In the Lands of Arnien
Fantasy RP. Set in the lands of Arnien after the end of my Chronicles of Arnien. Everyone welcome. More deatils inside.
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Edalene Athene

Post your characters here. All the usual stuff, name, age, description, personality etc. No god-moding, no supernatural beings, the occasional wise woman or wizard is okay but in this world they are not common.

3/22/2009 #1
Halen Catice

Name: Emara Hayfeather

Height: 5'4"

Physical Appearance: She has brown curly hair which is constantly trying to break out of the ribbon tying it behind her deeply tanned head. She has light grey eyes. Emara usually wears tight black leggings over a long green frock with a light shirt underneath. She is considered a bit exotic looking, even by her own people.

Age: 18

Personality: She is always smiling and is an unabashed optimist, which can get annoying at times. She is a determined and hard worker. She is comfortable in crowds, but awkward around men. She is usually unafraid to voice her opinion. Wants to please, yet yearns for excitement. Emara has trouble making friends, but once she does, she is loyal to a fault.

Race: Besiejilian

Occupation: None as of yet. Is travelling to Sontispont.

Weapon: Dagger.

Background: She lived with a traveling caravan with her parents and siblings until she was 10. Then the caravan was attacked by prejudiced towns folk who claimed that the caravan had stolen from the town. It was burnt to the ground, and Emara doesn't know if there were any other survivers. She has been traveling ever since searching for her family. Just recently she gave up her quest and decided to settle down. She refuses to let herself think about her past and instead attempts to look only to the future. She was instilled with her optimism by her father. He also taught her to read and speak both Besijelain and Farielian. She can write in only Besijelain, but she can sign her name in Farielian as well. She was taught to cook by her mother. Her oldest brother taught her the traditional dances of their people. She knows the basic skills of survival.

I hope the changes are ok. ^^'

3/22/2009 #2
Edalene Athene

Yep, that's fine except for a few minor things. 1) Besijel is no longer so travelling to Sontispont mightn't be the greatset idea as the Haeleans persecute them severly (one of the reasons so many escaped to what was then Fariel)-just an thought, you don't have to change it. 2) Languages. The current language of Anrien is a strange mix of Farielian and Bashraanian but most people can speak both languages. Besijelian has almost all but died out so I like the use of it with your character. 3) would you also be able to give a few details of where she grew up, I'm slightly confused at the moment.


3/23/2009 #3
Halen Catice

Um, OK. Lets not go to Sontispont. Is there is another major city she could be traveling to? As for languages... do I have to change something? Cause she can speak Anrien and Besijelian if that's what you meant. Whatever is fine with me! ^_^

Ok, as for where she grew up:

She grew up on a traveling caravan. It moved around a lot so she never had a specific hometown. She was born somewhere near the sea, and the caravan stuck mostly to the western side of the country, beacuse it was their homeland, though they were sometimes subject to persecution. Her caravan was eventually attacked for this very reason, and she is the only known survior. (may be others... idk.) She traveled around a lot after that, blah blah blah. If you want more on caravan life I can give you that too. Just say the word. ^_

Hope this helped!

3/23/2009 #4
Halen Catice

Name: Eliti Opri

Height: 5' 7"

Physical Appearance: Pale skinned, but very large. She looks like the average mother-type. Voluptuous with a warm glow around her. She usually wears a long brown apron over a coarse white dress with puffy sleeves.

Age: 37

Occupation: She runs an Inn, and a brothel as a side venture. She also works undercover for the army, keeping an eye out for spies, information. She passes along coded messages as well.

Personality: She acts matronly towards paying customers, and girls she is trying to lure into her service. However, she is cold and calculating in actuality. She is strict with 'her girls' and is unafraid to voice her opinion. She is loud and boisterous always. She looks at life as one big game, and the goal is to get rich and stay alive. She has no known family. Usually has ulterior motives. She likes having control over her own life, and when she doesn't she looks endlessly for a way to wriggle free.

Race: Anrien - slightly mixed descent

Weapon: Anything she can lift and throw.

Background: She was raised by a poor single mother in Melean. They opened the inn together, and she took care of her mother until she died. Opened the brothel illegally. Was approached shortly after by a member of the military, and agreed to help them on the condition she could keep her brothel, and they agreed. This arrangement still stands.

I don't know why, but this character just seemed to pop into my head and I kinda liked her. *shrugs* I hope she's ok too! ^^"

3/23/2009 . Edited 4/8/2009 #5
Edalene Athene

Sounds good. One issue (i'm sorry i'm so picky!) There is no Fariel or Bashraan anymore, only Anrien. To have someone purely of one race or the other is unusual but not impossible. If she is Farielian without any Bashraanian blood that' fine, just say so. Thanks. You may start RPing as soon as you want but just let me know if you would like some more topics.

3/23/2009 #6
Edalene Athene

Okay, here are my characters...

Name: Eriden


Gender: Female

Occupation: Assassin/spy

Personality: Ruthless, will do anything to achieve her job. If she has anmy human emotions such as love or forgivness they are well hidden.

Appearance: Dark hair and light blue eyes, slim, not unattractive.

Race:Anrien – of Farielian decsent

Weapons: Sword (rapier), dagger, throwing knives, small vial of poison.

Background: Born to a poor family, abused by her father, ran away at the age of 12 andd fell in with the Master, the best assasin and spy in the kingdom. Has been training ever since.


Name: General Natkmim

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Occupation: General in Baskairns army.

Apperance: Tall, broad shouldered, dark skin and dark eyes.

Personality: Hard, strict but kind to friends and family.

Race: Anrien – of Bashraanian descent

Weapons: Sword, cross bow

Backround: Was born to a poor family. Joined the rebels trying to put Maela(the rightful heir) back on the throne. Was made a general of her armies for his efforts. He is married with two young children-his family is his weakness so if you want to crush him, target his family.


Name: Lady Merinde

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Occupation: Lady of the Court (aka, sits around gossiping all day, rather pathetic really)

Apperence: Blue eyes, long, dark brown hair, fair skinned, of average height (5'4")

Personality: The giggly girly type, likes to rescue those who are somehow disadvenatged. Nice and kind but utterly ignorant to the evils of the world.

Race: Anrien – of mixed descent

Weapons: Nothing, she's a spoilt, silly brat

Background: Has always lived in the palace of Melean, second cousin to Queen Maela.

3/23/2009 #7
Elyon Bliss

Mind if I join?

Name: Laureneza (Renez) Meyer

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Occupation: Warrior

Personality: Shy but fights with fury

Appearance: Long, black hair, bright blue eyes, 5' 4", slim

Race: Elf, Witch

Weapons: Can see the future, telekinesis, dagger, sword

Background: Found so close to death by Fariel's army and doesn't remember a thing; they believe she is an enemy but force her to swear her loyalty.

4/23/2009 #8
Edalene Athene

Welcome! Usually the only race is human, others are very rare and keep themselves hidden so having one or two such characters will make it more interessting.

4/24/2009 #9

Hey could Renez and Eriden be sisters but they were different when they were younger so they dont recognize eachother...? Just an idea, which would explain why she was found so close to death...?

9/25/2009 #10
Edalene Athene

Possibly, but they would have to be half-sisters or something because Eriden is completely human. Prehaps Eriden's father (a shady character at the best of times) could have sexually abused Renez's mother and she became pregnant which would explian them not knowing eachotehr if they grew up apart. We would just have to find a way for them to find out. Any ideas?

9/26/2009 #11
Halen Catice

Maybe Renez's telekinesis doesn't work on Eriden or something because mind reading within a family is impossible for some reason. (privacy within family??) Renez could know this and begin to suspect Eriden or something... idk, just a thought.

9/27/2009 #12
Edalene Athene

Welcome back! We should probably continue this in the chat thread but for nnow it's fine here.

That's an interessting idea. Both are described as dark aired, blue-eyed and slim.

9/27/2009 . Edited 9/27/2009 #13

That is an intiresting idea. What if they had the same mom but she gave Renez to someone so they didn't know eachother?

9/29/2009 #14
Edalene Athene

So they had different fathers? Or Eriden is really a witch/elf but doesn't know?

9/29/2009 #15

I dont know. just an idea... If you want..?

9/30/2009 #16
Irish toaster

Name: Rothen Dray


Gender: Male

Allegiance: Haelean Empire

Occupation: Diplomat (Though performs numerous,often shady, tasks for the Empire)

Personality: Ruthless in his diplomatic affairs,born with a silver tongue to both persuade and intimidate. A cold hearted man,Rothen enjoys nothing more than displaying his superiority in both intelligence and social status. He loves seeing the Empires enemies squirm with the threats he can make,from disloyal citizens to foreign agents.

Appearance: Dark,shoulder length hair which is slicked back at the forehead. He has a handsome face but his tight lips and cold stare show he is not a friendly individual. He normally wears black attire including a cloak and high black leather boots.


Weapons: dagger,vial of poison

Background:Rothen was born to wealthy noble parents. His father,a patriot-thought him about the glory of the Empire. Rothen however merely enjoyed power. From an early age he persuaded a gang of thieves to work for him. At just 17 years of age he ran a gang of youths to extort money from the poor to give to corrupt merchants. His demeanor and cunning were noted by his father and soon he became a diplomat and peer in the Haelean court where he enjoys flaunting his power to the populace and engaging in the drama of political power.

5/6/2010 #17
Edalene Athene

Very interssting character


5/11/2010 #18
Irish toaster

Name: Danyl Reen

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Anrien (Fighting for the rebels under Gen. Natkim)

Occupation: Captain

Personality: Energetic yet measured. He is a young man of determination and persistant optimism. He refuses to give into desperate situations and always strives for victory. Though noted as brave many have known him to be reckless, risking his life in impossible situations.

Danyl believes firmly in Anrien independence and does not wish it to join with the Empire( Hence joining with the rebels).

Appearance: 5'9 in height. Danyl has brown wavy hair and blue eyes which he is affectionatly mocked by his peers for his attractive looks only lend to a feeling for some that Danyl is not ready to lead and too inexperienced. Though most enjoy his company he has yet to prove himself that he can lead, and fight in the heat of battle.

Danyl mostly wears his green tunic, hood and trousers except for battle where he will wear a light mail tunic and iron helmet with a nose guard.

Race: Anrien

Weapons: Sword, dagger.

Background: Danyl was born to a modest noblemans household. He enlisted with the army and due to his standing he was promoted quickly over just one year to captain of men. Although popular mostly there were grumblings that the 'nobleboy' is not fit to lead and should not have been given the title on his standing alone. Danyl realised this and waited to prove himself to those who doubted him, acknowledging their concerns.

He proved himself a brave fighter against bandits in the wilderness, saving two merchants and gained credible respect for his actions. All that is left to see is can the young warrior lead men in battle.

Danyl joined the rebels quickly upon hearing of the King's plan to assimilate Anrien into the Empire. Horrified at the prospect he now pledges alegience to General Natkim and hopes that with an army they can persuade the King to halt his plans.

6/8/2010 #19
The Sin of Being

(Sigh) I was told to move here. I'm a 17 year old Nomad. If you annoy me I kill you. But I'm pretty wise. My hobbies are being annoying, and getting herbs and stuff. Are we all happy? Olive skin, black eyes, tall, and a slight scar by my eye. I'm Female. Are we all happy?

6/8/2010 #20
Edalene Athene


6/8/2010 #21
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