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((not the twins D: :P since we're all sharing names, mine's kathy (short for kathleen :D ) ))

Faine ran after Henry, and gasped at the sight. She put her hand against his chest and pulled him back before he did something foolish. Faine spotted Alauc. Of course. The nymph glared fiercly at her former commander and friend. "Let them go Alauc." she hissed coolly.

11/30/2011 #1,441
Darknight Squire

Draxan heard the screams, and the anger he felt as he recognized the voices of Hebry's sisters caused Draxine's illusion to fade, showing him fully as a drider. Drawing his two swords, he burst out of the stable to the direction of the cries.

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((Haha thanks! And I'm glad to kinda 'know' you all a little better, Sam 'n' Kathy. :D ))

Naomi gasped. "Get the hell off them!" she shouted.


Alauc sneered at Faine. "You had your chance," she said. "But you lost it."

With that, she tossed out a clear square pyramid. "Thanks for tossing that right into our camp." She leapt and took off, a tight grip on Henna.


Naomi gasped and fell to her knees. "Not again..." she whispered. Her energy was spent. She blacked out.

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Nova Singer

Henry collapsed on the spot. But he gripped the ground stubbornly. His sister's needed him. "Faine help them!" he cried.

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((Remember, the girls would be affected VERY badly by this.))

The other slayer, astonished at her commander's casualness with such a precious object, followed Alauc into the sky with Isabella.

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Faine growled and took Henry's sword from his belt. She yelled in anger and picked the Morarcer up and chucked it as far away as possible. She cried out, unable to surpress her emotion.

11/30/2011 . Edited 11/30/2011 #1,446

((Hey guys, I gotta go eat. I'll try to get back on later but I still have some research to do for a project tomorrow--will talk to you soon! :) ))

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Darknight Squire

Looking up at the sky, Draxan saw the slayer that had taken off with Isabella. He doubted he could reach that far, by he hadto try. So he gulped, and spat into the sky as hard as he could.

11/30/2011 #1,448
Nova Singer

Isabella stopped crying for a moment to hear her captor scream in pain. The person holding her let go and Isabella fell.


Henry looked up, feeling the pain subside. "Isabella! Fly!" he called to her desperately.

Izzy cried and screamed as she fell. "I cant!" she said, the wind buffetted her, and she wasn't trained enough, she couldn't get her wings out. She just wasn't strong enough.

Henry yelled out and stood, he ran forward and caught his sister, with an 'oof!' and fell on the ground. Henry gripped Isabella as she cried into his shoulder, he rocked her like he would when she was small and had nightmares.

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Darknight Squire

Draxan walked toward Henry and his sister, then stopped. For one thing, he couldn't communicate with them without his sister. For another, neither twin had seen him without the mule illusion, and people, especially children, tended to react badly at the sight of a drider.

11/30/2011 #1,450
Nova Singer

Isabella looked up at her savior. She trembled involuntarily, but she stood from her brother's lap and hugged the man hard. "Thank you."

11/30/2011 #1,451
Darknight Squire

((Do you know what a drider looks like, Barefoot? It's not something that resemples a man ecept the head and torso. BTW since we're gibing names, call me bob))

Draxine came out of the manor, her head groggy as if from a hangover. "What happened?" she asked. "Some strange form of sleep spell came over us inside, and we all woke up with these colossla headaches,"

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Nova Singer

((um..okay, just looked it up, I didn't know. Talk about creepy, sorry... :/ ))

Isabella ran back to Henry and wrapped her arms around his neck, clinging to her brother. "They took my sister Henna." she whined. Henry shh'd her and rubbed her back. "We'll get her back, I promise." he whispered. Isabella stood up and crossed her arms stubbornly.

"I'm coming with you." she stated firmly. Henry shot up and towered over his baby sister.

"You are not." he growled. Izzy was unphased, she turned to Naomi.

"Please Naomi, I won't be trouble, please I have to go after Henna. She's my twin." Isabella said, touching her heart.

11/30/2011 . Edited 11/30/2011 #1,453

"I say twin or no, we can't have a non combatant with us" Sev said serrious for once

11/30/2011 #1,454

"I say she goes, I can watch after her." Faine challenged.

12/1/2011 #1,455
Nova Singer
"Absolutely not, you're already going-" Henry cut himself off, and shot a furvitive glance at Naomi. "Just no." he grumbled.
12/1/2011 #1,456
Faine turned to Naomi. "Naomi what do you think?"
12/1/2011 #1,457

Naomi sighed and pressed a finger to her temple. Apparently the decision was hers again.

She caught Henry's glance, and said, "Maybe it would help Faine's mothering techniques." She knew the others wouldn't understand. This question was for Henry alone.

12/1/2011 #1,458
Nova Singer

Henry sighed and pinched his eyes together in thought. He knew that Isabella was going to put up a strong fight to go, and that she was strong enough like Henna for it. But she was still his baby sister. "Alright." he said grouchily in defeat. Izzy shrieked and hugged him hard.

"Thank you Henry! I won't be any trouble, promise."

12/1/2011 #1,459

"Izzy," Naomi said, "do you know how to fight?"

12/1/2011 #1,460
Nova Singer
Izzy opened her mouth to speak, but shut it and shook her head. "But I'm a fast learner."
12/1/2011 #1,461

Naomi nodded. "You'll have to learn very quickly." Then she dropped her voice, and spoke in Draconic. "Izzy, if you can understand me, tell me--does Henna know how?"

12/1/2011 #1,462

"Would you like me to place a Ward on her?" Sev asked "I dislike putting children in harms way, they're only small, even the Dragonlings"

12/1/2011 #1,463
Nova Singer
"She knows how, she's better at everything." Izzy replied in the language. Henry shrugged at Sev. "Do what you like."
12/1/2011 #1,464

Sev began to mutter under his breath and the air around Izzy glowed, intricate patterns forming around her shifting and contorting before fading Sev drew a sword from under his cloak and drew it across where the glowing patterns had been drawing sparks the glowing paterns showing for a moment, satisfied Sev stepped back "It's done"

12/1/2011 #1,465
Nova Singer
"Thanks." Isabella said. She looked at the group, and she innerly giggled at how Henna would kill for this opportunity. "So should we get going?"
12/1/2011 #1,466
Darknight Squire
Now some of the servants and stablehands came into the courtyard, their heads throbbing like Draxine's had. Suddenly they looked at Draxine, without her disguise. "Drow!" a stableboy cried. "Dark elf!" "She and that spider creature must be the ones who caused this!"
12/1/2011 #1,467
Nova Singer

Henry growled and took his sword from Faine. "Stand down!" he ordered his staff. "You will not harm either of them as long as you are under my employment, if you have a problem with that, I will gladly relieve you of your duties." he saird through bared teeth. His servants, grumbling, went back to the house.

He sighed and sheathed his sword. "We really need to get going. Naomi, Faine, get your things."

12/1/2011 #1,468

Faine nodded and went into the house. She gathered all of her things and went into the stables for their horses. She got Yari, Henry's horse, Draxine's horse, and three stable horses for Naomi, Isabella and Sev.

12/1/2011 #1,469
Darknight Squire
"Thanks Henry," said Draxine as she took Nightshade's bridle. Then she looked at the elf she thought was Illistil, but wasn't. "Who's this?" she asked warily; most surface elves reacted even more negativly than humans at the sight of drow-although given the viciousness of drow raids on elf villiages, Draxine fully understood why.
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