In the Lands of Arnien
Fantasy RP. Set in the lands of Arnien after the end of my Chronicles of Arnien. Everyone welcome. More deatils inside.
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Edalene Athene

For chatting, obviously

3/17/2009 #1
Halen Catice

Ok! So um... where should I post my character?

3/17/2009 #2
Halen Catice

are you going to repot ur character, or are you just gonna use the same one from ur other forum? (just wondering!)

3/22/2009 #3
Edalene Athene

I'll probably just repost the same ones. At the moment, seeing as we seem to be the only people here, you can create as many characters as you like as long as you can manage them all.

3/23/2009 #4
Halen Catice

I really enjoy your icon, by the way. That ant would absolutely be me! ^_-

3/23/2009 #5
Edalene Athene

WIth your last comment in the 'castle' thread, is that meant to be Merinde?

4/13/2009 #6
Halen Catice

Yeah... sorry if that's not how she would act or anything.... I just wanted to get going with it and run into one of your characters....

4/13/2009 #7
Edalene Athene

That's fine. Was just a little confused.

4/15/2009 #8
Elyon Bliss

hey, do you still want to rp on my forum Role Play 09? you dont have to but i was just wondering.

5/22/2009 #9
Edalene Athene

I can try. I dropped out because i wasn't on often enough to update regularly and so i got a little lost. Sorry.

5/25/2009 #10
Elyon Bliss

ok. thats fine. i was just wondering.

5/27/2009 #11
Edalene Athene

Are you still interested in this roleplay? It has been so long since anyone has used it. DO you know anyone lese who might be interested in participating?

7/27/2009 #12

Sorry i hadn't been on in a while but i had no computer out of school. Well, i did but the internet kept getting shut off and when it was on my parents wouldn't let me on.

I'll see if i can get others to rp too but i'm not sure i can.

What about 'lovelytoxic' ?

9/25/2009 #13
The Sin of Being

(cough cough) I think we need to have more action..... (Cough cough, runs away.)

6/8/2010 #14
The Sin of Being

Do dragons live here? Or anything that is big and beastly?

6/8/2010 #15
Edalene Athene

Not really, sorry. Its more alternate world history than magical beings

6/8/2010 #16
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