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Das Kind Omen

Ok! YAYS. Here goes:

Name: Catzy Beruche Kaido

Age: 14 1/2

Hight: 5ft. 8in. (yet she weighs VERY little)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight Dammit.

Race: vampiress/sorceress

Hands(not required): slim with diamond rimmed nails that change color.


Body Type: Tall, skinny, slightly muscular

Hair: long stright black, silky- curls easily and naturally when wet.

Eyes: Electric blue, edges are purple with a red glow

Face: elfish, curious, "playful"

Mouth: normal, always smirking

Clothing: Whatever's available... (heh yeah..)


HomeTown: Charmael- always covered in a gray mist. Homes are black tile with dark green roofs of an unidentified substance. Rules by "The King Lartan". Outsiders are executed after questioning. Harsh and dark. One of the most feared villages. (more need be said?)

Family: Father Black, Elder Brother Shei, Elder Brother Has, Younger Sister Mimette.

Type of Childhood: Rough and harsh. Cruel.

Financial backround: Great. Her father was the kings "first knight" and most respected.

First Memory: Her mother(dead) being beaten by her father, held down by Shei.

Favorite Memory: Being held by her brother, being put to sleep.

Most important memory: Her father telling her that she would one day serve the king, then being forced to watch her mother beaten to death.

Education: The best available


Father: Black(his name), harsh and cruel, has a sinister face and way of life. Black eyes.

Elder Brother: Shei, 19. Messenger for the king. Quick and cautious vibrant green eyes.

Other Elder Brother: Has, 23. Knight in training. Exact copy of his father: Sinister, black eyes.

Little Sister: Mimette, 9. Servant for the king. Snobbish and rude. Female version of her father.

Mother(deceased): Fearful, quick. Fearful electric blue eyes. Catzy looks exactly like her.


Personality: Quick and curious. Rough and merciless. Poetic, with a dark resentment. Mysterious and secretive, only relates to Shei. Mimette fears her, but Black always comes to her aide and punishes Catzy when Mimette wants. Catzy and Shei are the outcasts of the family and have a secret plot to escape. Intelligent in her own way, very independent and never shows her fear.

Magical Abilities: Hypnotism, controlling elements and moving things with her mind

Physical Abilities: Runs at an undreamable speed, jumps at an unsee able hight, strength can tear up the ground.

Most Valued Possesions: -A violet pendulum from her mother that helps her when she needs it

-Black sliky cloak that can blend in with the shadows, from Shei

-a white diamond that can seems to do the impossible

Other: Has many friends. She hates all men, with the only exception of Shei, with a deep passion. Fairly un-trusting, trusted.

-this is kinda how your characters profile should look.

3/21/2009 #1
Not Dead Nor Alive

Name: Whisper Areana Kogle

Age: 15

Height: 6 ft.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-sexual.

Race: Sorceress/werewolf


Body Type: Tall, skinny, curvy

Hair: long straight silver blond, silky. Goes down to her thighs.

Eyes: Pale blue, pupiless.

Face: Pale, soft, child-like in ways

Mouth: normal

Clothing: She changes her outfit a lot.


HomeTown: Sakei (Saw-kee-ii)

Family: Elder Brother Blade, Elder Brother Shard, Younger Sister Shout.

Type of Childhood: Rough, cruel. She's a r*** and abuse victim.

Financial backround: Great.

First Memory: Her mother (dead) being beaten by her father, held down by Blade.

Favorite Memory: Being held by her brother, Shard.

Most important memory: Being forced to watch her mother and baby sister beaten to death.

Education: Not much.


Father: Stealth (his name), harsh and cruel, has a sinister face and way of life. Brown eyes, black hair.

Elder Brother: Blade, 23. Black hair, brown eyes.

Other Elder Brother: Shard, 18. Silvery blonde hair, blue eyes.

Little Sister: Shout, 4. Black hair, pale blue eyes.

Mother (deceased): Pale blue eyes. Silvery blonde hair.


Personality: Sarcastic, caring and fearful, but always quick to help.

Magical Abilities: Controlling elements and reading minds.

Physical Abilities: Runs quickly, but is very frail. Bleeds easily, very weak.

Most Valued Possesions: A black and red reversable cloak.

Other: She hates all men, with the only exception of Shard. She's very weak and shies away from touch.

3/27/2009 #2
Das Kind Omen

Our characters are much too similar to not get along.... Therefore I say we shall be best friends in this story! *grins* Now you need post!

4/2/2009 #3

Name: Maki (goes by jet) Matsudai

Age: 9

Height: 4 ft. 8

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Human...for now?


Body Type: Short skinny muscular (ok not like huge muscles like a buff man, u know what i mean .)

Hair: Messy Jet black hair

Eyes: Yellow

Face: idk soft?

Mouth: normal

Clothing: Anything comfortable NO LONG SLEEVES usually has a sports jacket (comfortable = shorts, baggy pants. T shirt etc.)


HomeTown: idk ill figure it out

Family: Elder Brother Kaito (i like that name!)

Type of Childhood: Fun

Financial backround: Normal

First Memory: Playing with a soccerball with her dad and bro

Favorite Memory: Playing sports with her family and friends (no imagination :D)

Most important memory: idk yet

Education: Goes to school


Father: Kano Matsudai (kind, buff -- there we go xDD)

Elder Brother: Kaito Matsudai (Scholar)

Mother: Maiya Matsudai (normal house wife)


Personality: Stubborn. Usually happy. Atheltic, likes to hang around with people. Doesnt like to show weakness or show that she is hurt (physically or mentally), and likes to help everyone she can to the fullest.

Magical Abilities: None, i guess she'll learn some from someone idk

Physical Abilities: Martial Arts prodegy. Atheltic, TONS of stamina.

Most Valued Possesions: A turqois neclace looks like ^ two lines ^ upside down attached to a string. Given to her by her family.

4/2/2009 #4
Kiyoko Matsuoka

Name: Miuusee (Miu for short)

Age: 16

Height: 5' 10"

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Elf Sorceress


Body Type: Tall, agile, limber

Hair: Brown, braided, with one of the three strands making up the braid being either a ribbon in peacetimes, or a spike strap when she feels threatened.

Eyes: forest green

Face: Often stoic, heart shaped. Fairly pretty.

Mouth: normal

Clothing: While her outfits change, the most common one is a green tunic and brown leggings. When doing a ceremony, a white and green ball-gown-looking dress.


HomeTown: Eltherad (a small village, with around fifteen familys, comprised only of elfs deep in the forest.)

Family: Mother, Clariin, Father, Alteru, and twin younger sisters, Karin and Jesemene (Jess), both 12.

Type of Childhood: Pretty simple, surviving in the forest.

Financial backround: Wealthy, since though they collect gold, they trade items around town. This means they have a lot of gold stocked up.

First Memory: Sitting in a forest clearing by herself, playing with little fire-creatures like hitodama (I think I spelled that right- little ghostly flames that sometimes follow spirits around). The fire-creatures were actually made by her.

Favorite Memory: Singing to her little sisters.

Most important memory: Becoming an official sorceress of the village. Her teacher, Hayain, is the other one.

Education: Just elfin lore, how to survive in the forest, etc.


Father: Alteru (All-teh-roo). Important man, though not the leader. Quiet and thoughtful. Brown hair, blue eyes.

Little Sisters: Karin and Jesemene (Jeh-seh-meh-nee, or Jess). Extremely close to each other. Karin is quiet, more like her father, and Jess is expressive, more like her mother. Both have brown hair and bright blue eyes. Karin wears her hair down, and Jess wears hers in a bun.

Mother: Clariin (Clare-ee-en, also known as Clari (Clare-ee).) Smiling woman who is very expressive. Long brown hair, green eyes.


Personality: Quiet, cautious. Doesn't trust quickly.

Magical Abilities: She does general healing magicks and other simple things, but also knows war magicks.

Physical Abilities: Like most elves, she is quick, agile, and limber.

Most Valued Possesions: A necklace her mother gave her: a simple silver chain with a emerald drop.

Other: She's open more around people she knows, but can be extremely closed to newcomers.

4/2/2009 #5
Das Kind Omen

I love them all!!!! um... what was I doing just now....? .

4/3/2009 #6
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