The MASTER Tournament RP
The RP version of the yet-to-be-posted story. An interdimensional fighting tournament with several different kinds of competitors, from regular, magical, technological, etc. THIS FORUM IS NOT DEAD. I WILL MAKE SURE IT STAYS ACTIVE.
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The Daniel City Heroes

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Also, if you want to ask for comments or tips for improvement on your characters and have anyone comment on them, here would be the place to do it.

3/9/2009 . Edited 4/3/2009 #1
The Daniel City Heroes

Name: Calvin Mitchels

Age: 17

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: Caucasian, green eyes, brown hair. Clothes: red hat with HM printed on it, red and white letterman jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans, red and white sneakers

Personality: Calvin loves playing sports, though is best at football, and he is very energetic, confident, and high-spirited. On the other hand, he is also spoiled and short-tempered. He is used to getting his way most of the time and isn't above punching someone in the face (except his parents) if he doesn't.

Weapons/ Equipment: Skilled in sports, has golf bag on his back filled with several types of equipment (which I hopefully don't have to list), limited knowledge of wrestling and karate

Weaknesses: No powers, no strong weapons, basically a normal human teenager.

Home: New York City, U.S.A., Earth

Background: Calvin is a junior year student at Harriet Marsh High School in New York City. He is best known as a jock and is the star quarterback of the high school football team, the Missiles.


Name: Robin

Age: 25

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears a black fedora with a blue band, black sunglasses, black blazer, blue button-up shirt, red necktie, a silver wristwatch, black pants, and black shoes. Has brown eyes and white hair, several bangs of his hair can be seen from the fedora. Commonly seen carrying a cane or a briefcase.

Personality: On the surface, Robin is a is a calm and diplomatic gentleman. He is very polite and has a thing for beautiful women. However, most of the time this hides his conniving nature. He is in truth, a deceptive and greedy person.

Weapons/ Equipment: The cane he carries is actually a sword, which he uses for close combat. He also has several gadgets hidden on his person and is skilled at hand to hand combat. He is very skilled in stealth tactics. The briefcase he carries is filled with money; cash, gold, silver, jewels of different types, etc.

Weaknesses: No powers, normal weaknesses for a human, will do anything to keep his briefcase safe and in his possession.

Home: Paris, France, Earth

Background: Robin is a master thief. Known in the criminal underworld for his well-planned heists, gangs, shady businesses, and organized crime rings have called on his help, when stealth is needed to have a task completed.

3/9/2009 . Edited 3/10/2009 #2

Name: Tonya Alissa Galt

Age: 47

Race: American

Gender: female

Appearance: Tonia has light brown hair, and gun grey eyes.

Personality: He's really inteligent, and he's basically an elite. He is an Objectivist, (why don't you look that one up.) Galt is very honesty, and he's very straight forward.

Weapons/ Equipment: his brains and his truth

Powers/ Abilities: Logical, industrialist, and he's is really good at physics, so, he's goot at building weapons, and motors.

Weaknesses: He doesn't fight back much (that is if you consider it his weakness)

Home: Denver Colorado

Background: Galt was a worker working for Bob's motors, but that went out of business, so, he didn't work. He found no other place he like. He worked for a little for general motors, but there ways didn't suit him.

3/15/2009 #3

Name: Rayne Ryals

Age: 23

Race: Human/robot-not-exactly-a-cyborgish-thing-a-ma-bob (I fixed it, but I could never actually figure out exactly what Rayne was so, yeah.)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rayne has platinum blonde hair that is cut directly at chin length. Her blue eyes are sharp, and she is slender and somewhat small. Rayne wears a white coat, black dress, and matching heels.

Personality: Rayne tends to be cold towards everyone she sees until she can trust them. Be careful, though, because Rayne is also clever and knows how to get on the upside of almost any situation.

Weapons/ Equipment: Rayne technically is a weapon. She was actually kidnapped when she was 16 and used as an experiment for "backyard scientists" who wanted to make the perfect human weapon complete with sharp vision, sharp mind, and sharp reactions. Rayne was only a prototype, and she tricked the scientists into thinking that she was faulty so that they would release. She has been free for the past five years and likes to carry around many daggers that are in hidden in her clothes to give her extra protection from her enemies. Also, just a reminder, she is actually a pretty good prototype considering how she has perfect balance, perfect vision, and she gains knowledge of her enemies fast.

Weaknesses: Rayne has a switch concealed on the back of her neck that was put on so that the "backyard scientists" could keep her under control if anything went wrong. The problem is, Rayne does not know about it.

Home: London, England

Background: It was kind of all explained in the weapons and equipment area. There isn't much left to tell about her.

(Gah! I think I inspired that fourth rule, but don't worry. Rayne isn't completely powerful. Remember, she is just a prototype.)

3/16/2009 . Edited 3/18/2009 #4
The Daniel City Heroes

To Dagny: Did you just put an auto-worker that can't fight in a fighting tournament?

To Rayney: Just saying that this guy was experimented on to be a weapon doesn't say what he can do. Just explain what he can do and you're fine.

And another thing just for future reference. Race wasn't intended to mean nationality. This doesn't take place on Earth and not all of the competitors will be human. I put that there for if people come with sci-fi or fantasy characters like aliens or dragons or vampires or others like that.

3/17/2009 . Edited 3/17/2009 #5
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Name: Twisted

Age: Unknown. Presumably early Twenties, or high teens.

Race: Human... or so it is thought.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Twisted is always seen wearing a black cloak and a white mask, so not much is known about his physical appearance. Spiky brown hair is visible from the side of his head, though.

Personality: He is an oddball. His actions and thoughts are all erratic, and his next decision is a mystery, giving him an edge in combat. He seems to be caring for those who are his friends (Or at least allies) but will not spare his enemies, unless he thought they were strong enough (Because a challenging fight today may become an unbeatable fight tomorrow.)

Weapons/Equipment: Twisted's Mask, in truth, holds a small portal between this dimension, and a smaller dimension, which has, literally, nothing in it. He uses this dimension for holding his equipment and weapons, and when he needs something, he reaches in, and pulls it out (He has a habit of pulling out the wrong object.) Weapons-wise, he carries a longsword (Main weapon), a Staff (Rarely uses because he has a habit of hitting himself with it), A nunchaku (Not used for the same reason as the staff), and a rocket launcher (Only uses in the most dire situations, because rockets are EXPENSIVE)

Powers/Abilities: His strength is slightly above average for a human, allowing hi to pick up items most people would fin rather difficult. He also has a short range teleportation ability, which he uses in combat to confuse his enemies.

Weaknesses: His teleporting drains him of his energy quickly, and he isn't the smartest person alive. But, besides that, he's as killable as most humans, he's just harder to hit.

Home: Unknown. Supposedly Earth, but whether or not its a modern earth, a sci-fi Earth, or a fantasy Earth is unknown. Who knows, maybe it's a combination?

Background: He is a mysterious warrior from an alternate reality, where people are... slightly altered. Different humans in his world have different powers. He joined an organization that was meant to stop the experiments, which is where he got his name, Twisted, due to his achievements (ell, more how he got them.) in the organization. After their goals were complete, the organization disbanded. Twisted went on to become akin to a mercenary for hire.

4/15/2009 #6
The Daniel City Heroes

Finally, a new player! Thank you! I did not want this place to die.

Anyway, this character looks good to go. Just don't over use that teleporting power. It'll get frustrating if others can't hit him.

4/27/2009 #7

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6/11/2010 #8

Hey, I know the last post was last year, but here goes...

Name: Giovanni de Luca

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Personality: Giovanni (Gio for short) is, first and foremost, a trickster. He loves to party, have fun, get drunk, and not have to think about tomorrow, just living in the moment. When not tipsy, he is fiercely protective of his friends and everyone else he holds dear.

Appearance: He has a slightly pale complexion, slightly long black hair, and brown eyes.

Weapons/Equipment: Gio prefers a modern approach to things, his weapon of choices being an SMG. He also has a large array of throwing knifes and shuriken.

Powers/Abilities: He can drain the electrical energy from something and use it against an enemy.

Weaknesses: Despite determination and powers, he is not particularly strong. He's pretty much a normal guy with a gun, some throwing knives and electrical powers.

Background: He is an orphan off the streets of Venice, who was captured, experimented on, and eventually given power over electricity and a sweet set of weapons by a team of underground scientists. He was to be used as a mercenary, but used his newfound powers to escape custody. He was a little-known vigilante on the streets of Venice who, depending on his blood alcohol level, had varying degrees of effectiveness.

Home: Venice, Italy

8/2/2010 #9

Name:Ash Reaper




weapon's:two swords

Powers/ Abilities:his red eye can fix people to the spot

Weaknesses:when he angry he can't think


Background: he used to be a prince but due to his evil family he ran away and his life was saved by a rich man called Alexander, Alexander was like the Father Ash never had, Alexander also taught Ash in the way of the sword. But two years after meeting Alexander was assassinated

8/7/2012 #10
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