In the Lands of Arnien
Fantasy RP. Set in the lands of Arnien after the end of my Chronicles of Arnien. Everyone welcome. More deatils inside.
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Edalene Athene

This is the home of the royal family and nobles. It is in the style of an 1100's English stone castle and set on a hill above the city.

3/7/2009 #1
Halen Catice

Hey! I would love to join, but where should I post my Character, and what is the theme of this RP?

3/14/2009 #2
Edalene Athene

Will continue talk in chat thread

3/17/2009 #3
Halen Catice

Emara stood anxiously outside the tall imposing gates of the city of Melean. She had heard of this city in many tales and stories along her journey, but the one that seemed to ring out now was the one her father had told her so long ago.

"Melean is a great city full of wonder and excitement! That is where the Queen lives... she is the one who allowed us passage into Anrien. She is said to be just and nobel. One day, we shall all visit the city and teach them of Besiejilian customs, and they will all smile and welcome us."

She shook her head, denying her father's statement. She had been traveling for far too long to think that people would simply welcome her with her "odd ways" and "strange customs." Maybe they wouldn't even let her into the city...

"No, they will let me in." She assured her self as she forced herself forward towards the entrance gate.

There was already a short line there, consisting mostly of traders or farmer's coming in to sell their goods at market. After about a half hour, Emara reached the gates and turned to face the man standing there.

"Hello." She beagn, trying her best to banish her obvious accent.

The guard eyes her suspiciously. "Where you from? Way out in the country or somthing?"

Emara nodded. "Yes sir."

His gaze didn't change. "Yeah? I ain't seen no one as dark as you in ages... are you sure you're from out the country?"

She nodded once more.

He snorted and turned to his paperwork. "Yeah, alright, whatever. How long do you plan to stay here in Melean?"

Emara hadn't really thought that much on it. "Oh... how long am I allowed to stay?" she asked nervously.

"You can stay for three months before you gotta take up residency licence." He muttered as he scribbled away.

"Then I shall stay for four."

"Day's or months?"


The man smiled. "Alright then. The entrance fee is-"

Before he could answer her dropped her coin purse in front of him. "It is all there. I counted before hand."

He quickly looked through the bag and smiled. "So it is. Well, welcome to Melean then." He gave her a quick wave which she returned as she walked briskly into the city, eger to start her new life.

4/8/2009 #4
Halen Catice

Eliti waited huffily at the back door of the kitchen, waiting to be let in. She hated all the sneaking around she sometimes had to do. If they wanted a repot so bad, couldn't they come see her themselves? She had enough privet rooms for Lord's sake! Discretion was her business! But no... these soldier types couldn't be bothered to come down to her place unless they wanted a little fun. Figures.

Slowly, the door creaked open, and an annoyed look cook poked their head out. "Oh, its you. Lordy Lou, ya' bettu' hurry up to 'da room. I jus' served tea." He hissed as Eliti brushed by him quickly.

"I'm goin', I'm goin'." she huffed, her large face already red at the thought of the amount of staris she had to climb. She exited the kitchens quickly, grabbing a tray at random to use as her disguse. if you were carrying something in the palace no one would give you a second glance. She hurried through the long hallways, up countless numbers of staris, down just as many, and up a few more again. Hevean's forbid she be allowed to use the 'direct' approach.

Finally, she arrived at her destination and knock three times waited a moment and then knocked twice more.

"Yes, yes, I'm coming!" a voice sounded from behind the door. Was it just her or did that sound like a-

"It took you long enough! Give me my towles so I can take my bath." A young girl poked her head out of the door, a bratty expression on her pale face.

Eliti blinked in surprise. 'Uh oh..." she thought.

4/9/2009 #5
Edalene Athene

Merinde looked in surprise at the large flushed face before her, framed by a few strands of hair which had managed to escape the tight bun. 'You're not Melita.' she said, 'Where is my maid? Where are my towels?' she turned away, muttering to herself, 'What does one have to do to get a decent bath around here?'

Eliti overheard her and couldn't help relpying, 'You've got it lucky, miss. There be many a poor starving girl who'd do anything for a proper bath.' I'd know, she thought quielty to herself.

Merinde spun around, shocked at the insolence of a common peasant and the fact that she still stood there. 'What? Why are you still here? Leave!'

(who was Eliti expecting to find?)

4/15/2009 #6
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