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Sev started to develop a headache "Urgh, whats this" He mutterd he let the shield on the door down and walked out into the hall and gasped "Arya. ." "Sev the thing on the floor!" Aryanna said through clenched teeth

Seeing the thing Sev went to pick it up, as he bent down someone knocked into him "Eay, I wouldn't do tha buudy" A drink slayer told him tripping over nearly every word, Sev just blasted him out the door with a flick of his wrist, the Slayer screamed as he hurtled out the door and off the cliff outside "That should sober him up" He said picking up the object "Er anyone know how to turn it off, doesn't have a switch does it?"

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Naomi had lost her sight.

The entire world had gone black as she tried to cling to conciousness. She knew there wasn't much time for Henry; he had never been trained. She knew that if he lost conciousness he was near death; that couldn't happen.

Another spasm of pain, another scream.

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Seeing her friends like this startled Faine back to her right state of mind. Illistil was gone. Right now others needed her. She gasped and went for Henry first. Faine hooked her elbows under his armpits and dragged him from the room with difficulty. She listened to his faint heartbeat. "Come on Henry, please be ok. I lost you once I don't intend to lose you again!" she said trying to get his pulse to quicken.

Faine left his side and hauled Naomi away too. She saw the sweat lessen from Naomi's brow and guessed whatever was causing this was out of proximity. "Guys? Guys? Come on look at me!" she begged.

((Faine won't be effected by it until she learns how to control weather, then she would have problems because she would be able to control light.))

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Naomi gasped. The pain lessened, but did not let up. "Faine," she choked, "Get Henry away from here! Far away! GO!"

Her sight was black. Flames burned her flesh.

((hey, that's cool lol.))

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"Hmm maybe if I do this" Sev said inserting a little magic into the object it hit a fault "Ah!" he pushed a little more and a crack appeared until it split into two "Did this help?" Sev asked

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"I'm not leaving you!" Faine yelled stubbornly. She was small, but strong. Faine hauled Naomi onto her back, and dragged Henry the same way she had before. She struggled, but managed to get them to the other side of the mansion. She dragged both her friends into a secluded room that was inexplicably white. White walls, white carpet, white bed. And the wall had four large ceiling to floor glass windows, letting light in.

Faine dumped them both on the bed next to each other, and ran for water. She left a pitcher on the nightstand and ran back to the other room, ready to face whoever did this. "I Faine the wood-nymph call forth the one who challenges me!" she called formally. This was the regular way to settle a fight between slayers, and she still thought herself as one, even though she felt no loyalty.

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((For the moment, yes. But it will reform eventually :P and do you want to take this challenge, Hydrated?))

The pain abruptly receded and then disappeared. Naomi collapsed onto the carpet, her sight returned. She shook, sweat still dripping down her body.

Dear god, she was alive.

((BTW, how do you set your browser on automatic refresh??))

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Sev heard someone run up behind him and heard Faines challenge "Well if it's a Slayer you want to challenge feel free, he's just took a dive" He said pointing out the door to the cliff, laughter hinting in his voice "Sev!" "Sev!" Aryanna shouted "Come help me up you lazy bum"

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Nova Singer

((I have it, and earthgirl has it, but we both have windows 7, do you?))

Henry breathed in air, sweet air. He had the faint inkling of being moved, then lain on a cloud. With awesome effort, he cracked open an eye, and found himself next to an angel. He spoke, and his voice was harsh and cracked. "Naomi?" he whispered as faint as a breeze.

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((No, I have Vista.))

Naomi heard her name. "Henry?" she asked hoarsely. "You okay?"

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((yeah we do. but if you do, it should be in your toolbox))

Faine raised an eyebrow at Sev. "Oh." she paused. "Thanks." she added after a moment. "I still don't like you." she grumbled.

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((Rats. I hate manual refresh. Lol.))

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Nova Singer

He shook his head. "No." he whispered. Henry ached, he didn't know what the hell had happened, and he prayed it would never happen again. "You shielded me." he recalled.

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"Well," Naomi said with a slight smile, "you haven't had any resistance training. And quite honestly, I didn't feel like losing anybody else."

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Nova Singer

Without another word, Henry cupped Naomi's chin and brought her lips to his. He brushed his mouth against hers briefly, then released, a smirk playing faintly on his lips. "Thank you." he whispered softly.

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"Thats not very nice now is it" Sev said his eyes sprakleing, he was stood by Faine an instant later and pulled a party popper quite close to her face, seconds later he flew backwards his eyes bulging out of his head, as he fell to the floor Aryanna was stood beside him

"Stop fooling arou. . " She stopped mid sentence as a party popper wen toff in her face

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Faine rolled her eyes, this might be the most immature man she had ever laid eyes on. "I need to get back to my friends." she hissed unkindly. "If you'll excuse me."

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Naomi kissed Henry, and was quite honestly pretty surprised. It was a nice gesture, she thought.

"Yeah, just don't ask me to do it again," she teased. She wiped the cold sweat off her forehead. "You want to know what that was?"

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Nova Singer

Henry sighed. "Quite honestly no, but I suppose I'll need to anyway." he teased, regaining a smidge of his strength. Henry propped himself up on one elbow and stared into Naomi's sparkling blue eyes. "So what was it?"

11/28/2011 #1,339

"It's called a Morarcer. The Drakoniv have several. It's a square pyramid about 6 inches tall and 4 inches long. It sucks light energy, which is why they use it. It can only be completely destoryed by the Adin Stolittya, better known as the Sword of the Ages, which is currently in my sister's possesion back in Azerath."

She paused. "At least, that's as far as I know. It tends to disappear and reappear where it's needed most."

((Guys, I'm going to have to go do homework now. I will be back...hopefully sooner than later! :) ))

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"Awww come on, don't be like that" Sev said he practically bounded towards Faine

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"Be like what?" Faine asked, turning to him and leaning up against the wall.

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"Your so cold, defrost a little" Sev said conjuring a small flame in his hand, grinning stupidly

11/28/2011 #1,343

Faine shrugged, ignoring his charm. "It's how I was raised, and I think I've defrosted so much lately I got burned." she said in an impartial tone, closing his hand.

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The flame didn't go out but burned coldly, sitting atop of Faines hand "I'm sure Illistil could use some help back home, the Kings gone quite mad you know" with that he turned to find the other two shouted "OI, love birds where are ya?"

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"Leave them, they need rest." she whispered, taking her hand away. Faine sighed, her thoughts swerving around Illistil, but she promptly pushed them away. "I don't really want anything to do with him anymore, he was only my first love. I'll move on." she said quietly.

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"Ah I bet you don't, I know where you can get a ride to Tysultai too" Sev said "But I guess seeing as you never want to see him, ever again, ever" Sev paused "I don't need to tell you it's at Drakes Rest Harbour" He disapeared with a loud poping sound and a gout of confetti "Think about it" ((Ah Sev you're going to be so fun to have around))

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((I'll say.))

Faine rolled her eyes again. She didn't need to think about it. She was staying with Naomi and Henry and Draxine and Draxan. Period. She rubbed the back of her neck and sighed. She really should've stuck to what she had read about nymphs in books, running around, flirting, having sex, bearing demigods to powerful gods. That would've been so much easier. But it just wasn't her. Then again, did she know what was her?

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Naomi looked at Henry, waiting for his response.

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Nova Singer
"Sounds like one hell of a weapon, I hope we don't see it again." he said sighing, and sat up. Henry noticed a pitcher of water, but no cups. He picked the piture up and smiled a smile the devil himself would envy. Henry gestured for Naomi to open her mouth.
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