The MASTER Tournament RP
The RP version of the yet-to-be-posted story. An interdimensional fighting tournament with several different kinds of competitors, from regular, magical, technological, etc. THIS FORUM IS NOT DEAD. I WILL MAKE SURE IT STAYS ACTIVE.
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The Daniel City Heroes

A building where characters can interact with each other when not in matches. It also provides free food and services to the competitors.

3/9/2009 #1
The Daniel City Heroes

Robin arrived in the lounge. Looking around, it seemed that he was the only person there at the moment.

"It would seem that I am the first to arrive." He said.

3/19/2009 #2

"It would seem that I am the first to arrive."

Rayne walked through another door on the other side of the room. She sensed the guy and turned in his direction analyzing everything about him like a predator with its prey.

"Actually, it would seem that you are the second to arrive," Rayne sat down lightly on a nearby chair. "I just so happened to be here before you, though the wait for anything to happen around here has been absolutely horrendous. Not a single match to spectate so far today."

3/19/2009 #3
The Daniel City Heroes

"Maybe the rest of the competitors have yet to come?" Robin said, lowering his sunglasses. "But what would a young woman like you be doing here?"

3/19/2009 #4

"Hmm, well, I am sitting now," Rayne flicked a crumb off the table next to her, "but what might you be doing here? You look like someone who is supposed to be off leading a bank heist or something."

3/20/2009 #5
The Daniel City Heroes

"Aren't you the perceptive one?" Robin chuckled. "I am actually one of the combatants here."

3/20/2009 #6

"Wonderful," Rayne said. For some odd reason, she had been in a rotten mood the whole day. "Did you volunteer to come or did the wonderful winds blow you here like they did with the Wizard of Oz?"

3/21/2009 #7
The Daniel City Heroes

"A little bit of both I suppose," Robin explained. "I got an invitiation of sorts to join in a tournament. Then after I agree a sort of swirling whirlpool appears in front of me. I don't know exactly what it was."

"What's your story, miss?" Robin asked.

3/21/2009 #8

"Me? It was a mix of hating everyone's guts and having no better place to waste my time," Rayne eyed a spider crawling away in a nearby corner.

Like this place is any better than London, she thought. They still have pests crawling around. Ew.

3/22/2009 #9
The Daniel City Heroes

"What may I ask is the source of all this negativity?" Robin asked.

3/22/2009 #10

"Trust is something that I don't hand out on a silver platter," Rayne said. "Especially here."

3/22/2009 #11
The Daniel City Heroes

"Well put." Robin said. "Well I am sure that when more competitors come, we will be sure to see some action."

3/23/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #12

"Let's hope so," Rayne said as she stealthily fingered a dagger underneath her coat sleeve. She was bored, and her hands needed something to fiddle with.

3/26/2009 #13
The Daniel City Heroes

As Robin sat down, he pulled out a small touch screen deivce and began working on it.

It wasn't long before another person entered the lounge. This time, it was a teenage boy. He was wearing casual clothing someone would see on a high school student and was carrying a large bag with the strap slung over his shoulder.

3/27/2009 #14

Rayne analyzed the boy that was just walking in. He looked to her like the typical high school jock: short tempered, likes to get his way, and relatively weak.

An easy kill, Rayne thought. She kept her dagger out in her fiddling hand waiting for the boredom of this place to subside.

3/28/2009 #15
The Daniel City Heroes

Calvin looked around the lounge. He noticed that the only other people here, besides the ones who were obviously staff here, were some girl and a guy in a suit. And it didn't look like much interesting was happening at the moment.

"Is everyone waitin' on a bus or somethin'?" Calvin said.

Meanwhile, one of the employees at the lounge posted a piece of paper stating that the arenas were now open.

3/28/2009 #16

Rayne turned her attention to new posting on the wall.

"Finally, something interesting is going to happen around this monotonous place," she muttered as she slipped her dagger back into its sheath. "I've been dying for something to do."

3/28/2009 #17
The Daniel City Heroes

"All right, something cool." Calvin said as he got up and went outside toward the arena. "I'm gonna go check this place out."

((Write out your character leaving the lounge, then go to Arena #1.))

3/28/2009 . Edited 3/29/2009 #18

"Looks like I'm coming right behind you," Rayne muttered as she swiftly stood up. "Hey, wait up kid!"

((Off to Arena #1!))

3/29/2009 #19
The Daniel City Heroes

After Rayne and Calvin left, Nieva came inside.

"Is this the place where the event is being held?" She asked no one in particular.

4/27/2009 #20

Ash walked into the lounge ''anyone here''

8/7/2012 #21
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