In the Lands of Arnien
Fantasy RP. Set in the lands of Arnien after the end of my Chronicles of Arnien. Everyone welcome. More deatils inside.
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Edalene Athene

Situated high in the mountains behind the city, the rebels camp consists of a network of tunnels and caves which radiate out from the central cave. It was used for the same purpose over a hundred years ago during the last Haelean occupation.

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Edalene Athene

The former genreal of Arnien stood at the entrance to the cave network, looking out over the valley comtemplatively. It had been two weeks since the king had signed his kingdom over to the Empire and every day more people had trickled into the valley to join the rebels. Their numbers were building from the 300 hundred soldiers he had convinced to come with him when he left the city to almost 200 other able men and even more women and children.

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Irish toaster

"Sir" Danyl ackowledged from behind his general. Standing to attention and pounding his chest in salute before comming to stand alongside him in looking out across the valley.

"We grow in number every day. When should we march on the capitol?"

Danyl hoped that the city would concede peacefully and realise that the Empire was the true enemy and that the King was a fool. His father and sister were inside those city walls and hoped a siege would not need to be endured by them.

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Edalene Athene

'Soon, Danyl,' Natkim replied, 'Soon.' He paused, 'We cannot leave it too long but we have to wait a little longer for soldiers to arrive. How much longer will the food stores last?'

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Irish toaster

Danyl let out a sigh. "The Loyalists are blocking the roads so food is getting scarcer. We have had to rely on supplies coming through the mountains and dense woodlands."

The young captain cast a glance back into the cave where a family was gathered around a campfire.

"Our warriors are not the only mouths to feed. They are with their women and children."

Danyl shook his head. "I hate to admit it but unless we can capture some food stores we won't be able to stay here for more than a week."

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Halen Catice

(So after losing track of this forum for a year, is it OK if I hop back in? Sorry about that, btw. )


Emara sat by her own fire in one of the smaller corner of the cave, watching people, soldiers, and various recruits wander about, making preparations or just attempting to entertain themselves. She had been here a week now, and had kept largely to herself. She had left the city when real tensions had begun to break out among the Loyalists and the Rebels. She knew what the result of a Haelean rule of Anrien would be. She and the the other nomadic Besijelian people who still enjoyed some freedoms would be killed or enslaved, or worse. She wasn't sure what would be worse than that but from all the stories her Father had told her about the Exodus, she had no doubt the Haeleans would think of something.

Sighing, Emara closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply. She pushed all the negative thoughts to the back of her mind and tried to think of the positive. One good thing at a time. She hadn't been given a funny look all day by anyone. She had food to eat and a place to sleep. The Rebels seemed to be the best of the Anrien people, honest, brave, and caring. They had taken her in though all she had to contribute was her skill as a cook. OH! And she had a job.

Smiling, she opened her eyes. She stood and stretched her arms. As she prepared to sit once more, she heard a song coming from far back in the caves. Intrigued and in a largely better mood than earlier, she made her way towards the sound. At the source, she found a man playing a lute and saw several people dancing. She was glad that these people too could enjoy themselves and make the best of a grim situation.

In the back of the crowd she began to dance herself, just small movements that drew little attention.

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Edalene Athene

'Well,' Natkim sighed, 'in that case...I'd rather not take more from the people than we already have, although, there is manor house not ten miles from here, the b*** who owns it has always been arrogant and rude and he is bound to have many supplies stored for the winter. Perhaps he needs a little reality check, Captain, don't you agree?'

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Irish toaster

(( Hey welcome :) feel free ))

Danyl grinned. "I'll round up a visiting party for him. Will you be comming sir?"

The captain heard singing, laughter and music being played in the cave and smiled to himself, pleasantly surprised. Morale, for now at least, would hold.

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Edalene Athene

'Yes, Danyl,' Natkim replied, 'I think I shall. Now, let us go and break the happy news.'

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Irish toaster

Danyl headed back through the cave tunnels into the large cave, deep in the mountainside.

There many warriors with their families sat around the fire, singing songs and laughing. Illuminated by the orange glow of the fire, a storyteller told of a great battle against the Haeleans, long before Danyl's time. He admired the way the cave was now silent as young children stared intently while proud fathers saw their interest and straightened with pride.

Danyl too straighted as he heard a stirring tale of bravery and cunning and could not help but feel at ease for what would lay ahead. Regardless of the outcome. He knew what he was fighting for.

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Edalene Athene

(to 'countryside' topic for now)

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