 . Edited 10/5/2012 #2
Jack Bryre

Trust me, I feel your pain. Still, you're absolutely welcome to join. Granted, I'll have to do some cleanup work on the threads but once that's sorted out we should be able to get going again. Anyways, welcome to The Club :D I look forward to RPing with ya.

10/8/2012 #3
BlooDreamer -UnNameD

Thanks! I really appreciate it. I look forward to it.

10/11/2012 #4

Huh, i found this place and thought it looked neat, and thought i'd join, then noticed that besides a few posts from last month, were from a few years ago, hhhmmmm

11/1/2012 #5

It did look neat. But everybody left.

12/16/2012 #6
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