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Majannor is a small province situated inland. Most of the terrain is flat and grassy, though hills begin to develop in the southern reaches. To the north are the human settlements of Ashlake and Downsdale, and sandwiched between them is a stronghold which the ruler of the land has made his home. In the west there are dense forests, where a colony of elves have set up a settlement of their own. However, the land is not quite idyllic; in the southeast, where Majannor borders the neighbouring volcanic land, ashfall and seismic quakes have ruined the landscape, creating a lifeless and chasm-strewn area. The humans, curious bunch that they are, have an outpost situated near one of the chasms, from which exploration teams delve into the depths, seeking to uncover any secrets that it may hold.

((Okay, basic outline of stuff, all of which is subject to change. Now, post.))

Nathaniel and the Warrior sat in Ashlake's inn, taking a short break from their travels before setting off again. The Warrior, as carefree as ever, did his best to lounge on the stool he was sat on and didn't make good progress. In contrast, Nathaniel sat rigid, looking around at the other patrons. When the Warrior asked why he was doing this, he replied "Everyone is giving us funny looks."

"Maybe you should have worn more normal clothes then." said the Warrior in reply, indicating Nathaniel's black robe.

"Speak for yourself." Nathaniel told him, nodding at the suit of armour that he insisted on wearing everywhere.

"Meh." The Warrior shrugged. "We both stick out like a sore thumb, so why bother arguing?"

Nathaniel glowered at him, but as the Warrior didn't seem to care about this, he got up and walked out, saying "I'll be outside. Come and meet me when you're done lazing about."

"Sure thing." The Warrior called to his retreating back.

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The Sin of Being

(Sit's outside, and notices Nathaniel,)

"Hello. My name is Olivia."

6/8/2010 #2

"Good day. I am known as Nathaniel" He replied curtly

6/9/2010 #3

((And thus my period of exile is OVER! *laughter and a peal of thunder*))

Voldon was sitting in one corner of the inn, peering out the window. He had a hood over his head and, for all appearances, he could have been nodding off to sleep.

Not quite.

He was intently listening to any conversations in earshot, alert and aware, seeing if there were any he could listen into. His worn rucksack was propped up on the seat beside him, and he had an arm wrapped around it, like a parent cradling a child closely; apart from a leather baldrick hanging off one side, there were no defining features visible.

There was one conversation that Volvon found interesting, for no particular reason, and so he listened in on it. From the sound, they were the two in the black robe and armour who had just entered.

Voldon chose not to do anything but continue listening, and he continued to stare out the window.

6/9/2010 #4
The Sin of Being

"Don't use that tone with me." Olivia said. And dashed off into the shadows.

6/9/2010 #5

"Hm." Nathaniel grunted contemptively, nettled at the way the stranger had just spurned him.

6/9/2010 #6
The Sin of Being

Olivia watches Nathaniel for a trees smirking.

6/9/2010 #7

In the inn, the Warrior was reflecting on how it was no fun when he wasn't able to taunt Nathaniel in some way. He was actually bored, which was a rare thing for him, and it was even rarer for him to be bored while having a drink. Leaving his almost empty tankard at the table, he got up and walked out to join Nathaniel.

6/9/2010 #8
The Sin of Being

Continues to watch the scene

6/9/2010 #9

The Warrior exited the inn and went to stand by Nathaniel, leaning against the wall of the building he had just left. They stood in silence for a while, before the Warrior said "So. We heading off now?"

Nathaniel nodded slightly, and the two of them went towards the east, where the stronghold of Greywall was located.

6/9/2010 #10
The Sin of Being

"Now where are those two going?" Olivia wonders. Silently she climbs down from the tree and begins to follow.

6/9/2010 #11

The man in the hood watched the group as they left the inn, and after a few moments of deliberation he stood up and headed to the entrance. He barely made a sound as he walked, and nobody looked up to watch him pass.

6/9/2010 #12

But before Voldon could get close enough to the door to open it, the entrance swung open, followed by a large gust of wind. Slowly, mist started to make it's way into the inn, creating a nearly opaque camouflage for the shadowy figure standing a few feet off from the door. Wordlessly, the figure rose an arm to one side. Hand and fingers splayed like a spider, it commanded, "Rise my pretties, fight!"

On cue, countless more figures rose and lurched forward, slowed by some invisible force. But soon it became clear, as the figures came out of the mist and into the room. Corpses, broken limbed and rotting, they drew forward. Moans loud, deep, and foreboding emptied from their torn throats as these restless dead groped the air in front of them with warped limbs that, in another life, would have been arms.

6/10/2010 #13

When Nathaniel and the Warrior were a few houses away from the inn, the former stopped suddenly and looked back. When the Warrior asked him what was wrong, he said "Someone is undoing my hard work." The Warrior didn't quite catch his meaning, and so he elaborated. "There is someone in that direction who is raising the dead. I don't take kindly to that sort of thing, especially seeing as I severed their connection to life for a reason." In a unique reversal of roles, Nathaniel hurried to where trouble was brewing while the Warrior had to follow behind him and make sure he didn't get hurt.

6/10/2010 #14

Horrified screams erupted from several people as they tried to escape the greedy hands of the creatures which had risen from the ground a few minutes before. But to their dismay, as they reached the backdoor, more of the damned were already there, blocking everyones escape.

"Tch, people are coming; stupid little heros," grunted the shadowy figure who had summoned the monsters. "'Kay, round them them up while I get the cash," the figure stepped out of the mist that revolved around the door. Once in clear view, she appeared to be a young teen, which seemed to surprise everyone as they were herded into a single mass by the corpses.

Placing one hand on the counter of the bar, she gave a push and cleared it, landing softly behind. Striding over to the cash register she clicked the key to open it, groaning with frustration when she saw how small the amount of money was. "Damn poor people," she grabbed half of the money, feeling bad that she pitied all of them enough to let them keep half of the dough.

6/10/2010 #15

As Nathaniel approached the inn, now overflowing with undead, he extended his right arm and clicked his fingers. Tendrils of some substance that seemed to be glowing dark streamed from nowhere, forming the shape of a scythe. Shortly afterwards, the substance dissipated, revealing an actual scythe now clasped in Nathaniel's hand. Switching his grip on it to the two handles that one usually holds a scythe with, he walked calmly towards the back door of the inn, where he could see undead clustered around it. The Warrior followed behind him, unsheathing his own weapon, a greatsword almost as tall as he was.

6/10/2010 #16
The Sin of Being

The Nomad apeared behind them, a black dagger in her hand.

frowning she she asked, "Are those dead people?"

6/10/2010 #17

Nathaniel ignored the girl's question, continuing onward. The Warrior, however, had time to spare, and so said in reply "Yeah, they are. Don't worry though, we'll take care of them."

6/11/2010 #18
The Sin of Being

"This should be good. Let me know if you need any help," Olivia said, leaning against the door frame.

6/11/2010 #19

Freezing, Riko risked a glance upwards, enraged to see people to the rescue so quickly. Heart fluttering, she wondered if they saw her, but then decided that they hadn't. If they had they would be fighting now, right? Stuffing the money down her shirt, she leapt on top of the counter. Shouting boldly she declared, "Stupid fools who have opposed me, prepare yourselves for death!" Stupid threat, she knew, but what else would she have said?

Raising both arms out in front of her, she grinned maliciously. As before, fog started to twist and billow around her, soon making her invisible under a cloak of grayness. Cackles erupted from the center, sounding warped and distant. Not more than a moment later, the floor began to shake violently, causing dust and small splinters of wood to burst from the ceiling above. As the quakes continued, three large whirlpools of darkness appeared on the floor, sucking in everything nearby into oblivion.

"Come out, come out, my pretties," Riko's voice coaxed, still sounding artificial and drawn back. In response, small bursts of lightning began to crackle and pop around the whirlpools now rising from the floor. In one sudden roar, the lightning doubled over and over until the whirlpools, now small tornados, developed a sickly yellow aura. Twirling threateningly, they surrounded the rescuers, taking form of large, snarling wolf-like creatures as they did.

6/11/2010 #20
The Sin of Being

Olivia pulled out a sword. "WHAT IS GOING ON!" she yelled, to no one in particular.

6/11/2010 #21

"Are these undead too?" The Warrior asked as he jabbed at one of the wolf creatures with his sword.

"I'm not sure." Nathaniel replied. "See if they bleed."

((Are those guys undead, Piptik? Or are they just some sort of magical creature?))

6/12/2010 #22

Voldon had remained seated, but was staring at the unfolding scene with an intense look. His arms were crossed in front of his chest, and both hands were inside his jacket, as if he were holding onto something within...

Still. He didn't do anything, and continued to watch.

6/12/2010 #23

{They're undead, sorry if I didn't make that clear ^^"}

Without anyone's knowledge but her own, Riko had created a fourth monster that hid with her inside the fog. The creature was leaner, with more legs of a longer length than it's rotting brethren. Slipping onto the dip of it's back, the electricity of the creature soon covered her and changed color from a putrid yellow to a deep violet. A jab into it's side with the heel of her boot sent it off towards the door, where she made her escape. No one would notice, and even if they did the undead she had left would stall them all long enough for a clean getaway.

6/12/2010 #24

{They're undead, sorry if I didn't make that clear ^^"}

Without anyone's knowledge but her own, Riko had created a fourth monster that hid with her inside the fog. The creature was leaner, with more legs of a longer length than it's rotting brethren. Slipping onto the dip of it's back, the electricity of the creature soon covered her and changed color from a putrid yellow to a deep violet. A jab into it's side with the heel of her boot sent it off towards the door, where she made her escape. No one would notice, and even if they did the undead she had left would stall them all long enough for a clean getaway.

6/12/2010 #25

((It's okay. I assumed that they would have been undead, but I had to confirm it because Nathaniel is not allowed to take the life of a living creature, and if it turned out that they were living, then bad stuff would happen.))

The Warrior's blade bit deep into one of the wolf thing's arms, being halted by the bone. Some blood oozed out, but there was no force behind it, as though the heart wasn't functioning. He relayed this to Nathaniel before resuming his fight, the claws of the wolf things raking against his armour, scratching it in many places. He parried and dodged as well as he could in the little space available, and managed to re-kill several of the wolf things.

Nathaniel, on the other hand, hardly needed to fight. Swinging his scythe in wide arcs, its deceptively blunt blade slicing straight through any of the creatures in its way, only stopping when he stopped it himself or when it collided with a part of the building. Some of the wolf things managed to cut him in various places, but the wounds were not too deep, and he didn't feel pain in the same way a normal human would.

While Nathaniel and the Warrior were dispatching the undead inside the inn, the ruckus caused by the attack had roused the rest of the village, and a small militia had gathered to fight the undead outside with rudimentary weapons and farming implements.

6/12/2010 #26

{{ Thanks ^^ Really? Damn, I should start making some living creatures!! lol Jk}}

"Damn it," hissed Riko, seeing the glow of torches in the distance. "Nice little close-knit village!" Urging the rotting abomination beneath her to take a path that would lead them away from the angry citizens, it promptly gave out underneath her. Both bodies rolling and tumbling, dirt and pebbles shooting up in every direction, she grabbed at the earth below her. Finally, she was able to stop herself and the beast next to her.

"Useless little thing!" she cried, getting up and kicking the beast as the magic keeping it alive slowly fading away, the lighting once crackling with electricity fading dissipating and changing into smoke. After a minute, nothing was left to prove that the undead ever existed except for a burning patch of grass where the beast had degraded and the scorching bruise-like marks that covered the young teen's inner thighs and calves. Swearing upon seeing them, she tried to rub at them but was only able to allow the marks to grow on her hands and wrists as well. Being to tired to perform the magic necessary to heal herself, Riko began to run. But she wasn't able to go far, and before long, she collapsed, too weak to do anything except sleep.

The sleep was torturous, however. Moaning and tossing, the marks on her legs grew and began to cover more and more of her skin. After awhile it was only the spots around her eyes that weren't covered.

6/12/2010 #27

With the aid of the militia, the undead in and around the inn were vanquished. The Warrior was panting with the exertion of swinging such a large weapon, while Nathaniel didn't seem to be tired at all. Re-sheathing his blade, the Warrior looked out of one of the half-smashed windows at a couple of the militiamen peering in at them. "Hey 'Thanny," he said, "we might be in trouble."

Nathaniel turned and saw the militiamen as well, just as their leader stepped through the main door. He looked the two of them up and down, disdainfully at Nathaniel's black robes adn scythe, and almost jealously at the Warrior's scratched yet still gleaming suit of armour. But he was a fair man, and gave the two a chance to explain themselves before he had them arrested. They explained that the undead must have been raised by some necromancer, and that they themselves were fighting against the undead.

The commander looked sceptical throughout this, asking them when they had finished "So you were leaving the vicinity, and then you 'sensed' the presence of these monstrosities?" He gestured at the corpses strewn around the inn.

"Yes. Well, my friend sensed them." The Warrior replied.

"Well, your friend does look like the type who would have some affinity with them." He nodded at Nathaniel.

"Yeah, he does." The Warrior said, and, seeing the militia commander raise one of his eyebrows, hastily added "But not in the same way a necromancer would."

"Whatever you say. However, the fact remains that there was no one else on the scene who could have called the undead other than you two."

"Well actually, there was no one else on the scene by the end who could have called the undead. The real culprit could have run away."

The commander sighed, and said "Well, I'll order my men to search around. Make sure you're still in the area when I return." And, shouting orders to the militia, he left the two o f them in the battle-worn inn.

6/13/2010 #28

"What happened here?" asked an awkward looking young teen, Faramond, peaking in through the battered entrance. Having chased after the militia and then becoming lost, as he often did, he had missed whatever action the group had witnessed. With a stifled breath, since the stench of dead creatures still suffocated the room, he stepped further inside. "Ah, it reeks! So filthy too," he looked around the room disgusted.

"My my, what do we have here?" mused Philip upon finding a young girl passed out on the ground. He had been drawn to the spot by sound of moaning and was surprised to see such a beauty rolling around in the filth. Or she would be a beauty, if not for the cursed marks that abased her otherwise creamy skin. Squatting down next to her, Philip placed on hand on her elbow and the other gripped her opposing shoulder. "Poor thing," he whispered as she whimpered. His grip, although gentle, was crushing her body.

Closing his crimson eyes, deep concentration focused his features. Slowly the marks began to lighten, color dissipating until the young girl's skin was a dusty blue. In a few minutes, her skin was back to it's normal pigment, if not a little paler.

"There," Philip opened his eyes, grinning at the sight of his achievement.

6/13/2010 #29

"What's going on here?" Two of the militia, while searching the area, came across Philip and Riko just as he had finished whatever it was he was doing. The one who had spoken was clearly one of the village's farmers, as he wore plain clothing and carried a hoe. The second looked like one of the more dedicated militiamen, who had reinforced his normal clothes with scraps of tough leather and wielded a decent, if slightly blunted, short sword.

Meanwhile, back at the inn, the Warrior raised a hand in greeting towards the youth who had poked his head through the door.

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