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Nova Singer

Jenna squealed. "Willa of course!" she said excitedly. Henry's expression fell. Willa. He had completely forgotten.

"Mom, now isn't the time." he said firmly. Suddenly, there were squeals and laughter and yells. And Henry was tackled by two girls.

"Henry!" Isabella shouted!

"We missed you-"

"So much!" they both squealed. Henry 'oofed!' and picked them both up. "Hey girls." he said kissing both their heads. "Look at you, my how you've grown." he said getting down on one knee so he could look up at his sisters.

Isabella's hair had taken a bright yellow color and her eyes too, Henna was still looking red-haired, but her eyes were dark brown.

"How are my girls?" he asked, hugging them both. Henna jumped on him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek.

"We're great! Mommy's been teaching us soooo much about dragons!" she squealed. Henry turned them to face his friends.

"These are my sisters, Henna and Isabella." he said patting each of their heads.

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Darknight Squire

((Exscuse me, but why am I being ignored?))

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((sorry, didn't think you were really talking to me :s ))

Naomi started, but quickly composed herself. "Hello, girls," she said with a smile. "How are you guys doing today?"

Inside, though, she was in turmoil.

One of them had gotten Jacque's color.

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Nova Singer

((im so sorry i just am having to work with a few characters at a time and dont see your posts until after i finish my reply.. hang on..))

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Nova Singer

"Yes of course deary." Jenna stood and walked to a corner with Draxine. "What is it?"


Henna gasped and ran to Naomi with Isabella on her heels. "Are you a half dragon too!?" Isabella asked, jumping up and down.

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Naomi smiled. "Yes, honey, I sure am. In fact, I'm one of the queens of Azerath, but you two can call me Naomi."

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Darknight Squire

((That's okay. Truth to tell, I've had similar problems myself))

Draxine glanced to make sure there were no servants around. "I'm afraid I'm not what I appear to be," she said. "And neither is the mule I came with."

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Nova Singer

Henry chuckled and sat back in his chair. "You just got two new best friends." he said lightly. The girls both hugged Naomi fiercly.

"We're like your biggest fans!" They screeched. Henry remembered how the girls had latched on to the stories of Azerath when they were children. Henna stood up and flipped her red-brown hair proudly. "I can fly already." she announced, spreading her chocolate colored wings and soaring through the kitchen.

"Not in the house Henna." he scolded. Then the door slammed, and an all too familiar yet strange voice rang out.

"Henry?!" it shouted. Henry paled. Willa.

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Nova Singer

Jenna chuckled and hugged Draxine. "That's quite alright! We're a family of dragons, I can relate." she said giggling.

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Darknight Squire

"It's-is there somewher we can be compltely alone?" Draxine breathed slowly, trying to collect herself. She was uneasy about this, but soehow she simply didn't feel right accepting this people's hospitality without telling the truth about who she was.

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Naomi laughed and hugged the little girls back. "Henna," she called, "Come on down. We don't want to hurt your wings on a ceiling fan or anything." She turned to Isabella. "What about you, Isabella? What can you do?"

While collecting the two young children, she saw Henry's face pale as an unfamiliar voice called his name. She looked at him worriedly. "Plmik aul hraowia?" she asked. ((What's wrong?))

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Nova Singer

"Of course! Up those stairs, second room on the right, take all the time you need." she said and returned to her family. "Henna! Get down and put those away!" she said shrilly. Henna obeyed quickly and sat next to her sister.

Isabella stepped forward shyly, she was always the quieter of the two. "I can make a little fire." she said timidly. Isabella's eyes clouded over and she spit out a small daffodil colored flame into her palm and held it for a second before extinguising it.


Henry answered back to her. "Nothing important." he said. Then a girl with bouncy brown curls and big hazel eyes ran into the kitched and cried out.

"You're back!" she said throwing herself at him and kissed him hard. Henry yelped in surprised and pushed her gently but firmly away.

"Willa what are you doing?" he asked his old fiance.

"Kissing you! I missed you! And you're back!" she said and kissed him again.

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Naomi smiled. "Very good, Isabella! You'll both be able to do a lot more soon," she said. "Would you like to see something I can do?"

She glanced over at Henry--there was a girl kissing him.

Something seemed to take a huge bite out of her heart.

Naomi breathed. Just a boy. Just a boy.

She looked at him. "Obviously, she's important, otherwise she wouldn't be kissing you," she said, half-teasing and half-serious.

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Faine jumped to her feet. This girl was strange and she didn't trust her, she moved to Naomi's side and sat down. Faine whispered into her ear. "You hit her with your fire, I'll stick a knife in her side." she hissed.

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"Not yet," Naomi whispered back, making sure no one could hear her next sentence. "If she's a bitch we will, but if Henry's happy, what can I do?" She shrugged helplessly, and returned her attentions to the little girls. "This is my friend Faine," she said. "She's a nymph."

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Darknight Squire

((BTW Barefoot, since drow are matriarchal, Draxine automatically thinks of Jenna as head of the family))

Draxine walked up to the room Jenna indicated and waited for Henry's mother to join her. Idly, she looked at the collection of books and artwork that indicated this was the family study.

She sighed. Henry's family, joyful and caring was so unlike her own-or any drow family that she knew of. The only to people she ever knew to show her affection had been Draxan and Denine-

Oh Denine! As she thought of her old nursemaid, Draxine couldn't help herself-she burst out sobbing. And as she cried, the minimum concentration she needed to maintain her illusion ebbed, showing the ebony skin, white hair, and red eyes that marked the feared and dreaded drow elves.

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Nova Singer

The girls automatically bombarded Faine with questions and admirations at how pretty she was.


Jenna walked up with Draxine. "What is the problem sweetie?"


Henry pushed Willa off his lap. "Willa! Please! I just got back, and.. we're not.. engaged anymore." he murmered gently. He turned to the twins. "Girls I think you should go outside." he ignored their protests and waited till they shuffled out. Henry stood up. "Willa, what are you doing here?" he asked.

She shrugged. "Seeing you silly, when do you think the wedding will be? I was thinking spring." she said gesturing around.

"Willa! We're not engaged anymore!" he yelled. Willa stopped short and her face fell.


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((AHH!! Double-post so sorry XD ))

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Naomi stood, and pulled Faine up with her. Well, this was interesting. She couldn't help but murmur a quiet, almost-snide aside to her nymph friend.

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Faine walked over to Willa, towing Naomi with her.

"You heard him, you should probably go now, this is more of a personal time." she said scowling at the girl.

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Naomi did her very best to keep a straight face. She didn't like this Willa girl one bit, she was way too happy and naive. But she buried all that as she buried everything else. But being cursed with an exceptional memory, Naomi knew she would never forget the girl's face.

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Darknight Squire

Draxine started at the sound of Jenna's voice-then looked down at her hands, showing that her illusion had faded.

She turned to look at Jenna, showing what she truly was. "You can see what I meant," she said slowly, "that I'm not what I seem."

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Nova Singer

Willa stood angrily, tears were streaming down her cheeks. She put her hands on her hips and stood inbetween him and the girls.

"Oh Henry please tell me you haven't been fucking these two." she said sourly. Henry's mouth fell open.

"What!? No! They're my friends!" he shouted. He stood next to Naomi defensively. "Maybe you should leave." he growled. Willa instantly snapped into something and she sat in a chair.

"Oh God I'm so sorry, look at me, ugh. It's just a lot of emotions at one time, one moment." she said and started to compose herself.


Jenna let out a screech, and felt frozen to the floor. Her hand flew to her mouth in shock. "I'm sorry, one moment.. it's just a wee bit of a shock." she whispered.

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Naomi looked at Willa, stunned. First she accuses her supposed beloved. Then she goes from happy to furious to just plain old weird within the space of a minute. She didn't know if it was normal female horomones, but something seemed off-kilter with this strange girl.

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Darknight Squire

"It's better than most," said Draxine. "One, my disguise slipped, and I next had an angry mob chasing after me," she added as she wiped the tears from her face.

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Nova Singer

Henry watched Willa warily, and bent over to Naomi's ear. "I'm so sorry, I didn't think she would show up... and say things like this." he murmered. Willa sniffled and stood up, completely composed.

She turned to them. "Okay, normal Willa is coming out now. Ah, I'm Willa. I... wasn't expecting Henry wouldn't come alone. See, I promised him I would wait for him, and.. I have." she admited shyly. Henry looked at Willa in shock, he didn't expect her to actually wait. He thought she would be married and have children. It had been four years ago.


Jenna nodded, her feet still frozen to the floor. "It's alright... I'm not one to judge.. but still..." she breathed in and out. "What can I do for you?"

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Naomi stretched up, and whispered back. "Just surprising," she said softly. "And...weird."

"Hello, Willa," she said politely, extending her scaly hand. "I'm Naomi Pendragon."

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Darknight Squire

"Truth is my people are even more sadistic and cruel than most of the stories you've likely heard." Draxine sighed. "Where do I begin?"

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Nova Singer

Willa reached out, but didn't take it. Henry raised an eyebrow at her. She had changed. Or... he had changed. "Well I have a stupendous idea the girls will love. How about you take a girls day out, we have plenty of space. There's a nice grove of woods, and Naomi can show off for the twins. I need sleep." he said and trudged off to his room and promptly fell asleep on the bed.


Henna and Isabella, who had been listening through the door, ran in and tackled Naomi. "Oh please Naomi? Please Faine? Can we?" they begged.


Jenna sat in a chair. "Alright, how about the beginning?"

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Naomi flopped to the floor. "Oof, you got me!" she said, being over-dramatic for the young girls. She looked at Faine and Willa. "I'm fine with it if you guys are."

((Alright, so the plot takes an interesting turn! What does the future hold for these three women? Stay tuned...I'll be back in the morning!! Don't go too far without me!! :D ))

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