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Jack Bryre

Lit by multi-colored lights, the dance floor has glass tiles in the center that are also lit from beneath. At the far end, there is a large screen; to the right, there is a DJ booth flanked by large speakers blaring music; and to the left, there is a concession stand with punch and a large variety of snack food.

3/5/2009 #1

((From Basement))

Lucian bounded in and gazed around the room with excitement. "Sweet! This'll be great for DDR!" As soon as he said the words, the screen blinked and two sets of words appeared: One Player or Multiplayers. He turned to Kariisa. "You sure you don't want to dance?"

4/22/2009 #2

Kariisa sighed. "Alright, I'll give it a try if you promise not to laugh." she said.

4/22/2009 #3

"I laugh at everything! But just because I laugh doesn't mean I think less of you." Lucian frowned. "It's quite the opposite, really." Then he turned back to the screen. "Two Players, 34!"

Arrows appeared at he and Kariisa's feet, as well as the screen. Techno music filled the room, and Lucian quickly began dancing on the arrows the screen indicated.

4/22/2009 #4

Kariisa more stumbled then danced and tried to keep up with the loud music. She almost fell a couple times and wobbled more then often. She kept an eye on Lucian from the corner of her eye and he was amazing! After half the song, she failed and, sighing, stepped back to watch Lucian dance.

4/22/2009 #5

Lucian finished up the song by performing the splits to reach two arrows at the same time. He got back up, without even a drop of sweat on his being. "Hmm...maybe DDR isn't your thing," The sorcerer scrutinized Kariisa. "System, ML." A list of options showed up and after some thought he said, "Number 12." The Bonne's Theme began to play, and Lucian swung Kariisa around. "Don't worry about tripping, just move! This tune is really catchy!"

4/22/2009 #6

Kariisa frowned a little and tried to move. Her whole body was stiff and after ten steps of stumbling, her foot caught on her leg and she went tumbling to the ground. "I think I'm done dancing." she grumbled.

4/22/2009 #7

"Don't be so glum!" Lucian picked her up and guided her through the steps. "I bet you're not so clumsy when it comes to sparring."

4/22/2009 #8

"Sparring?" She asked, feeling stupid as she tried to follow Lucian in the steps.

4/22/2009 #9

"Yeah. Don't you know how to fight?" He inquired, ignoring the stabbing pain as she trampled his feet.

4/22/2009 #10

Kariisa shook her head. "not really," she admitted, wincing as she stumbled over Lucians feet. "sorry."

4/22/2009 #11

"What?!" Lucian yelped. "Then how are you surviving?!" Then he paused. "No, wait...I forgot not everyone is as unlucky as I am..."

4/22/2009 #12

Kariisa sighed and looked down. "I'm a dirty fighter. That's how I survive." she mumbled.

4/22/2009 #13

"Heh, there's no such thing as dirty fighting...what's usually accepted as dirty fighting is actually survival." Lucian said thoughtfully. "But I suppose with some proper training you wouldn't have to use such techniques."

4/22/2009 #14

Kariisa nodded. "That'd be cool." she thought for a moment, her feet stopping. "I need to work on control though..."

4/22/2009 #15

"Oh, definitely!" Lucian agreed. "You won't be able to do anything if you can't control yourself."

4/23/2009 #16

Kariisa smiled and looked up at Lucian. "I've been working hard." she told him proudly. "I'm getting alot better."

4/24/2009 #17

"Ah, but you could become a master if an expert taught you," Lucian twirled her around. "I'll start training you tomorrow morning, 6:00 A.M. sharp. Is that all right?"

4/24/2009 #18

Kariisa nodded as she winced trying to keep up with his feet. She was certainly getting the hang of it. "Works for me." she said. After a few more steps, her feeet started to move in perfect time with Lucians. "I've got it!" she exclaimed happily.

4/24/2009 #19

"Excellent!" Lucian lifted her bridal style and swung her around. "Wheee!!" He laughed and set her down. "Okay, I've had enough...any more of this and I'll get a cramp!"

4/24/2009 #20

Kariisa laughed and brushed her hair from her face. "What now?"

4/24/2009 #21

"No idea!" Lucian said brightly. "What do you wanna do?"

4/24/2009 #22

Kariisa smiled and shrugged. "I dont know." she lowered herself to the dance floor and lay against the warm blinking lights. "I'm kind of tired."

4/24/2009 #23

Lucian lay down next to her and sighed happily. The light turned red, and made his hair look like it was purple. "Snap! Purple is not my color, don't you agree? That's why I wear blue. Back home they called me the Blue Dragon, heh."

4/24/2009 #24

Kariisa laughed a bit and shrugged. "Purples not bad. Definetly not for me though." she admitted.

4/24/2009 #25

"Actually, you're lucky enough to look good in any color. One of the advantages of having darker skin," Lucian said casually. "Me, it takes two decades just to turn my nose a shade tanner, which makes no sense at all. I'm supposed to be the fire guy here, with searing heat and scorching sparks, but I'm as white as a specter!"

4/24/2009 #26

Kariisa laughed. "Yea, that's true." She, personally, hated one part about ehrself: her eyes. They always stood out. She self-conciously closed her eyes.

4/24/2009 #27

Lucian noticed her discomfort. "Blue eyes and an overall dark complexion, huh? You're not alone. I'd be twice as attractive if my eyes didn't freak out most of the people I meet," he gestured towards his bright red irises. "An angel with the eyes of the Devil. How ironic. But I bet you'd be more appealing if you just had more confidence. You're so timid, and really, what have you got to lose?"

4/24/2009 #28

Kariisa opened her eyes and looked at him. "True, I've already lost everything."

4/24/2009 #29

Lucian nodded vigorously. "Yup! So there's no point in underestimating yourself if overestimation won't do anything serious."

4/24/2009 #30
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