In the Lands of Arnien
Fantasy RP. Set in the lands of Arnien after the end of my Chronicles of Arnien. Everyone welcome. More deatils inside.
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Edalene Athene

All people who are not local to the city have to enter through here.

4/25/2009 #1
Elyon Bliss

Renez was walking alone, finally free of Fairel's grasps, when she saw the gates. When she entered through the gates, she marveled. The city was wonderful.

5/22/2009 . Edited 5/22/2009 #2
Edalene Athene

General Natkmim stood on the ramparts, watching the traffic flowing through the gates with casual interest. Suddenly, a young women caught his eye. She was of medium height, black hair and alone. Yet not even that fact was as surprising as the fact she carried a sword, long and thin, like an elvish sword from the old tales, adorning her hip. It wasn't till she glanced up that she noticed just how young she was, only thirteen or so, far too young to be one her own. He motioned to a guard who stood by, instructing him to follow her, but to be discreet.

The genral was not the only one who noticed her prescence. Hidden in the long shadows of the stone walls stood Eriden, keen eyes scanning the crowd for pockets to pick. Her calculating blue eyes fell on the young girl, taking in her age and obvious weaponry. 'Perfect' she thought, 'The Master will reward me well for recruiting this one.' Slowly she approached the girl, coming to walk beside her. Quietly she asked, 'Looking for work?'

6/20/2009 . Edited 6/20/2009 #3

"Yes. Are any positions open?" Renez was unsure of what to do, but she thought getting a job would be nice. She quickly added, "Sir."

9/1/2009 #4

oh just so you know, this is still me but i got my own account, since raewood999 was a split account.

9/1/2009 #5
Edalene Athene

Eriden chuckled, finding the fact her weak disguise had fooled this girl amusing, 'Madam, not sir, besides, that makes me feel old. You trained in all those weapons?'

9/1/2009 #6

Renez felt herself blushing and silently scolded herself.

"I appologize madam. please forgive me." she paused a moment to examine her weapons. she had a dagger and sword visible, along with her staff, but in her wrap she also had a bow- and- arrow. "Yes, madam, i am. i also have some experiance with the bow, but i am not as well off with it."

9/15/2009 #7
Edalene Athene

'That's okay, but my name's Eriden. You could come in handy. You're not from round these parts, are you?'

9/15/2009 #8

"No ia am not... I am Laureneza by th eway, but you may call me Renez- or Nez if you prefer."

She smiles then holds out her hand to shake Eriden's.

9/17/2009 #9
Edalene Athene

Eriden took the proffered hand. 'So,' she enquired casually, 'Ever killed anyone?'

9/18/2009 #10

Renez was surprised by the unexpected question.

"Once. but i never meant to. I lost my temper and had too many weapons around that i could use. I didn't even see it coming, let alone the other guy.."

She looked down, nervous...

9/21/2009 #11
Edalene Athene

Eriden nodded, 'Good, it's always easier after the first time. Not the preferred method in this business though, not too subtle; but it's best you can if you need to. In here,' she motioned into a gaping hole in the wall of an old, derelict building, 'Time to meet the boss.'


Meanwhile, the soldier General Natkmim had sent to follow Renez returned to report.

'Well? What did you find?' the General demanded.

'I saw that Eriden person, she took the girl somewhere but I lost them, sir.' the soldier replied.

'Eriden, prodigey of the Master?' Natkmim asked.

'Yes, sir.'

'Well, we'll have to do something about that. Go and pay one of those homeless brats to keep an eye out for her then. When you find her, let me know. Here,' he passed some coin from his purse into the soldiers hand, 'This is payment for the brat.'

The soldier nodded, saluted and went to do his task.

9/23/2009 #12

Renez looked around in wonder. the place was only really ruined building but inside it was huge and beautiful.

"Wow" she let slip.

9/25/2009 #13
Edalene Athene

Eriden chuckled, 'Yeah, it is fairly overwhelming at first, kinda reminds me of the TARDIS,' then, seeing Renez's puzzled look hastily mumbled, 'Don't worry.'

A small boy suddlenly popped up from behind a screen, 'Hoo's ya fren, Eri? She's got herself sum nice stuff.' he said as he came over and began to run his hands down the scabbard of Renez's sword.

Eriden slapped his hand away, 'A guest, Kijan, a guest for the Master.'

'Oohh, a guest.' and the boy, Kijan ean off, laughing.

'Don't mind him,' Eriden said to Renez, 'he's perfectly harmless. Come this way.' Eriden headed off towards a hallway which they followed into the depths of the building until Eriden stopped outside a heavy oak door, knocking twice with two short raps of her knuckles.

'Come in,' a deep voice answered.

Eriden pushed open the door, 'Master, this is Renez.'

9/26/2009 #14

Renez was not sure what to do so she slightly curtsied as best she could in her pants.

"Hello, Sir."

9/29/2009 #15
Edalene Athene

The Master was short, with sallow cheeks and a mop of mouse brown hair. He smiled. It was not a kind smile, for the Master was not kind but nor was it an evil smile, merely cunning.

'Welcome, Renez. Eriden, show our guest around.'

'Yes, sir.' Eriden replied.

The two girls turned to leave and were almost at the door when the Master called, 'Renez, have dinner with me tonight?' It wasn't a request.

As soon as they were out of earshot, Eriden whispered urgently, 'Be careful. He may provide but he certainly doesn't care.'

9/29/2009 #16

She toook that to note, knowing most of status were like that.

She nodded. "Thanks."

9/30/2009 . Edited 10/1/2009 #17
Edalene Athene

'So, what do ya wanna see first? Not that there is much to see, mind you!'

11/25/2009 #18
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