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Das Kind Omen

Ok. So this is how this forum will work, feel free to object though I do not care much for criticism or anything against me. So.

This forum is called Stories because that's exactly what we do here. I am here to write. People can post their characters on "Characters". KK? ^-^

So, yays for people who join. Too bad for those who don't cuz we iz gonna have a LOTS of fun. Vampirica is a world of magic. Though here it is the vampires who rule the planet and the humans who hide for their lives. MANY other species can be used. So... yeah... if you have any advice I will gladly consider all ideas. it doesn't even have to be realistic... ANYWAYS! Post your characters and we'll get started.

~you can call me Kisa. :-)

3/21/2009 #1
Das Kind Omen

So... erm I guess that I will start.

Catzy sighed. She could see her father walking home, swiftly as ever through her second story bedroom window. She hated this time of day. It didn't help that Shei was late again. And to add to that, Mimette was in a foul mood tonight and Has was on her side.

"This night will be hell. When will it EVER change?" She asked herself. Then added grimly, "Never..."

She looked away from her father and to The Kings palace. She glared at it for what seemed like forever, losing herself in the dark detail of its outside, when someone knocked on her bedroom door. She swung around to see her father right next to her.

"I saw you." He said. "What is it that you think you are doing? Glaring at the palace like that is forbidden and if I hadn't stopped you and someone else were to notice do you know how it would have affected the family?! How you could have made me look? I could have lost my place at the 2nd best top!!" His voice raised in anger. "You need to learn some respect! You should be happy where you are! I give you everything! Do not do that again, do you hear me!? Do you hear me Catzabelle?!"

Catzy hated it when he used that name. It wasn't her name, not even her full name. Her full name was indeed Catzy. Catzabelle is just some name he came up with. She nodded nontheless and waited through his next few lectures. Then when he had left she sat down on her bed and covered her face, careful not to rub her eyes. If her makeup were to smear Black would throw a handful more of lectures and probably end up beating her because she didn't look proper and pretty.

Though even when she did do what he said, Black always seemed to know what to scream about. He always had some reason she wasn't good enough. Her whole life she had not received ONE complement or word of praise from him. Not one.

She had the slightest feeling her life wouldn't get better soon. Soon she glanced out the window again and saw Shei running home.

'Thank god....' She thought.

She listened as he ran through the normal routine of: closing the door lightly, made for the stairs, was stopped by Black and lectured about being late and nearly everything else one can come up with, then saying "Yes, father, I apologize." and slowly making his way up the steps.

He came into her room and smiled at her sheepishly. "Hello, dear sister, Cazty."

"Hello, Elder Brother, Shei." She said smirking.

He sat down next to her and put an arm around her.

"One day..." he said. "One day"

3/21/2009 #2
Das Kind Omen

Ok, dude, Tohru... help me.

4/2/2009 #3

Jet slung her bag over her shoulder and waved to her friends. SHe looked up and her eyes opened wide, already this late?! It was getting dark, but she was having so much fun playing tackle football, she hadn't noticed. She put on her cap backwards and ran like the wind. Then she felt a thump and she fell, along with the boy.

"Oh im sorry!" She said quickly, she helped him up. "But im in a hurry! Did you drop anything?".

"Oh" His vibrant green eyes still seemed a little stunned as he brushed himself off "No , im fine thanks.

Jet smiled "Alright then, well im in a hurry. Cya!" She spun around her bag thumping against her leg as she ran home.


She opened the door and threw her hat at the coat stand, and it was a perfect shot, it spun around the hook then stopped. Jet quickly took off her shoes.

"Im Home!" She shouted form the door.

"Almost time for dinner!" Her mom called. "Wash up and come to the table, dinner will be ready"

"Gotchya!" Jet ran upstairs and threw her jacket and bag onto her bed and washed up quickly. She ran down the stairs and slid into her dinner seat smiling. Everyone else was already there.

"Itadkimas!" They said togethor.

"Football again?" Kaito asked, smirking.

"Yup!" Jet smiled "You should come sometime"

"Shouldn't you be studying?" Kaito asked, dodging the question.

Jet shrugged "Nah, i already did"

"YOu should really do some more studying" Her dad said "But then again your brother could be your brains for you life eh?" He gave kaito a small pat on the back.

Dinner ended and Jet walked up the stairs and opened up her bag and took out her homework and sighed before starting it.

4/2/2009 #4
Not Dead Nor Alive

Holy s***,” Whisper said, looking strangely at Shard and Blade. “Y’know, I could’ve gone my whole life without seeing something like that.”

“This was not my idea,” Shard protested, kicking Blade where he shouldn’t have.

“I’m pretty sure it wasn’t,” Whisper agreed. “No one chooses to get r***, ’cause then it’s not r***.”

Today, she was dressed in a short dark blue dress that had thin straps. Her clan’s symbol was stitched into the waist (a red crescent moon with a blue star between it’s tips, surrounded by a half circle of silver dots).

Blade glared at her. “Aren’t you going to Charmael today?”

“Yes,” Whisper answered coolly.

“You better come back, b***.” He hissed. “I don’t have time to look for a new plaything.”

Whisper narrowed her eyes. There was a reason she was going to Charmael and it wasn’t to make new friends. Outsiders were executed. Much better than suicide.

Shard looked worried. “You will come back, won’t you, Whisper?”

Whisper didn’t answer as she disappeared out the door.


This okay, Kisa? I did my best...okay, maybe not my best, but I tried.

4/2/2009 . Edited 4/2/2009 #5

Jet's teeth grasped the tip of the pencil's metal end and tilted it up and down staring at the question. She glanced over at the clock, she smiled. She quickly wrote down the answer and stuffed everything back into her bag. It was only 7 30, if she begged enough she would probably be allowed to take a short walk outside. She jumped down the stairs almost crashing into Kaito.

"Whoa!" Kaito's eyes opened as Jet jumped down, Jet turned sideways barely missing him. "Watch where your going, or your going to kill someone here!"

Jet smiled "Can i have your stuff?". Kaito tapped Jet on the head playfully with his notebook before going back to his room. "Hey dad, im going to take a quick walk!"

"How long is quick?" He asked, not looking up from his book.

"Uhh" Jet thought quickly. "How long am i allowed to be out?"

"Just come in before it gets too dark and make sure atleast by 8 30, no later" He said, glancing at the clock.

Jet smiled gratefully "Cya, ill be back soon! Bai Kaito, Bai Mom, Bai Dad!"

She grabbed her jacket and put on her cap backwards, she slipped on the worn out shoes she never untied and jumped down the small three steps of the porch. She grabbed her soccerball and took it with her as she took her regular route. Around town, then a quick trip into the woods. The trip around town was boring, nothing out of the ordinary. She took her trip into the woods, and still nothing unusual. Jet sighed and juggled her soccerball on her knees. Her foot got caught on a vine and she fell, her soccerball hitting a stump and going deeper into the woods then Jet usually went. Jet ignored the small amount of blood on her knee and got up to fetch her soccerball. Then she saw shadows move up and down, like a fire. She grabbed a branch of tree and hauled herself up and popped out her head and watched awestruck. The small flames danced around her soccerball, as if they we're alive themselves.


Whats a Charmael???!!!

4/3/2009 #6
Not Dead Nor Alive

Charmael is Catzy's hometown. It's not that far from Whisper's hometown.

4/3/2009 #7
Das Kind Omen

H-h-h-hey y-you person! I'm gonna make you come to my town now... *smirks* you were planning on suicide and I'm planning on you life, and I always win. ;) feel free to object and I'll re-do it.


Whisper sat up. Dead silence. She looked around, making sure that no one was awake. Nope. Perfect. She slid out of bed and silently out of the house. She looked out across the field, noting every movement of the trees, the direction of the wind, and every path and footprint around her. She couldn't take the normal routs to Charmael because someone might catch her. She already thought of that though. She would take her own rout.

Her heart pounded so hard she swore someone could hear her. She took a last glance at her no-longer home. Then she turned away from the field and crouched in the bushes, creeping quietly through them to the most abandoned part of the forest.


Catzy sat up, breathing hard. There was a pounding in her head. She looked up, curious as to what had caused her pain.

'Oh of course...' She thought, cringing as she took another hit. She was pulled out of bed, dragged across the ground, Right before the stairs Black tied her wrists and ankles and put a special tape around her mouth all the way around her head.

She saw him smirk in the faint light of the fire downstairs. Black pushed her down the sharp staircase and she knew this was going to leave her badly bruised as always. Then something different happened. Has was at the fireplace, his glare peircing her as always, but what set her off was that the door to the fireplace was open, he had been feeding the fire.

Black kicked her ribs and she rolled into the wall. He picked up a lamp and hit her with it until it broke into small peices. Throwing them away he kicked her harder. Has joined in.

"Go get Shei, Has." Black said coldly. Has Kicked her across the room, and into the air. She hit the wall with unbearable force. Has sprinted up the stairs. While he was gone Black got to his hands and feet and crawled over to Catzy. He put his arms around her, letting them slide down her sides. Then he slid them back up and brought them to a stop at her neck. He felt her neck almost nicely before tightening them around her throat.

Unable to breath, Catzy kicked at him. Black raised her into the air. "You will meet King tomorrow for judging and you must be disciplined before so much laying eyes on our King!"

Black threw her across the room again, her head hit the ceiling and a painting smashed as she slid down the wall. She felt the glass splinters poke into her skin. Black was suddenly over her, kicking her.

Has came back down, holding tightly Shei's hands behind his back. Shei saw Black beating Catzy and screamed, "Nooo! Leave her alone! Stop!" He saw the blood from the glass, and the blood pouring from the sides of her mouth, seeping through the tape. He saw the cuts and gashes and the marks on her throat. He saw the look in her eyes, trying not to lose.

"You're killing her, FATHER!!! NO! STOP IT YOU ARE KILLING HER!!!!!!" Shei screamed.

"Shut him up!!" He ordered Has. Has grabbed Shei's hair, ripping his glasses off. Catzy made a noise as she watched her brother stick Shei's face nearly into the fire. Shei tryed to pull back, but Has gripped his hair tighter and got closer. Then he pulled Shei backwards, throwing his limp body away.

Has made his way towards Catzy. Mimette appeared out of now where and touched her fathers hand, which was now... Nevermind.

"Father..." She said slyly. She put her arm into his jacket and wrapped it around him. Black loosened his grip on Catzy.

"Yes... darling?" He said in the same tone. He brought his other hand around Mimette bringing her closer.

"I would like to assist..." She said, kissing his cheek. (this is what is done when asking a favor or question, such as so, of your superior in Charmael)

"Oh of course..." He let go of Mimette for a split second. "Ah... this might help..." He reached inside his jacket and took hold of his daughters hand and led it to a hidden pocket near the back. Then he smiled and let her reach in and bring a knife out.

"Thank you father." She said turning to Catzy, neck still grasped in Blacks fist.

Mimette smirked. "Oh this... outta be fun.."

Catzy cringed.


Whisper was now staring wide eyed at the black gate of Charmael. Guards stood at a post, opening the gate for coming people. So far, only one person taken aside for questioning to prove a false alarm.

'Well, that's too bad.... Just when they thought they'd be lucky enough to have no action... I came along.' She thought to herself. But she was emerged in trees. No one would see her here. Time to go in.

She backed up and breathed in, then smiling to herself as she stepped out of the trees and up to the stand. She looked the guard in the eye.

"Hello." She said with fake pleasantry, pulling out a knife. "Hope you had a nice last day."

Fear shot through the guard as she stabbed his once hitting her target directly in the heart. Fortunatly, guards were everywhere and had her down in less then a second.

4/4/2009 #8
Kiyoko Matsuoka

I hope I'm in the right place here....


Miu opened her eyes to see her little creations floating gently away, out of the clearing, at an alarming rate. "No, wait!" She said, but she knew it was useless. Each new generation of the little things liked different things, no matter how hard she tried to control them. And these ones had locked onto something they liked. By now, only one tounge was visible. She stood up and began to run after it, since all of them would be going to the same thing. Finally she burst out onto a nearly empty feild, where the little spirits were dancing around a soccerball. Miu supressed a groan. Of course. The little things were atheletes. Then a wave of panic flew through her. A young girl was looking at them. What if she tried to capture one? They were spirits, after all, and white hot because they were fire, as well. She held out a hand. "Naur eala entulesse, amin naia lle!" The fire-creatures, or as she had called them, "Naur Eala"'s, reluctantly came to her, collecting in a spinning ball over her hand. "Naur eala, tela ie coiasira." The ball spun and shrank, until it was no more.

"WOAH! That was cool! What were they?" Miu looked up to see the girl still staring at her. She shifted uncomfortably. She knew english pretty well, though not as well as Elven.

"They were Naur Eala's," she replied uncertainly. "I am an ekahua, an eala alimar." The girl was looking at her blankly, so she struggled to find the human equivalent. "They were fire spirits. I am an... um, a... sorceress? A spirit gaurdian?"


Note: When I show her and her family talking, they look like they're speaking in english, but they're not. It's translated elven.

...Note 2: The words she says at the beginning are "Fire Spirits return, I command you!" and "Fire Spirits, finish your time."

4/4/2009 #9

Jet tilted her head, she didnt really understand what "Ekahua" or "eala alimar" was, but the girl seemed pretty nice.

Jet grinned from ear ear "What ever it was, it was really cool!" Jet picked up her soccerball "Well im Jet, you?"

Miu blinked and looked uncertain, and when she answered her voice was very quiet. "Miu.."

Jet took a look at Miu's clothes "You live around here?"

4/4/2009 #10
Not Dead Nor Alive

"Who's this little lech?" one of the guards asked, reaching out to touch Whisper's face. Se held still, knowing what he was trying to do.

"Shinkan kyoshoku." She said. Silently, black tentacle like shadows creeped up their bodies. She'd like to have a little fun before dieing. "See ya."

And with a whirl of her hand, she dissappeared from the gates and walked down another road, disguised as a fair-haired maiden. The gaurds didn't get a close enough look at her to tell her apart from anyone else.

It was quiet and darkened by fearful and sinister aura. She could feel the fear radiating off the walls of houses and the sinister aura drowning it out.

There was one house that radiated subconcious fear. Whisper's pale eyes hardened as she looked through the window. Two people, a man and a girl, were trying to assasinate someone. And that someone was definatly not an intruder.

Whisper smiled, pushed a silvery-blonde lock from her face and knocked on the door.

4/4/2009 #11
Kiyoko Matsuoka

Miu shook her head. Most people were weirded out by her fire spirits, if they weren't from Eltherad. "N'u- I mean, no. I mean... is no right? What is the name of this town?"

"Tanin." Miu shook her head again.

"No, I am not from Tanin."

"Where ARE ya from?"

"I cannot say, you are an outsider." Jet was slightly offended. Seeing her hurt, Miu relented a little.

"It is an Elven Ostar, an equivalent to one of your villages," Miu said. "There are not many of us there, but we are all pure-blood elf. To bring a human there would be to risk disaster. You must not follow me, and you must not try to find it. And you must not tell anyone of my being here. Too many people want to try to make money off us, too many dislike us and hunt us down. We are the Dolin. So it has been, so it will always be. Please try to understand." She looked at the younger girl earnestly. She liked the little girl. The little girl had thought her cool for her Naur Eala. But she was one of the Dolin first- the Hidden. And she was the Sorceress of the Dolin, too. The Eala Alimar. She had to keep Eltherad safe.

4/4/2009 #12

Jet smiled, understanding "Alright, i'lll keep it a secret" Jet looked at her watch, 8:25. "Oh, dangit" Jet got up quickly and waved. "I gotta go! Cya!". She dashed through the woods and jumped fences, making sure not to destroy any yards. She slowed down as she reached her porch and opened the door slowly.

"Wow, your actually home on time" Jet jumped and Kaito laughed. "Gotchya"

Jet smirked "Well, atleast i go out of the house"

"Eh, nothing to say to that" Kaito took off Jet's hat and hung it on the rack for her. "Mom and Dad went out for a bit. They said to get you in bed by 9:30, but just do what you want. Just be in your room before mom and dad come back"

Jet smiled "K!"


See's this guys? Lets have a more bonded family xDDD without... r*** ok that sounded wierd im just going to stop typing now. T^T

4/4/2009 #13
Kiyoko Matsuoka

Hey, my familys all sunshine and rainbows so far.


Miu watched the young girl leave, hiding the amazement and slight respect she held for her. Once she was out of sight, she turned and fled back into her native forest.

She slowed as she Eltherad began to flicker into sight through the trees. She reached one of the several entrances to the place, to be greeted by a familiar voice. "Miu! Miu! You're home!" Miu smiled slightly as Jess and Karin ran towards her. Jess was smiling brightly, wearing a blue tunic and brown leggings. Karin, behind her, wore a darker green tunic and brown leggings. Miu hugged them both.

"Yes, yes, I'm home. How are your Naur Eala's?"

"Still wonderful!" Jess said eagerly. One of the generations of Naur Eala's distinctly loved Jess- ever since, they had lived in her room or followed her around.

"Feeding them regularly?"

"Dry twigs and grass!"

"Not letting them torch things, are you?"


"And how about you, Karin?" Miu turned to the quieter of her younger sisters. "Are your Arda Eala's doing well?"

"They almost cover my walls now, Seler Miu," Karin replied quietly. "They are growing fine, and they love me. If I sit still enough, they'll snake over my arms. It's such a good feeling." Miu kissed the top of Karin's head. The Arda Eala's were Earth Spirits, and were specially created for Nature-loving Karin. They looked like vines, usually crisscrossed over Karin's walls. However, if you looked in her room sometimes, you could see them moving to be nearer to her. Miu sighed softly. It was good to be back in her certain world, not like the uncertain world outside the forest.


...Seler means Sister. It's like when we talk in English but use -nee-chan. Some things don't get translated. ^-^

4/4/2009 #14
Das Kind Omen

lol Jet


Black stopped and turned to Has at the sound knocking.

"Someone's at the door" He said quickly, rather alarmed.

Catzy tried to sceam under the tape but only a muffled "MMMMMMM!!!!!" came out.

Mimette smiled. "Get it. What can they possibly do now?"

"She has a point" Has said. "I'll get it."

He strode to the door and opened it. "Hello ma'am how may I help you."

Mimette brought the knife from Catzy's temple to her jaw, cutting through the tape. She stopped and turned when she heard a ruffle of fabric and a thump. Has was on the ground, unconcious. Black, her father, was on his feet. And there was a girl at the door, smiling a dangerous smile.

4/4/2009 #15
Das Kind Omen

Catzy licked the tape around her mouth and pushed it off of her mouth with her tongue. Then she leaned down and bit the tape on her wrists ripping it off. She then used her hands to take all of the tape off. She stood up and knocked out Mimette and Black. Then she motioned towards the girl at the door.

"C'mere!" She said.

The girl came to her side. "Name's Whisper."

"Catzy. Thanks. Now help me get my brother away from here." Catzy said, grabbing Shei's shirt and trying to pull him out the door.

Whisper did the same and they both, half carried Shei's unconcious body out of the house and away.

"Hold on." Catzy said, "Let go of him for a minute."

"Um... ok." Whisper let go, reluctantly pushing all of his weight onto Catzy.

Catzy let go and whipped around and waved her hands in front of her. A gust of swirling wind blew from her hands. Shei didn't fall. Catzy's eyes flashed and Shei stood straight and opened his eyes. His eyes were open, but they were dark. Catzy had used her magic to make him look awake without help standing up.

"Viero." She said and he turned to her. She turned to Whisper. "Thank you, now we have no need to carry him."

"Woah, that's cool." She said, trying to smile but giving up after a few moments. "Hey, you're welcome. Um... is that where your king lives?"

Catzy followed the girls eyes to the Palace. "Yes. Don't go there."

"Oh? Why not? I'll get killed?"Whisper countered.

"Yes, you will. Or worse. Torchered and made into a slave." Catzy looked away. "Tomorrow I officially become the Kings mistress. That is why I am leaving tonight. I cannot stay here. And neither can you."

Whisper smirked. "I came here to get myself killed."

"Why? That's not a good idea." Catzy said, looking just barely past the girls head.

"Why not? It's called suicide, I've been planing it for a while. I can't live like this anymore. R***, abuse. That's all I get! I can't take it anymore." Whisper shook her head.

"I was going to commit suicide too once. But I realized that I could get away. Run away and find somewhere new. Make friends and start over. The memories will never leave, but if you think about it, getting away, slipping through the cracks in their shield and then ending up going somewhere safe and having a good time- you can look back onto those memories and say 'Kiss my a**, hell, I got away.'"

Whisper was silent for a long moment. "Where will you go...?" She asked quietly.

"There's an elfen town not to far from here. Outside of that town is a forest, if you follow the tree line down the river you'll be led to Citi(sigh-tee). That's a very old nearly abandoned town. But it's a place that you can survive. It was left over by the humans after they were over run by the creatures and vampires. We overpowered it long ago and now I'm the only one here who knows about it outside of Citi." Catzy pleaded. "Death isn't always the way even when you can't even sense the faintest light...."

Whisper looked up at the Palace and sighed. "You're right... I'll go with you. We'll form a coven of... rebels?"

Catzy smilied for the first time. "Yes."

Shei suddenly grunted. "Catzy?"

"Brother!! We are escaping tonight." She explained the plan to Shei, who nodded along slowly. "-And this is Whisper. She is to come along."

"Nice to meet you. I am Catzy's elder brother Shei." Shei. "We have planned our escape for quite some time, but it was hard to find time to talk about it all too much. We called our 'Coven' the Zana Fobishi Coveiin because in the hidden/forbiden language of Vampirica it means the Dead Raven Coven. This whole town you see before you was founded on the grave site of a dead raven. I'll tell you the story some time."

"I see... Now how do we get out of here?" Whisper asked, looking around cautiously.

"We'll show you. But first I have to get some things." Catzy said, dissapearing into the house.


"This is it." Catzy whispered. They were hiding in the bushes, far behind the Palace, into the homeless slaves and executioners homes. It was even darker here, and though it was during the day, it was nearly pitch black and impossible to see.

She pointed to an older part of the border gate. There were only two guards here. They were to keep the slaves in.

"But how do we get out? The gate is very high up and the door is locked tight." Whisper said. "I mea-"

"Sssh... It's okay. I could unlock the gate, but that would not be wise. That would let the guards on the outside in. We have to keep them out.

"But aren't we going there anyway?"

"Time to explain. There are only two guards on the inside. There are about 20 on the other side though. And actually, those are soldiers. They keep everything in check. We are, in fact, going that way, but I can knock them out on the other side. If we were to open the gate, the two guards on this side, Bartei and Kamy, would see the knights on the other side unconcious and call for help. Then they'd know something was up. But after I knock out the knights, we need to sneak over to those-" she pointed to some ropes hanging from the gate"- and go over the side. Then we're out."

"Why don't you just knock out the guards too?" Whisper asked, doubt crossing her face.

"Because Bartei over there is half immune to my powers. I could try to get at him but it would take longer. He'd have plently of time to contact help and get a good look at us before we were far enough. And killing is our last resort. We have to try and get away silently. It's the only way." Catzy explained.

"I see. Then what if it does happen, we need our last resort?" Whisper asked, begining to understand.

"This..." Catzy pulled a bow and arrows out from under the bush. It was painted green so that it blended in and no one could seeit unless you brought it against another color.

Whisper grinned. "Alright. You guys must have been planning this for a while now.."

Catzy turned, suddenly serious. "On my signal, move to that side and run for the shadows." She closed her eyes and waved her hands around an invisible ball. The invisible force flowed out from her hands when she held them out towards the top of the gate. She moved her hands from side to side, as if she was directing them from person to person. Then she opened her eyes and nodded to the side.

"Go." She mouthed to Shei and Whisper.

They moved to the gate and made it to the ropes and began to climb up. They made good time and no sound. They got nearly to the top when Bartei looked up suddenly. "Hey!!" he called out.

"Stop them!" He yelled. He grabbed at his chest belt and felt for the phone.

Catzy jumped up to the top of the gate and grabbed the bow and two arrows. She aimed and shot Bartei. He dropped the phone, shock crossing his face before he thumped to the ground. She quickly shot the other guard and pushed Whisper off onto the other side. Shei made it to the top and suddenly froze and fell back. Catzy reached for his shirt and brought him up, an arrow stuck out of his chest.

"Go!" He rasped and pushed her away, falling back. Catzy fell to the other side.

She choked back tears as she remembered that last look on his face. His face had gone blank and white. He had died. He'd used his last half-ounce of energy to push her away to safety. She couldn't keep back the tears anymore and shut her eyes and ran, ran into the trees and away. She didn't care where she was going anymore. She let herself scream and cry loudly.

It was much later that she fell to her knees, out of energy. She rubbed her eyes and pulled herself into feedle position. She screamed herself to sleep

4/4/2009 #16
Das Kind Omen

S*** that was long... sorry.

4/9/2009 #17

Thats ok, and no ones posting, and i have no idea what to do, So i shall make it morning, if u have an objection to this, just tell DKO to erase my post xDDD


Jet yawned as she woke up rubbing her eyes. She sat that for a moment, then turned off her alarm clock. 7:10.

"IM GONNA BE LATE!" Jet changed quickly into dark blue and white shorts and left on her black t. She ran down the stairs and snatched a peice of Kaito's toast as it popped out of the toaster and smiled.

"Going to school, cya!" Jet stuffed her foot into her shoe not bothering to but her heels all the way in and grabbed her hat and jacket. She slung the jacket over her shoulder along with her bag and ran out before Kaito could say anything, none the less get his toast back. Jet put the toast in her mouth and hopped on one foot fixing the shoe on the other, then switched. She ran down the street and looked at her watch, 7: 20. "Gonna be late...gonna be late.." She muttered. She dashed into the woods to use her usually shortcut but stopped as she saw the place where she had seen the girl. Forgetting entirely about school she slowed down a walk and went the way she had seen the girl run off to. I hope i see her again.. Jet thought happily.

5/14/2009 #18
Das Kind Omen



Catzy got to her knees, breathing heavily. Her eyes were puffy and red, but her tears had stopped. She twitched her head to the right as someone stepped beside her. They got to their knees in front of her.

Through her hair Catzy recognized Whisper. Whisper had an expression Catzy couldn't read.

"I'm sorry..." Catzy rasped.

"No." Whisper said. "You have no reason to be."

After a few moments of silence Catzy said, "It's all my fault..."

Whisper looked puzzled.

"He.... we were supposed to be watching each others backs... But I thought we were safe.... We were so close... I...." She choked on her words and stopped speaking.

Whisper tried to smile. "It isn't your fault, Catzy. It couldn't have been helped. We were seen... that was not your fault." She put an arm around Catzy.

After a minute Whisper helped Catzy to her feet. When she had her attention she smiled.

"Thanks." Whispers smile flickered then lost it's focus.

"What?" Catzy asked.

"You've convinced me to live.... but now I have no where to go...." Whisper paused. "Can I.... stay with you?"

Catzy was taken aback but found voice to reply. "Y-yes. Uh- it may get hard at times though I fear. We are wanderers though and this is the life we have chosen. You really want to 'wander' with me?"

"Yes." Whisper said.

"Then welcome to my coven." Catzy smiled an oddly dark yet welcoming smile.

Whisper felt a rush of cold wind as the light faded to nearly pitch black around them. Behind Catzy, Whisper watched as three wolves appeared and stepped to Catzy's side.

"These are my friends- werewolves- Tichimi, Seven't, and Jiini. Jinx is also somewhere around here. Jinx, though, is not a werewolf and keeps to herself, traveling along side us, but not causing too much attention." Catzy explained. "I hope you get along with us."

Whisper nodded. She thought her new "coven" was cool. She planned to stay and for once.... she felt she belonged.

They set up camp near a stream in a small clearing, dimly lit by firefly's.

Catzy wasn't quite over her brothers loss. She was extremely quiet and suffled around the set up keeping herself busy in mindless tasks.

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