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Jack Bryre

On the floor above the Library, there is a long corridor with many doors opening on both sides. Elizabeth's Room is the first door on the left.

3/6/2009 #1
Faerie Princess In Training

The room is completely random. Everything from books to video games. There is a full sized bed with dark red bedding. There is a tv and a computer. Black curtains cover the only window in the room. The walls are a shimmering silver color. The floor is what looks to be real chesnut wood. There is a red dresser filled with clothing and she could see herself wearing. The second Elizabeth stepped in she knew that this was her dream room.

3/6/2009 . Edited 3/6/2009 #2
Faerie Princess In Training

(Enters from "Library".)

Elizabeth walked into the room and went to sleep quickly.

Locking the door with the wind first though.

3/6/2009 #3
Faerie Princess In Training

Elizabeth wakes up in a dream like state. then rubbing her eyes she remebers where she is. She quickly dresses and head to the library. It won't do her an harm to brush up on her reading.

(Leaves to "Library")

3/6/2009 #4
Faerie Princess In Training

(enter's from Library)

Elizabeth quickly walked to her bed and wentto sleep not bothering with the door.

3/7/2009 #5
Faerie Princess In Training

Hearing a new thought eminating from the lounge she quickly sat up and changed into a new pair of jean and aplain white t-shirt. She left the room feeling completely energized and excited.

(Leaves to "The Lounge")

3/10/2009 #6
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