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"It's awful," Naomi said. "I'm not very good at resisting it, Niccelle and Drake are better at it than I am."

She looked at Henry. "What exactly are you going to do?"

She wasn't sure she liked where this was heading.

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Nova Singer
"I'm simply going to give you water. Trust, Naomi." he teased and tilted her head back, waiting for her to open her mouth.
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"You pour it all over my face, you are not going to like the results," Naomi responded, taking a deep breath and opening her mouth.

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Nova Singer

Henry chuckled and poured a steady stream of water into Naomi's mouth, then drank some himself and set the pitcher down. "Now was that so bad?" he asked wiping the excess water from his lips.

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"No," Naomi said, "but I'm never quite sure what to expect with you." She sat up too fast, and her head spun. The room slowed and she carefully stood up. "We'd better get going, Faine's probably wondering where we are."

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Nova Singer

Henry stood too (carefully) and blocked the exit for a moment. He leaned down and kissed Naomi again. "No, you don't." he said, and left the chambers.

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Faine sighed and ran a hand through her golden hair. She wondered around until she found an interesting looking room with paints and lights and accessories and bath ingrediants. She smiled faintly and entered it. Faine observed her dirt and blood encrusted nails and body. She frowned and ran a hot bath, filling it with graceful oils and vanilla scents.

She dropped her outfit and sank in, sighing contentedly. Faine scrubbed her skin raw, until it glowed pinkish and healty again. She washed through her hair with the scents and oils until it was clean and lucious. Faine pulled herself out of the bath and sat near the paints, looking through them. She observed her nails and saw they were a natural white-silver color. Blech, silver. Faine hastily picked out a mint green and painted over her nails. "This is much better." she breathed, feeling natural and healthy and pretty again.

((in case you guys didn't see it, I found a pretty close resemblence pic of Faine that I thought was pretty cool, you can copy and paste it in your web address thingy to view it :D

what you think?))

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Nova Singer

"Faine? Hey Faine?" Henry called, searching through the halls mindlessly.

11/29/2011 #1,358

Faine heard someone calling for her, but she was too tired and worn out to care. She curled up on a soft couch and fell asleep.

11/29/2011 #1,359
Nova Singer

Henry turned back to find Naomi and shrugged. "I can't find her."

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There was a small pop and a shower of confetti "Faines through this door" Sev said leaning against a door frame and gesturing at a closed door, he walked off waving a dress as he walked singing merryly in the flowing Thysultan tongue

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Nova Singer

Henry pushed through the door and saw a soundy asleep Faine. He picked her up gently and returned to the hall. "Sev! Wait! Where can I put her?" he called out to him in a quiet, but easy to hear, tone.

11/29/2011 #1,362

Sev paused and without turnnig round said "You've noticed she not wearing anyhting right" He disapeared with a pop and a shower of confetti, followed shortly by a shout "SEV! What have I told you about doing that, your leaving confetti all over the temple!" Aryanna voice carried from elsewhere in the temple

11/29/2011 #1,363
Nova Singer

Henry scowled, he hadn't noticed. He had become used to seeing Faine and didn't care about her nude body, but Sev was holding a dress... Henry gasped and growled inhumanly. "Take her." he growled through gritted teeth, handing her off to Naomi. Henry strode around the mansion. "SEV!" he shouted.

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There was a popping sound and Sev's head appeared around adoorway behind Henry "Yes?" He said innocently "You sound angry, scowling like that will make you age faster"

11/29/2011 #1,365
Nova Singer

"That dress.. Faine.. you, you didnt?" he snarled, staring at him intently.

11/29/2011 #1,366

"Do what?" Sev seemed rather quite puzzled, realisation dawned "Oh the dress, it belongs to one of the priests that work here, Faines dress is still in there" he said gesturing

11/29/2011 #1,367
Nova Singer

Henry visibly relaxed. "Oh." he said, catching his breath. But still. "Faine's been through alot, more than you know, don't get any ideas." he said curtly.

11/29/2011 #1,368

"I wouldn't go near her" Sev said simply "She's not my type, too cold"

11/29/2011 #1,369
Nova Singer

"Naomi either." he growled more intensely. Henry didn't like this man, and didn't trust him at all. Besides, although he would never admit it, Henry felt more to Naomi than mere comaraderie.

11/29/2011 #1,370
Darknight Squire

((Sorry guys, I worked a double shift yesterday and just didn't have time to role-play))

Draxine went on with her story. "As I grew into my training, it was found I had a special gift for healing magic. Well, being the kind of person she was, Mother used my gift to prolong the lives of people she was tortureing-either for information, a confession or just for fun. I hated using my healing magic that way, but that's drow society for you. I numbed my self to it. Then one day, we went to war with another house. You could even say we were justified, since they attacked us without provocation.

"Soon, the fight went in our favor, and my brother Draxan was among the warriors storming their fortress-estate. They had breached the defenses, and entered the mansion. My brother and his comerades came upon a room where a small group of children were huddled. Our weapon-mastered ordered Draxan to kill them. But he just saw them, so frightened and helpless-and he couldn't. Instead, he killed the weapon master and the other two soldiers-then was struck by a bolt of clerical lightning from our dear sister Entril.

Entril brought him back before mother. She looked at him, long and hard-then called upon our spider goddess-turning Draxan into a drider."

11/29/2011 #1,371
Darknight Squire

((BTW Hydrated, how would Sev react if he saw Draxine, given the really bad history between drow and surface elves?))

11/29/2011 #1,372
Nova Singer

Jenna dabbed at the tears that were flowing down her thin cheeks. "Oh sweetie! I'm so sorry." she said, hugging the drow in a maternal manner. "What could I possibly do for you?" she asked.

11/29/2011 #1,373

"I'm not into Dragons, I prefer to stay within the Elvish races, Humans don't live long enough, you Dragonkin are too hot headed and Nymphs, well they're fickle by nature" Sev said shruging

11/29/2011 #1,374
Nova Singer

Henry relaxed, but didn't take the nymph jab lightly. "Faine's no ordinary nymph. She's the most un-nymph like person I've ever met, I would say she wasn't one, but she controls nature." he said with a shrug. Henry sighed. "I'm taking the girls out of here soon, and I plan to take them on my back, it would be faster. Can you give us a clear shot out of here?" he asked.

11/29/2011 #1,375

Okay, so Naomi was very confused. First Henry goes off and kisses Faine, and a couple days later, he's kissing her? Nuh-uh, she wasn't going to be played like that. She liked Henry well enough, but that was just WAY too fast for her.

She took Faine from him and walked back into the white room. Putting her friend under the covers, she hurried to the other room and grabbed a fresh dress, one that looked like it would look very nice on her nymph friend. Then she trotted off to go take a bath.

11/29/2011 #1,376
Darknight Squire

"That mule you saw me come with and put in your stall-that's Draxan. I cast an illusion over him. After he was changed and cast out of our estate, I searched for him And found him in the caverns with other driders.

"But he wasn't like the other driders. Most of them go mad and bestial; Draxan was able to maintain his sanity. He couldn't talk but could communicate through the silent language of hand and facial expressions we drow have. I-hugged him-and then forswore my family, my people, and our goddess. We came to the surface, useing disguise magic to keep people from attacking us on sight. I met your son without my disguise. He told me of a priestess who might be able to change my brother back to normal." She sobbed and wiped her face. "Do you think she really could?" she asked Jenna.

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"Oh about you lot leaving, seems Aryanna wants me to go with you" Sev said

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Nova Singer

Henry cursed. "Why?" he asked stiffly.


Jenna smiled sadly and shook her head. "I'm afraid not my sweet. But I know someone who could help you. His name is Jarvis, he is a dragon, and a right powerful one too. He can help you. The last time I heard from him he was in Azerath."

11/29/2011 . Edited 11/29/2011 #1,379

"You don't have any real magical ability in your group and she thinks you all need to lighten up" Sev said smiling

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