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[[ ooh, but Kariisas in this... scary place lmao, when she gets almost hurt or hurt, she does this... FREAK lmao]]

Kariisa nodded, and finally looked awway, noticing how green Celias eyes were and stood up.

4/3/2009 #31

Celia shook her head, that was strange. "Alright well since I almost hurt you, I think I owe you a dinner or something..." Celia was uncomfortable again, Kariisa just did that to her, but maybe she could figure Kariisa out the noraml way, not the usual way Celia had tended to use.

4/3/2009 #32

Kariisa looked around absently for the bird and realised it was gone. Turning back to Celia, she agreed to her proposal for dinner.

4/3/2009 #33

Celia smiled,"Okay, dinner it is! To the lounge!"

((to the lounge, you post first))

4/3/2009 #34

((enters Forest))

Lucian took in a deep breath. "Hallelujah! Thank God for fresh air!"

4/7/2009 #35

Kariisa laughed, but was too eager for this game to breath it in as well. "Okay, can you show me how to play now?" She asked impatiently, slightly jumping on the spot in anticipation.

4/7/2009 #36

"Right-o!" Lucian clapped his hands together and a deck of cards appeared on the ground, each one sized at 5 x 3 feet. They were arranged in rows of 7, and columns of 8, so there were 56 of them. The cards sat face-up, exposing the pictures on the front sides, before flipping over and switching randomly. "This is a game that tests your powers of luck. We take turns moving on each of these cards--some of them blow up when stepped on, others can catch on fire, etc. The goal is to get to the other side without being hurt. Weapons and other tools are not allowed, except for the ones you can acquire from the Special Items cards, but those hardly ever show up."

4/7/2009 #37

Kariisa looked at the cards hard. "What happens when I step on one that blows up, or catches on fire? I mean, other than loosing?"

4/7/2009 #38

"If it blows up, you get sucked into a virtual dimension where you have to fight a group of gremlins. If you beat them, you're transported back here and have to start over. As for fire, well, you get stuck on the card that you jump back on for two turns and the card disintegrates. If you don't jump back, the card disintegrates anyway, but you end up with a bad burn and curse that gives you bad luck for the rest of the round." Lucian explained. "Allow me to go first." He took a step forward on Card A7, and waited. Nothing happened, and he turned to grin at her. "You're next, Kariisa! Oh, and we go 5 rounds--with each round, a new category of obstacles is added."

4/7/2009 . Edited 4/7/2009 #39

Kariisa watched him, a little bit nervous. "Okay.. Here goes..." and with that she shose Card B4. Closing her eyes, she stepped onto the card.

[[Do you want to choose what happens cause I dont know everything that CAN happen...]]

4/7/2009 #40

(All right, then! The penalty is doubled for Lucian, though.)

The card glowed a bright green color, and the words BONUS TURN appeared on it. Lucian gasped. "Aw, snap!"

4/7/2009 #41

Kariisa laughed and jumped up in the air. "I guess I'm lucky!" She looked around then stepped to her next card choice: C6.

4/7/2009 #42

The card burst into flames. Lucian burst out laughing. "Watch out!"

4/8/2009 #43

Kariisa tried to jump back, her hand itched the flick forward and blow that stupid card up.

4/8/2009 #44

The card she landed on was B6, and nothing happened. Lucian bounced up and down. "My turn!" He jumped forward onto A6, and the card exploded. Lucian vanished for several minutes before reappearing on his first card, laughing at a small, goblin-like creature dangling on his arm. "Hey, buddy, you've had your fun! Now go away or I'll eat you!" The gremlin screeched and scurried off to who-knew-where.

4/8/2009 #45

Kariisa laughed and tied her hair back so it didnt distract her. "My turn now?" she asked excitedly.

4/8/2009 #46

"Go right on ahead! Oh, and you can go diagonally, too." Lucian said brightly.

4/8/2009 #47

Kariisa nodded, and decided to take his advice. She stepped carefully onto the card with one foot, then quickly brought her other foot down.

4/8/2009 #48

Ebony trotted over to Kariisa in her wolf form. She wagged her tail and barked.

4/8/2009 #49

Kariisa was still waiting for something to happen on the card. She heard a bark and looked over, It was Ebony. "Hey Ebony. I'm kinda in the middle of a game..." she said apologettically.

4/8/2009 #50

Ebony walked over anyway and sat down by Kariisa, watching.

4/8/2009 #51

Big, red letters appeared on the card: -2 TURNS. Lucian winced. "Ooh, that's not good. Oh, well...I'll take my turns now!" He walked forward two cards, and the card he landed on glowed yellow. A long staff with a hook appeared in his hands. "Say, what?! Wow!" Lucian took a moment to admire the item before turning to Kariisa. "How about I pull you forward? I hate being uneven."

4/8/2009 #52

Kariisa pouted and shook her head. she wasn't going to win only if he pulled her out. "If you want."

4/8/2009 #53

Ebony layed down, waiting for her friend to finish.

4/8/2009 #54

"It's decided!" Lucian used the hook to seize Kariisa by the collar and lifted her, carrying her over until she was at a card directly to the right of him. "Your turn!"

4/8/2009 #55

Kariisa smiiled and concentrated. Whatever cardshe was drawn to she would choose. Her eyes went to the card in front of her and she stepped on it.

4/8/2009 #56

Confetti burst out of the card, and the card sprung up on one end like a springboard, sending her flying to the other side. Lucian's jaw dropped. "I don't remember loading that card...but whatever! That just proves you're luckier than I am, which makes sense."

4/8/2009 #57

Kariisa grinned. "So, what does that mean? Do I win?"

4/8/2009 #58

Ebony perked her ears and lifted her head.

4/8/2009 #59

Kariisa looked at her and grinned wider.

4/8/2009 #60
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